Must Watch: Full Trailer for Shyamalan's The Last Airbender

February 10, 2010
Source: Yahoo

The Last Airbender Trailer

Paramount has debuted the theatrical trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender over on Yahoo, although it will also be playing in front of Percy Jackson & the Olympians this weekend. Last week we got a small tease of what was to come in the Superbowl TV Spot but now we've got the full thing and it's as epic and awesome as I was expecting. There's a little big more of a backstory in this (for those that aren't familiar with the show) but then it gets right into the action following that. The effects look great, the story looks a bit cheesy, but I'm in, I can't wait! We'll probably see one more trailer before June, too. Excited?

Watch the theatrical trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the trailer for The Last Airbender in High Definition on Yahoo

The Last Airbender is directed by M. Night Shyamalan, of The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, Lady in the Water, and The Happening previously. The screenplay was also written by M. Night Shyamalan while the story was co-written by Shyamalan and creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. This is based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender that first debuted in 2005. Paramount is bringing The Last Airbender to theaters everywhere starting on July 2nd this summer.

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  • graffiti bandit
  • Colca
    I'm super excited now. It looks like Shyamalan is sticking very close to the first season.
  • Cameron
    I am not familiar with the cartoon. Watch the trailer with your eyes closed, and images of the original Star Wars will pop into your head. "You are the last of your kind" "You are the only one who can bring balance to a world at war" "We started a rebellion"
  • nelson
    looks phenomenal and true to the source material
  • Lolly
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how it hints at the whole northern water tribe battle at the end of the first season!!!!!!!!! =D I was hoping they would stay with that idea! Can't wait!
  • Xerxex
    I found two annoying prospects the kids at the beginning, the brother and sister...they will be the weakest link in what seems like a good summer flick.
  • Cody
    I dont anything about the source material but it looks like an epic flick, very well made trailer as well.
  • Robbie
  • nelson
    #6 did'nt get that vibe what so ever to each his own i guess
  • trey m
    wasnt impressed
  • NYF
    I wonder what shitty twist M Night Shamalaman will throw in to ruin what looks like a cool popcorn movie?
  • Tori
    #6, why are the brother and sister (Sakka and Katara) going to be the weak links? How the heck could you tell that? I like the trailor. I only wish Zuko was cuter and had a scar we could actualy see. I also wish people could've spoken more, but I won't hold that against anyone since we're sure to get more before June.
  • az
    excited about this for the first time. looks awesome!
  • David
    Looks pretty good, But I wish to see Appa & Momo!
  • will tru
    where is the BISON ????
  • Darren
    looks very true to the cartoon so far...but no appa or momo though in the trailer, over all the design looks like it is straight from the drawing boards to silverscreens
  • connor
    when they are showing air benders temple there is a noise and it kind of sounds like momo
  • Xerxex
    Weakest link because from what I saw in the trailer they seem that way, I could be wrong...but I wouldn't hold my breath. It is a trailer so I'll reserve full judgement until I see the actual film.
  • PJ H
    This looks terrible.
  • Mark
    This should be cool. The trailer looks cheesy, but trailers almost always look cheesy. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this.
  • Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let the LEGIONS of the true " AVATAR: The Last Airbender " fans please rise...our epic story has reached the fabled shores of cinema history. Bar none...this will ROCK July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • J bizzle
    I Just Peed Alittle.... Super Excited Now... Love The Cartoon
  • Joe Ho
    I'm excited for all of this except, SHOW AANG TALKING! It looks like Avatar minus Aang's character! Yes he's annoying a lot in the show but they shouldn't change his character to completely stoic. There's no guarantee the have, there's just not a single shot of the kid smiling in ANY of the trailers. One of the things about the show I loved was the near perfect balance of humor with a charming childish charm to it, and an amazing epic. Take out the humor it will probably still make a great movie but it won't be the same in my eyes.
  • cyn
    will watch!
  • Kevin
    I'd be more excited if the script was written by someone other than Shyamalan (he's a terrible writer), but it looks pretty badass.
  • Spider
    Even though I am not familiar with the TV show, I got pretty psyched to see this. I'm sure Shyamalan will vindicate himself to a large degree......especially after "The Happening". This flick looks pretty spectacular and the kid, whoever he is, seems to be the real deal! I'm there opening weekend! :)
  • max s.
