Must Watch: Great Official Trailer for Ben Affleck's The Town

July 15, 2010
Source: Apple

The Town Trailer

You will see this in front of Inception this weekend, but if you want to watch it now (or again), Warner Bros debuted the official trailer for The Town, the new film directed by and starring Ben Affleck. I'm a huge fan of Gone Baby Gone, Affleck's directorial debut, and have been anxiously awaiting this, as I had a feeling it would be incredible. The Town also stars Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall, and a bunch of other talented actors. This is the first time I've seen this trailer, and I have to say I'm blown away yet again. While I think Affleck isn't bad as an actor, he's definitely a much more talented director. Watch this trailer!

Watch the first official trailer for Ben Affleck's The Town:

[flv: 596 248]

You can also watch the official trailer for The Town in High Definition on Apple

As he plans his next job, a longtime thief tries to balance his feelings for a bank manager connected to one of his earlier heists, as well as the FBI agent trying to bring his crew down. Based on Chuck Hogan's book.

The Town is both written and directed by Boston native actor-turned-filmmaker Ben Affleck, who made his feature directorial debut with the drama Gone Baby Gone a few years back. Affleck co-wrote the screenplay with Peter Craig (Waterbug) and Sheldon Turner (Up in the Air). It's based on Chuck Hogan's novel Prince of Thieves first published in 04. Warner Bros will be bringing The Town to theaters this September 17th.

