Must Watch: First 'Green Lantern' Teaser Trailer Debuts Online!

November 16, 2010
Source: The Daily BLAM!

Green Lantern Trailer

And here it is. You ready? Entertainment Tonight debuted the first full teaser trailer for Green Lantern, directed by Martin Campbell, starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. This trailer will also be playing in front of Harry Potter this weekend, so everyone will get to see it. Some of the footage leaked out a few days ago, but I wanted you guys to be able to see this in proper high quality before critiquing it. This teaser is considerably long, but a perfect tease for fans of the comics, and newcomers as well who don't know much about what's going on. The comedy is still the roughest part to me, but overall I think this looks awesome.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Martin Campbell's Green Lantern, in high def via Apple:

A test pilot (Ryan Reynolds) is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping the peace within the universe.

Green Lantern is directed by veteran New Zealand filmmaker Martin Campbell, of Defenseless, GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro, Vertical Limit, Casino Royale and Edge of Darkness previously. The script was written by Greg Berlanti ("Everwood", "Eli Stone"), Michael Goldenberg (Peter Pan, Order of the Phoenix), Michael Green ("Everwood", "Kings") & comic book writer Marc Guggenheim ("FlashForward") and is based on the DC Comics superhero. Warner Bros is bringing Green Lantern to theaters in 3D everywhere on June 17th!

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  • movie mike
    It looks good. not great. It gets rough for me when we go into space.
  • JoJo
    looks crap. Meh acting. KInda crap cgi. Didn't feel epic at all. It felt so cheesy.
  • Geoff
    Thats...going to inspire laughs I'm sorry. The face on the first alien he meets looks incredibly fake and like something out of the eighties and unfortunately set the tone as campy for the rest of the trailer. I'm sure it'l be fun, but I mixed feelings about this :/
  • looks absolutely amazing!!!
  • Micah
    I dont know. I really dont know....
  • Geoff
    Also is that wireframe temp effects on the alien craft @0:49????
  • Chrisbo
    Yikes. That shit is whack. Wait for TV and then change the channel.
  • josh
    wow...... i hope those special effects aren't finished yet and that the person who did makeup and prosthetics never does them in a film, ever again...
  • nelson
    sinestro looks perfect suit looks fine when he is sitting down talking to carol
  • max s.
    oh hell yeah
  • NeoSLyfer
    That..............That...........That was superbly underwhelming :( It's only a teaser so we shall see
  • ayindi
    @5 I'm saying da same thing man!!!!!
  • Jackson
    This has a huge nerd-vibe. Reason Iron Man did so well both economically and critically was that it wasn't cheesy or geeky. This will make the monies, but I don't expect good reviews from critics or movie-goers. Also, props to Warner for setting themselves up to be the top studio for at least another 5 years, if not 10. Smart people in their departments.
  • Zac
    I'll be honest, I got chills, but there are parts I wish were better. The suit looks too "Gumby-ish." The apartment scenes feel too sitcom-y, but we shall see.
  • Jaf
    I liked the trailer. Suits look good and unique, Oa looks good and the fights look good The way he flies is sketchy haha I noticed that the mask "pops out" it's more three dimensional and not just painted on
  • one
    Eh....ok nothing special. The CG suit looks gay though. Oh well.
  • Rops
    I'll wait for some reviews... I really did want to like this but oh boy. Look like Dragonball Evolution.
  • Spider94
    looks ok,the only problem is the cgi,looks lil too goofy and cartoony,but still a good attempt from them. i wonder when marvel is gonna get the thor and captain america trailer out :)
  • Matt
    Wow. Looks like a fan-made piece of shit. Actually, I think the fan made trailer actually looked better...
  • Bash
    2011 - The year Superhero movies imploded!
  • NeoSLyfer
    It doesn't look serious it looks too comical. The graphics and lens used to shot this movie are all wrong!
  • Scott
    Ughh yeaaahh... I'm kind thinking Warner Bros rushed to get a trailer out there to build upon current buzz. (Also maybe due to reynolds recent Buried role). That trailer looked really salpped together and things look verrrry rough. I highly doubt those effects will be around when the film is released. This is merely to wet appetites, remeber this is the studio that invented the comic book reboot with Batman Begins... THis is merely to keep the green lantern franchise on the map for 2011, I bet well see a more serious tone trailer coming soon, as well as a goofy toned one (this is ryan reynolds after all) and a much better production value all around.
