Mortensen and Cronenberg Returning for Eastern Promises 2

March 26, 2010
Source: Deadline

Eastern Promises

Director David Cronenberg seems to be having some trouble recently getting his projects into production. For a while he was attached to The Matarese Circle with Denzel Washington, but that now seems to be stuck once again. However, Cronenberg is finally shooting his Sigmund Freud film The Talking Cure this summer, and now Deadline reports that he will then move right into Eastern Promises 2 this winter. Apparently British producer Paul Webster has been lining up numerous projects, one of which is this sequel, that Focus Features "hopes to [shoot] this winter" and will star Viggo Mortensen as the Russian hitman Nikolai again.

Not much information was revealed, besides that Mortensen will be back and Cronenberg will be directing again from a script written by Steven Knight, who also wrote the first film. Mortensen and Cronenberg are already working together on The Talking Cure (Mortensen as Freud), which makes this sequel all the more interesting. If everything works out, we'll see two back-to-back films from Mortensen and Cronenberg, one of which is a sequel to a critically lauded and Oscar nominated film from just a few years back. I wasn't the biggest fan of Eastern Promises (every time I say that I get torn apart in the comments), but that's actually besides the point. Is anyone getting a little tired of seeing these two work together or this more great news?

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  • germs
    I'll pretty much check out anything Viggo Mortensen does. Although I can do without the nude knife fights.
  • the Accuser
    why are we not tearing Alex apart for his hate for Eastern Promises? Damn you Alex....LOL Just kiddin.
  • John G
    The nude knife fight made the film for me. That shit was badass.
  • taylor
    I will see anything either of these two men do. They are incredible separately but together all the more so.
  • Martinaso
    Viggo rocks!!! Cuervo Campeon!
  • SuicidalOptimist
    Fucking awesome! I'll watch anything involving Viggo Mortensen. That man seriously -lives- every single one of his characters; one of the best dramatic actors out there. He was one intimidating Russian SoB in Eastern Promises. And the bath house scene just added to it. I mean, you gotta be one hell of a badass to fight someone when you're that exposed and vulnerable, physically and mentally. To answer the question...I am not gonna get sick of these two working together anytime soon, no.
  • Xerxex
    In defense of Alex this movie takes time to grow on you. This is some damn good news.
  • DiR3cT
    Hang on, Nikolai was never a hitman he was the family's driver and 'Cleaner.' I really didn't expect this news either. Also whats the big deal with Mortensen & Cronenberg working together??? Think of Kurosawa & Mifune or Scorsese & DiCaprio/De Niro Why are so many people criticising directors for choosing actors/actresses to work with them numerous times.
  • Cody w
    Well 'Cleaner' is pretty much another term for hitman, and where do you see a bunch of people critisizing the combo? All the comments here are all for it.
  • Jason
    @John G... Right on. The bath house scene was visceral. Viggo FTW!
  • Linkfx
    Dude he was the driver!!! He was a hitman/gangster in History of Violence
  • Nethanel
    Eastern Promises was a excellent movie, I'm up for number 2.
  • Marc
    Cronenberg & Mortensen, Scorsese & DeNiro, Burton & Depp and Tarantino & Jackson are simply matches made in heaven. How can anyone be tired of it?
  • Robbie
    Cronenberg is one of my favorite directors. Cronenberg and Mortensen are an awesome duo (maybe even the best one these days). I loved Eastern Promises and A History of Violence. The twist and ending of Eastern Promises came quite as a shock and I think a sequel sure is an option.
  • talli
    Good for Viggo. It was an interesting character and depending on the day he might have won an oscar depending on the day. Maybe he's hoping he will the second time. But man, was Sam Cassel utter trash as a Russian. Way too flamboyant. No russian is like that. His accent was so off the mark too.
  • Loser
    I am a Huge huge Fan of Cronenbergs, love his movies. I will watch anything he does and this sounds cool
  • harrison
    i really liked the first one, but yea could do without the nude fightscene as well haha
  • Kevin
    Yup, Alex is crazy for not appreciating Eastern Promises. I personally thought it should have been up for Best Picture that year.
  • Brian Ricci
    The nude fight scene shows why Cronenberg is a little bit of a genius. Most men love bad ass knife fights. Most men don't want to see naked dudes and dicks flying in the air. Cronenberg combined them and that's that. Most men probably wanted to look away but couldn't. Genius.
  • tir na nog
    Thought Eastern promises was over-rated,like History of Violence,but watchable with great acting.The Fly is still his best film by a long shot.And I though Cassel was miscast as Russian guy in EP,he jarred with every scene he was in.
  • Loser
    Naked Lunch, Dead Ringers and Videodrome = masterpieces of cinema
  • DoomCanoe
    one of my all time favorites i adore Vigo and Alex DIE DIE KILL THE HATER DIE!!! THIS MOVIE WAS PERFECT MEHIAHEOIW URBAOFIN!!!!!!!!!!!! nah man i don't care, i saw it as the closest thing to a Grand Theft Auto movie.
  • YK
    Eastern Promises was excellent. But a sequel? Very bizarre. This is a first for Cronenberg is it not?
  • fytz
    The nude fight scene was badass... very reminiscent of the one in Ender's Game if you've read it. It was really primal which made it awesome.
  • Conrad
    Alex, you're tired of Croneberg and Mortensen, but not Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe? C'mon!! Yes, yes the same MIGHT be said for DiCaprio and Scorsese, the only difference is that everything the latter have done together have been stellar!
  • jman571
    Actually this movie set-up pretty well for a sequel. We know that *SPOILERSZ* Viggo's character is secretly an agent working with the police to infiltrate the russian mafia, so I think this is an opportunity to see the direction his character takes. Even though the mob boss was arrested for raping the girl, maybe he gets away with it, after the judge is threatened or something? *END SPOILERS* Either way Cronenberg can do no wrong. Excited to see him direct more.
  • Ben
    Eastern Promises was awful. Please no more!
  • Cody w
    I dont get how a director and an actor can do 2 films together and be called the combos you guys are saying. The only one that qualifies is Scorsese/DiCaprio, as far as I know Cronen/ Mortensen have done 2 and same with Scott/Crowe but I guess 3 counting Robin Hood. Plus @25 why would YOU be tired of Scott/Crowe Gladiator and Body of lies, your just complaining to complain theres no point behind it. Also Scott just makes greats films no matter what so your crazy.
  • Crump's Brother
    I thought Eastern Promises was okay, I'm not dying for a sequel.
  • Cody w
    Just watched the movie...was absolutely excellent in my opinion. @26 *Spoilers* He was actually an FSB agent from Russia sent their, and to add to your sequel possibilities. He said at the end how can I become king if this one isnt out of the way. Kiriil never found out his true side, So it could show him systematically take down the whole organization. I mean when he was sworn in their were 5 other bosses of the same family. Or maybe Kiriil somehow finds out and he has to kill him. There are lots of possibilities for sequels I honestly cant wait to see it. I think Ill watch History of violence next cause Ive yet to see that.
  • JimD
    Oh man I loved Eastern Promises.
  • Howsoonisnow1985
    you guys dont have the balls to say it but eastern promises is one the greatest movies ever made period!!!!!!! Yeah i said it
  • Han13usa
    Eastern Promises was excellent!!..I am looking forward to seeing part 2...Viggos performance was excellent!!..




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