Kevin Smith Wants Seann William Scott for His Hockey Movie

February 21, 2010

Seann William Scott

I'm actually watching the USA vs Canada hockey game at the Olympics while writing this, which is more than just a coincidence, because this article actually starts out talking about this game. Anyway, Kevin Smith was recently interviewed by for Cop Out and revealed there that Seann William Scott will play Buddy, the lead character in his new hockey movie Hit Somebody. Smith just worked with Scott in Cop Out, due out next weekend, as well as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Scott is not officially signed on yet, but Smith says he wants to take Scott "to the (Tom) Hanks level" as an actor. Wait, what?!

Hit Somebody, which is based on the Warren Zevon song, tells the story of a guy who wants more than anything to be in the NHL, but is only good at one thing: beating people up on the ice. "Seann, for me, was the key into the character," Smith told "I had all the elements in place, and the one thing I was missing was the personality. Generally I like to write to a voice, but I didn't know who that voice was or what that voice could be. And then after spending all the time with Seann on this movie, he's pitch perfect. He is that guy." So it sounds like he chose Scott to write the character for, isn't completely signed on yet.

"This dude has something in him that you can just see hangs so well on Buddy. He's got some pain that's going to work out well. More importantly he has so much love in his heart. Seann Scott is such an ebullient, happy person who's just happy to be there. And on ('Cop Out') you could see it. On our set the guy is just so delighted to be working, to be making people laugh. But he's always dismissed as Stifler… This is his chance to shine." also talked with Seann William Scott, which makes this seem official. "I didn't grow up playing hockey which is good because the character is not supposed to be a great player, he's a great fighter," Scott said. Smith must've seen something in him on the Cop Out set, because he really has high hopes for him. "[Tom] Hanks for years and years did this (lesser) role and then he became that (blockbuster movie) guy. This is Seann's chance to do that as well, not just be Stifler. And it's my chance to not just be the Clerks guy. It's my chance to do something big, epic in scale." The more I hear, the better this sounds, bring it on!

I hope this doesn't mean that fellow hockey geek Wil Wheaton is being cut? Smith revealed last year that Wheaton would be in Hit Somebody, but it's probably to play one of the many supporting hockey players, definitely not the lead. We also reported in January that Hit Somebody might be ready to shoot this year, but it sounds like Kevin Smith hasn't even finished the screenplay and therefore probably doesn't have any financing yet, but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, I'm excited to see this, maybe even more than Cop Out right now. I'm not a fan of Seann William Scott, but I'll give him a chance only in this movie. Thoughts?

