Iron Man 3 is a Sequel to The Avengers, Thor & Captain America?

December 6, 2010
Source: MTV

Iron Man

While Marvel's ambitious cinematic universe will get a huge growth spurt next summer with the release of Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, it will be the ensemble superhero film The Avengers that will determine the future of several comic book franchises. As a matter of fact, director Jon Favreau seems to already be looking into the future beyond ensemble tentpole and has some thoughts on Iron Man 3. Without mentioning any details, Favreau told MTV, "In theory, Iron Man 3 is going to be a sequel or continuation of Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Avengers." That would explain why so much of Iron Man 2 was used to set-up The Avengers.

However, he's careful to point out that he's only had fleeting discussions with Thor director Kenneth Branagh and The Avengers director Joss Whedon, and that they're not even sure about the future of Marvel's universe. Favreau said, "I've talked to Kenneth Branagh. I've met the cast members. I had a conversation with Joss Whedon in passing, giving him my two cents about the film. This whole world… I have no idea what it is. I don't think they do either, from conversations I've had with those guys." And while Favreau has mentioned he'd like to include arch nemesis Mandarin in the next sequel, there's a lot of time between now and just the thought of pre-production on Iron Man 3, so anything can happen. What would you like to see in Iron Man 3?

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  • dave
    iron man is a superhero iron woman! is a command. ... i would like to see black widow ironing starks clothes, and gettin slapped up and doin coke,. nah but seriously... all of the above.
  • A5J4DX
    Woah intriguing
    • Biglittlepunk69
      i  am  a  big  captain   America  fan  and  he  his  my  favorite  superheo  but  if  they  make  a  marvel  movie  just about   nick  fury that  be  the best supehero  movie  ever  samuell jacksonon   
  • Jesus
    @dave: best. post. ever.
  • Micah
    Tony stark hammered, with a drink in his hand in every scene
  • movie mike
    Heres an idea.......for iron man 3....lets make a sequel to.... Wait for It IRON MAN! A Real sequel
  • Xerxex
    meh bad move.
    LOL @ Iron Woman! hahaha...I hated the 2nd Iron Man...honestly, Marvel better pulls of these next three movies really well.
  • Audioout
    "This whole world… I have no idea what it is. I don't think they do either, from conversations I've had with those guys." This quote doesn't instill in me a whole lot of confidence in this "world" they are creating. Here's to hoping.
  • Iron Man 2 was a staggering disappointment. It promised so much in the beginning, but by the end of the movie it had delivered very little. They should let Iron Man 3 just be an Iron Man movie, get the Avengers done and have Marvel stop sticking their oar in and let Favereau make a sequel that lives up to the first one. That's my 2 cents had...
  • grapefruit
    Where the hell is the thor trailer? So much news and pics of cap. Need thor updates.
  • Akirakorn
    Iron Man 3: Iron Man with a Vengeance Seriously, they already have Sam Jackson...
  • DRM
    There's really a lot depending on the success of "Avengers". Not just financially, but it's going to set up a lot in regards to the tone of the combined Marvel universe and how these characters interact. While I'd love to see a simple finale to the Iron Man story with the Mandarin finally coming into play, who knows how I'll feel AFTER Avengers? Maybe I'd like to see the Mandarin as a threat to the whole team, instead of just Iron Man. Maybe RDJ and Evans will have crazy unpredictable chemistry on-screen and we'll want a buddy movie with just Captain America and Iron Man, or give Cap a role similar to Black Widow in IM2. Maybe Thor and Avengers will set up the existence of the Marvel ultra villain "Thanos", who actually debuted in an Iron Man comic in the first place. So Iron Man 3 could be used for a launchpad for a whole new cosmic section of the Marvel Universe, paving the way for film versions of "Nova", "Captain Mar-vell", or just a straight adaptation of the "Annihilation" event. Or maybe....maybe Avengers will stink, and Iron Man 3 will never get made.
  • croniccris