    Maybe I remember the show being one of the mst retarded things I've ever seen but hey maybe I'll just go for the senseless action which is what i usually do unless it has a good plot and good actors, like avatar, the dark knight, and clash of the titans
  • Matt M
    I loved the show and I only hope that people go see it so that we can get the next two as well. Please don't judge just because M night is directing it. I believe he is going to do great. I only hope the new actors perform well. Oh, and you can see Appa in the Superbowl ad if you look in the top left corner when Aang is surveying the ongoing battle.
  • apa can be seen in the teaser trailer around 1:09 (look in the upper left hand corner) effects look awesome, but still cant get over the casting job. in today's hollywood, where we seek more realism, sad to see non-Asian actors playing Asian influenced roles. A white person named Aang/Sokka/Katara? I'm not gonna take away that the movie's look is droolworthy, just making a point. (waiting for the backlash here)
  • Tori
    But, in the TV show, they weren't Asian. Saka and Katara are from the water nation tribe, like indians. They aren't asian.
  • Sabes
    This looks really good. 😀
  • Tori
    Anyone else find cartoon Zuko cute? lol!
  • movie mike
    Action looking great!.....acting.....not so much
  • nelson
    acting looks fine douche
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
    Looks well done. I wish Zuko looked like Zuko from the cartoon. Everyone else does. Are they gonna do a movie for each season? that would be nice. Only if this one did excellent.
  • Definitely looking forward to it, some bits looked a little shaky, but I think it will be pretty solid. What I like most about the story is that no-one is just out and out evil, there are reasons for their actions and why they are the people they are, also that when given a choice to change.
  • Matt M
    Why is there all this stupid crap about them not being asian? It is an AMERICAN anime written by two WHITE guys! I would really hope in today's society we could get past all this racial bs and just enjoy the movie.
  • moo goo gai smith
    OK, I'm in for this. Looks like the Shamalama is back on track. Although I had reached a point I was absolutely sick of kung fu BS movies, this is a clear exception...hope the entire film is as good as the trailer.
  • curtfrmcali
    I dunno, part of me wants to hate this because of M.night cuz lets face it hes owes us after that abortion he put out called the happening. maybe this is the one that lets his ego know ,"hey i can make movies that people will like as long as their not written by me" :] im excited cuz the show surprised me, i thought it was really good considering its was "american-anime" if their is such a thing. (remember EXO-Squad?...yeesh)
  • beta ray bill
    looks pretty good. glad the writers of the original co-wrote this. wait is Toph in this one? she is my favorite character.
  • Dresden
    @ beta ray bill No. The Last Airbender will take place over the course of Book 1: Water. If there are 2 more movies, Toph will show up in the next one (Earth) to Train Aang in earthbending. and as far as the Race bullshit goes. People. Do you know ANYTHING about what Manga/Anime design is based on? While it is obviously of Japanese heritage, the character designs and even the language is all white people. Of course most of the stories take place in Japan and such... but look at most of the characters. Big eyes (white people). In fact, Anime was initially inspired by Disney characters. True.
  • matthew
    This movie looks like im going to be laughing throughout the whole thing just like all his other movies.
  • Buggy166
    liking it so far but i hope the lead girl is a LOT better than that. so far ive heard they have a lot of weak links in acting, even though there's a few decent guys there too. FX look good, 8.5/10 on that from the trailer. Some of the matte paintings seemed to lack atmospheric depth but the elemental FX were top notch and very well done. This needs to be seen on a big big screen to be thoroughly enjoyable. If you go see this, try to appreciate the visuals and story. The acting wont be that high quality (even though it may stand up well), and the directing/script, well that remains to be seen. I hope it doesnt turn into a cheese movie, i have enough of that on my pizza.
  • Matthew
    Looks like it has the potential to be great but being such a popular story no matter how good it is people are gonna say it was not what it could be.
  • d1rEct
    Balls awesome, the only reason I want to see this is to see what Shyamalan.
  • Jaf
    Is the tattoo on his back supposed to look like a cross? I never really followed the cartoon. Aang is like the monkey king/Goku of the new generation -- he has a staff and a wind-based form of transportation (that air sphere)
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I've never even heard of the cartoon before, so I looked it up on Youtube about a week ago, and I thought it looked pretty lame. Had to much of a Dragonball style to it, and I didn't like that either. This trailer does look amazing, tho. The effects are great and I am actually really excited for this now. Plus, seeing as M. Night is basing this off of the cartoon, there probably isn't some weird and retarded twist in the end. Or so I hope.