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  • Xerxex
    Seann William Scott, the guy is just hilarious and I'm looking forward to him in Cop Out, and now Scott in a hockey movie is just awesome!
  • Da Man
    Sean William Scott is super funny. I wasn't excited for Hit Somebody 'til I read this. Kevin Smith has yet to make me regret seeing one of his flicks though, so I'm on board.
  • Spencer
    Sean William Scott is funny in pretty much anything.
  • nelson
    Is It only me but i think SMS is one of the most underrated actors out there today he needs more serious roles imo
  • DRM
    I Love Sean William Scott. He reminds me of my brother. I'm glad to hear "Hit Somebody" is a kind of fighter movie. I liked Scott in "Bulletproof Monk" and always wished he could play "Ken" in a new "Street Fighter" movie.
  • FrankyFiggs
    I think that Scott's best role other than Stifler was Wheeler in Role Models. Role Models ranks right up there with Knocked Up and Wedding Crashers as the funniest movies to come out post-American Pie. He had the help of Paul Rudd obviously (to me Hollywood's funniest man) but he'd be great as a dirty hockey player. Throw in a Kevin Smith script and I think it has great potential. Scott will get his chance to shine one day, hopefully Smith can help him do that. If not, there's always going to be talk of an American Pie Reunion....
  • Xerxex
    Alex how can you not like Seann William Scott!?
    sean william scott is a funny fuck.kevin smith films i only really liked dogma,clerks 2 & zack & miri make a i'm looking forward to this one see if it's any good.
  • Wordage
    So basically the premise is directly ripped off from just about every Adam Sandler movie..... Kevin Smith is a skid mark on Hollywood's undies.....
  • Logan
    And what are you, #9? Some random guy whose opinion we should listen to? It's a little funny that you judge others, because I don't think your opinion is trustworthy. You completely summarized Kevin Smith's hockey movie before even reading the script or seeing the movie. We care what you have to say WHY?
  • Wordage
    Logan....I didn't ask you to care about my opinion....but you obviously do since you took the time to address it.... Thanks for the Monday morning idiocy....
  • Matt
    @6: Totally agree he rocked in Role Models. But I thought he was getting a little too Rob-Schnieder-Terrible-At-Movies until then. You see that one where his mom was getting boned by Billy Bob Thorton? I feel sick to my stomach just typing that. In any case, SWS was great in Role Models, which was also great. Cop Out will probably be pretty fun so we'll all have to see how SWS does in that. Bring on more hocckey movies!! Go USA!
  • Logan
    So you posted your negative and ill-informed comment on a message board so it could go unnoticed? First of all, the only Adam Sandler movie that "Hit Somebody" could possibly be compared to at this early stage is "Happy Gilmore", and it contained all of ONE hockey scene. So yes, I adressed your comment because it was ignorant and irritating, and I like showing people like you how stupid you really are.
  • Xerxex
    Wordage really?
  • Wordage
    Aren't talkbacks just a bunch of people posting their opinions about movies? Or does Logan have a superiority complex and object to people having different opinions than his? Or did his Mummy and Daddy not show him enough affection, and his Daddy beat him for being a pansy, while his Uncle secretly spelunked his pooper in the basement? Or is it a combination of all of the above?
  • Cmurder
    wow Wordage, here's an're a douche!
  • Wordage
    I'm a Douche.
  • Colt
    I like Sean, I thought him and Paul Rudd for pretty awesome together in Role Models, I'd really like for him to get attatched to a Judd Apatow movie
  • Logan
    Quite a few people seem to agree with me that you're an idiot, so do they all have superiority complexes as well? I don't mind someone's opinion being different from mine, but when that person is an idiotic, immature, whiny little BITCH like you, I feel the need to tell them to shut the fuck up. And all your theories about me might be a little insulting, if they weren't so childish and obviously the writings of an angry little boy who gets mad when people don't agree with him. So, Wordage, I'll say it again. No one cares about you, shut the fuck up.
  • Logan
    Plus your opinion made no sense anyway. It's a rip off of every Adam Sandler movie ever made? Really? Could you enlighten me, because I didn't know you had seen the film or read the script. See, when you post something as assinine as that, you gotta expect SOMEONE to call you a dumbass. If you don't, then you're just stupid..... have I mentioned that you're stupid?
  • Wordage
    Haha, wow....this Logan guy is a complete nutcase. Not only is he obsessed with me, and has even gone as far as impersonating me, but he also claims that quite a few people agree with him (I count only one...and that person is probably Logan, too). How pathetic must he be to get all riled up and spew all this negativity because some random person doesn't like Kevin Smith and his next project? Pretty F'n pathetic. He spends a lot of time obsessing about someone whose opinion he claims he doesn't care him come back here either as himself or using another Someone said this website was cool....I like the articles so far....not sure about the users....
  • tim
