Must Watch: Awesome Teaser Trailer for Greg Mottola's 'Paul'!

October 18, 2010
Source: MSN

Paul Teaser Trailer

Is everyone finally ready to meet "Paul"? Universal has just debuted the first UK teaser trailer on MSN (via Pegg's Twitter) for Greg Mottola's Paul, the sci-fi comedy re-teaming of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. You may have heard about descriptions from Comic-Con, but now you get to actually see what Seth Rogen as a pot smoking little green alien looks like. This wacky sci-fi action(!) comedy is about these two British comic book geeks who, after a road trip to Comic-Con, come across this extraterrestrial who escaped from Area 51. This looks totally frickin' awesome, like maybe one of the best action-comedies of next year. Check this out!

Watch the first UK teaser trailer for Greg Mottola's Paul (via Vlicious):

Two British comic book geeks (Frost & Pegg) traveling across the U.S. encounter an alien outside Area 51.

Paul is directed by filmmaker Greg Mottola, of The Daytrippers, episodes of "Undeclared", Superbad and Adventureland previously. The screenplay was written by the two co-stars, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, of "Spaced" and Shaun of the Dead fame. Apparently they rebuilt most of the Comic-Con showfloor out in New Mexico to shoot some of the big convention scenes in this. Universal is bringing Paul to theaters everywhere on March 18th early next year. Stay tuned for more updates and visit the official website:

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  • beavis
    this has a fantastic cast and looks AWESOME!........i'm IN.
    Oh hell yes, at least we can always rely on comedy to bring us fresh new non remade material.
  • Iknowall
    This looks like a poorer version of Mac & Me. Awful. Just Awful.
  • LW
    @3 Not questioning your opinion which is your own but... how is this the "poorer" version? o_o
  • that one guy
    Watchin' it.
  • beavis
    #3 - what the heck are you talking about? like #4 says - everyone is entitled to an opinion, but i don't understand how you thought that was "just awful"??
  • Manuel
    Looks like Roger from American Dad. Can't wait to see this. Amazing!
  • Dave
    This looks fucking terrible... it's a trailer for a comedy but with more rapid fire edits than a Jet Li film and one lone, pathetic joke at the end. The plot seems non-existant. All we get are the cast names. What are they hiding? It looks like hokey kids shit.
  • Chris
    It's a teaser trailer.
  • peter T'Sas
    I think it looks stupid. But it's a teaser, so I'll wait till I see more.
  • Nithin
    Looks fantastic. Bring it on....
  • The Credenza Kid
    ~sigh~ Some people seem to enjoy leaving random negative posts on blogs. Whatever floats your boat, I guess... These are the same guys that, together, brought us "Shawn of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz. Based on that, this is worth a shot (at least).
  • Film Fan
    @12.....I agree. Comparing it to "Mac & Me"!? Give me a fucking break. It's more like "Men in Black". And it's going to be good at the very least.
  • Film Fan
    Hey, why doesn't Jane Lynch get any credit in the trailer. She's HUGE now!
  • Nat
    I don't really think this teaser shows a whole lot of the movie, so I would be wrong to judge it just by 1 min of material. My gut feeling tells me it'll be awesome though...
  • Dylan
    They teased seeing Sigourney Weaver's breasts. Hopefully they don't disappoint
  • Groov
    I saw the panel for this at Comic-Con and this doesn't do it justice. The movie is FOUL. I'm actually surprised they got away with showing what they showed at a "family" event. Rest assured that nothing short of a red band is going to give you a real idea of what this movie will be like. It looks like it will be hilarious.
  • Chris
    @7 Yeah, that's the vibe I got. Live action Roger... hmmm. It'll probably be damn funny but I'd liked to have seen a more interesting (adventurous?) design.
  • Sean
    This looks fucking awesome!!!
  • Ricardo
    This teaser is dumb! I'll wait for a proper trailer
  • ZzFDKzZ
    Haha looks funny.
  • Xerxex
    haters its a teaser, nothing more. It looks awesome! Seth Rogen's voice is perfect for this role. Glad to see Frost and Pegg back together, and Bateman is always a plus, Wiig is looking great! and Weaver just makes it awesome.
  • drcherd
    his voice doesnt go with the alien -________- but looks refreshing not too bad
  • Cody w
    You had me at pot smoking alien....and that last line in the trailer.
  • jah p
    Looks fun! We haven't had a comic pairing like these two in a long time! I'd pay to see this big time!
  • I am waiting for this movie from long time ... But the truth be said : I didn't like this teaser trailer .. !!!! But in the end I believe that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost will not let us down ! ... 😉
  • asgfsfds
    WOW... this is actually the first movie starring seth rogen that I'm ACTUALLY looking foward to.
  • floppytall
    They showed about a 5 minute clip at the con back in july and i can tell you that it was hilarious and that this doesn't give away much at all because they don't even remotely reveal the plot.
  • Lar
    Lol. What? This is... What just happened? I am so seeing this.
  • Scared S-less!!!
    Not sure if Seth Rogen is cut out for voice work. Simon and Frost look like they were shoe-horned into this. Not jelling with me at all. IMO. Eat it if my opionion offends anyone.
  • Friend of Paul
    Have to get over Seth Rogen's voice. I can take him as that Spiderwick goblin thing and that Blob in Monsters vs. Aliens...cuz those designs look like he sounds like....a big fat monster. The use of his voice in Toy Story 3 was good, because it was ironic. A skinny alien? Eh, maybe just the pot-smoking part fits, but "Paul" looks more like he would sound like Steve Buscemi or Joey Pants.
  • arjones
    Amen #27, not a Rogen fan myself. I love Pegg and Frost especially when they're together. Great chemistry. They always make me laugh.
  • Dan W
    Seth Rogan is doing too many voice overs. It's getting old
  • I like Pegg, Frost and Rogen so ahm in, teaser was a little weird, but don't care.
  • Tom
    Loving the recent trend of Prodigy songs in trailers!
  • gshauger
    That looks pretty bad
  • DuirMan
    @3 Hey, I remember thoroughly enjoying Mac & Me. When I was 5.




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