  • Rops
    @22 But isn't the purpose of "wetting appetites" to... wet appetites? If the trailer is awful people will get turned off. Teasers are supposed to do exactly that, tease and make people want more so they'll keep checking back. This trailer looks only to make people pessimistic and not be as interested when more news comes out.
  • gshauger to say that ain't no Dark Knight
  • thasaltshaker
    That looks retarded.
  • dr.doom
    looks good,but thor will be better,
  • Jesus
    i hate to be negative on here, but all the characters look like really bad makeup jobs. like Labyrinth style shit. and it just looks, well, bad.
  • tazz
    why everyone complaining about the comedy u need humor also in these films not every comic book movie needs to be TDK. also Hal Jordan uses humor in the comics anyway the trailer looks good people should be grateful that we getting a Green Lantern movie. im bored of the same old Superman and Batman over and over again i love them characters dont get me wrong but its time for DC/WB to give us something new
  • Scott
    There's definitely a method to releasing that quality trailer this early. Obviously they're are marketing time frames, and its important to get trailers in front of big tentpoles like Warner is doing with this and their Harry Potter franchise. It's also for tracking purposes and even though the trailer isn't what we all had hoped, it does two things: 1. Gets the word out for all the Ryan Reynolds fans that this is coming (Green Lantern isn't the most well known comic character, and RR fans dont necessarily overlap with Green lantern Comic book market) 2. It tests the potential audiences reaction to tone, they have a market where they're is a character with a cult-like following and serious tone being starred in by a movie star mainly known for comedy and goofy reactions. They've mixed the two in this trailer and I think they are reading reactions from this admittedly sloppy trailer to see in which direction their future marketing should head. Goofy comedy with some neat action OR serious action comic book with some comedic frosting. This is obviously just a theory but there's no way that was the trailer that was supposed to be Warner bros best foot forward, I really think this a test piece thrown together by a nervous studio head.
  • dave
    #24, my thoughts precisely, i WAS very excited for this, now im contemplating even going to the cinema to watch it.
  • omega
    #24 why should if be TDK not every freaking comic book movie needs to be the TDK
  • I think Seth Rogen’s Green Lantern movie looks funnier, but RR is cuter.
  • oh boy. reynolds whole head looks cgi, nevermind the mask. haha, this could be a hilarious catasrophe.
  • McQueen
    @29 Scott, You've just read my f*****g mind mate! Was just thinking the EXACT same thing... As for the trailer, even as a teaser, this could of been handled so much better...
  • McQueen
    @32 Valerie Atherton, you do mean 'The Green Hornet'.... Right?...
  • #29 Hit it on the head.
  • Xerxex
    Its a teaser and I'm sure the film will have some redeeming quality. @one "looks gay" really that has no footing.
  • ZzFDKzZ
    Looks good.
  • JeepFu
    Okay that was badass! I can't wait!
  • na
    this looks to me to be falling somewhere between iron man 1 and ironman 2 in terms of quality but its only a teaser and no FX are never finished up until at earliest 1-2 months prior to release day if that. depends on the director. Green latern is a lot more nerdy as well just because its actual original story is literally out of this world. You'll compare it to superman but fail to realize superman was bound to not even 1 planet but 1 place on it, metropolis, thus people cant really consider it "cheese" because it somewhat falls in reality with fiction added. Green latern is fiction with reality added (human gets to become a green latern vs alien comes to earth) so its more of an outgoing hero than an incoming one. Hope it does well and yes cut on the forced comedy, we dont need Johnny Storm v2.
  • SexMaster
    its doesnt seem so seroiuse...they made his charecter quality just like iron man
  • iceman
    you'd think WB and DC would want to make a film more along the lines of TDK's edgyness. but it looks like they've set out to ruin TGL with comedy. ryan reynolds is a hilarious actor, however, there's a time and a place and TGL isn't either!
  • have to say...this looks like crap..sorry but true... damn why you kill this great superhero with CGI gay suit...
  • Scott
    The effects actually look pretty amazing in 1080p. Check it out!!
  • Ajax
    Yeah, the CGI looks very rough. Pray that it is finished by the time it comes out. Plus, the comedy could work, but in this trailer it is very off putting.
  • Micah
    All in all this trailer is just rough and seems rush. I really hope its not a reflection of the way the movie is being handled.
  • Jimmy Love
    I really think that hollywood just does not understand comics! at all!
