Millar Says Wanted 2 Will Get New Characters to Continue On

March 24, 2010
Source: MTV

Mark Millar - Wanted

A couple of weeks back it was reported that Angelina Jolie was "ditching" the Wanted sequel to supposedly move on to Alfonso Cauron's new sci-fi project Gravity (even though it turns out she's no longer attached to that). Some reports were saying this might mean the death of that sequel, but author Mark Millar recently spoke with MTV and confirmed that Universal and director Timur Bekmambetov are planning to move on without Jolie and put together the film anyway with a new character from the comic book in place of Jolie. "What they're talking about is just moving on with the story and doing it properly," Millar said. Read on!

Hopefully you've seen Wanted if you're reading this, because Millar drops one hell of a big spoiler. "They killed off the most recognizable character, but I thought it was great to do that," Millar told MTV. "It was so ballsy to kill off the one person you didn't expect to die." What a great way to get rid of Angelina Jolie from this series, but Universal was hoping she'd return because I'm sure they don't think this sequel will be a success without her. Now they're writing in new characters. "Just bringing in another cool character as this world opens up with all the different fraternities out there all across the world. This could change at any moment, but the last I heard two weeks ago, was that was the plan moving forward." There you have it!

I haven't actually read the Wanted graphic novel, but I've been told it's actually better than the movie, so I'm sure it does have a rich world to pull more characters from. And honestly, I think most fans are happy seeing Jolie's character Fox not return anyway because, well, she died, as we all know, and it would be weird to see them come up with some bullsh*t plot device to bring her back from the dead. Since I'm not so familiar with the graphic novel I can't suggest other characters we might see in place of Jolie, but I expect to see another strong female lead, maybe as a new love interest. Any idea who we could see in this sequel instead?

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  • Michael
    They should get Megan Fox.
  • DiR3cT
    Better than the movie? Well I don't see how that works when one is a comic book and one is a film.
  • Spider94
    the graphic novel is way betterrr than the movie,i would prefer to a see wanted 2 not happen. i dont even know why millar supports the movie wanted,it doesnt even follow the comic storyline or really anything in it.wanted 2 should not happen
  • It would have been easy to bring Jolie back. Drop her clinging to a thread of life, minimal brain wave body into one of the healing baths until a neurosurgeon or whatever was rushed to the scene and they hermetically sealed her up... then transported her to a company hospital for rehab and then voila! out she pops raring to blow something up, but this time a little more hesitant because she almost died, which could be her fault/weakness to overcome in some sort of awesome Act 3 scene OR After they rebah her gun-shattered face/head it is revealed she looks different (new actress)
  • Y'know what he should do? He should try making an actual adaptation of the Wanted comic book this time. Seriously, if this one doesn't have supervillains and alternate universes... do. not. want.
  • Klinger
    The Graphic novel is totally different than the movie. The ONLY thing in common between the two is the cubicle scene, the flies and the jumping out the windows. Everything else is pretty darn different. There's really no way Millar could re-create the Wanted comic as a movie - it was just too much. Probably would have been NC-17 for violence. ...though I do want to see a live version of The Doll-Master - he just creeped me the hell out.
  • Yeah, the graphic novel is completely different. As the person above said, there are scenes which are practically lifted from the comic, but 90% of it is a completely other story. I liked both, but whereas the movie was about assassins, the book is about supervillains. With powers. Would love to see a sequel, but not sure whether characters would translate to the movie world. Only other female character I remember was a girl with Poison Ivy type powers. Other than that it would be awesome to see Doll Master, but again not sure whether that fit in style of the movie.
  • Judasbarronx1
    Wasn't Fox originally based on Halle Berry? Wesly was based on Eminem. Why can't they just get Halle? The first one was pretty shweet!
  • Tony
    The first one sucked!
  • Fuck Millar and his sellout ass. Stick to comics you douche. Okay so I want to see Kick-Ass sue me, it has a good director on it.
  • harm
    #10 - no get his ass out of comics! he keeps fucking them up!
  • Spiffyman
    Shit the man can write a comic but if hollywood cant stay true to the story than dont make it into a fucking movie.
  • hi guys and gals, well to say the least, Wanted the movie and Wanted the comic are two different, hmm waht shall i say, others have stated before me they share a common base but the stories are told in a completely different way. where in the comics the characters are superpowered villians, in the movie they are merely humans with out of the orinary skilled assassins. bringing the comic to the movie was not an easy task since it contains so many superpowered characters and violence and mature content, so they chose to use the base and tell a kinda softer, more convenient story..thats their choice. me, as a comic book reader and collector who owns the series in both forms, monthly and graphic novel, rate the movie in its own right, not an adaptation of the comic but rather a retelling of the comic. so i cant say the movie was beter the comic was better. they cant be compared imo. was the move fun to watch hell yes do i get excited to hear about a sequel, well it depends on how they do it. i wanna see something new in the sequel. not the same stunts but different angles but new content new stunts and vision and visuals. then i might get excited. if they ever want to do justice to the GN, then do it rated R and more loyal to the source not loosly based on it. only then i can compare the two. so if the sequel comes to life, just make sure it is a fresh, innovative new action flick rather than a cheap shot, trying to bank in on the name of the GN. cheers
  • SlashBeast
    Mark Millar is a shameless self promoter and a terrible wirter. THis will end up just as garbage as the last one.




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