Krasinski Not the Top Choice for Captain America - Who Is?

March 9, 2010
Source: Fox 411, Deadline

John Krasinski as Captain America - HijiNKS ENSUE

Just over a week ago we heard about the short list of contenders to hold the shield and wear the stars and stripes of The First Avenger: Captain America. Honestly, the list wasn't that impressive with barely any of the desired talent looking old enough to eventually lead The Avengers or having an acting resume to back them up. Earlier today came news from Fox 411 that Marvel's first choice, according to insiders at the company, was John Krasinksi, but now it looks like that scoop isn't true as Deadline reports only Mike Vogel and Garrett Hedlund are in serious contention with a few other new names thrown into the mix.

Fox 411 claims that Krasinski has kept getting called back to see producers again and again since the start of the new year, which may still be accurate even though Krasinski's apparently out. Their inside source said:

"John has read 4 times and is doing screen tests. He has screen tested 2 times so far.  It's very likely that he will be the new Captain America.  He is a favorite among the key decision makers and has been asked to come back for more this week. The big bosses are having him read with multiple actresses up for the female leads.  They want to lock down the role and then they will narrow down everyone else."

However, this doesn't look to be the case as Deadline Hollywood says they have scratched Krasinski as well as Chace Crawford, Scott Porter, Michael Cassidy and Patrick Flueger off the list, but added a couple more, the only of which that was mentioned is Chris Evans, who already had his turn as a superhero playing The Human Torch from Fantastic Four. However, it seems like the frontrunner could very well be Tron Legacy's Garrett Hedlund, as Deadline says he was on Marvel’s original wish list but didn't test at first. Scheduling apparently created issues, but much like the rest of us, Hedlund's reps were none too pleased when Marvel informed them that the job would include options for 9 future films and a salary of only around $300,000.

I'm not really sure what to make of this whole superhero casting fiasco at the moment. I definitely wasn't looking forward to the idea of seeing John Krasinksi play Captain America. That comic version of Krasinksi in the photo above comes from a strip on Hijinks Ensue (via SlashFilm). As for the other potentials, I'm not totally sold on Garrett Hedlund yet, even though the Tron Legacy trailer looks awesome, I've got to see if he can really act in that to consider him a big next action star worthy of this role. As for Chris Evans, I hope he doesn't get it either, he had his shot at playing a superhero and wasn't good enough to play another one.

Still, there are apparently a couple of other unrevealed names along with Evans who could very well get the job and director Joe Johnston and the producers are taking their sweet time figuring out who will hold the shield and lead one of the most powerful and iconic superhero teams of all time: The Avengers. There is an entire set of films riding on whoever they cast. I hope they make the right decision. Thoughts? Concerns?

Update: Just when you thought there couldn't be any more news names to throw into the mix, Heat Vision now claims that Wilson Bethel, who starred on HBO's "Generation Kill", is in the running as well. No one else new besides that, with more mentions of Mike Vogel and Chris Evans, but that's about it. I'm going to be happy once we get to the end of this and find out who they actually cast for this. We'll keep you updated!

