Liam Neeson Now Taking Mel Gibson's Role in 'The Hangover 2'

October 23, 2010
Source: Variety

Liam Neeson

Since the cast and crew decided Asian penises and a baby being forced to gesture masturbation were just a tad more tasteful than allowing Mel Gibson have a cameo in The Hangover 2, someone has to take the role left vacant by his forced departure from the sequel. Variety says Liam Neeson (Taken, The A-Team) has quickly stepped in to play the small role of a crazed tattoo artist the guys encounter in Thailand. Neeson revealed his role (which will shoot this weekend) to the site only a few days after the news that dissension amongst the cast and crew had forced Warner Bros and director Todd Phillips to pull Gibson from the film.

Filming is taking place on the Warner Bros. lot, where a Bangkok set has been built, and then the production moves to Thailand at the end of October. Though no official details on the comedy sequel have been revealed, the recent rumored storyline pegs all the guys re-tracing their steps after a hard night of partying leads to a drunk Stu (Ed Helms) sleeping with a Thai tranny. Sounds exactly like the type of tomfoolery we can expect from another crazy night of partying with Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha. Though Gibson's cameo would've been more fun, we don't see Neeson do a lot of comedy, so he's an adequate replacement. Agreed?

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  • Not really. I would have liked to see Mel in the role. He needs it more.
  • lego
    sure mel needs it more, but seeing neeson as a badass tattoo artist would be pretty awesome. lawl
  • Xexex
    You forgot bout Mike Tyson he's a convicted raptist! Mel Gibson says some negative things and he gets the shaft, tyson raped someone. I guess its okay though.
  • harrison
    yea, mel was the right choice, i guess neesons a solid backup though
  • lego
    took a pretty long time for tyson to get to this point tho, i think. the fact that most people still thinks mel's just retarded probably will take away from the comedy experience.
  • carlos
    There is a difference between the Tyson cameo and Mel Gibson's. They are trying to capitalize on all of the current drama Gibson is in to sell more tickets. Mike Tyson wasn't in the news every single day prior to his appearance; his appearance was as organic as it could be as opposed to being shoehorned into the movie for people to laugh at.
  • Astroboy3000
    should've been KURT RUSSELL. everything should always be KURT RUSSELL.
  • gonnarentit
    Ok, so Neeson plays Oskar Schindler in Schindler's list, and now get's to replace the anti-semetic Gibson in the Hangover sequel. You can all keep saying that Hollywood isn't run by the jew's but I'm starting to think Mel might be on to something... even though he's a complete ass.
  • Spider
    It should have been Mel doing the cameo. Liam Neeson is a good actor and a very safe bet for the production. It would have been inspired and ballsy casting had they kept Gibson. I am a Gibson fan and although he may have said some ugly things, there is no denying the man has talent. I also believe that Mel was on to something and if he did say something (who doesn't?), or vent his frustrations about Hollywood, etc, I am not one to go based on hearsay or to believe someone like Oksana, who's slowly being unmasked in the public eye. Mel will rise again and the real truth will be known! Having typed that, Mel should have done the cameo! I can separate the man from the art!
  • L
    Meh, Mel Gibson can deliver comedy pretty well. Liam Neeson? I... Don't... know...
  • Me
    Somebody who doesn't like Mel Gibson (hence the initial demonising to begin with) probably was involved in persuading the production crew or acting crew to not support Mel. After all, the whole demonising really had nothing to do with what he said and everything to do with just a bitter rivalry over the type of movies he makes or has made in the past, fighting against the establishment.
  • Colt
    id bet mel will still be in it, perhaps this was a decision to throw everyone off. how could they be that hypocritical to not let Mel in the movie? just doesn't make sense. I'm still thinking we're going to see him in it.
  • Great! That misogynistic racist bastard Mel Gibson should never work again. Ever. Glad to see the role was given to someone who isn't a total waste of DNA.
  • Blue Silver
    Maybe this is an attempt to throw us off. Mel would rock that cameo! I think it's really stupid to judge Mel as a misogynist. Any man has the capability to blow his lid when pushed, especially in an extortion attempt(seems like it), where his significant other has him by the jewels and gathers all so called convenient evidence (the tapes) to make herself look like the victim! The biggest reason why Mel is in this predicament is because he's worth $1 Billion (according to Forbes), has talent, and is a huge star! One helluva target! The power of the media's attempt to destroy a person's career/reputation etc. is measured by the idiots who believe everything the gossip machine prints( Mel's many crazy-looking pics), or alleges, no matter the extent of the BS!
  • Xexex
    @ Pete since when are Jews a race? last I checked they were human beings.
  • Me
    #14 Key words of wisdom you speak: "the idiots who believe everything the gossip machine prints" :) Also for those who haven't read it yet, save me typing it all out again... Point #32
  • Venom
    I agree with number 7. Liam Neeson is just amazing at anything he does though. He'll do just fine.
  • GrandDoc
    I would've gone with Chuck Norris... But Liam Neeson is fine with me too.
  • ryderup
    Liam Neeson is a boring choice. Gibson would have rocked.
  • I am…
    Well Neeson never did a comedy role really so I look forward to see this... The reason why they chose him is because the management company that dealt with Mel is also dealing with Neeson so it was easy
  • Fisherr
    I hope the same crew is back.I don't want new comers.




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