  • jon
  • Drisc87
    this looks like a huge hit or miss to me, i hope this movie is good but the trailer looks pretty awful
  • Zuko
    Where are the Oriental people?
  • mC iVAn
    aang is cute but the other actors are lame. honestly the teaser is a lot better than this one. pheeew..
  • John I.G>
    @ 47 / SuicidalOptimist: The good part about Avatar the last Airbender, is the story and script, the action is pretty awesome too, but this goes far and beyong dragonball. Also most of what you'll find on youtube is probably fan videos, which I admit are pretty lame. This movie could actually work, wasn't too hopeful until the teaser, but now it's cool to see some of the plot points from the series sneaking in, the Fortuneteller, the Moon girl, the siege of the north. I think it would be cooler to have one epic movie for the whole thing, but the way the arcs work it could make for an epic trilogy. They'd have to work fast though, cause those kids are going to age.
  • Rachel
    Honestly, I was more hyped when I saw the Superbowl trailer. This one didn't impress me as much, which sucks because this is the full-length trailer that's supposed to make everyone want to see this movie. I really, really hope these kids' acting won't ruin what could potentially be a wonderful movie - is it just me, or does Aang seem completely unemotional when he hugs Katara? Haha, and that scream of his at 1:23 leaves a lot to be desired. Oh, and at 0:57, you can't even tell Zuko has a scar. Uncle Iroh, I'm sorry, but he does NOT look the part at all (in fact, the guy actually looks a little too villainous). BUT! Three cheers for Yue - can't wait to see the Spirit Oasis scene.
  • L
    I think one of the hardest transitions is getting the correct atmosphere from Cartoon to live action. i think this captures it very well. Being a fan of the series, it looks very good. I don't think any haters have to worry about MNS screwing with the plot so much. It looks like a condensed version of the 1st season.
  • D.
    I was waiting so much for this!!! Seem's great, man... this look close to the comics. I'm a little unconfortable with Zucko, the style looks different. But in resume... i'm totally in.
  • Nada Nuff
    Looks good to me. Almost tempted to check out the anime as well.
  • Dean
    Why is most shots of Katara crying??? She's supposed to be strong.
  • mat
    #56 check the anime, its pretty decent and is no1 else worried that they have only shown aang as the only element bender, seriously no other char in the trailers is shown doing it :/
  • Hattori Hanzo
    I know nothing about Airbender so I am going in without any preconceived notions or expectations so this is going to be a real treat for me opening weekend.
  • Nuika
    Not liking the way the brother and sister seem to be way more mellow and have less personality than in the cartoon. But it's only a trailer...there may still be hope. Not liking the actors playing the brother and sister very much either, especially the sister. I don't look at her and think...oh yeah she's katara for sure. NO, no offense but they're white-not just white but pale like corpses. And was that a CGI of the avatar sliding on the floor? What, you need CGI for that? Seriously!?! Was that little blimish Zuko's scar? Really, was it? And where are Appa and Momo. I feel dissappointed, the movie better rock socks. I was so excited for the trailer but now I'm worried. And will all the fighting scenes be slowed down like that? M. Night Shyamalan has yet to let me down when it comes to a decent movie but c'mon don't stress me out like this.
  • dom
    That was terrible.. Shalamayn is really hit or miss. This looks toon teen like for my liking.
  • arjones
    I liked The Sixth Sense and Signs. The other movies he's done, not so much. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Is this his first time doing a big budget movie that isn't some quirky story or legend and that already has the story in place with a huge fan base? I wish him luck and I know a few people that are really excited to see this. I hope he doesn't disappoint them.
  • aznman
    FYI.. In 2005, Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko created Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. The show became a huge success and went on for three seasons. The show is advertised by Nickelodeon as “set in a fantastical Asian world” and is described by the writers themselves as taking place in “an ancient, fantastical Asian environment, primarily Chinese.” I'm tired of Hollywood white washing. EPIC FAIL.
