Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms 'Hopes & Dreams' of Bad Boys 3

May 9, 2010
Source: ComingSoon

Bad Boys

While there's a set of threequel's in store for both Martin Lawrence (Big Momma's House 3) and Will Smith (Men in Black 3), the two actors have another in the works that brings them both together for the third time. I'm talking of course about Bad Boys 3, and while we heard last August that screenwriter Peter Craig, who wrote The Town for Ben Affleck, was going to take a crack at the script, we haven't heard much since, other than Lawrence's hopes that it would come together sooner than later. Well, now it looks like super producer Jerry Bruckheimer is also up for a third go round but it's something that they're building to gradually.

Whilst promoting his other film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Bruckheimer spoke with ComingSoon and this is what he had to say about the potential of a Bad Boys 3, "It's a wish and a hope and a dream. We've been working on a screenplay, which is excellent. It's an idea Will gave us, so hopefully, it will come to fruition, we would love it to." Since Lawrence said he's waiting for Bruckheimer to tell him it was "really real," it seems like we only have to wait for Will Smith's schedule to open up. If all goes well maybe Michael Bay will have an opening after Transformers 3 wraps shooting, then maybe we'll see some real movement.

The first two Bad Boys movies were some crazy adrenaline fueled fun, so a third go round could be a return to form, or so I hope. It's good to know that the idea came from Will Smith and not some marketing gurus at Sony. Anybody else share Bruckheimer's same "hopes" and "dreams" of seeing a Bad Boys 3?

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  • Big r
    I hope this comes to fruition, I loved the first two. Can't go wrong with a third installment.
  • Cody w
    Dont hate em dont love em, another couldnt hurt but I wont be going on a friday night scrambling to see it. I do have an idea though, come up with AN ORIGINAL IDEA and stop with the fucking sequels every 5 seconds in hollywood.
  • blowtorch1919
    I think MIB3 and Bad Boys 3 will do as well as the other 2 cause the general people like Will Smith. He is a funny guy, a good entertainer. He has been in a few good dramas and has proven he can carry a movie in my opinion. The movie I'd love to see him make is a Fresh Prince of Bel Air movie. Thats what got most of america to like the guy. Its what made him famous. If you are maken part 3's to your 2 biggest movie franchises. Pay some tribute to the show that made america love you.
  • blowtorch1919
    I realize its a hard thing to do. If it was a show on HBO or Showtime the storyline would be easier to write into a movie script. I havent seen any of the actors in the fresh prince of Bel air in anything very big so besides signing Will Smith. How hard could it be to make that happen. You can call me a fanboy but the truth is im just sayen what I think
  • blowtorch1919
    I realize my puncuation was bad
  • It will probably happen but I wouldn't be surprised if it's another 3 , 4 or even 5 years before it happens at which point will audiences want it as much as they do now. Personaly I wouldn't mind a third Bad Boys, actually I would prefer it to a third Men in Black.
  • dom
    I'm IN!!
  • I hope this time they take the fight to China, because the Cuba storyline was ridiculous enough. Maybe a Chinese gang could be supplying illegal toys to the Mexicans. Hopefully some dumb racially stereotyped shit will go down and the Bad Boys will win again, bigger and better with even more explosions. Bad Baoys Bad Bwoooays, whatcha gonna do? Wait for tv.
  • Ben
    I'm in as long as they don't make it PG-13.
  • Dad
    I'm so down. I'm glad to hear that the project is in discussion.
  • Voice of Reason
    Bah. Who needs this, really?
  • 1544K
    GAWD NO !
  • tra la la la la di da
    Dude I'm excited! w00t w00t! Screw Big Momma's house, seriously? The first one was alright but the 2nd worthless.
  • jomba joose
    I'd be all about it. I hope there's a good Macguffin for though.
  • tester
    First one was ok, second was one of the most horrible movies Ive ever seen, no need for a third
  • Xerxex
    Why not? I say let 'em do it, be a saturday watch for me, like after it comes out on DVD. At least we know it won't be in 3-D.
  • Cineprog
    I hope this film is given the green light and hope Bay will Direct the movie if it gets the go a head. It would be nice to see Will Smith, Martain Lawrance for a 3 outing.
  • sleepykid
    #9 agreed. They won't gain anything taking the PG-13 route. They should make it even crazier than 2, cos that film is one hell of a guilty pleasure.
  • i'm captain kirk!
    With this and MIB3-D, the Fresh Prince needs to get a Wild Wild West sequel happening too.
  • YESSSSSSS one of my favorite police action flicks back when there wasnt a Lethal Weapon 4, or a Die Hard 4 The Bad Boys really rocked. Lets the the ingredients that make a police action flick on par with the afore mentioned classics 😀 shall we 😀 Fun --- Check Action --- Check Fast cars and chases --- Check Beautiful women --- check (ok that was bonus :D) did i say great Fun and great action?? what the heck --- Double Check 😀 i have watched the first bad boys in the theartres that i really lost count and in the first week that was 😀 i had so much fun 😀 than 10 years later when the sequel hit, i was ok back in action 😀 and i really had a blast time 😀 one of the greatest car chase and crash scenes in the near history of films really blew my mind 😀 gotta admit its not The Untouchables type police action with great story and etcetc but hey it had a decent story with loads of fun and action to deliver that two hours of great time 😀 bring it on ... been aching for it for sometime 😀
  • KING
    that be tite... i love bad boys 1 and 2, prally in my top 10 movies i like
  • Jimmy Love
    Hey the twins from transformers 2




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