  • Craig
    The fan-made trailer really is better!!!
  • Cracky
    Looks pretty good, actually.
  • wrongturn687
    I'm still going to see this because I am a big fan of the character, but WOW! this is not what I was expecting at all.
  • I'm very impressed and excited for this movie, and the Green Lantern is may all time favorite comic book character, and it also looks like it will beat Iron Man and Iron Man 2's box office records!!!. I Can Wait to see it !!! =) .
  • dtm
    It's really hard to say right now. Some of the CG in there looked amazing, and other parts looked flat out terrible, so i'm just gonna make the assumption that it's not finalized yet? Other than that, I'll see it. I had low expectation after seeing the first Iron Man trailer, but came out of the theater completely impressed. I'm hoping this is one of those situations.
  • ekko90
    #19 I have to agree totally with you, the fan made trailer totally out did this which is sad! . I was really looking forward to this movie but now, not so much.
  • Louis
    I wouldn't bet against Martin Campbell... remember the backlash against Casino Royale? Then the movie came out... and it was freaking amazing!
  • Tim
    i had hoped they would have taken a more serious approach.
  • Becca
    Well, I don't hate the trailer. It's not as awful as those Green Hornet trailers that scream "Disastrous Bomb Ahead!" On the other hand, the trailer isn't wowing me either. Not really excited, but not totally turned off either. I guess I could have saved myself a lot of words by just typing "Meh"
  • Last Son
    Yes some of the comedy seems out of place in a film like this. The only great D.C. Adaptions have been the ones without comedy aka Superman. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight. But I trust Martin Campbell. For heavens sake he made "Casino Royale" and "Golden Eye". The two best bond films ever.
  • drcherd
    looks like a good ol' bummer.
  • Mark Drennan
    Nobody cared about the Green Lantern character before this, and somehow fewer care about him now. Don't bring your B grade scripts and C grade comedy to comic book movies anymore please. We've been there, and we're over it. I'll expect about a 20% tomatometer on this one.
  • Jericho
    is it just me or does the pink alien look like Freddy from 'New Nightmare'?
  • i think it looks great, would to love to see it in better quality though
  • Tenacious V
    Looks way better than the crapfest ET dropped earlier this week. I'm torn on the suit--the suit itself looks okay, but the mask looks awful. Still, on my must see list for geek factor alone.
  • DaRKeT
    I Like It !!! =D
  • The Credenza Kid
    Looks like all the haters are back. Bet you all pony up the bucks, if for no other reason than to have the right to bitch. For me, this looks like a fun ride. I'm in.
  • filmfan111
    Looks better then average Better then I expected.
  • Jordan
    oh wow wow... Pretty cool πŸ˜€ ..
  • Icy1too
    But hey...look at my package
  • 8=D
  • shyguy
    why hate on the suit? would you rather he wear rubber suits like the ones used in batman and robin ;o before you dis the alien think first on how you would do it if you can.
  • Peter
    Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one. This does not look good, and I will be shorting it on HSX. Sorry Ryan Reynolds and Martin Campbell, but I'm afraid Christopher Nolan ruined comic book movies for the likes of you.
  • DoomCanoe
    what ever man... ill end up seeing it at midnight so honestly it doesn't matter
  • sb
    It doesn't look that great. Looks cheasy. Hope it has a 5th element feel to it. looks like it might....
  • sb
    that helicopter crash scene looks weak sauce too...
  • stnprkl
    This movie will suck.
  • Matthew
    did i just watch an episode of Smallville without wanting to?
  • jack gorton
    looks like crap
  • tir na nog
    Looks good,true to the comic.
  • So disapointed
    HAL JORDAN was NEVER EVER a comical character. um just ask NEAL ADAMS. JAR JAR BINKS tone humor??? hasnt that been done in proven failures?? The Mask in 1080iHD still looks HORRIFICLY BAD. The CGI action scenes look TERRIBLE. Not a single " COOL or AWSOME" moment..NONE. HAL was transported & selected by the ring to ABIN SURS crash site in the DESERT. He didnt "stumble over" a crash at the hamptons beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Iggypop
    a lot of weird people commenting on how bad this trailer was...and yeah it's just a trailer. wait till you see the damn plot and all... i hope these weird and retarded people are not the same people who loved and gave good review on MACHETE!!! The dumbest movie with an awful plot... this is how awful the taste of the viewing public is...