  • I am…
    Yeah! #14,I feel ya ! These are the 2 most importants characters. The scene where he jumps from the Fire nation boat with his flying stuff in the animated, he will met Appa later. Of course they will be CGI.looking forward to them too! The Blind girl too! They completely f***** up Zuko,no ponytail? Besides the scar is hardly visible! The uncle is not broad in this, he is skinny/thin. Couldn't the actor put on some weight for this? another interesting character whose adaptation is not cool! This is a Classic right here, pay attention to details! What Harry Potter did for paganism and magick, this will do the same for Hinduism and Buddhism Those who have not seen the animated series better hurry before they see the movie and they will be able to judge much better, this doesn't look as good but they tried ok so far, More could have been done!
  • Gaijin
    Oh.......My........Effing.......God! This is gonna turn out so AWESOME!! Even with some of the obvious changes, like no Appa or Momo, this looks like it'll be GREAT. My only concern is that M. Night doesn't put too much of a twist that it completely ruins the story for us diehard Airbender fans. PS: I simply LOVE the way they did Aang's arrow tattoo! The scrollwork instead of a solid arrow was a nice touch, and a bit more realistic. Kinda the way they did the Dragonball movie. (Say what you want, but I thought Dragonball: Evolution was well made and written. My only issue with that movie is the fact that Krillin wasn't there, and he was pivotal in the fight with Piccolo.)
  • Stan
    can't wait for the RED BAND trailer!!!!!!
  • Cody
    Btw I read the script....At the ending climactic battle, a giant mothership comes out of the ocean and kills them all with a death ray while screaming "GLOBAL WARMING IS BAD".....true story.
  • Cineprog
    This is a lack luster Trailer nothing Spectacular in it all, Rather Disapointing to say people have been waiting along time for the trailer, hope there is a better one on its way.
  • Clover
    Too bad the bad actor from "Slumdog" is in this.....I wanted to see it until I heard he was cast.
  • Kris
    @42 you know..I would like to see some you nerds that say you laugh through the movie...I could see it everyone hating you and thinking your a complete moron for laughing at a movie that's not a even funny and you take a movie more serious then you do your own life, people like your are a joke. Now please go play your World of Warcraft, thanks. Anyways trailer looks amazing, half the people complaining haven't seen the cartoon and ALL on the Iron Man wagon.
  • Kris
    @68 Yeah and there was NOTHING spectacular in the Iron Man 2 trailer either right? I wear nerds all they came about are comic book movies but when it comes to cartoon/anime movies they just dog it, freaking losers.
  • I am…
    #65 , you don't know nothing about must be one of the ignorant who thought Dragon Ball movie was something to watch. They f***** it so bad!loll Money wasted! "Even with some of the obvious changes, like no Appa or Momo," , you obviously don't know anything...These 2 are the core of the movie(s) . The director would be crazy NOT to put them in the movie.It will be an absolute flop without them!!!!! They are in it, it's just that it would be too early to show them... In the animated series, they did an entire episode with Appa! Can you believe it????????????When he was lost and had to find his way back!! Go and watch them, you certainly have no clue what you're talking about!
  • Roderick
    Appa and Momo have to be in it. You can see Appa in the Superbowl tv spot teaser. But this trailer was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as the whole race thing goes, at first i wasn't too happy with the casting, becuase all the tribes in the cartoon were heavily asian invluenced. but then i kind of sided with M.Knight on the casting, it looks like he chose a different race for the different tribes. The Fire nation looks like middle eastern peoples, the water tribe is white people and Aang is this weird latin... white kid... Since we didn't get a clear view of the earth bender in the trailer, i'm assuming, the earth nation is going to be asian people, because in the cartoon, the Ba Sing Sai, had alot of China-esk undertones. I wouldn't be surprised is Toph is casted as a little asian girl.
  • Shad
    @ #65 What are you talking about Gaijin? Appa is in the movie. There was a shot of him at the :09 sec mark in the TV Spot.
  • l.21
    that makes me so happy :) I sure hope shamalamadingdong doesn't skrew this up!
  • Manda
    *squeek* Looks super fun fun fun.
  • That Guy
    Taken at face value, this trailer looks VERY good. The problem is, people are bringing all of their baggage into this viewing (albeit Racebending or just general Shyamalan hate). Clear your mind, and then watch this trailer. July will be here before anyone knows it and then we will know if this is a good movie or not. But the trailer, itself. Very impressive!
