Katherine Heigl Considering Starring in Gabaldon's 'Outlander'

September 30, 2010
Source: NY Times

Katherine Heigl

One news story from 2008 that still gets new comments today was about an adaptation of Diana Gabaldon's popular "Outlander" series of fantasy novels. Fans have been discussing casting and movie possibilities for years, but this one of the first times we've actually heard it mentioned since then. In a recent interview with the NY Times (via The Playlist) actress Katherine Heigl drops a little hint that she might be starring in the Outlander movie. "Scotland? 2012? What do you think?" she inquired after the Times said that "Heigl will then turn toward sharply dramatic work, starring as a Scottish heroine in an adaptation of Outlander."

As a recap for anyone who doesn't know, Outlander, the first in a six novel series, starts in 1945 and follows Claire Randall, an English nurse who while on honeymoon in Scotland is transported back in time to 1743 where she ends up in a series of adventures and romance. It's a very popular series, with a lot of fans, that's "filled with adventure, religion, and human conscience." They already have a writer, Randall Wallace, but no director, and Essential Pictures is apparently casting, too. I'm honestly not keen on seeing Heigl in an epic romantic adventure, but maybe if they actually find a good director it could turn still out great. This is not confirmation that Heigl has the role, but it is at least a tiny amount of forward progress in this adaptation.

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  • Ryan
    No, no, no. Heigl is an utterly crap actress. "Killers" anyone ?? She is awful, and seems the be an egomaniac. Worst casting ever, any casting with Heigl turns me off a project. Just no!!!!
    • B Gustafson
      not the right choice. sorry.
      • Lauriejeanne51
        Agreed she is not right for the role of Claire at all. Now if I was casting Jamie I would choose Jared Padalecki. He's the right age, has the right body type and is 6"4" tall. His only drawback if you'd call it that is he's from Texas but a dialog coach could certainly cure that! and of course his hair would have to be dyed flaming red! I see Claire as someone with a strong sense of self. Heigel has a reputation for fluff roles on film. Romantic comedies with predictable endings. Girl meets boy..girl hates boy..girl gets boy in the end stuff..boring! Someone fearless like Rachel MacAdams would be a good fit I think!
        • Beulah85
          Katherine all wrong for Claire. I think James Tupper would be perfect as Jamie.
    • Stingl2ay
      I think Kate Winslow would be one of the best actress to play  Claire Randall.
      • VooDooLyn
        Yes!!! She would make the best "Claire" of all.  They need to rethink that one!
  • beavis
    agreed, #1...........she's awful.
  • Eric B
    Heigl is the worst... sure she is decent to look at, but could imagine if she had to use a Scottish accent. I am steady cringing.
    • Mkover2
      ...maybe you are cringing because she wouldn't have to do a scottish accent. claire beauchamp randall is english. SASSENACH. hello.
    • Freeman6012
      ahhhhh Claire is ENGLISH not SCOTTISH so she wouldn't have a Scottish accent,  did you not read the books?
      • Beulah85
        Right Claire is English. Also has lots of DARK hair.
  • Xerxex
    well I'm here to write something bare with me. Heigel hasn't been in anything worthwhile, her character in Knocked Up was poorly written, and her role on Killers was terrible. She was decet in The Ugly Truth, and her new film coming out seems to be a becon of light on her dwindling career path...and perhaps this will be her chance to climb out of the mess she has worked her way into, I'm rooting for her...I guess I just love to hope, call me a sucker if you want.
  • Ryan
    No, bollox. She's shit.
  • Eli
    Now Nolan is a prime example that a good director can bring out the best in the least of what Hollywood has to offer. Series sounds quite interesting but heigel is a longshot, but who knows? Maybe she can pull it off... If this is broken into like three movies that'd be great instead of havin like all six books with their own movies.
  • Singh
    @ 4. I agree with Xerxex. Heigl is still better than a lot of bad actresses. She still has a good comic timing if given the right joke... dunno about heavy Drama... but she deserves a fair chance.
  • Freeeeeedooooooooooooooom! Most Scottish accents are totally shit in Hollywood, but it is a period piece so maybe it could be a cartoony version, why not get Ashley Jensen? She is actually Scottish which is always a good start. I liked Knocked Up and actually think Heigl is a good enough actress, but accents are often just a step too far for some. Mels Gibson ruined Scotland.