  • Shige
    That tiny green mask bothered me the most. Looks like the mask Robin had from the Batman comedy series. Looks way too goofy. Also the CGI looks crap.
  • Rick
    Really? Is this a Teaser? Looks more like a trailer to me. Anyway... The CG elements are looking outdated to me allready... Bad call to do Hal's body in 3D... But I am looking forward to see this!
  • qweqwu
    do you know the music playing in this trailer?
  • reborninfire
    I'm withholding judgement until I see it in its entirety.
  • Looks hilarious.
  • writebrained
    Aliens (i.e., the green lanterns) look very "made for TV". This is a $1 video rental for me.
  • Sean
    Looks good. CGI could use a little touching up tbh.
  • ray
    wow i'm trying to like it but that cgi was barely above sci-fi channel quality...
  • fredrick
    well. .. I guess that is why they picked Ryan Reynolds to be the Green Lantern, they wanted a green latern with humor!! I think the trailer was fun.. don't be such a**es and haters.
  • Manuel
    I think this is awesome! They actually doesn't show or spoil nothing important and it just show 2 minutes of nothing. This film is definetely over-hyped, specially by the fans. It's just a trailer, people, stay calm and lets wait the movie... meanwhile I'm still reading Brightest Day :)
  • big r
    It didnt look as good as i thought it would have. Maybe they'll touch up on some of the cgi. Its looks good enough for me to see in theaters though!
  • jhollender
    I am still not sold on the CGI suit, it looks so fake (especially the mask). Some of the CGI aliens looked okay, but others looked terrible. Overall, it is reminding me of the Fantastic Four movies, which isn't good.
  • tazz
    @#82 qweqwu the music in the trailer are "Wolfmother-Cosmic Egg" and "Methodic Doubt - Lonely Dusk" Wolfmother-Cosmic Egg Methodic Doubt - Lonely Dusk
  • Eric. B
    That was complete MUFF CABBAGE...
  • Whiners
    To everyone complaining about the CGI: How does one make a Sinestro that DOESN'T look cheesy? Have you seen him? I don't know what you guys expected. Everything looks ridiculous and just as it does in the Corps comics.
  • KB
  • Wilson Sanchez
    THAT'S NOT Hal Jordan
  • Noname
    Looks like shit! Really bad....
  • Noname
    Serioulsy, looks like Power Rangers
  • A5J4DX
    wow jus wow i cant wait i was dying to watch the trailer but was in bed when i got notifed :(
    alas the lantern is here πŸ˜›
  • mace
    #96 yes thats hal jordan in the comics
  • norm
    I wish Ryan Reynolds would just go away.
  • CLAW
    I think I'm one of the few people who'll admit to enjoying the Fantastic 4 movies and this trailer had the same feel to it. Not all comic books they turn into films have to be The Dark Knight which is the best superhero film by a mile. Sometimes silly fun is what a film needs not every film needs to be gritty and real. We as movie fans and fanboys need to stop compairing every comic book film to The Dark Knight because we will pretty much always be disappointed.
  • jjboldt
    Looks entertaining at least. Hopefully it will be the good kind.
  • studbizkit
    After seeing the previews a second time, I must say this looks great. I think this could be very good.
  • NONE 123
    Its a Movie.... if you think that looks bad just dont watch the movie period
  • That Awesome Norwegian Dude
    Looks OK.
  • gahga
    Looks great and audiences will appreciate the comedic and action elements. This will gross big bucks.
  • LetterJ13
    Not impressed. DC should just throw in the towl and stop pre - production on The Flash and Wonder Woman as well.
  • I am..
    it looks so fake, I see a reboot in 5 years time with John Stewart and Nolan @ the helm. They f it so bad this legend!!!
  • andrew
    that sucked. looked campy and corny. special effects sucked and same with the acting. that's 0 for 2 for comic book movie trailers that have failed to impress. GL and thor both looked bad let's hope cap and x-men can raise my hopes for summer 2011.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    You take a littte dash of G.I. Joe, add some The Fantastic 4 and a heaping spoonful of limburger cheese, mix them all together in a CGI studio bowl and voila, The Green Lantern!
  • Halshiordan
    I found something interesting in the trailer. Look at this:
  • Someone who actually knows about films
    Haters gon' hate. I don't see why everyone had a problem with this? I thought it looked freaking amazing. So very very keen.
