Joel Edgerton Confirms That 'The Thing' Prequel is a Prequel

March 1, 2010
Source: What's Playing

The Thing

A few weeks back when we reported that Joel Edgerton and Mary Elizabeth Winstead had been cast in The Thing reboot/remake coming up from director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., we weren't sure if it was going to be a remake or a reboot or a prequel, which is what it's supposed to be. Australian site What's Playing (via STYD) talked with Joel Edgerton, who confirmed that it was a prequel and that he was obviously attached, with shooting to start soon in Vancouver. He doesn't say much else, but at least we now have confirmation that this is actually a prequel and not some awful reboot or remake of John Carpenter's classic. Read on!

“Anyone who is a big fan of the John Carpenter version of The Thing knows that it starts on the American base station but the investigation of where the Thing has come from leads us to know something very bad has happened at the Norwegian base station and the prequel centres itself around there and what happened pre-Kurt Russell."

In the prequel, which probably isn't called The Thing, Edgerton plays a "blue-collar mercenary helicopter pilot" named Sam Carter who teams up with a PhD candidate named Kate Lloyd (Winstead), who is part of a Norwegian research team working in Antarctica. They discover a "trapped organism" in an alien ship in the ice that is freed and begins attacking researchers. That plot synopsis makes it sound so similar to original movie's plot, but as Edgerton says, it's all about the pre-Kurt Russell story that we get to see a bit of at the beginning of The Thing. Shooting is supposed to start in March, so we'll keep you updated! Sound good?

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  • Rooney
    Hopefully this movie turns out good just like the original! The first one was definitely a classic.
    Well the original was a remake as don't see the need to get all clingy about the canon or the importance of it.
  • Xerxex
    pass. No Kurt Russell, No David Keith, No head spider, no film.
  • Cisco
    All I know is whoever takes on the job of special FX has a hell of a name to live up to. If it works well it'll bring more prominence to the amazing special-effects work of Rob Bottin in the 80's original, and get more kids taking a look at the way great effects used to be made. Hopefully it'll be enough to get them thinking less CGI, more hands on.
    thank you captain obvious, can't wait for this movie to come out 😀
  • Cody
    Now Xerx they never said anything about no head Ill hold my verdict til I get a trailer.
  • Xerxex
    It better be there Cody!
  • Mr Drebin's Extended Wallet
    We already know what happens! This is the same story as the Carpenter version, minus the talent.
  • Zues
    Who the fuck is Joel Edgerton?
  • Xerxex
    #9 that's what the miracle of google is!
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    My feelings are that this prequel will not even come close to being as good as Carpenter's film. I hope I'm wrong.
  • var2apo
    The thing is a cult sci-fi horror film, and the best work of John Carpenter. This prequel has to compete that. It won't be easy.
  • Deathtoll 2010
    What does every stand alone film need a prequel now?
  • David Banner
    I havnt watched The Thing this year, but I am pretty sure a prequel should be mayhem; and if I remember correctly: The Norwegians are all dead, some violently killed, some by suicide. Its not a pretty picture inside the Norwegian camp, thus the prequel might get quite bloody.
  • Jee
    Watched it at the weekend by coincidence, its stands up alongside anything of worth thats released these days. It's fairly gruesome , surely anything made connected with it would have to be as gruesome at least. Having said that I'm not really into the the idea of a prequel.
    very intrested in this film indeed,the 1st film is a classic of the 80s.
  • subcelsious5g
    they should just leave it alone , i like the thought of not knowing every detail before things. sometimes leavin it to the imagination is better .Might be worth a check though.
  • Tester
    #2, the 1982 version was not a remake.. Both the 57 ( I believe ) and the 82 version where based on a short story called "who goes there"... The 82 is more true to that short story than was the 57 version. The 82 is classic horror and one of the best horror movies ever made. Nothing today will come close to it.
  • cintilla
    I think The Ring is the equal of The Thing.
  • EJP
    Agreed that we already know how the prequel ends: Everyone dies except for the guys in the helicopter, and then they die. So either the stars die, or they get away in the helicopter that "Sam Carter" is piloting before being infected. Or maybe they are infected and they spread the organism to populated areas so they can make a sequel to that if the movie's successful.
  • Kev
    The things with sequels is you allways know how the movie is going to end. And WTF, are we going to have a sequel with no Americans and just Norwegian dialog? Or will they be Nords with a broad American acent? This concept has fail written all over it.
  • leinergroove
    I don't know where (here?) i heard of the same plot for the Alien story, but instead of the norwegian base, we happen to know the story of the giant "giger-like-ship" at the beginning of the first movie. Anyway, we hope this turns out to be a good film!
  • Squiggly_P
    I'd like to point out that "The Thing" was actually not an original film. It's hard to determine if it was a remake of another film that was called "The Thing From Another World" or if it was itself a sequel to that movie. There are hints of the original in "The Thing" - including the fact that there's a scene where the original is playing on a TV. So this "Thing" prequel might actually be a remake of the original in some way that would help to tie the original more into Carpenter's film.
  • Squiggly_P
    Also, the awesome title sequence from Carpenter's "The Thing" is copied directly from the 1951 film. Same exact effect.




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