Indie Trailer Sunday: Lots of Zombies in Ford Bros' The Dead

August 22, 2010
Source: Bloody-Disgusting

The Dead Trailer

They're alive! This zombie movie is set in Africa that takes the audience on "a journey across Africa with the living dead in constant pursuit." Bloody-Disgusting recently debuted this new trailer for an indie horror flick called The Dead, co-directed by brothers Howard J. and Jonathan Ford. It was shot mainly in Burkina Faso and Ghana but has an international cast including Rob Freeman and Dan Morgan. It looks quite low-budget, but not too bad, something that might actually be fun to watch with a group of genre-lovers. And since it will be showing at Fantastic Fest, I'll probably be seeing it then! Check out the trailer and tell us your thoughts?

Watch the first trailer for the Ford Brothers' The Dead:

When Lt Murphy finds himself in extreme conditions. he must team up with local Daniel Dembele to find their way back to what is left of their lives whilst battling a terrifying threat in which there is no escape.

The Dead was both written & directed by British filmmaker brothers Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford, of indie films Mainline Run and Distant Shadow previously (if you've heard of either of them). It's set to play at Film4's Frightfest 2010, Sitges Film Festival 2010 and Fantastic Fest 2010, where it will be looking for a distributor since it doesn't have one yet. You can visit the official website located at:

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  • Tether
    Maybe I'm just a softie for the genre but this looks worth a watch. Movies that are made on a shoestring budget can sometimes surprise the audience, perhaps this will be one of those films.
  • Matte Blac
    this actually looks really fuckin cool!!! Zombie films have never really been any good, but this grabbed my attention easily!!!
  • David Banner
    Ah...wait...remember Resident Evil 5(the game).......someones bound to call this movie rasict. Just wait...its comming. One of the next comments...
  • Hari Seldon
    Geeze, enough with the zombie movies ... It really is time to give the zombie and vampire genres a much needed break.
  • Malcom X
    This movie is racist! and the cinematic look of the film it's lame. Light is everything ion film.
  • Eli
    I seriously hope you're not serious malcom. It looked cheesy and only appealing to those who love the genre. I am not one of those people.
  • beavis
    while i'm not a huge fan of zombie films, this one looks worth a watch. when if first read about this a good while ago on, i wasn't expecting much - so, i'm pleasantly surprised.........
  • Baron the Curse
    #4 The same thing can be said for romantic comedies. I never get the whole "a genre needs a rest" thing. If their is a market for it what's the big deal. Don't like zombies, don't watch it.
  • leinergroove
    ok, another zombie film... mmm... how many more to come?
  • dove89
    I like it, its a zombie movie with a different type of plot. It being set in a 3rd world country is interesting.
  • Rashad
    So I have to watch a 30 second ad to watch a trailer I'm not interested in. NO THANKS I didn't wait and didn't watch
  • Scared S-less!!!
    A zombie movie with a district 9 feel to it... Might get bit in the buttocks but I think I'm in for watching this!
  • Very "real". I really like the setting, something unique for this genre.
  • deadpool72
    that looks bit like the resident evil 5 video game. also looks like its gonna have some really cool make you jump moments. i'm in.
  • beavis
    #12 WTF are you talking about? there is NO "district 9 feel" to this.
  • chilin
    @11 Rashad, i didn't watch the ad either but let it play on mute while i read some comments. i'm a zombie fan...i'm already interested...more for this than La horde...althought that looks alright...have you seen any movies in theatres? do you walk out when u're forced to watch a trailer before a movie?
  • Scared S-less!!!
    #15 Not even a little bit? A district 9 tingle?
  • Stan
    it seems like they took Resident Evil 5 and made it into a zombie film with heart??? IDK...
  • Hari Seldon
    #8 ... I agree. I won't watch it and romantic comedies need a break a well ... In fact, so do Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and Matthew McConaughey AND while I'm at it so does Lady Gaga and that kid Justin Fucking Bieber!
  • Geoff
    How long till some American LIBTARD accuses this of being racist.
  • Layla
    I am not a zombie fan but actually really want to see this... It looks awesome!!
  • beavis
    not a tingle............ just out of curiosity -how did you get that tingle? anyways - the movie is looking good! #19 - i couldn't agree more with the list of who/what needs a rest. (add angelina jolie to that list as well.)
  • Uriah
    As a Black man and official spokesperson for my entire race, I declare this movie non-racist. Now that that's cleared up... its hard to film in bright sunlight and maintain an atmosphere of dread but it looks like they did it. Even the pratical effects look convincing and kreepy in sunlight. Can't wait to check this out.
  • KT
    Zombie flick + decent storyline + awesome location = a first!!! Can't wait to see this one... Love it!!!
  • Eric
    That looked pretty freakin cool!
  • kris
    AHaha Number 6 your post looks stupid after reading number 7. Your logic has just been shot down. But yeah looks like a good movie.
  • Mike
    Malcom x (comment 5) Think you should of gone to specsavers... It looks perfectly lit. In case you didn't notice it has Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei as a supporting lead... And no doubt relied heavily on Ghana for cast and crew. It's a movie not a political statement. One I would watch at the movies, get the dvd and I would goes as far as to say I would buy the t-shirt (do they have one)!
  • AM
    I hear the comments on if you like the genre - but me thinks it has a bit of cross over appeal too. Really like the look of it and massively hope it goes on general release, otherwise it's closing the doors on those who could be pulled in...
  • Diehard
    As long as its the coloreds that are getting smoked I dont care. Don't Tread On Me 2012 we're back baby
  • Valcon
    Only an ignorant racist would twist this movie to see it from a racial point of view.Its 2010 slavery was abolished over a 140 years ago get over. No one cares about anyones self righteous garbage and racial comments. This will be a great movie ,I love the whole zombie genre ,but agree with ending the whole vampire Fad.
  • Jeanne
    Have a look at the making of of this movie on utube, guys, it looks like the horror was not only in the script !!! Looks like those guys are pretty tough !!!! They did not shoot in South Africa, no, right in the middle of Burkina Faso. Quite interested in seeing the result at Frightfest !
  • Last B.
    I love Zombie movies.. but this one looks crap... i'll watch it cause its a zombie flick, but expectations are pretty low...
  • Hey Wowza
    The first few moments of the trailer got me. It seems like it might be worth a watch. I wonder what country they're supposed to be in?
  • JL
    #33 Hey Wowza, I liked those first moments, too, where the zombie swung that limp leg around and propped himself on it and it was apparent, though he had shorts on, that there wasn't much meat and ligament there to hold it steady. I'm a fan of convincing effects, especially practical effects or practical/CGI hybrid effects. That had a very realistic, very creepy feel to it.




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