Michael Jai White Starts Work on the Sequel to 'Black Dynamite'

August 13, 2010
Source: The Mirror

Black Dynamite

Freeze, turkeys! After knocking out a conspiracy that went all the way up to Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon in The White House, blaxploitation hero Black Dynamite is looking to kick some more (and get some more) ass. The Mirror (via Film School Rejects) spoke to actor/writer Michael Jai White who revealed that he's working on a sequel to the blaxploitation action parody Black Dynamite. White said, "I've had the idea for Black Dynamite 2 for quite a while now, and it's gonna start where Black Dynamite left off . There's lots of things we didn't get a chance to do in the first one." After pimp-slapping the First Lady, what else is there?

White wasn't exactly forthcoming with details, but did say: "You know how Black Dynamite just grows in ridiculousness? Well, this will be a fitting sequel." So who knows what kinda crazy action and jive turkeys Black Dynamite will encounter. I enjoyed the hell out of the first one, but I'll admit that after the first hour or so, it gets a bit repetitive with different variations of the same jokes. Hopefully the sequel changes things up, but keeps the edge and hilarity of the first. I mean where else are you going to hear treasured dialogue like, "Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery!" That's just classic. Count me cautiously optimistic for this sequel. In the meantime check out Black Dynamite on Netflix Instant! Anyone else excited for it?

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  • DoomCanoe!
    the original film was a terrible letdown...just plain bad and not entertaining on many levels.
  • Don P
  • Dandooo
    Now you see where I'm coming from you jive mutherfuckaaaaaaaaaa! This is good news, I loved this movie, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be but most things aren't, and I'd happily pay to see another one.
  • Get_rad64
    Can't wait for this ,just made my day now if only they made Kung Pow 2 D:
  • beavis
    this is awesome news - i just watched this again on netflix instant watch last night - great fun!
  • Eli
    I still have mixed feelings about the first film. It was irritating but I appreciated the style a lot. An erotic sex scene would have been pretty fun. I know tht's dirty. A sequel? Maybe a film following another character in the same setting because in the first film, well, all of his peeps got smoked. Sorry for the spoiler.
  • jah p
    When is hollywood gonna wake up and realize Michael J White should be in a big budget action movie? Can't nobody in hollywood today can hold up against MJW!!And I mean nobody!!
  • Squiggly_P
    I fucking loved the first one, but I've seen a shitload of "authentic" 'sploitation flicks, so maybe I was more able to 'get' the flick that some other people. Seriously, tho, how could anyone not find that flick at least somewhat funny? "Not Entertaining", "terrible letdown"? What the hell were you expecting it to be? I hope he's able to make the second one and get a decent wide release for it. Since this one has been a pretty decent cult success (I hope?) I can only assume that the sequel will have an easier time getting made/released. @5 Get_rad64: If they make the sequel to kung pow, I'd hope they would at least make a commentary track that was as entertaining as the one on the original DVD. If you've not seen it with the commentary I implore you to do so ASAP. The commentary track is actually a lot more entertaining than the film's normal audio. I only bought that DVD because of the commentary, and I actually watch it once in a while just for that reason. Definitely in my imaginary top 10 list for "best commentary tracks ever".
  • Akirakorn
    @8 As much as I love Micheal Jai White (on screen) I gotta admit he needs a good director to get a good/great performance out of him. Mediocre in Spawn, clusterfudge of a movie it was, and wooden in the new Mortal Kombat promo/short. Was good in Dark Knight and yes Universal Soldier: The Return, with Black Dynamite and 2 Days in the Valley was his best role & bit part. Loved Black Dynamite from the trailer, glad to see so many overlooked black actors (especially Tucker Smallwood) getting great (but small) roles it in. Can't wait to see who pops up in 2. Since Terry Crews is a given these days (maybe too mainstream for BD2), my picks are David Allen Grier, Doug E Doug, Treach, Kid and Play, and hopefully cameos by Damon Wayans and Chris Tucker.
  • Akirakorn
    Oops! I meant his performance as Mike Tyson, in the made-for-tv movie Tyson was his best role. Great movie, amazing performance.
  • sato
    Great !! Michael Jai white is so good , loved this movie, this guy deserve more in hollywood land...
  • Get_rad64
    Haha I agree Squiggly
  • dyno - fucking - mite. Awesome
  • tazz
    @ #10 Akirakorn and #12 sato Michael Jai White is going to be in Sucker Punch
  • Lee
    I wish they hadn't killed off his crew in the first one because now they have to create new characters to replace them...and they were hilarious! Maybe Gloria will learn kung-fu and join in on the action instead of just being his weak and defenseless lady. I loved the first one and can't wait to see the sequel. I even read something about an animated version of BD on Adult Swim. That's gonna be hilarious! Whatever they do, they better put their ankles in it!!!!
  • jeffrey Lamar
    #8 I agree, but I'm sure he's happy where he's at. Privacy goes a long way these days.
  • I still have to get around to seeing this. I enjoy the blaxploitation genre and I was a fan of I'm gonna git you sucka. Of course, Chris Rock stole that shit.
  • casting couch
    The first one was like a long Kentucky Fried Movie sketch. About halfway I'd had enough though, and the ending was a mess. But MJW is a great action star (Blood and Bone) and seems to know what he's doing. Give them a bigger budget and work harder on the script, and let's see what a sequel brings.
  • Chocolate Giddy-Up
    "But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs in the community!" I don't understand some of the naysayers here. BD is one of the funniest films I've ever seen - it's up there with Airplane (and maybe even surpasses it). Every scene is packed to the rafters with jokes and references to low-budget blaxploitation flicks ("Sarcastically, I am in charge") and the actors walk the line of parody to perfection (Black Dynamite's awkward looks when the camera lingers on him after he spoke his line, for example). Can't wait for the sequel.




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