Miley Cyrus Takes the Lead in the Paranormal Thriller 'Wake'

June 17, 2010

Miley Cyrus

You ready to see a darker side of Miley Cyrus? THR reports that Cyrus is attached to an adaptation of Lisa McMann's young-adult paranormal thriller novel titled Wake that Paramount and MTV Films are adapting. The studio has hired Christopher Landon (Blood & Chocolate, Disturbia) to write the script. Cyrus will play Janie, a 17-year-old girl with the unwanted ability to become sucked into people's dreams. Not surprisingly, she sees things she would rather not see. But when she gets pulled into a terrible nightmare, Janie goes from mere witness to participant. Sounds like Inception meets Nightmare on Elm Street meets, uh, Miley Cyrus.

Lisa McMann's Wake is the first of three novels in the series, with "edgy" sequels titled Fade and Gone that involve Janie's investigations with her boyfriend Cabel into the perverse activities of teachers at their school and the difficult fate that lies ahead for her (which is?). Paramount and MTV have nabbed the rights to the entire series in hopes of, obviously, "sparking a franchise" as THR says. I'm kind of glad to see Cyrus trying something that's a little edgier than performing pop rock songs for teens, but given it's an MTV production, I don't really know how edgy it will be. Miley will be turning 18 in November. Anyone read these books?

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  • Lincoln
    She's a bad actress.
  • conner666
    Won't be seeing this! Nepitism sucks, her daddy was a one hit wonder (as in I wonder what kind of idiot liked this song), and she is a fabricated (and I use this term loosely) star.
  • almartva
    It's interesting to see she's trying edgier things but who are they marketing this to? Her audience might not buy the transition... it doesn't help she's a terrible actress.
  • Linkfx
    Dude are their two Lincoln's commenting on this site? Either way, yeah, this will probably suck. It's like the cell but without the art design or jlo's beautiful fat ass at her fridge.
  • napoleonblownapart
    Sounds like 'shit' meets 'more shit'
  • Alec Baldwing
    Cyrus is a horrible, loud mouth, over-rated, talentless actor and singer. Miley is pretty aweful too. Hahaha, see what I did there, I fooled you. You thought I was talking about the ugly loud mouth girl when in fact I was talking about her irritating and faggy looking dad! haha!! And yes ladies and gentlemen I am the REAL Alec Baldwing!!!! Thank you.
  • Jimmy Love
    What my douche bag com padre is trying to say is who gives a shit
  • Greg
    As someone who just recently read the books, I have to say: I do not want her to star as Janie. I'm crushed that the studio would chose a talentless hack to play a really cool role. But of course... it's all about the money... unfortunately...
  • Hattori Hanzo
    Miley Cyrus is in it? 'nuff said!
  • Kris
    Eye candy, just like other Horror/Thriller movies. She's already hot and just gonna get hotter.
  • Xerxex
    Optimism guys, optimism! It is a good thing. I not a fan of her by no means but I'm willing to give her a chance, I for one would like to see her succeed in the acting game.
  • I love how you threw in "Miley will turn 18 in November"...that definitely made me laugh.
  • meatcarnage
    @Xerxex.. Why would you like her to succeed? She's a shit actress who will trigger a wave of shit movies. When was the last time you said "damn that is a good actress I can't wait to see their next movie"
  • Giving Miley A 69
    Is Miley Cyrus A Bad Actress. Yes Would I Bang The Shit Out Of Her. Hell Yes
  • beavis
    THIS IS DEFINITE MISS........yeesh, we don't have enough bad movies - they have to give this chick a starring role???????? #14 - let me get this think MC is attractive? or would you just "bang the shit" out of anything?
  • Big758
    Miley Is Leaving The Evil Kiddie World Of Disney And Is Moving Over To The Real Adult Edgy World Of MTV. Are You Fucking Kidding Me
  • Xerxex
    @MeatCarnage first off What's up? and second I'm an optimist, and I'm willing to give Cyrus a chance, not a big chance, more of a slim one to prove if she has business in the Acting game, I did the same with Justin Timberlake and he surprised the hell outta me in "Southland Tales. I know Cyrus has done wonders to ruin her credibility but I see maybe a glimmer of hope left in her acting career, perhaps this could be the film that proves it? if not I'll admit I'm wrong.
  • Chris
    #16 That's Like Saying She Dissing PG-Rated Family Films For A More R-Rated Hardcore Adult Crowd.
  • Giving Miley A 69
    @beavis No I Don't Think She's attractive But I Will Bang Her And Any Other Disney Chick Say For A Sample. Selena Gomez.
  • Craig
    Disney starlet sensation does dark, gritty movie unlike anything she's done before. Another step down the same path Lohan took.
  • Xerxex
    @giving miley a 69...gomez was born in 92 ya freaking freak!
  • Giving Miley A 69
    @Xerxex The Year Of Selena Gomez's Birth Day Won't When She Turns 18 Next Month. And Yes I'm A Freak. A Superfreak!
  • TheLOLrapist
    Yes i will watch this in the back of the theater with my tissues in hand
  • Xerxex
    Problems man problems. lol.
  • dex
    Oh no...I don't have much problem about her look(Yes she cannot act at all) but when she speaks its her horsey voice and lip movements that irritates the hell out of me.
  • Peace Love & GaGa
    There are some very strange conversations going on here...but I think she's gonna be terrible in this. But if she does this after she turns 18...and its really edgy...then yes...yes, I will go see this.
  • Fisherr
    hmm, Miley in a thriller.This is something i might give a chance to.




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