Matthew Vaughn Will Be Directing X-Men: First Class After All

May 3, 2010
Source: Deadline

Matthew Vaughn

Wait, what? On Friday last week, news hit stating that Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn was one of the frontrunners to direct Fox's X-Men: First Class movie in place of Bryan Singer (who was forced to leave back in March). But then other industry trade news sites started saying that Vaughn had already passed and other directors, like Daniel Espinosa, were in the top spot. But now Deadline is stating that Fox passed on the others when "Vaughn came back into the picture this morning." For reasons we don't know, it looks like Vaughn has returned for this, and now Fox is negotiating a deal to have him direct this prequel after all.

So, despite claims otherwise, Deadline says for sure that Fox "is working with [Vaughn's] reps to close the deal." I wonder if all the buzz from his involvement on Friday helped push him in the direction of taking this on. Let's not forget that Fox almost hired him for X-Men 3 before bailing and choosing Brett Ratner instead (that's how all of the other directors in the running must feel right now). Vaughn is a great director, one of my favorites at the moment, I just think he makes fantastic movies when he's not constrained by the studio (read my interview - he hates studios!), so I'll be curious to see how his working relationship is with Fox.

As a reminder, X-Men: First Class, with a new draft of the written penned by Bryan Singer and his people, will focus on Professor X and Magneto and "the point where their friendship soured." It will also "detail the beginning of the school for mutants and have younger incarnations of some characters with new actors in roles of Cyclops, Jean Grey, the Beast, etc." We'll keep you updated on all the latest with X-Men: First Class, as Fox wants to start shooting on this right away. Your thoughts on Vaughn finally directing X-Men?

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  • Jared
    With Vaughn directing I can proceed to have high hopes for the franchise. Go X-Men!!!
  • Yep, with Vaughn directing I'm suddenly a lot more interested in First Class!
  • nelson
    now i think i see a problem brian signer has his vision of where it should go and i think vaughn will have his
  • graffiti bandit
    This stuff is tired. Let it rest.
  • SkaOreo
    #4 Yeah, FS should totally stop talking about a big comic book franchise that people care about.
  • tra la la la la di da
    #5...genius, I believe they're talking about making ANOTHER xmen movie, not FS. Think...use that brain! I'm with #4 aside from the Xmen movies have blown, the storyline for this will as well. Sorry, it doesn't matter who the director is, seriously...what matters is control.
  • Spder94
    sounds nice,but the only problem is that fox may not give vaughn "full control" of the project which may cause some problems......
  • People's Champ
    What did he flip a coin to decide?
  • graffiti bandit
    Thank you, #6. That is exactly what I was referring to. Another day, another comic adaptation. And more than likely, another shitty one by FOX. This is the same studio that butchered the X-Men franchise by not waiting for Singer to direct X3. So, now what do they do? Instead of learning from their mistakes, they continue on with another X-Men movie without Singer under the helm. Can you imagine WB doing this to Chris Nolan?: Instead of waiting for him to finish Inception to work on Batman 3 they hastily hire another director. I don't think so. I'll make mine D.C. not Marvel a.k.a the hit or miss committee. P.S. - I saw Iron Man 2. It was average as hell.
  • phoenixwright101
    I can't help but feel he's making a terrible mistake with this when he has so many other interesting independent projects on his plate. Maybe it's a 'one for them, one for me' kind of deal, where they finance a couple of movies for him in a multi-picture deal if he takes this on? I can only hope the protracted negotiations are all about getting final cut/creative control rather than money. Because Rothman/Fox will screw him over once again without a doubt.
  • There's sooooo many other characters in the X Men world...I don't understand why they're rehashing the same ones.
  • Candy Castle
    This is awesome news. New start for the franchise after Brett Ratner screwed it up.
  • Jonnyboy
    Brett Ratner still gets more ass though. You check out his mymag? He has some hot model on the cover.
    excellent,he should do a daredevil reboot as well.
  • johnny
    god no, kickass needs to be called suckass. dudes kickass was not a cool superhero movie. it was badly paced, hit girl got too much screentime, thier was little bonding with cage and kickass or hitgirl. i am skipping x-men or any other vaughn films along with micheal bay and j.j. abrams. the lead for kickass sucked. kickass was worse than the ed prego killer blue penied superheros of watchmen (although I gave ultimate cut watchmen a C, the original release sucked). kickass did not know what genre it was. it was too stupid and had too much comedy to be a superhero movie (cmon dudes if you saw a batman villan with a jet pack reeking of an 80s six million dollar man episode or a hockey mask on batman begins....) it had to much violence to be a comedy. my personal opinion kickass was one of the worst films of 2010 along with nightmare reboot. another reason 20 year olds shouldnt be allowed to be taken seriously film reviewing or make movies.
  • Nana Collins
    The way this so called "X-MEN: First Class" can actually be the first class is if it's just Cyclops, Angel, The Beast, Ice Man, and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey for you non believers) thats the original first class. No Storm, Gambit, Rouge, Night Crawler, and definitely NO FREAKIN Wolverine.




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