    im not involved in this whole fight conversation. but wordage. you have your own opinion on movies, and it seems kevin smith is not one of your favorite people. thats cool. but without reading a script or knowing even 1/10th of what the movie is about does not hold you to comparing it to anything adam sandler. or even hold an opinion on how the movie will be, or what is can be compared to.. its ignorant. imho kevin smith does good work. im a fan of almost all his movies, and hope that this one, and cop out will be good additions to his movie roster.. and SWS is a great actor. funny guy, and has the potential to be huge.
  • bon jovi
    this website is cool. minus pompous douche bags who's sole purpose is to give him shitty unwelcome opinions. im sure you drive a Prius. by the way this is not bon jovi.
  • bon jovi
    damn now i feel stupid i said him instead of his...damn bon jovi fail.
  • Wordage
    tim....that's what the comment section for movie websites is for.....for voicing our opinions on movies that haven't been released. If some jackass doesn't like my opinion.... and gets all riled up about it....he's obviously very is everyone else who just can't handle an opinion that differs with their own. All the news at these movie websites is about films that haven't yet been by your logic and the logic of my idiotic new stalker....every single comment on movie websites is ignorant if it is about a film which hasn't been released....which constitutes 99% of comments at these types of websites.
  • Wordage
    bon also wrote "who's" when it should have been "whose"....but don't worry about're a moron and have low it's to be expected. Learn to accept your lot in life.
  • tim
    fair enough. my logic was blindsided for the pure lust of kevin smith and his films. i myself feel i was being ignorant for not allowing you to voice your opinion. my apologies.
  • Logan
    Dude, you gotta cut it with the wishful thinking. I know how much you would love for me to be obsessed with you, because it would probably be the first time anyone has ever liked you. However, that's not the case. Now, if an unbiased person were reading this conversation, they would probably interpret your comments about me getting raped by an uncle as homosexual and hopeful. I know you wish you had a tape of that, but alas, you can't have one. Now about your "opinion", and my disagreeing with it. It isn't an opinion, because you HAVEN'T seen the movie yet. You continue to remain defiant that your opinion has any relevance despite the fact that it isn't an opinion because, for you to be expressing an honest opinion, you would have to have SEEN THE MOVIE. Now are you following? Because I can use smaller words if you need me to. I'll give you a second to catch up..... Now, about me "spewing negativity". Hmm, I was only spewing that at you. You were the one who said 'Kevin Smith is a skid mark on society's undies'. Yeah, that's not even remotely negative. If you're going to accuse me of something, at least do it well, and not make yourself sound like an idiotic hypocrite in doing so. And about me being obsessed with you... don't flatter yourself moron. So you think I'm obsessed with you because I feel the need to refute your immature, ill-informed comments? Ok, put it this way: I'm obsessed with making whiny little know-it-alls such as yourself see how stupid you are. Now you can continue trying to look like a badass by talking about how I'm a nutcase, and I'm obsessed with you, but I'll see it for what it really is: a pathetic moron trying to hide the fact that nobody likes him and that writing negative comments on the internet is the only way he gets attention. In fact, me arguing with you has probably been the only time in recent history that someone has actually been willing to interact with you huh? Once again: no one cares about you, shut the fuck up.
  • Wordage
    Hahaha...what did I tell you folks....that gargantuan blog Logan just directed at me is proof of his obsession with me...just like I predicted.
  • Logan
    And yet you keep replying. And you call ME insecure.... moron.
  • Wordage
    "He spends a lot of time obsessing about someone whose opinion he claims he doesn't care about" I called it.
  • Logan
    The truth is, anyone besides you who reads this will recognize that, while I have perhaps foolishly continued arguing with an idiot (a pointless, yet enjoyable endeavour), I have used logic and reasoning (and some insults) in my argument. You have used nothing but childish and unfounded insults. Which means that, though I have wasted about twenty minutes of my life on you, I have retained at least a small shred of dignity. You never had any.
  • Wordage
    Hahaha, this Logan guy is the biggest loser I've come across on the internet in a long time. I've only directed one comment to him in response to his first angry outburst towards me, but the rest of my comments have not been spoken to him, but he keeps talking to me....desperately wanting my attention. What can be said of a guy like him? He definitely has no girlfriend...which is partly responsible for all his anger...and he is most likely fat and hairy like his hero Kevin Smith...and smells like a stinky armpit and spends most of his time shoveling food into his mouth. He also desperately cares about what others think about him, as can be seen by his last post, and others...he constantly worries how others will view him.....he's afraid the internet world will realize he's a loser just like the real world.
  • Colt
    Wordage, You're a douche. also, why are you replying like you're talking to anyone else. no one cares.
  • Wordage Logan's gay lover (other personality) is repeating his comments. This is great.
  • Colt
    actually no, I post here often. please feel free to check back on past topics. but you won't do that will you? it'll make you feel like a jackass so you'll avoid it.
  • roth
    dude i think wordage wants it in the ass.. haha




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