MGM's Troubles Means James Bond 23 is Delayed Indefinitely

April 19, 2010
Source: ComingSoon

James Bond

It looks like The Hobbit isn't the only production being affected by the uncertain future of MGM and it's financial instability, as EON Productions, one company behind the James Bond franchise announced in a press release today that they have suspended development on the next installment of the secret agent franchise starring Daniel Craig which was going to be released sometime in 2011 or 2012. This comes only a few months after hearing that development would at least be slowed, but now it looks like it will come to a complete halt. Can't somebody pick up the pieces of this legendary studio that's turned all Humpty Dumpty?

Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said very succinctly and briefly in the press release:

Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on 'Bond 23' indefinitely. We do not know when development will resume and do not have a date for the release of 'Bond 23.'

A new James Bond with director Sam Mendes at the helm sounded so enticing, but MGM's woes have now become our own as some of our favorite franchises are left waiting in the wings for a greenlight or even the possibility of actual production. It's bad news bears when the longest running film franchise in history can't get off the ground. Deadline has been reporting extensively on all the problems and worries MGM has been having as they struggle with creditors with the most recent solution being a potential takeover of the studio by directors/producers/brothers Tony and Ridley Scott. Let's hope someone steps up and gets them out of the gutter so both James Bond and The Hobbit don't have to be held back by all this bureaucratic bullshit.

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  • Ian Kuah
    I'm not too broken up about Bond (i have never really liked the series), but it is sad that MGM is doing so poorly. It could be cool if the Scotts got to take over.
  • RPD
    #1 - You must not have grown up during the Cold War...
  • Hellfudge
    I've never liked the series and I live thru the cold war. You've seen one Bond movie, you seen them all. It does get old hearing and Bond 23 and The Hobbit, every week is something different. Wish they would just sale the properties.
  • Xerxex
    well this delay will give Mendes and the screenwriters to give us an amazing Bond film!
  • RPD
    #3 - Then there's something wrong with you...
  • DoomCanoe
  • Kevin
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I want my Bond!!!
  • jjboldt
    I've never really liked the Bond series until Craig came on board. I think he's been the best Bond and the movies with him in it aren't filled up with stupid gadgets and stunts. It's like they decided to take it more seriously once Craig was involved. So in that regard, I am bummed.
  • Dont worry. The industry is waiting that MGM has just one breath before dieing. Then they can buy everything of MGM for a very low price. They let MGM bleed until there is no defense. This is Hollywood. This is showbuisness. They other companies dont care if the next James Bond movies comes 2011 or 2021. They have time... The only thing what could save MGM is a great movie that kicks the record and brings so much money like never before a movie did. But thats impossible...
  • If you don't like Bond, why bother to read this article, let alone comment on it? Life's too short. Well, for those of us who DO love the series, this is a sad day. It's been a constant throughout my life, something to look forward to every couple of years, and I think many millions of other film fans would say the same. Fingers crossed the delay won't be as long as some fear. Also, I hope Mendes will make himself available when the dust settles as I think he was a good fit.
  • Colt
    Shit FUCK! I was uncertain about Craig to begin with but now I really like him as bond. this needs to be made!
  • Duir
    Hey maybe the Weinsteins could step in and help out... oh wait. nevermind.
  • xanatos
    This sucks so much. They have a good thing going with Craig and the group Quantum as the antagonists, like Spectre in the early films or Smersh in the books. Oh and anyone who says they don't like the most successful film franchise to should not waste space with comments that waste space. Chances are they like the films but want to hate just to stand out. Hopefully the Scott Brothers get the studio and they can go into production on this film.
  • Cody w
    Im not hating on the Bond series by any means, but dont any of you seriously think that after Goldeneye that bond is just getting stale? I sometimes wish theyd bring back Connery for one last bond in his old age finally dies finish. Buut that wont happen cause they all rake in the cash.
  • Craig
    #8 and I am in agreement. I never really cared too much for Bond until I saw Casino Royale. I loved that movie and thought Daniel Craig was fantastic. Quantum of Solace was utter shit, but I still have completely faith in Daniel Craig as Bond. We just need a competent director this time.
  • Budbud
    How can you like movies and not be a Bond fan. Bond is iconic! I'm hopeful someone will save Bond (and MGM), it still seems to be a massive money earner, even with all of Quantum of Solace's production issues.
  • How can you like movies and not be a Bond fan. Bond is iconic! I'm hopeful someone will save Bond (and MGM), it still seems to be a massive money earner, even with all of Quantum of Solace's production issues.
  • DiR3cT
    Well not that Casino Royale was a bad film they sure did cock up the franchise with it, and Quantam of Solace really didn't redeem it in anyway. So if the next Bond film is a long way down the road...I say good.
  • Ross
    Casino Royale was fine but QOS was a terrible movie. Really dont think much of Craig as Bond. Brosnan was very good in Golden Eye (one of my favourite bond films) and his next two were pretty good but they ruined what started out looking like the best Bond ever in Die Another Day. First 30 minutes were great but went downhill from there
  • Ross
    Meant to add, maybe a bit of a break and a new creative team and actor might do the franchise some good
  • Cineprog
    I hope that they can sort out the MGM problem out soon so the franchise for Bond and the Hobbit can continue has soon has possible.
  • Hellfudge
    @17 Youre a idiot! Maybe people like different stuff. Lets all enjoy the same shit, like a bunch of sheep.
  • I have a very scary feeling in the pit of my stomach. If this goes on hold, Craig's contract (like Brandon Routh) will probably expire. Then I bet that Craig will get tied up something else, and when the time comes that the production is set to resume, his new contract will (like Tom Selleck) prevent him from returning and the impatient studio will try to cast a new Bond to carry it all. In my opinion that'd be the worst case scenario... To quote a line from Hitchhikers Guide..."This will all end in tears"
  • Michael
    I think this is lesson to all of us: Never put the fate of your company in a film called "Hot Tub Time Machine."




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