Must Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Gareth Edwards' Monsters

July 23, 2010
Source: IGN

Monsters Trailer

Magnolia has debuted the first teaser trailer (on IGN) for Gareth Edwards' Monsters, the super low-budget sci-fi alien indie film that we fell in love with at Cannes. This is the first footage from this buzzed about indie film that you've all been waiting to see, but make sure you know going in that this is actually a more intimate film about the relationship between these two people. It's not an epic sci-fi flick, there's not many fights with the aliens in it, but it's still a brilliant, fantastic film that I hope a lot of people go see later this year (starting October 29th!), as I think filmmaker Gareth Edwards accomplished some amazing things. Watch below!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Gareth Edwards' Monsters:

[flv: 598 336]

Monsters is written, produced and directed by Gareth Edwards, a big up-and-coming filmmaker who shot this on a shoestring budget in Mexico and did all of the visual effects on his own computer. The movie stars Scoot McNairy, who I've actually seen in commercials recently, and Whitney Able. Here's the basic concept: "Six years after Earth has suffered an alien invasion, a cynical journalist agrees to escort a shaken American tourist through an infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border." It's a totally amazing film that I loved and will be pushing as much as I can through October. Visit the official website:

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  • pulp fiction212
    Badass cant wait!!!!!!!!!!
    looks good :)
  • pulp fiction212
    in a way it reminds me of district 9 but still im gonna see it
  • Brandon
    Definitely a D-9 vibe, but in this case first contact and social commentary. If anything it's like an Godzilla flick except a thriller. Looks worth watching.
  • Duck
    Ohhhhh this looks really intense can't wait I just hope we get to see the aliens.
  • Hmmm
    @3&4 I see where you siad it looks like D-9 but the trailer reminds me more of Cloverfield
  • Ken
    Yeah I'm feeling Cloverfield meets War of the Worlds kinda vibe.
  • FilmsterSalty
    Looks Great! Can not wait for it... Low-budget = more thought and Love put into the film(:
  • Cody w
    Sweeeet, Im gettin the feeling that they keep the mystery of the alien instead of showcasing cgi the whole film. Instead having an actual plot and good characters amongst the awesome.
  • Skab
    you guys keep saying District 9/Cloverfield, but I get more of a 28 Days Later-but-with-aliens kinda vibe. Which isn't a bad thing.
  • Ed
    That is the best damn trailer I have seen in a very long time.
  • Nick S.
    @6 indeed! very Cloverfield esque
  • The film is called Monsters and all I saw were a few tentacles. I WANT TO SEE MONSTSERS!!! ...but it was a good tease to make me see it so I guess mission accomplished.
  • Lazyvern
    Yeah, at first glance reminds me of The Mist? anyone else?
  • ZzFDKzZ
    WTF em I seeing another trailer? Looks meh. I'll watch it though cause I love alien/sci fi movies.
  • I'm pretty drunk, but that looked not bad. Bit disjointed in parts for me, but will have a watch when it comes along. Lets hope it's not like Cloverfield, that was shantos.
  • Sam
    And this was shot for only...$15,000 Dollars? DAMN!!!!!!!! ANYONE CAN MAKE A MOVIE IF THEY HAVE A CAMERA!!!!!!
  • jeffrey Lamar
    really good trailer!!
  • Eli
    It looked gritty. I would sit through it.
  • sedna
    kinda has a District 9/The Mist vibe to it
  • John Doe
    I like this a lot. I also agree with some of you that say it looks Cloverfield-ish. Cloverfield 2 perhaps?
  • JimD
    Excellent trailer no spoils at all...
  • Oh Yes!!!
  • Marty
    Despite the intreresting premise "District 9" turned out to be (at least for me) a derivative fan-boy service, a hypocritical military style shoot'em up masquerading as a social commentary. "Monsters" is shaping up to be its polar opposite. Very promising. Definitely something to look forward to.
  • Looks very promising.. When does it premiere ?
  • beavis