  • beavis
    xerxex, you're not a sucker - just an eternal optimist. i like to be positive too; but, some of these actors make it VERY difficult to find good things to say. MAYBE (just maybe) this movie will be the one heigl does a great job with.
  • Outlander Reader
    For those who haven't read the series, the main character, Claire Randall, is British. We won't have to worry about a crappy Scottish accent, but might have to put up with something passing for a British accent (thank goodness it's easier to pull off!). As for Kathering Heigl playing the part, I HAVE read the series, and I think I can see her as Claire (and I'm not a great big Katherine fan). Besides, the STORY is the star in this.
    • Lisa
      There is NO British accent!
  • Oceanna
    okay, Katherine Heigl wouldn't need a scottish accent because if any of you have read the books you would know that she is ENGLISH. And I think that she could make a good Claire. And I don't think all of her acting is awful like most of you seem to, does anyone remember the series Roswell that she was in? I really liked it, and I also liked Killers and the Ugly Truth, but just because all she's really done is comedies doesn't mean she would be bad at other types of roles. It really depends on the writers, directors, and producers as to whether the story can be "brought to life." I really hope they continue with this :) And I hope they cast Gerard Butler as Jamie.
  • Xerxex
    people surprise you every day, Heigl just might silence us all with a knock out performance!
  • twispious
    in that top pic,she's like phoebe's sister ursula who is overtly annoying and a complete idiot
  • Sonja
    She should just play Gellie.
  • Katherine Heigl did a tv movie for Hallmark called "Love Comes Softly back in 2003... and she was pretty decent. She handled a character who had to be tough in the midst of tragedy pretty well. I am not thrilled with a non-English woman playing Claire - but don't judge her for Knocked Up. She has handled drama in the past. Here is what worries me more: If they'd cast an American to play Claire, who in god's name are they going to cast as Jamie? Anyone less than a tall, born-and-bred, redheaded Scot is unacceptable. Whoever said "She should play Geilie" - interesting. Again - Geilie should be Scottish - but interesting. Also - I had heard Randall Wallace isn't even associated with this project anymore. Hmmm. Only time will tell.
    • Mkover2
      jamie was more like 23...there is a four year difference between the two, and she was 27 the first time she went through the stones.  
      • Mkover2
        shoot...i meant that reply for kim! LOL 
    • Beulah85
      James Tupper....Would be perfect.
  • Kim
    Anyone who wants Gerard Butler to play Jamie ....... please jamie was 19 when the books began ...... Buterler is way too old ..... think outside the square!!
    • Mkover2
      jamie was 23, claire 27 when the books started. 
  • Cheerio
    First of all, there is no mention that Heigl will actually play let's not jump to conclusions. Plus, she obviously doesn't fit that particular role in general. The only role in which I could see her, is possibly Laoghaire, but definitely not Claire (brown, curly locks?). I actually liked her in 27 Dresses. Haven't seen the other movies, though. I think Chris Hemsworth needs to play the role of Jamie. Gotta be a HOT, BUFF, manly guy that can pull off a Scottish accent AND red hair. Claire? Catherine Zeta-Jones (#1), Rachel McAdams, or Kate Beckinsale could play the part very well, IMO. Gerard Butler? Maybe Dougal...but not Jamie material. And Isaacs for Frank/BJ Randall? NO WAY. Frank is a stately, handsome man - Hugh Jackman! I can't see Isaacs as Frank AT ALL. Just my 2 cents.
    • Margiecap
  • Tromkit
    I wish that they would cast Kelli Williams from Lie to Me as Claire. Also, Kevin McKidd as Jamie, Matthew Goode as Frank/Jack Randall, James Macavoy as Roger Mackensie, Karen Gillan as Brianna. Other casting -- Sean Connery as Murtagh, Craig Ferguson as Rupert MacKensie, James Cosmo as Auld Alec MacKensie, Alan Cumming as Ronald McNab, Billy Connolly as Ned Gowan, Gerard Butler as Black Brian (Jaime's Dad), Gillian Anderson as Ellen MacKensie, Clive Owen as Ian Murray, Kelly Macdonald as Jenny Fraser, Daniel Craig as Dougal, Tim Roth as Colum, , Kiera Knightly or Tilda Swinton as Geillie Duncan.