  • Someone who actually knows about films
    On another note, gtfo with your Dark Knight fapping, just because Ledger was in it. Batman Begins was miles better than TDK
  • Wokkiee
    @Someone who actually knows about films You seem angry that other people have an opinion. Going back to the trailer; The CGI was terrible, acting was terrible, and the scenes that were shot without any CGI (for example, the scene with the Jeep and the bridge) seem to have been shot without the least amount of effort. I am willing to bet that this movie will be a flop like how Fantastic Four 1 and 2 were, I just have an inkling. I hope I am wrong.
  • Moon
  • Tiny Testes
    wow, actually looks like it might be ok. A little cartoony, but ok.
  • jandalman
    ummmm........... so i spent a good 16 years of my life collecting the GL comics and its the one superhero movie ive been waiting for and have bragged to my kids about sice they were little.....i hope this isnt the movie that everybody starts to say, GL was the start of all the crappy superhero movies... there was a reason why nobody would touch this movie so PLEASE take your time editing it i still have high hopes for this movie.
  • Lar
    It looked fine... until the suit...
  • micah
    @114 lol that is awesome.
  • mike
    (b)Well.... :S I am more a Marvel guy...(/b)
  • toonfed
    Damn! looks like Dragon Ball in green
  • Aaron
    Umm... I don't really see where the hate is coming from. The CG looks fine other than MAYBE at the end where he was moving his arms around he looked a tad too stretchy. And sure it's not looking to be ultra serious like a Batman trailer cause they're probably gonna advertise this like Iron Man where we see some comedy and some cool stuff and leave serious moments for the actual film. Regardless of the hate, I'm pretty excited.
  • Jesus
    LOVE how any comic book movie thread always ends up being about the dark knight. i actually dont see TDK as a comic book movie, really. spiderman 2 is the best 'comic book' movie ever, IMHO.
  • Jason Roberts
    Read the script. The whole outer space part really goes off the rails. Maybe it will improve, but this doesn't look like one of the more promising comic book films. Boring character, boring powers, lame villain, and outer space. Icky.
  • bimbamboom
    bring a big bag of nachos....way too much cheese here....the comedy has all the sophistication of 9 year olds telling toilet jokes...will save my $$$ for something good....
  • Rob
    God you guys are a bunch of uptight AINTITCOOL talkback wannabes. It looked great. Grow up and learn to love movies like a kid.
  • GeorgeLUCAScanSUCKit
    I bet 90% of the hate for this trailer is from STAR WARS zombies suckling at Lucas's teet. It's about time we had another epic space series and put a nail in STAR WARS!
  • GLFan
    You guys do realize that CG never looks that good on your little computer screen. Just a thought. Check out any other trailer and you see it looks less detailed and more cartoony. All in all I think it looks good.
  • J'on
    Looks absolutely comical and horrible. Thor will light up christmas guys, don't worry!
  • kLO
    @ 132 Thor looks even worse!
    Wow there sure are A TON of haters on here. IMHO this looks FANTASTIC!!! The CGI is honestly incredibly detailed and amazing. I loved this little teaser, very cool!
  • I'm in. I would certainly like to see this film in the theater and judge it then. While the trailer looked nice, it's only around 2 minutes worth of footage. It isn't the whole film. To those moaning and groaning about the CGI...well, let's see your demo reels for ILM, shall we? Since you are all sooo knowledgeable about it. Remember the early IRON MAN trailer where the CGI looked wrong? And then in the finished film, the CG was much better? This will happen here. The movie not be out for another few months. That's more than enough time to fix the CG and make it the best it can be. If you can do any better, you would be working on this film trying to do that. But'd rather bitch and moan. Just wait for the film to come out, okay? Yeah, I know--that's too much to ask.
  • Schuy
    It looks sick, any comic book fan should be pumped I would like to add to Marcs comment, it will be a ton better. And anyone complaining about the CG1, i would like to see you try to do one thing in CGI. Plus the space scenes look awesome, its not anything without the whole intergalactic squadron
  • Ostilad
    Doesn't look good!
  • Manuel
    Doen't look to bad in 1080. By the way, let's wait until the movie. Tons of bad movies had a great trailer.
  • Fisherr
    I liked the trailer, Reynolds is awesome as usual.I seriuosly wanted more of it. The other thing, this was the music in The Last Airbender trailer trailer, which i'd kill to get. Can't find it at all.
