Must Watch: Banksy Doc 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' Trailer

March 29, 2010
Source: Apple

Exit Through the Gift Shop Trailer

Here it is - the trailer you've all (I hope?) been waiting to see! Apple has premiered the official trailer for the street artist documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop that's directed by and stars the legendary Banksy. We just learned over the weekend that the film is being released very limited in a few weeks, without much of a wait, so this trailer is here to introduce you to the doc and convince you to go see it. The trailer is pretty self explanatory and doesn't contain any dialogue, just a brief look at the kind of footage to expect when you see this (although there's much more). Anyone who is a fan of Banksy will definitely get a kick out of it, too.

Watch the official trailer for Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Exit Through the Gift Shop trailer in High Definition on Apple

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a documentary directed by British street artist Banksy. It was originally being put together by French wannabe filmmaker Thierry Guetta, but when he lost his grip on the project, Banksy took all of his tapes and just decided to finish the film on his own. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year to quite a bit of praise (read Brandon's review). It was also announced recently, instead of selling to a big distributor, Cinetic Media is releasing the film through the Producers Distribution Agency. Exit Through the Gift Shop will open in limited theaters (in NY, LA and SF) starting on April 16th.

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  • whomever
    Hey! That might be the worst trailer I've ever seen! Neat!
  • Syphous
    "Street art"? Is that what those pretentious douche bags call it now? Pass.
  • Xerxex
    the entire film sounds good, but that trailer was weak as hell.
  • harhar
    Guys are late on the game this was out awhile ago 😉 But if your into this kinda thing check out david choe's doc "Dirty Hands". and @2 I think itll turn out to be more about vandalism than "art" and a pretentious "message", looks like a show off (look what I did) movie then w/ a tacked on political msg at the end. Basically some dudes who think they are still 15 fucking shit up then trying to justify it at the end, but hey its fun to watch if your into graffiti
  • DCompose
    God damn it internet people hate everything.
  • I'm so ready for this! I'm also ready to stop reading comments on movie sites, starting to depress me.
  • Nick Oliver
    wasn't this trailer released a while back on youtube?
  • Janny
    i thought the trailer was great... had me lauging and therefore interested without giving anything away about the movie
  • gplongwood
    I'm so amazing and everything I say is interesting.
  • pretentious douche
    nothing wrong with a little creative mischief.
  • J
    Will see this, no doubt in my mind. But you already knew that 😉
  • whomever
    There's no doubt the movie is great. But c'mon...that trailer is absolutely terrible.
    sweet street art :)
  • Frank
    I think it should be legal to beat the S$%# out of anyone of these pricks you find damaging your property. Don't be mad at me world its my way of artistic expression so if its OK for them to tear my property up then it has to be OK for me to "express my art" by pounding their faces in.
  • Manda
    Buy your own damn wall to paint on. Quit painting on mine. Bastards.
  • kitano0
    I thought the trailer was really funny! Banksy is a unique artist, so I'll definitely see the movie.
  • DCompose
    "Leave my brick wall alone" shut the fuck up.
  • Brandon
    People think this looks horrible??? Get your heads out of your arses. This looks fantastic! Banksy is god.
  • chinochubby
    i almost died when he dropped the paint in the car xD
  • Kenny
    @19 No, Banksy is not God. God is God. And vandalism is vandalism. Sure, the art might be unique and interesting, but it can be unique and interesting on canvas. Not other peoples property. I completely agree with #15 and #16 on this.
  • slopshoe smith
    I'm in.....definately worth the price of admission...
  • Conrad
    So it's Jackass w/ a twist of art? nah
  • Squiggly_P
    Not everything Banksy does is 'vandalism', tho. Sure, I bet he does his fair share of graffiti, but he has other projects and stages a lot of odd stunts. I'm really not entirely sure his 'fame' or whatever it is is justified, but some of his work is quite good, and often thought-provoking. I might see this. And, no, this isn't the 'worst trailer ever'. Everything is always the "worst whatever, ever". Welcome to the interwebs: where the more exaggerated claims are made about something, the more mediocre that something probably is.
  • SasQ
    For those hating on street art because of vandalism, let me remind you that art is not only the picture, but also the process and the meaning. Expressing yourself in the street, where everyday people walk, you reach a way bigger and diversified audience and you can handle much more messages and emotions. I understand you being mad if somebody vandalizes your property, but it is not done without a purpose. And for #2, Street Art is what the name says, Street Art. Nobody tries to be pretentious. Writing, Tagging and all those forms of territorial graffiti are not street art. Read Leon Reid's book and you'll understand.
  • Milkcoffeebar
    denial windsor world




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