  • jamie
    Yes, any actress for Claire would need an ENGLISH accent- I mean, have you people even read the books? I agree on Kate Beckinsale! Heigl is not terrible, but if they are going to stay true to the novels, she should be brunette and spunky (of course, that is a big IF).
    • Right On!
      Yes!!!  "If" this goes as far as a "movie", Kate Beckinsale has the feel of Claire.  Outlander isn't just about attractive characters - it's about the "soul" of the persons that Diana Gabaldon portrayed in her writing.  
  • Marion
    Some inspired casting ideas here. As much as I love Gerry Butler, I think he's now too old for the Jamie role, but as Black Brian he would be perfect! I've always liked Tony Curran for Jamie; maybe they can CGI youth onto his face like they did in Pillars of the Earth. Karen Gillan would make a great Brianna. Also, Jim Caviezel as Frank/Jack, Amanda Seyfried as Laoghaire and Rachel McAdams or Kate Beckinsale as Claire. I can't see Katherine Heigl as Claire or in any other role, except maybe producer.
  • Tromkit
    I don't think Claire needs to have a British accent. She thinks so much like an American, and she even lives in America, and her accent is very ODD to everyone she meets in the story. I also think the movie should open at the beginning of Dragonfly in Amber with Claire having to tell Brianna who she is. I think a movie that merged both the first books into one would be awesome. Outlander alone would only be great if the movie was part porn. Therefore, I would like to see an older woman (40's) play Claire since I would like them to include a grown Brianna; to include a Roger/Brianna side story. Jim Caviezel is a perfect choice for Frank. Amanda Seyfried should totally play Loaghaire.
  • Tromkit
    My conception of Claire is not of a woman who is "spunky" but more of a woman who has as much gravitas as the leaders among these warrior men. Which is why if they actually do cast someone as perky as Hiegl, I don't care how much of a fan I am of the stories and of movies in general, I just won't hurt myself by going to see it.
  • kay2the2nd
    Some of those commenting here (re Hiegl and a scottish accent) need to go re-read or read the books. Claire is NOT Scottish. She is English. If we're just talking about Outlander, Claire had NOT been to America, yet. Catherine Zeta-Jones? they'd best hurry, before even she's too old to play Claire - she's in her late 20s/early30s in Outlander. @Tromkit - yep. At the beginning of Outlander Jamie is only 18!!!! and should not be played by someone more than 25/26. I would hate for an Outlander movie to be botched like Clan of the Cave Bear was. In CotCB they cast a fully grown actress to play a part that should have been a 5-6 year old girl. How 'bout Molly C Quinn as Geilie? There is way more story in just one book - Outlander - to make just a movie. A mini-series along the lines of War and Remembrance (not Winds of War which had some terrible mis-casting).
    • Northrol
      Molly should play Brianna!!!  Reading all of these post has me so anxious as to who will actually be cast for this movie.  Those that follow the Outlander series will be deeply outraged if they don't cast it well! IMO Jamie and Roger have to be Scottish actors, Claire needs to be a British actress and Brianna an follow true to the story line.  I agree with Tromkit in that they need to start the screenplay in the 2nd book and back track through memories as needed.  I just wish a decison is made soon so production can begin!
    • Jillronan
      Ok Jamie is 23 at the beginning of outlander. Why do so many of you think he's only 18 or 19?!?!?!?! Read, people. Don't make statements that you can't back up.
  • ltobin
    I love this book series and I would boycott it with a passion if K. Hiegl starred in it.
  • Beth
    No, just no. #1- someone British for God's sake. #2 - someone talented #3 - Outlander doesn't translate well to the big screen. Too many characters, too many arcs, TOO MUCH. HBO or Showtime should be snatching it up for a new series instead. It will flop on the big screen, but could be a great vehicle on cable.