    Mandarin fur sure
  • Baron Blood
    Mandarin ......DO IT !
  • looking forward to all those movies, bring them on :)
  • Cory
    Heres to hoping in another 15 years they finally make the epic Marvel Civil War Trilogy ... or at least a Civil War movie
  • Gary the Bruce
    Mandarin is a little too exotic for Robert Downey Jr's modern-day interpretation of Iron Man, you think? Ten rings with ten super exotic powers..? Sounds fantastic on comic books, in a movie, esp. after 2 fairly realistic tellings of Iron Man stories => I don't think so :-)
    • Blakops
      Too exotic? I don't think that at all. I think they could do an awesome story with the Mandarin with the right writers. I'm sick of the same "Villain steals Tony's tech, makes suit, fight Iron Man, gets blown up." I'd prefer "exotic super powers" over that (or Iron Man fighting terrorists, that would be downright awful)
  • Tim
    Dr. Doom
    • Wlange4
      Problem is Dr. Doom showed up already in 2 of the Fantastic Four movies and it blew, they will NOT bring him back.
  • dawko
    What would you like to see in Iron Man 3? Well, NO FAVREAU.....who fucked up second Iron Man.
  • filmfan111
    IM2 was so awfull I gave up on the series when a drunken IM is dancing and drinking to club music. So lame. And nothing to excuse how retarded IM2 was/is
    • killer
      Im with you on im2 sucking but to be honest, tony stark is supposed to have a drinking problem... i think rd jr does a pretty good job
  • David :D
    I thought this world was already created? by the Marvel Comics?
  • Blah
    Captain Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel, Marvel Universe) is the most underrated superhero in comics and is a film goldmine waiting to happen, ahh...don't you love comic book politics?
  • Wlange4
    I'm with Cory, ever since the events in Marvels "Civil War" I've been dying to see those stories on the big screen, how can that not happen?!?
  • Spiderkid1199
    do you think that spider-man will join avengers in avengers 2 after amazing spiderman comes out in 2012
  • Kamish
    Perhaps the Avengers are taken down a good notch or two, by Loki and his game...then Hulk & Iron have to set things right...
  • Ahmed Hozayen
    That sounds cool, i have already seen all of the movies. Just waiting for CA to be released here so i can see it, most probably it will after a month or so when Ramadan ends.
  • chris
    Id like to see similar themes and issues shown in the Marvel COMIC universe. that includes tony as head of shield and nick fury retiring, the introduction of the  super hero registration act and the maybe the lead to the civil war between cap and iron man. Basicly I like to see more inter-conections with other aspects of the marvel universe. maybe even crossing with X-men... who knows anything is posible, 
    • Gballr38
      Cross avengers with x-men? I'd watch that it would be interesting to see how it would work.
      • killer
        That would be sick.. and it would be amazing to see the civil war after the hero registration act. the bigger the famous actor list the bigger the budget tho, so avengers better do really well at the box office
  • Merc
    Am I the only one who enjoyed Iron Man for what it was at the time? A stand-alone thing without this Avengers crap?
    • Darrenfogel
      i must agree, i thought iron man was a great film but just got started b4it ended, im2 was even better,filmfan111 and killer are allowed their views but remember tony stark is a troubled man not a superhero . so give me a beat to beat my mate lol
  • How bout Iron Man vs The Gladiator? Go ol' school on their ass.
  • Kang The Conquerer or Ultron.
  • Wlange4
    How about Iron Man 3 brings in Crimson Cowl? Being Justin Hammer's daughter and being tied to the Civil War event (and that she could fight Black Widow too) could lead into a cool story line since Hammer looks like he was going to jail at the end of IM2....just a thought.
  • Sam
    They should have she hulk coming in and making out with Iron Man....
  • Travis
    They should have a tie up between Transformers and Iron Man in IM 3. Like Optimus Prime's new best friend is Tony Stark.
  • deadpool
  • Biglittlepunk69
    they  should  have  Bible man  Bibile man  is the  stroghest  superhero 




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