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  • The_Kid
    I much rather have John Krasinski over Chris Evans as CA, but if they can't get Krasinski then hedlund is the second best choice of the three choices left.
  • Xerxex
    I would rather see some unknown as Captain America, but I would love to see Eric Bana play him, but that's doubtful. How about a stretch? Donnie Whalberg? Maybe Matthew Settle Capt Ronald Spiers from Band of Brothers? Maybe even Michael Fassbender?
  • Xerxex
    if indeed Krasinski happens, I hope they make him look gritty, get a five o'clock shadow on him, buff up a little, and not spew any one-liners. To be honest I'm more concerned about the script.
  • movie mike
    I like chris evans! that could work
  • Cody w
    Really? Cant believe you guys think Krasinski is right for this...he looks like a bit of a doofis, I dont doubt his acting abilities but Evans has got just as good acting chops and looks the part more.
  • dUPE
    Evans could definitely pull it off. Never even heard of the other clown. Chris Evans is a very underrated actor.
  • Luis Garcia
    I think sam worthington would make a good CAP
  • ddot3
    why not Josh Halloway (LOST)?
  • Cody w
    #7 except Worthington cant get the american accent down for his life....and come on Captain America has to be friggin american.
  • S
    ONLY around $300,000.00!! Boo-fucking-hoo
  • dex
    Sam worthington? You must be kidding, I strongly believe that this role must be played by American Actor...what about Jeremy Renner? I think he'll be fit.
  • james
    Jensen Ackles should be the Cap! But definitely NOT JIM from the office!! I can live with Chris Evans.. What about Josh Hartnett?
  • Chris Evans has been the best name mentioned so far. His role in Sunshine convinced me he can act in some way or form. Can't wait to see him in Scott Pilgrim.
  • dbamma
    i don't know who any of those actors are. I don't know if Chris Evans would be a good Capt America, but He pulled off the Human Torch as far as i'm concerned (not that it matters to anyone) also Michael Chiklis pull of the Ben Grimm characters. They were the only good thing about those two movies. Peace!
  • blum
    I had to look up who Wilson Bethel was. I gotta say, his square jaw is pretty "Captain America"-ish. I'm sort of rooting for Garrett Hedlund, even if he does look a little scrawny. He could pull a Lautner if they want him to bulk up.
  • Updated list (with pictures): Thanks for the comic link Ethan!
  • Shawn Keim
    They need someone who is going to lead the cast in this role. They should just find a Army guy who can act and there you go. The whole list of who they have sucks. I would like to see some bigger guys and bigger names in there. Who knows. If they fuck this up it won't surprise anyone.
  • People's Champ
    I'm with Xerxex, I more worried about the script than who's playing Cap. I hope the script will be top notch and if they get a cool actor, that's just icing on the cake.
    Evans was excellent in Sunshine...but I always viewed Cap as a man a bit more aged and experienced than all of these candidates.
  • Nick
    Kathy Bates...Just spitballing here.
  • Dylan
  • Sharlto
    @15 Garrett Hedlund is definately not scrawy, 6 foot 3, broad shoulders, manly persona, definately could beat up Lautner any day despite not lifting weights all the time, anyway I agree with you he should be CA
  • semendo
    Still think Dicaprio is a great fit for this role.
  • DRM
    I don't know why you call this a casting fiasco. it's just regular behind the scenes casting stuff. It's a press fiasco is what it is. And BTW, Chris Evans was a perfectly good Human Torch. Don't blame him if you think the movies weren't good. There were greater powers at work there than his performance. And just the other day you had nice things to say about "The Losers", another comic project with Evans in it. ---
  • dahmer
    sam worthington, or yea that guy from lost i thought that years ago. remember he is supposed to lead a group of older hardend heros, do we really wanna see these dorky white bread looking guys fill that role.
  • dahmer
    possibly Wilson Bethel a lil tougher looking
  • dahmer
    ok i see Wilson Bethel, Mike Vogel as cap over the other top nominees, i so hope Krasinksi is not in the running anyore i cant take that guy serious
  • Xerxex
    Wilson Bethel? good actor but compared to Capt America he looks like a herione addict.
  • DoomCanoe
    all the actors they are naming are to young! the thought of having any of these guys stand next to Robert Downey Jr. , Edward Norton, Samuel Jackson, and (lets say) Alexander Skarsgård and order them around is ridiculous! all our already cast Avengers are to old to be taking orders from one of these punks. to young go older and it will make the character connection seem more normal and less forced.
  • SamT.
    Here you go! Their FIRST (and BEST) choice STILL!
  • Duck
    @11: why does he have to be a american? Sam Worthington would be my first choice
  • Xerxex
    @30 um...Captain America? There are billions of people on earth we can find the perfect guy, Worthington is a good actor but I'd rather see another actor carrying the shield.
  • Cody
    I still vote for Neil McDonough.
  • Nate
    @32 he has the look, Ive only seen him in Band of Brothers and he was great in that.
  • Sam Shadey
    Ta ...Ta Ta Ta! Captaian America: King of the American Geekazoids and Ruler of the world ... Don't worry my fellow Americans, I'll protect you fromEvil - KA-POW! Take that you blasted Anti Gun Lobbyists! POOF! You Nasty War Haters! KA-ZOOM you bad old Canadian Medicare people! God bless America! Captain America, what a fucking joke LOL
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    @34... I think you're posting, on the wrong page. There is an endless number of political websites, with readers and posters who would love to take up where your post left off; but this is a movie site thread about a comic book character. Films about comic book heroes are supposed to escapist entertainment. Not every board has to be so blatantly political. I'm not trying to invalidate your opinion; but it seems clear that you are missing the point here. Arguing about the current political climate, on a Captain America board is akin to walking into a local school and braying on about the scientific impossibilities of Hogwart's students being able to fly around on broomsticks.
  • Daiteechu
    Mike O'Hearn should be Captain America.
  • Hien
    I think Chris Pine would be a good Captain America. The concern was that they want an actor who can lead the Avengers, and I think he did a good job as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek. He definitely gave off a charismatic presence and he played a convincing leader of the Enterprise. Just a thought. Matthew Fox would be another good actor for the role in my opinion