  • Lisa
    You should give her a chance. IF she really will play Claire. In fact I just watched Love comes softly (which has some similarties to Outlander) and she was really good in it. Looked great in the dresses and handled the drama very well. I have no idea why she didn't stick to this kind of roles b/c she's really good with that. Don't judge her from her comedy movies, please. That would be unfair. Plus I have read that she and her mother love the Outlander series - don't you think that she would work extra hard on that one to get it right? Ans at least she would know how really Claire is - not just from a screenplay. Concerning the English accent: It's not the hardest accent actually. My little 15 year old sister can do that - and she' german!
  • Oceanna
    Just to remind people, Jamie wasn't 18 in the beginning of the series. He was 22. And due to hard living people appeared much older than they actually were in that time, remember how Jamie thought Claire was younger than him? She was 28. This is the main reason that I think Gerard Butler could still pull young Jamie off for a couple more years. Then they wouldn't have to change actors in the later movies (if they make them). I think it is important to cast people who can play both ages convincingly because the movies will lose fans if they change the characters. After they change main characters I always found it hard to connect to new actors/actresses.
  • Celine
    Tony Curran is the same age as Gerard Butler. Kevin McKidd is only 3 years younger.
  • Nikki
    Heigl is one of the worst actresses I have ever seen. They should stick to English and Scottish actors. This should be done with no names if necessary. Please NO HEIGL
  • Lisa
    @ Oceanna this is one of those lame explanations why a 40 year old man like Gerard Butler (for the record:whom I love) or McKidd, Curran and all them other old guys should play a guy in his early 20s. Your point may be right though. I've got a picture of my great grand mother when she was about 20-25 and she looked at least like 1940! So you could assume that people in the 18th century would have looked much older than they did as well. BUT: A movie is NOT a documentary! Even though it might be historically accurate the movie would loose it's credibility if Jamie and Claire (in their 20s) are played by 40 - 45 year old people. The audience (and here you have to take those who haven't read the novel and don't know too much about historical Scotland etc into consideration - sad but true, but if you want to make a commercially successful movie you have to try and reach as many people as possible - and every producer aims for commercial success!) Therefore you have to cast actors who look like 25 -30. Another aspect is the identification of the audience with the character. A movie is a visual medium and the viewer takes in what he sees. A 23 year old guy who looks 20 years older than he actually is WOULDN'T WORK, simply for that reason. It's easier with a novel b/c everything is left to imagination. But in a movie most of your own imagination is already taken away. And about Gerry Butler: For a long time he has been my absolute favourite for Jamie. But here you have to differentiate. Gerry Butler has the PERSONALITY. He has the exact personality how I would have imagined Jamie personality-wise. And I guess that's why SO MANY people would love him as Jamie. BUT: You've got to be honest: Gerry hasn't much in common with the description of Jamie. If Gerry was 15 years younger and looked like Chris Hemsworth then he would be the perfect candidate.
  • Danielle
    I have yet to see a book made into a good movie. I have very low expectations for this project especially since Katherine H. is being considered for a role (hopefully it will be a supporting role). She's great in romantic comedies but I think we can all agree that these books are not of that genre. You've all listed off great actors to play Diana's wonderful characters who are very real in my imagination evertime I pick up a book in the series. It is hard for me to envision known actors playing any of the roles, maybe the use of unknowns would pick my interest. I am also curious as to how disappointed I would be at how they (Hollywood writters) incorporate all that happens to Claire and Jamie, these are long books full of detail, action and romance.
  • N Barrera
    PLease, Please PLEASE, NO! MAYBE Torchwood actress Eve Myles, or... if need be, Kate Winslet...PLEASE consider an un-known - or at LEAST someone ACTUALLY British!
  • Katie
    Please, no!!! Heigl has already taken Stephanie Plum away from those of us who love the character. Please don't take Claire away too. Follow the example of Pillars of the Earth and cast great and not-well-known actors!!
  • My two cents.... HELL NO!!! Heigl should be no where near this production. In ANY role. Amy Pond (lord knows if I know her actual name) would make a fabulous Claire. She is spunky, loud, has the skin for it!!! Forward thinking and in many of the Doctor Who Series Five, she was in the Doctors face about things she beleived in. I think she could pull it off. Jamie Fraser on the other hand... I don't know if there is anyone who could really pull it off to be honest. KNowing Hollywood they'd probably cast some lame arse actor. And as for Jonathan Randal... someone with a strong china and peircing eyes.... hummm... my vote is still out. But what about William Grey???????