    if i come on a thread (from this site) and see one more post of "it looks like cloverfield/district9) i'm going to scream. LET THOSE MOVIES GO. if that's all you have to post - don't do it. that same line has been posted 100s of times for different movies - and i get it........if it's sci-fi, many people are going to say that. it doesn't need to be said anymore. and for the record - when i watched this - i didn't think of D9 or cloverfield at all.......just because a movie is in the same genre, DOES NOT (automatically) make it like another movie in that genre. on the movie: i was very impressed with the background enviroments. for a low-budget movie, it has very nice look to it. the scenery made it come to life. i can't wait to see it.
  • BaleHail
    Why are ppl saying it looks and feels like District 9? It looks nothing like D-9. It's a completely different story. D-9 probably had three times the budget this guy had. For crying out loud, this guy made half the movie on his own frickin' computer. Blomkamp had WETA/Peter Jackson behind him. And it was about refugee aliens in South Frica. This is about an alien invasion in Mexico. Apart from aliens - how is that like D-9.
    I like it, it seems, intimate and scary.
  • lamar
    So its agreed then; this looks like District 9 AND Cloverfield, a very good vibe.
  • Xerxex
    Ooh I'm in. I like the feel of it, did anyone else see the tentacles!? HA! I'm totally wanting to see more of this!
  • beavis
    yea X, i saw those tentacles - but i was more impressed with the scenery(i.e. - destruction) i was surprised at the quality of the look of the trailer considering the budget - and even in the trailer i could really feel the tension of the situation........and yea - the tentacles kicked butt. hey, you as psyched as i am for "skyline" and "super" trailers?......what a week this has been - a lot of quality new movies being talked about (or trailers shown)!
  • winston
    D9 had it's own vibe to it...I think this looks totally fresh and can stand on it's own...def gonna see this in the theaters, wide or limited release....
  • james
    kind of reminds me of the road in a weird sort of way
  • beavis
    thanks #29.........i'm now screaming.
  • Xerxex
    Beavis there is way too much to comprehend at this point, I'm like Jo Jo the idiot circus boy with a new pet! Seriously though I'm very impressed so far.
  • BaleHail
    You people are morons. And /Film don't carry on with all this fanboy crap. This looks NOTHING like D-9 or Cloverfield. Stop being idiots.
  • beavis
    i concur 1000%, xerxex..........thanks for the response.
  • Xerxex
    Welcome beavis. I gotta say my Tommy Boy quote worked so well.
  • jeff
    i have seen monsters at cannes, not at all D9 or cloverfield it is a very well made and superb story. effects are excellent and with regard to the monsters think jaws( not a rubbish rubber shark, but the less is more theory). i think, and i am not alone, that this guy, Gareth edwards< is gonna by massive. his talent to direct, write, shoot and do all the effects is something else. go and see it you wont be dissapointed
  • dom
    OK THAT WAS BRILLIANT! I have to say it delivers and to think he did all the fx work too in such a short time... unbelievable. I can see a lot of early spielberg in this trailer. Nice work :)
  • beavis
    jeff at #39 - i don't want details (that would ruin it) but, do you mean only water-borne monsters - or are there land "jaws" as well?
  • rob
    just look at the picture under the article title, it clearly shows what the monsters look like. they look like big walking octopus
  • Para
    wow! looks liek Independence Day 2 is finally here!!! :)
  • chilin
    man...44th comment...better type it fast or else i'll be 45th!! looks good!! i'm in!! btw, the landscape is a 3rd world war torn country.
  • Mir
    the vibe I got from the trailer is more like the raw analysis of social issues in 28 Days Later.. hope I'm right
  • jeff
    beavis at #41 they are on the land also
  • deadpool72
    cool,sort of like district 9.
  • Justirama
    Saw this movie on iTunes and thought it blew, so low budget it didn't seem realnat all. The characters were horrible too.
  • Fisherr
    I am looking forward to see all of the Alien Invasion Movies released this year: 1.SkyLine (I know that in the review the movie was somehow vague and sucked but still) 2.Monster 3.Battle:Los Angeles Not sure if there any other movies out there.
  • Saw it and loved it. And the end made me cry. Oh yes.




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