  • I have friends who work at Paramount (no one famous or anything, just worker drones) but the gossip around the studio is that Paramount is VERY, VERY nervous about Joe Johnston. He was supposed to have his cast in place months and months ago (before Thor - which only opens a month before Cap does and already has a full cast and most of the pre-production work finished) and he is still giving them the run-around and being indecisive about his main actor (he hasn't even cast any of the secondary characters because he wants them all to have chemistry with his lead). Considering that Captain America has a HUGE cast (Cap, Bucky, at least 3 of the Invaders, Dr. Erskine, assorted Generals, a love interest, etc), this isn't good. Add that to their long list of concerns (they apparently are a little iffy on some of the script ideas and costume designs), and the buzz around the lot is that they are very close to losing their patience with him and either taking the project away from him, or simply stepping in to cast it themselves to ensure it doesn't have to get pushed back further. Johnston's last film, The Wolfman, got pushed back again and again for these same kind of reasons, and it was not well received at the box office.
  • semendo
    Joe Johnston.... out Scorsese in! That would be the best resolution in my opinion.
  • Sam Shadey
    You see #35, there in lies the problem of all Americans like yourself. If you looked past your boders you'd be shocked to see how much distain there is for your country, even amongst yoru allies. To the rest of the world Captain America is not just comic, it represents everyting that is wrong with your country and therefore is a political target.
  • tir na nog
    Agree with 23,deCaprio is perfect for this,but I doubt he'd do it,maybe Jeremy Renner.
  • Lord M
    What about Tahmoh Penikett? I think he have the look...
  • Sharlto
    @40 then why is everybody moving here, my hometown in kansas gets floods of indians, chinese, europeans, mexicans
  • Cody w
    @40 Get out of here and go to a political blog, and I see your talking from an outside perspective when it comes to America so come and live here then you can talk about whats wrong with our country. You dont see any of us outlining how shitty of an economy/culture/govt Canada or Europe has because this is a movie site. ALSO #43s right if everyone hates us so damn much THEN WHY DO 1000s OF ILLEGALS POUR OVER OUR BORDERS EVERYDAY? Also I think I speak for any constitutional/gun loving American on here when I say go fuck yourself, ya damn canuck.
  • Chase
    My vote is for Vogel he looks the part, the rest dont even look like Steve Rogers or Captain america.
  • robert
    Paul Walker should be Captain America. Hes got the look and hes around the right age Cap should be. And seriously, RDJ as Stark would never take believably take orders from these other guys mentioned
  • Staatz
    @34, you don't read Captain America comics do you? They are nothing like that (and really the US is much more complex as well), the villain right now is the 50's right-wing cap and a group of crazy Idaho extremists... To have a simple, blanket stereotype about a whole country is just as bad as... well the way you think America views the rest of the world.
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    #40: You seem intent on baiting people; I'm glad to see that no one is interested. Again, this is a movie site, not a political round table. You believe the things you believe, about the United States... well *that's* the bad news. The good news is, you don't live here; and that, to me, sounds like a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  • Amerika F*ck Yah!
    Paul Walker would look the part if he put on 20 lbs of muscle. He'd even act the part if he took acting classes.
  • Payment
    I think Captain Awesome, Ryan McPartlin, from Chuck is the man. Come on he already plays a captain.
  • Jules
    What a lot of Americans in general and the people at Marvel Studios in particular do not seem to realize is that indeed the rest of the world is a bit weary and even sceptical about Captain America. This is not meant to be a political statement, on the contrary: I am saying this as a European who has been reading the Avengers since I was a ten year old and I really want all these movies to work, not just the Iron Man ones. In order to overcome the scepsis of non-Americans Marvel will need to dig a bit deeper into their pockets to get an A-lister like Matt Damon, Jake Gyllenhaal or Sam Worthington for this role. (And hey, Worthington has been pretty candid that he would love the role; he might just do it for 300,000. Add in another 300,000 for a vocal coach to get rid off the Aussie accent and Cap's a go)Otherwise you get stuck with a foreign gross like that of any of the hulk movies; decent, but not enough to warrant a sequel. I think both Garrett Hedlund and Wilson Bethel could make good Caps and it is daring of Marvel to go with unknowns for other roles, but there is just too much riding on whoever will play Cap. Sure, Marvel saves millions by going for an unknown, but in the long run they will end up missing out on tens and maybe hundreds of millions in revenue, and even more in merchandise. And the fans won't get the movies they want nor the sequels they want.
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    @53 I like your idea. If they go that way then they, also, really need to go ahead and part ways, with Joe Johnston. He's not the surest of hands, they're already unhappy, with his apparent lack of progress and 'The Wolfman' didn't exactly hit it out of the park.
  • hey buddy
    Sam Worthington!! Garrett might pull it off, but for GOD sakes.... not Krasinski or the human torch!!!!!
  • rduck
    corey haim would have been a perfect captain america
  • AJ
    Jensen Ackles is still my personal top choice he's got the look, the age range and the wit to pull it off. Another choice would be Jared Padalecki, Ben McKenzie, Chris Evens,or Garrett Hedlund Those would be who I would choose with Jensen Ackles in my mind screams Captain America.
  • slopshoe smith
    Bombs away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is going down the toilet along with the entire Avenger scenario...
  • ABD
    Ryan Gosling
  • SS
    Krasinski, Evans, Vogel, Bethel... playing opposite Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark in "The AVENGERS"? Does anybody want Captain America to have less presence on-screen against Iron Man? Hello? Cast Balancing anyone?
  • Craig
    I just can't see John Krasinski as a superhero. He's too lanky.
  • Sai
  • Xerxex
    HOW ABOUT MARK STRONG!? Captn America needs to be in is 30's not late twenties, a twenty something Captn? NO WAY! Get JOSH HOLLOWAY, NESTOR CARBONELLl, or MATTHEW FOX on the phone! I can honestly see JOSH HOLLOWAY opposite Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth, and Edward Norton if he is indeed cast in The Avengers. The cast of Lost are gonna be looking for work!
  • Noone
    How about Cole Hauser as Capt. America?




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