  • Barbara
    I love the Outlander series and now listen to the entire series on CD every 2 years or so. Everyone has their own opinion of who they feel would make a great Jamie or Claire. Even though they are older now, I have always pictured Jane Seymour as Claire and Sean Connery as Jamie. (They have the right accents and both have played similar characters in other acting parts. I agree with the fact that bringing this to the big screen may be a big mistake....some books just lose something when they try to do this....great example...Gone With the Wind. But it is fun to read everyone's ideas on casting the parts!!
  • sassenach
    I do like Katherine Heigl, but I read the Outlander books and she is definitely not what I imageine Claire to look like. As for Gerard Butler, I think he is a wee bit too old now to play young Jamie. A young Sean Bean was exactly how I imagined him, but again, he's too old to pull off a young Jamie.
  • sassenach
    Another thought, BBC should snatch this up and make it into a mini-series. Also, they may want to search for a new/unknown actor for Jamie's role. Most of the male actors that come to mind are not young enough to play Jamie.
  • Pissed off Outlander fan
    Out of all the up and coming talented English actresses they consider Katherine Heigl for the role? Seriously? If this is any sort of inclination as to what the rest of the cast will be like I would rather they not make this movie at all...
    • rosielea
      You are so right. What is so hard about casting an English actress for the role of Claire and a Scottish actor for the role of Jamie? It would save so much on dialect coaches and the cringe factor for those of us silly enough to watch it. Having been besotted with all the books and most of the characters since day one, I am not convinced that any one movie will do justice to any part of the collection. I will probably watch the finished product, but with NO expectations about how it will pan out. I will stick to the books and reread them yet again whilst waiting for the next installment. rosielea
  • Pissed off Outlander fan
    @ Lisa Your post was beautiful, I would marry it if I could :)
  • My Two Cents
    Though I'm not a big Heigl fan, I do think she brings more to the table than her resume would have you assume. I agree she could be decent as Geilie, if she can pull off the accent. She would bring a lot of star power and a built in audience. If done well this seven, soon to be eight, book series could be many blockbuster hits. But she is not Claire. Not only does she not have the chops, I don't trust that Heigl will be there for the long haul or that she can carry the weight of this series. I recommend bringing in unknowns for Claire and Jamie. Actors that are young enough now they will have a chance to age with the series and whom haven't played enough roles to have an established an on-screen personality. These are such well developed characters in the novels that I don't want anyone I have seen play other roles. I want them to BE Jamie and Claire. All the other minor roles should be filled with big name, TALENTED actors. They will bring an audience beyond those that love the books and can be free to pursue their marquee status in other roles. Gerard Butler as Dougal is perfect. Hugh Laurie could be a great Murtaugh, Sean Connery as Lord Lovat, Carrie Mulligan as Jenny. etc, etc, etc.
    • Cataicaps
      i always thought of robert caryle as murtaugh. i definitely agree with having very talented unknowns as the leads. but the logistics of putting the books into one movie is going to disappoint many many people. perhaps an animation like they did for final fantasy or avatar, as a series, like the harry potter and twilight films, could not only be cost affective, but could be more acurate based on the visual character descriptions. plus, that way, claire and jamie will be claire and jamie. as opposed to so-and-so playing these characters who we each see differently in our own minds. the character designs could be based on the drawings and photographs submitted to the fan websites. plus another advantage of an animation permits room for the internal monologues to be voiced more efficiently. perhaps gabaldon will be up for being the voice of one of her characters. wouldn't that be awesome!
  • Barbara
    I´ve allways pictured Jamie as young Brad Pitt with long hair (like in the movie Legends of the Fall). But i guess now he is to old to play him so i have other suggestions: 1. Garrett hedlund (troy) 2. Hayden Christensen (star wars) 3. Jared Padalecki (from supernatural) 4. Ryan Gosling As for Claire i would say Rachel Mcadams or Kate Beckinsale. I think Gerard Butler would be perfect as Dougal and Rufus Sewell as Calem.
  • Roo
    I just started reading this series. Please DO NOT cast Heigl in the roll of Claire or anyone for that matter. She's terrible.