  • sam s
    I'm not gonna take away that the movie will be great. you're right #77, at face value it does look very good. The story, the effects, the cinematography. I love the trailer, and the overall look of the film, aside from the casting choices. with an open mind (if you haven't seen the original series), anyone would enjoy this movie. but here's my "baggage:" the argument for me is that they took something away from the original series. the Asian influence is evident in all aspects of the culture of the Avatar world from the people, to their names, language, food, architecture, dress, etc. Think of the iconic comics like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. Something that in pop-culture that has a solid foundation. Now make a movie, and cast them far apart from their original ethnicities. I'm all about diversity. M Knight seems to be making a step forward, but w/the white actors among the homogeneous extras seems to be just wrong (see image @ it was like Transformers for me. I'm still not 100% a fan of the redesigned robots. I understand it was just "based" on the franchise. In fact, it was pretty much a total different story that what we grew up with. But the Avatar movie, is following closely to the original animated series. I just wish the people who are saying "people are being too sensitive", or bringing baggage would understand and not downplay it. I would ask them to open their minds as well.
  • John I.G>
    Well, sheesh people, calm down. Looks like fire benders are indian, water benders are caucasian, and earth benders we don't know (but I'm guessing chinese). Aang looks a little mixed, not really sure what he is. Anyways Katara never looked all that asian to begin with, she looks vaguely anime-esque, but if you didn't know, anime/manga is usually japanese people trying to draw western caucasians (notice the big eyes). Also they did do it with a superhero, they made Green Lantern black for the tv series, I thought he was pretty kick-ass myself (not to mention Batman was a brit with an american accent, hehe). Lastly, acting is often an issue with child/teen actors, could go either way really, you can't see all that much in here. So, stop bickering and just wait till the movie comes out, then give a review of where it worked and where it didn't.
  • Eric
    This looks like a great cartoon to movie transition and i do enjoy M. Nights work but why is there no mention in your description of this young actor who is stepping into a very large role. He has tons of fans who follow this cartoon watching, he doesn't get enough credit.
  • Samantha
    ok well it does seem like MNS is sticking to the true storyline as much as possible, but the fact still remains that the characters weren't all white! a good majority of them were asian. that's the ONLY issue i have with this new movie.
  • dl
    My son and I are Stoked over the movie it will have Appa and Momo in it they have all ready confirmed that they made a Appa toy for crying out loud Momo's part in it might not be as big but he will be there. I am disappointed in Zuko's scar but hey whatever Katara hair loopies aren’t as big either. All in all I will be there on Opening day first showing with all 3 of my kids and wife and quite possibly a full movie theater house too. @78 you know I did watch the Entire series from start to finish, I too noticed in the "cartoon" the look Asian. But in the movie adaptation I'm sure MSN looked at everyone for every part but fact is he chose who HE thought would be best and as much as people can second guess his directing the man is great at choosing child actors. Noah Ringer (Aang) is a 12 yr old kid with a Black belt in taekwondo that is impressive considering Aang does a lot of martial arts moves. Acting for Noah we won’t know tell Jul. Nicola Peltz was one actor MSN said he had to have. So on so forth yadadada but the fact is MSN did a casting call he did it mainly in TX so if you’re expecting a lot of Asians actors to be there wow you need to visit. but yea the actors are not Asian but ALOT of movies don’t go off the original people for instance one of my fav movies Grid Iron Gang Shawn played by the Rock Polosian (Samoan to be exact) the real Shawn WHITE no one complained then green lantern Wolverine it goes on and on Director pick who "THEY" think will be best I'm sure MSN didn’t go your Asian please leave. Come on the Race benders are blowing it out of paportion. There is always someone in the world who is getting screwed guess what not all the time is it on purpose. I'm Asian myself have my Asian family & friend and they think your all being retarded about it. P.S if you havent seen the Animation do watch the hole fist season aka BOOK1 water. you will be impressed. July 2nd find it, see it, it will be worth it!
  • Fisherr
    Anyone knows whats the name of the song? Nice trailer.
  • David
    I'd rather watch Lady in the Water, The Village and The Happening back to back....
  • they just keep getting worse...some one should tell m. knight to lay off the CG, doesn't seem to really be his gig. nickelodeon must be the only people willing to give him money at this point.
