Lauren Shuler Donner Producing a Gargoyles Film for Disney

July 13, 2010


If you're getting all nostalgic and excited when you see Disney and gargoyles in a headline you're going to be extremely disappointed because this has absolutely nothing to do with that animated TV series "Gargoyles" which Disney distributed in the mid-90's. Instead, Variety reports on development of an original live-action Gargoyles project from Disney and producer Lauren Shuler Donner (of X-Men) which apparently has a treasure trove of mythology in which the studio has interest. The idea for the movie comes from writer Zoe Green and studio exec LouAnne Brickhouse, but sadly no details on the plot have been divulged at this time.

Apparently Disney is looking at this project as another opportunity to exploit create a franchise which will lead to a barrage of video games, toys, TV shows and plenty of other useless merchandise. Without any real story details it's hard to be excited or skeptical of a project like this, and recent Disney ventures like Prince of Persia don't make it any easier with its negative to lukewarm reception from audiences and critics. On the other hand, I personally think The Sorcerer's Apprentice looks like a solid step forward in Disney live-action adventures (I'll find out tomorrow once I get to see it) so it could turn out well. Stay tuned as this develops.

Since this probably has to do with a band of gargoyles that come to life, we chose a great photo of a gargoyle courtesy of "The Rocketeer" on Flickr. If we hear anything about this project, we'll definitely let you know.

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  • sNufFy SMASH
    Lamesauce.... Me wants Goliath and Medusa duking it out in live action. First?
  • I agree with ya snuffy...I loved that series, it was so dark for a cartoon so it would translate well to the big screen. Some good comedic characters too with Bronx and Brooklyn. ...Hopefully someday they'll return.
  • Big Boss
    Adapting a live-action movie from the televsion series would be a GREAT look for Disney! With all the crap these movie studios are remaking these days, "Gargoyles" could potentially be a dope franchise if they did right by it..I swear, these companies should hire guys like us to kick the big wigs in the head every once and awhile and relay these type of ideas to them. lol
  • Lee
    Yes! When I hear anything about a gargoyle, I instantly think of Goliath! That's what this project needs to be based on. And they definitely need to bring back Keith David as the voice of Goliath.
  • Deathtoll 2010
    My heart fluttered when I read the headline....then it was shot down with a deer slug. If this isn't about Goliath and the others, I have one word..CRAPTASTIC!
  • sNufFy SMASH
    Deathtolls reaction sums it up for us gargoyle fans. Unfortunately boss, even though they churn out crappy movies, people still
  • sNufFy SMASH
    Lee that is a no brainer lol. I would think dubbing his voice over the live action actor would be the way to go. Like they should have done in the first place for max payne. Since he was modeled after real people, they should have gotten the guy modeled for part 2 of the game and dubbed the voice actor over the physical actor but noooooooo. Oh and a better director too. Anyhoo back to the topic at hand lol
  • Richie G
    #1 Did you mean Goliath and Demona? Awh hell that series would make a savage movie, but I haven't heard anything about it in years. Must not have been too popular, but I loved it
  • DarkRaven18599
    I completely agree with you all. It's not really that surprising that the only people posting on this particular headline are people that would love to see a live action Gargoyles movie based on the TV series. And I'm not that shocked that nobody seems to have any interest in the concept which is actually being presented. You'd think studios would hire people to monitor sites like this to gauge public support and reaction and then actually make things people WANT, but no, just more meaningless Hollywood crap being churned out based on the latest spastic cokehead's idea. So frustrated with it all.
  • sNufFy SMASH
    yes richie. i meant demona. lol i don't know where i got medusa from hahaha oops
  • DoomCanoe
    i also clicked to read about a live adaptation of the amazing cartoon i was also very crushed to read it had nothing to do with it BUT! living gargoyle's are a thing rarely seen in movies and the concept of the creature is SOOOO bad ass... so i still hope this looks good
  • Nuika
    I'm not at all interested unless it's a live action for the animated TV series. That would be great. It'll have to look damn cool for me to be interested in watching it because I now have resentment for it because they are doing all these live actions to all sorts of animations, Classic or not and then they do a random Gargoyle movie, why a random one they could do one from the animated series! Gargoyles aren't even that popular in movies unless it's the sci-fi channel, and it's too bad. I'm sure they know the automatic expectations that come just from the word Gargoyle. Maybe they're hoping it would add some sort of unadvertised hype. Who knows but I know that in the talk of making a gargoyles movie, they had to know about the what did they just pass up the idea of making the animation into a movie. I'd like to know. It just makes me mad, got my hopes all up in the title and then crushed them in the body text. This will honestly have to look awesomely superb for me to want to watch it now, I just feel let down.
  • It sounds like this movie is basically ripping off the 1990′s Gargoyles cartoon without a proper remake. There’s a Facebook group for fans that want to convince Disney to make a REAL Gargoyles movie:
  • Paul
    I just started a facebook group to influence disney that there's a market. please feel free to join.!/group.php?gid=134286023278848




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