Must Watch: First Official Trailer for Vincenzo Natali's Splice!

April 2, 2010
Source: MSN

Splice Trailer

What was that? A mistake. Warner Bros has debuted the first official trailer for Vincenzo Natali's Splice starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. This was one of my favorite films from Sundance this year and I'm excited to see it again. From the guy behind Cube comes this latest twisted dark thriller about a couple who creates a genetic organism that starts growing up like a human girl. It's creepy and it goes places you never thought anyone's sick, twisted mind could go, but for that exact reason it's a fantastic film (read Brandon's great review). I was worried that they would show too much, but this is the perfect amount. Watch below!

Watch the first official trailer for Vincenzo Natali's Splice:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the Splice trailer in High Definition right here: 480, 720, 1080

Elsa and Clive, two young rebellious scientists, defy legal and ethical boundaries and forge ahead with a dangerous experiment: splicing together human and animal DNA to create a dangerous new organism.

Splice is both written and directed by filmmaker Vincenzo Natali, of cult sci-fi hit Cube as well as Cypher. The screenplay was also co-written by two newcomers Antoinette Terry Bryant and Doug Taylor as well as Natali. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year and was bought by Joel Silver's Dark Castle Entertainment. Therefore, Warner Bros is bringing Splice to theaters, in wide release, starting on June 4th this summer. I had a feeling this would turn out to be a hit and it definitely looks like it will be!

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  • ron
    first. and this movie looks awesome.
  • xaudioprox
    SOLD! This trailer is wicked!!!!
  • flydaddyfly
    hopefully a good scary flick for a superhero filled summer
  • Mr.Mr
    remnants of species. but ill def check this out
  • Duck
    WoW this looks intense!
  • Zack
    Instant "Eagerly Awaited" !!!!!!
  • Cody w
    Yeah ok Im sold thats awesome and somewhat original.
  • Bo
  • Daniel Felts
    This is better than the oter videos. Shows more story but not too much
  • Vold
  • The Man With No Name
    The scariest thing about this movie is that this kind of stuff happens everyday.
  • harrison
    did they take it down or is just me? trailer box isnt even showing up... probably need an update
  • DuirMan
    @ harrison right click and you might be able to use fullscreen like i had to. crappy office computers....
  • John Doe
    Holy fuckin' shirt. This scared the shit outta me. Very good trailer.
  • el_wray
    This Movie is one of the badest i've seen this year....i've seen it a few weeks ago and i was very disappointed...
  • harrison
    yea saw it on rotten tomatoes, looks pretty good
  • Craig
    Trailer was a bit disappointing... not quite what I was expecting.
  • beavis
    looks pretty cool. i'll seet it.
  • Ells
    It's like species.... and did you see that? It grew boobies... Excellent trailer. Didn't reveal too much
    @ duirman thanks for the tip on how to veiw the trailer. species was a good film natasha henstridge was fucking lovely great tits,this looks better than that,pretty fucking cool can't wait.
  • Hellboy
    WTF is that thing? Just gave me the willies.
  • dahmer
    i been waiting for this for a while love it!
  • dex
    Can't wait to see this movie!!! I dare say i look forward to this than robinhood or any else.
  • Sean
    @ el_wray Your grammar is some of the worst I've seen this year...
  • Angry Chief
    My, my. I hope this is better than Predators.
  • N. M. Singh
    "SCIENCE NEWEST MIRACLE IS A MISTAKE"..... ooooooooooh! I am scared!!! SO, WHAT THE HELL IS NEW??
  • I'm a big fan of Natali's Cube and I am so looking forward to this film.
  • arjones
    I really wanted to see this trailer but for some reason couldn't get it. I'll again later.
  • dove89
    If you pause the trailer in the right places you can get a good look at the cloned rat girl thing. Creepy. This movie looks epic.
  • Lincoln
    Dark Castle is really producing some cool shit. Respect.
  • freak
    that clined rat woman is hot like me i will do her
  • StevenA.
    I saw this at Sundance....and it is so amazing. My recommendations is to never watch this trailer again and don't see or read anything about it. Go in as cold as you can because it is a crazy ride.
  • TheLOLrapist
    shes not a rat girl she is a eagle girl lol that's what they say in the trailer if you listen
  • Alex, I browsed to your site hoping to enjoy the latest and greatest trailers with my shiny iPad, only to find you're still using flash. Get with the program and get this puppy embedded with HTML5, stat. I'll be by to check on this later... Your pal, Steve
  • PJ H
    Oh. My. God. 100% sold.
  • jasonmd2020
    "I browsed to your site hoping to enjoy the latest and greatest trailers with my shiny iPad, only to find you're still using flash. Get with the program and get this puppy embedded with HTML5, stat. I'll be by to check on this later…" How about Apple gets with the program and uses Flash like the rest of the friggin' world? Back on topic: Didn't hear much before this trailer. Looks better than that goddamn RE4 trailer.
  • CRaZY Olyphant
    Cant wait for this flick! Looks damn epic to me. Brody is shocking me at how versatile he is! "on june 4th, a new breed of evil is BORN!"
  • lumière
    Alex, you said that the trailer didn't show too much, and that it did not prepare you for what went on in the film. that's good to know, as the trailer seems to develop an interesting, worth viewing but nevertheless traditional story arc. colour me intrigued, especially about the directions they could go, and not having seen it at a fest (unlike #15 / el wray). it would be *great* if they went in interesting directions that the audience genuinely wasn't expecting, as Jacob's Ladder or Being John Malkovich did. or it could go the obvious route and be one of those one-watch creature films - like Species. but i always enjoy watching Brody, so let's hope he's better in this than the phoned-in Kingsley and Whitaker we got in that mess.
  • I'm in.
  • dave13
    they showed too much of the creature in the trailer. looks fun though
  • #40 - Ohhhh no they most certainly did not. I've seen the movie... And they show NOTHING in this trailer.
  • javajo
    species anyone ?
  • Trey M
    I CANT WAIT!!!!
  • pman
    11 nice comment...
  • Ray
    Looks tough! im so there!
  • arjones
    awesome. looks good.
  • McQueen85
  • Eric
    That looked weird and wild. I am so sold!
  • looks like
  • KY In the SKY
    this has a nice alien feel to it...




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