  • I am…
    Even the parachute is CGI and it looks crap!!!!! Yes it is better than what I thought! but still looks crap! I can't wait for the reboot with Snyder or Nolan and the helm or anybody as talented. Besides have John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan and with a darker tone. Make no mistake, this has the potential of a smash @ the box office. It is entertaining, funny and the like. But as I said, the True fans of GL will not like it entirely. This is no kinect or wii when he uses his ring, it should be a beam, not a flame like stuff! People more likely to like that are younger ones of course and there is so much potential of franchises and toys with the GL, so obviously it was a no brainer for the studios Peter Saasgard character looks as a guy from power rangers! Why since Avatar, any sidekick should be Indian looking (avatar,Inception and then this)
  • I am…
    I agree after all that in the post production process they could better the CGI, the humour is fine... This is a teaser after all, more will be introduced and the movie is not out until Next Summer. They will probably look @ the responses they get and improve on them. They have a smash on their hands and they know it! More power (ring) to them! :) thanks for the great quality Alex! :) I'm a fan and I should be even proud that this even got made in the first place. Stop hating you guys! loll!
  • fredrick
    "Why since Avatar, any sidekick should be Indian looking (avatar,Inception and then this)" LOL @I AM this is soooo true nowadays hahahahaha but ALL - please stop the hating.. I agree with the others that some very bad movies had great trailers.. so stop whining.. be a child.. love the superhero movies!! OK??? peace!
  • JustinWhy
  • krespartan045mrj45
    I expected something better but looks like hilarious crap..
  • King Aweasome
    This looks awesome, I have always been a green lantern.
    It looks better than I thought it was gonna. In space? Hell yeah!
  • DiR3cT
    Ehh....It get the feeling it could be a little corny.
  • FOOM
    Come on guys.... there has to be humour.... look at all the "learning to fly" stuff in Iron Man 1... its there to get the kids laughing so they wont get too fidgety during the serious bits! The FX do look a little iffy but so what! mind you, my opinion is not all that reliable.... I loved the Cap America movie from the 80s πŸ˜‰ I like to be entertained during a movie. I personally dont want 100 mins of dark morose events that leave me feeling depressed..I want to feel all the emotions I can. I want to laugh, cry, hate etc. I cant wait for the first trailer of the Flash and everyone being here saying "not dark enough, Wally West was NEVER funny in the comics..." :-) That said though, I also wish they had chosen the Jon Stewart GL instead of Hal.... but at least they didnt go for Kyle Rainer!!!
  • Iam…
    Well, in the comics, Stewart comes after Hal, so it make some sense to start with him as Stewart comes once Hal is established as a GL and Sinestro has established his own corps too . Given they are planning at least trilogy with this one, hopefully he will pop up sometimes in the 2nd or 3rd one as once Sinestro goes off to do his own thing, things turns badly... Thor, it is about time nowwww for a trailer as all the ones who went to comic cons have released trailers now, so...
  • Cody
    I can really only picture Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Nathan Fillion really should have been Hal Jordan, but I'm a Fillion fanboy...
  • Tom
    Looks bad :( I was expecting more
  • Eli
    Sounded okay but the trailer made it a little corny looking.
  • amit
    Both Tomar Re and Kilowogg looked bad. And yes, the Green Lantern is a dark character. Can we get rid of the humor please?
  • Solo Calrissian
    Hmmmm. Looks a bit too inspired by ironman. Not sold. Definitely not an opening day flick for me. To each their own tho.
  • 97.6
    Can anyone say Green Daredevil? I was hoping they would tone down the Ryan Reynoldness. Too bad, this one seems to have all the attributes of a stone boat.
  • Uriah
    Thor could beat Green Lantern in a fight... at the box office.
  • Harry Den
    Great movie but thor movie better the this movie.
  • Racer42022
    Come on folks. It looks entertaining. It is just a teaser trailer, and what happened to the days of going to a movie to be entertained. It is entertaining and from all the complaining it seems no one has an imagination. Im going to see it. Why? Im paying to be entertained, thats why. And to everyone who feels they can do better......then do better.Otherwise one is forcing you to go see the movie
  • This just looks lame.
  • Johan
    And again in 3D...what`s with that, it doesn`t work for me or for many other people. No more 3D for me. Specially for people who wear glasses. The movie looks tremendous though.
  • ChrisC5g
    Looks awesome , good for Reynolds, can't wait forthis




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