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  • graffiti bandit
    I can dig it like. I liked the script. Hopefully it translates well on film.
  • wrongturn687
    Looks AWESOME if you ask me. I love the cast and Ben Affleck doing another gritty Boston crime drama deffentially has me SOLD. GBG was shockingly good.
  • carlos
    Holy holy SHIT. Renner, Affleck, Hamm, this movie has the potential to be redic... no reDONKULOUS.
  • Colt
    this looks amazing. ill be there for sure
    Umm yeah so this is amazing.
  • Cody w
    Like damn I did not see that coming.....this looks fucking fantastic. Affleck does have the directing goods gotta say.
  • I always find contemporary bank robber stories unrealistic. I mean when was the last time you heard of some guys in masks taking a bank for a few million dollars in broad daylight? It just doesn't happen... I still think Inside Man is the only bank heist film that I've ever seen that seemed plausible. Please correct me if I'm wrong and you can think of another that might actually work.
  • pulp fiction212
    Holy crap this is awesome!!!!!
  • Evo
    Wow, nice surprise. Looking forward to Hamm making his way more onto the big screen as well. And while I agree mostly with you #7, check this heist out recently in Stockholm. Would probably make a good movie. 😉
  • ocp
    wow looks great
  • Neil
    To peloquin... "Heat" worked...
  • Lazyvern
    Glad I got to see the trailer, now I don't have to go to the movies to see how it plays out.
  • John Doe
    @#7 Ever heard of the North Hollywood Shootout?
  • Jessguy12
    Wow, way to show everything.
  • Uh
    Too bad what they show, is all in the synopsis on the back of the book. Stop trying to act like "twists" were revealed.
  • Shikaka
    Is John Hamm triplets or something? Guy seems to getting more work than is humanly possible.
  • lego
    ben affleck can act? who knew. we will see
  • PHiZiK
    what's wrong with trailers makers these days, showing the whole thing?? this makes me mad.
  • SkaOreo
    Saw this trailer when watching Inception. I definitely will keep an eye on this.
  • naz19
    @PHiZiK i know what you mean, the trailer just spoiled a big reveal in the film, that ben afflecks character is in love with rebecca halls character but he was the one that kidnapped her.
  • MMH
    im sorry but the trailer shows WAY TO MUCH. on top of that this look HEAT in Boston. Rental
  • Craig
    I'll watch anything with Jon Hamm, but this actually looks pretty good.
  • josh
    he's a terrible actor but a great writer, and probably will be a great director
  • terenced
    @lego lol only sometimes this movie looks pretty good.
  • Pit
    it really looks great i like what affleck did to his body make him lok even more convincing i like
  • Wow. Looks great. Looking forward to it.
  • Bash
    Looks god but a little too much like Gone Baby Gone. Any film with Chris Cooper & Pete Postlethwaite (that is him @ 1:29, right?) and I'm in.
  • LW
    Holy crap! It's reverse stockholm syndrome!
  • Ariel
    @13 How dumb are you? The North Hollywood Shootout wasn't successful, They were both killed. That Stockholm robbery on the other hand, I think we'll be seeing that on the screen pretty soon.
  • chilin
    why wait for it to come out in theatres when you just watched it here. Ben Affleck seems decent here...
  • anthony
    guyss in the preview it just showed tht ben affleck was the one who kidnapped her. and the other dude too is bad. this whole preview just showed the front middle and the end, i dont need to see it. i know the movie just by the preview
  • brian ricci
    what is everyone crying about? my girlfriend and I figured out that ben affleck was one of the robbers immediately. i don't think that's supposed to be the huge twist. i think the movie is supposed to be about "what happens now?"
  • Blake Lively is in this film as well. She is getting a lot of work these days. This and Green Lantern. Blake Lively Esquire photos:
  • SkaOreo
    Wait I'm sorry. Why exactly does everyone think Ben Affleck being one of the robbers and in love with the girl is a plot twist? Odds are, that's probably made apparent in the first 10 minutes. Especially considering that that's the main point of the film, about a guy who causes problems within his heist group because he fell in love with one of his victims, I don't necessarily see how the trailer spoils anything.
  • Alex C.
    Really looking forward to watching it. Ben Affleck's "Gone baby gone" is one of the best low-budget hard-boiled movies I've ever seen, a very pleasant surprise following several turkeys he was involved in (as an actor). I just hated the fact that the trailer gives away too much of the plot. Wasn't that supposed to be limited (almost) exclusively to romcom trailers?
  • nelson
    #33 lol that so called plot twist is in the fucking synopsis lol
  • Xerxex
    Sold. Affleck has only gotten better, not worse. He writing and directing skills are top notch, and now his acting skills are getting more defined, cannot wait. @Peloquin...who wants to see realism on the silverscreen all the time?
  • lamar
    Whoa, this actually looks pretty good. The trailer has a really nice score.
  • cece
    I can't wait to see this movie. I don't believe the trailer gives away the entire movie. If you have seen Gone Baby Gone you know that Ben Affleck adds surprising twist and turns that catch you off guard. This trailer only shows what the synopsis already tells us. The bigger question is does Ben's character actually get away from the FBI/ Hamm? Does he get the girl/ Hall? And how does he stops his gang from getting rid of a witness/ Hall, who could possibly take them all down? The Town was based on the book The Prince of Thieves which I haven't read. After watching the trailer I might read the book.
  • harrison
    nice. affleck was always a good actor, he just got in bad movies or with bad directors. gone baby gone was a great movie, like that hes basing more movies in boston so this is a definate for me
  • I've got a lot of time for Ben and this looks like it will deliver. The background music is superb.
  • 1544K
    Looks great, can't wait.
  • Rick
    Looks great! I got a bit of 'Heat' vibe from it, but I loved Heat, so we're good. Big John Hamm fan!
  • Neo
    Shades of 'Heat' in that trailer!!!
  • beavis
    i loved it...........i'm there opening night.
  • Morlock
    Trolls fucking piss me off... That said, movie looks great!
  • kitano0
    I think I read somewhere that this is Blake Lively's "breakout" role... That being said, if this is anywhere near as good as 'Gone... it will rock!
  • Andrew K
    @20, that is revealed in the first 10 minutes of the money and known throughout the entire movie. they just made it a twist for the trailer for some reason. I worked on this movie
  • Ells
    Now THIS is a movie trailer! I'm in!
  • Toni
    I gotta say...gave me little goosebumps :) think it will be good. maybe there will be a twist...maybe he's a rat...and the scene of him and Hamm is when he tells Hamm that he wants to be out, bcuz he wants to be with the girl, and he tells him he'll die in Fed prison...bcuz of all the previous robberies, etc. He's got to decide which is more important...loyalty or love? (but isn't one just a facet of the other?) Actually, if that is the "twist" wold be strangely reminiscent of...ugh, can't remember...that movie with Leo DiCaprio and Martin Sheen...? Really good movie, even if i can't remember the name...
  • L
    #36 is right on. This looks great, but too much of the plot is given away. Even though anyone could have guessed it, let that to the viewer.
  • arjones
    Hooked. Loved it.
  • Dota Dee
    ehh the trailer gives away the whole plot. the fuck
  • Eli
    Despite the criticism I have to say it looks like a well made and well acted film. Bef Affleck never struck me as a film genius in any way until I saw Gone Baby Gone. I'll keep an eye open for this.
  • Josh
    The trailer is great. It did not give away too much. The book is based off a robber who falls for a woman. It is all about what happens with that relationship and the law.
  • RT
    Looks amazing.
  • nali
    I have to say i didnt expect this to be this awesome,the trailer is fantastic n story,acting looks g8t,ben affleck jeremy reiner looks brilliant!!!!s real suprise!!!!!
  • James
    I was just telling a friend of Chuck Hogan's "Prince of Thieves" the other day, I was saying it would make an awesome movie if done right. I literally find out the next day its being turned into a movie and looks at least promising. to #7 the book was set in 1997, which the author noted was the twilight of Charleston (the hill) as the bank robbery capital of America, and indeed in armed bank robberies on whole. Hopefully this is kept in the film and they dont try to set it in the modern day. It would be interesting to see a mid-late 90s period flick.
  • Jo
    Please people, pick up a book. What is reading a disease now? The story is based on the book you can read anywhere there are books. This isn't The Sixth Sense, nothing is given away in the trailer. There are no secrets being spoiled. The trailer gives exactly what is needed to pull you in to see what happens NOW, if you haven't read the book. Duh.
  • Fisherr
    The music is more than epic. Although shall we say Heat 2:The Town?
  • zebra
    I'm not a big Affleck fan, but I am looking forward to this one!
  • lp
    hopes itll be like a kind of small time version of heat
  • tk
    The book is awesome, and the trailer gives nothing away. You are meant to know that Doug is one of the robbers who falls for Claire. It's what happens as a result of that, that is the whole point of the book, and the film. The twists of the story are in how the relationship eventually works out. Hopefully it'll turn out as good as the novel.
  • blah blah
    wow ben, you got my attention with this one. normally i cant stand you...but i think this is a decent enough plot that i wont have to focus on your little teeth.




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