  • Ragdoll1977
    Ok-Only the first book requires young actors. The next 6 take place when Claire and Jamie are much more mature. I always pictured Gerard Butler and Rachel Weiss. Katherine Heigl as Geilie would be good, but not as Claire! I also see Ioan Gruffud as Fergus, Emma Stone as Brianna, Jake Gyllenhall as Roger, Marley Shelton as Marsali, and maybe Dakota Fanning as Lizzy. I much prefer the later books-more characters to love!
    • VT Lady
      James Franco would make a better Roger Wakefield.
  • Lisa
    Watch this new Outlander Trailer: Chris Hemsworth as Jamie, Emiliy Blunt as Claire and Peter Sarsgaard as the Randalls. Enough of this McKidd/Heigl/any other uninspired idea - talk! ;D This is the real thing :DD
    • Jen
      This was AWESOME!!!!  I got chills just watching this trailer!! 
    • Interesting!
      H-m-m-m - not bad for Claire and Jamie - guess I kind of see Jamie as more rugged looking somehow, but these are pretty good.  
  • Everjenn88
    You know what guys. I like Katherine Heigl, which according to this website isn't exactly conforming to the rest of you. Compared to a lot of other actresses out there, she's pretty decent. She's funny and is terrific in Love Comes Softly. And if the people are considering her than they are considering her for a reason. Also, I could never picture Rachel Weisz as Claire. She's very pretty and talented, but just doesn't seem right for the role. Before I heard about Katherine Heigl, I used to picture a younger woman like Olivia Wilde, from House, as Claire. Now that I think of it though, Katherine Heigl does kind of fit the part. Well anyway, I've said my peace.
  • Sarobbins
    Rachael McAdams - She's the one 
  • BS
    She may not have to play Claire. She could play the widow duncan. Thats not too far out of her reach. But I think the casting of Claire will be taken as seriously. Maybe Diana Gabaldon has her own oppinion of who should play her.
  • Hassan118
    Rachel mcadams or Emily Blunt would be the one.
  • Hassan118
    Rachel mcadams or Emily of them would be the best.
  • Shah
    Emily Blunt would be perfect as Claire
  • M1ch2009
    Uch!! Heigl as Claire?  That has to be the worst casting I've ever heard of!!  Rachel McCadams would be perfect and please, no Gerald Butler..
  • NO!!!!  Got to have a British actress with dark hair.
  • Dramachacha
    Such a completely horrible idea. There is nothing about this actress and her work that should recommend her to play Claire. And Butler as Jamie? Dear God. What a train wreck.
  • Gardensgail
    Heigl is so wrong for this part. Does not look the part, have the acting chops for the part or the comedic timing either for that matter. This character needs to be vibrant, red blooded and totally enthrawling as does the character of Jamie Frasier. People who have read these books not only love them but have lived them with these characters. Do them justice! Give them to serious and worthy actors please!
  • Geez, who cares????
  • Team Jaime
    Laura Prepon should play Brianna, she'd be brilliant!!!
    • Perthians
      big fake tits Laura Prepon?  Thats not the down to earth Outlander I read.
  • Perthians
    I thought Heigl was getting the role of Brianna, she definetely isnt Claire! And Rachel Mc Adams is too much the all american girl. A young Juliette Binoche would have been perfect...
  • Lamoo917
    Absolutely NOT!
  • The trailer, amazing!!  I have read the series 8-9 times now and have a very definitive idea of Jamie, Claire, Roger and Brianna in my head, but the trailer that Lisa posted wonderful!!  If a network could do a mini-series like North and South (1986 version) and turn the novel into that, it would be awesome.  I just don't know if anyone could do it justice.  I would hate to see it ruined for all of us who have that image of the man and woman we have all come to love in our heads.
  • Kat
    PLEASE - NO!! She will ruin everything. Katherine....please don't do it. It will be like The Other Bolynn Sisters movie - total garbage with the worst choice of actors. You will ruin it sister - poor casting.
  • Junemoon
    Katherine Heigl was not Stephanie Plum and she most certainly is not Clair Randall either.  Please cast an unknown and please make a mini-series!
  • Londubh
    If they want to ruin this project from the start,put HER in the lead role...




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