  • Deboo
    Is it just me or does this movie look too dark.... I just hope Shyamalan hasn't taken out the "fun"... and also there seems to be too many White people characters!!!!
  • Deboo
    Oh!! and .... am really interested to look how Shyamalan has visualised Apa and Momo!!
  • Darren
    Not as impressed as I was when I saw the superbowl trailer. There is just too much in here that reveals its not happening as I would have like to see it. But this isn't my movie and hopefully i'm wrong.
  • RC
    I'm not a huge fan of the show episode to episode, but I was pretty interested in the premise and overall story. It's good to see the element-bending parts look good in live action (read: CGI). I'll be checking this out. This was never really a super-kiddy show despite it being marketed as such, and I hope the movie will portray that.
  • sam
    the movie looks great. i hope part 2 is all about avatar roku.cause i seen the cartoon already but the fire bending looks wack what about azula i hope shes not part 2 dont tell me there doing the cartoon all over again stpidmthfkers
  • OhYEAH
    Suck ass MAX!!! (27)
  • I am…
    #74 You are a genius! My man Appa is INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! :) YES! and he looks like the one in the series...I am so excited!!!!!!LOLL! You guys watch the TV spot @ 09s...and you will see the Beauty on the top left!!!!! Moving with his beaver like tail!!!!
  • SexMaster
    Maaah man Jasper!!!!
  • lol
    airproof monk
  • sam
    there is no appa the thing on the top of the screen is a pelt.
  • I am…
    Now we know that Appa the Great is in it and I hope they don't screw up the sound he makes...That's also a classic! #90, of course the genius Azula has to be in it with her lightning strike!!!!!:) If Sokka's girlfriend is in it, so has to be Azula!Probably in it is a trilogy I enjoy the way Aang awakens to the Avatar mode! That is well done!
  • SLee
    Looks like a good summer movie, worth paying to see as well
  • now I believe Shymalan is out for vengeance 😀 this trailer looks really good so many likeness to the cartoon that i really think this is gonna do justice to the series. its so hard to find good films that stick to the source material and do justice. the scenes, the tone, the style altogether sure to make this one a gold piece and atlast M Shymalan could make peace with his followers 😀 beware another Sith Sense, Unbreakable is on its way. and this one will be talked long after its off the theaters this is only a well edited trailer i know i still gotta see the whole movie to love it but i got a gut feeling that it will prove itself worthy 😀
  • Ray
    Now that trailer is way better!
    that looked pretty fucking good,@ 84 david,no man should have to watch those 3 pieces of dog shit back to back.i don't think the trailer was that bad.
  • David
    @100 Yes I agree no one should have to watch those back to back it borders on cruel and unusual punishment, but I don't know the trailer seems fine and I'm sure people who like the cartoon or whatever this used to be will be happy with it but this isnt for me just my two cents
  • elyk
    okay.....whats the twist?
  • Green Lantern
    John Stewart (Black Green Latern) is not the same character as the original Green Lantern Hal Jordan:
  • Dr. Tonmoy
    Looks like ILM VFX supervisor Pablo Helman ( Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines ) is doing a great job.
  • Gaijin
    #72, "I Am..", I really could give a flying F*** whether or not you liked DragonBall Evolution. Don't berate People for their opinions, this is still a free country, last I checked. Also, I've seen the entire series through about, oh, five or six times. I wasn't talking about the series. I was referring to changes made for the movie. Go back and read my post again and have someone translate for you since you obviously can't read. #74, "Shad", Up until I read your post, I hadn't seen the TV spot and was making my opinion based off this trailer. I found and watched said TV spot afterward, and leaped for joy when I saw Appa. Thank you for pointing that out and not being a D*** about it.
  • I had watched all the Avatar animated series.. I hope this movie won't be disappointing.. I look forward seeing it...
  • Vanilla Giddy-up
    Yip Yip, bitches!
  • I am…
    #105 You thought I had disappeared, diddn't you?loll You're obviously stupid because why on earth would you watch that that many times?loll You'd better develop your knowledge of movies and good ones that is. Dragon Ball?lolll! You must be joking! Do you even know that it is based on an anime?loll! Stop swearing and be well! :) #107: lolll You guys on that webbie are fools! #...: whoever responds to this one is also stupid!loll
  • I never followed the cartoon series but must say this trailer looks air-bending awesome! Def need a quality martial arts flick again!




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