Monsters Inc. Sequel Confirmed, New Bear and the Bow Title

April 23, 2010

Monsters Inc.

Though the rumor mill has been pushing out talk of a sequel for awhile, there hasn't been any official news until now, as Variety reports that Pixar is indeed planning a sequel to their 2001 hit film Monsters Inc. with a release date of November 16th, 2012. While Variety says this will be the second Pixar property to get the sequel treatment, apparently they forgot that Cars 2 is set for release next summer. So this will be the third franchise for Disney/Pixar, but no director is attached to the sequel yet, and we already know that original director Pete Docter will not return. Read on for a bit of news on Pixar's The Bear and the Bow too!

At the same presentation from Disney chairman Rich Ross yesterday night, it was also announced that The Bear and The Bow, Pixar's first female driven feature, is now titled Brave. Starring Reese Witherspoon, the story follows an impulsive princess who aims to shed her royal destiny and become the world's first great female archer. Brave is being directed by Brenda Chapman who helped co-write Cars, and also directed The Prince of Egypt. Honestly, I'm always looking forward to any movie made by Pixar, and while seeing where Monstropolis is at after 11 years since the first one sounds like an awesome prospect, I'd really much rather see a sequel to The Incredibles, which is honestly the only Pixar title to ever warrant a sequel. Thoughts?

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  • dRailer
    It does feel like the story wrapped up nicely for Monsters, Inc. I actually don't even really see where they could go from the end of the first one. (Do they run out of "laugh?" Is Randal or Waternoose out for revenge and they go after "Boo's" daughter? I'm usually pretty imaginative, and I don't see it.) Pixar has a great track record though -- I admit that whenever I hear about a new Pixar project I think "THIS time they'll drop the ball." And they pleasantly surprise me each time.
  • Maxx
    I agree Alex! The Incredibles deserves an incredible sequel. What I loved about The Incredibles is that it wasn't just a great pixar movie but it was also a great superhero movie. I hope we get to see a sequel for this someday. Though I am excited for another Monsters Inc. 😉
  • Hedgehog
    This time they'll drop the ball. :nod: I don't see Monster's Inc. being as good as the first, that's for sure. But the characters are solid and the setting is very fun so maybe there's hope. Just like Toy Story 2 actually worked when I figured it'd be crap. Lol @ Alex & #2: I completely agree, The Incredibles is the one movie that Pixar has put out that as soon as I was done watching it, I wanted a sequel. The setting just begs for a sequel just like any other superhero movie. I would love to see a sequel with Violet and Dax were a little older, taking the reigns from mom and dad. Bring in a new character! GRANDPA! They had to get their super powers from somewhere right?! Ha.
  • Cody w
    I do like the idea but like #1 said...where can the story go? Buuuuut Im sure theyll think of something totally awesome, cause I just dont think Pixar can make a bad movie.
  • xtheory
    and so the gradual deterioration of pixar quality continues... they hit a home run with toy story 2 but going down the sequel path is a dangerous road to take. oh well, guess it's unrealistic to expect a steady stream of fresh and original features every year.
  • People's Champ
  • DarkRaven18599
    So far, they haven't made a move I haven't loved. Not enjoyed, loved. Until they do, I'll keep seeing them. I say bring it on.
  • Voice of Reason
    FINALLY...Billy Crystal can get a paycheck again....betcha he's been missing those!
  • Catz2
    Ick, I don't like the new title...its so....plain. And I'm looking foward to monsters inc 2! 😀
  • I don't understand why so many people want an Incredibles sequel? Were there topics that didn't get sufficiently covered in the first film? Was it missing something? I don't understand why we can't just have the one PERFECT film (which I think Incredibles was damn near perfect in every way), and be okay with that? Why do we have to have a crappy sequel tacked onto it? They saved the day, they came together as a family, Bob reclaimed his glory, Helen reclaimed her independence, Violet found a way to fit in, Dash got what he wanted... the only one who didn't really get covered was the baby, and even that was pretty much answered in the short film. So... what? A film about Frozone? You want something about some other hero instead? Or would you rather they do what Disney is doing with all their films and they just pump out another generic sequel? While we're at it, let's make a Casablanca sequel, and an Iron Giant sequel (this time - MORE GIANTS!), and ooh - I know! Let's make another 3 Star Wars prequels! And another Indiana Jones movie where he fights off CG lizard babies! That'll be great!
  • tra la la la la di da
    Pixar = Originally Awesome! Pixar Sequel = Unoriginally straight to DVD
  • SlashBeast
    Pixar's shown that they're good with sequels as far as Toy Story 2. Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 will have to win me over to prove that a Monsters, Inc. sequel is viable. I hope that Pixar keeps putting out original films like Brave along with their sequel work. If they keep doing that, I won't mind.
  • movieluvaz
    finallyyyyyyyyy i loved this movie
  • silver
    goddammit Pixar give me the Incredibles 2
  • Topher
    I feel like I may be alone on this but I am excited about a Monsters Inc sequel, and I dont want an Incredibles 2, I know they set it up with the underminer at the end, but I thought that was my least favorite. Its not funny, and kind of bland, I didn't hate the movie, but I was happy when my son was done on that movie in the rotation. Monsters Inc, I have watched a million times and I may watch it another million. It doesn't get old. The only part they could have changed was casting Jenn Tilly, when she yells "Sushi" and Mike I get annoyin chills. But all in all that is an amazing movie, and Im looking forward to it, the only other movie I would like to see them sequel is Finding Nemo, someone tell me how hard it would be to make a damn movie called Finding Dory? It may be easy but I know they could pump up the laughs and make it very much worth the work. I know Pixar just like anyone could fail, But I think they have there heads in the right places so if they dont slip up they can keep making the best animated features in the world.
  • GuidoSarducci
    The Toy Story series to me isn't really about the toys. It's about the transitions in a child's life, and Toy Story 3 takes that to the young adult level. So I can totally see how that sequel is going to bring a nice bookend to that series. They'll have to really sell me on Toy Story 4: Andy Gets Married, though. The Incredibles was about super powers, but it was more about family and how suppressing your identity and keeping secrets from one another can lead to more problems than it solves. I'm not sure that I see a valid plotline for Incredibles 2 that can continue to explore the Family Parr, unless it goes the way of Spy Kids and brings in Grandpa and Grandma, and that is going to be shaky. And Pixar doesn't make shaky movies. Other concepts: Dash goes rogue, Violet gets teenpregnant and bubbles her belly, JackJack goes Diablo...meh. Monsters Inc. just doesn't have a good vibe for me. Are they going to continue to explore the relationship between Sulley and Boo? Is it going to be 10 years down the road and Boo is a teenager exploring the streets of Monstropolis, freaking out everyone? Plausible from a real-time aspect, and might be good for a laugh, but what's the overarching theme of the story? Cars 2...they'd better do it right or I'll be hacked off. What more does Lightning McQueen have to learn from Radiator Springs, especially now that he's living there? Again, what's the theme that pulls it all together and makes it a good story to tell? We'll see. Pixar has a tendency to do the right thing, so I'm cautiously optimistic, but nobody bats 1.000 for their career. Here's to hoping that Lasseter has enough time to keep his eyes on both Pixar and Disney Animation.
  • 1-7
    ^ The theme of Monsters, Inc. is "you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar".
  • Mila
    ohnnn... now i'm like reeeeally excited to watch Brave and it will take years to come out....
  • Zactocher
    They were going to start on the incredibales 2 but they decided not too so don't get mad. I would rather see another monsters inc because it is so much better the incredibales so yeah
  • Torrikoko
    What is the setting and theme?




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