Watch This: Second Full Trailer for Gareth Edwards' Monsters

August 16, 2010

Monsters Trailer

This is not like District 9. It has no similarities to District 9 at all. But it's as good as District 9. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Magnet has debuted the second trailer for Gareth Edwards' incredible low-budget alien sci-fi film Monsters on Apple. It's a tough movie to sell, and they're really overhyping the action, but it's not actually an action flick. The story is actually about these two people, the characters and what they go through, not the action and aliens killing people and so on. That said, it's a brilliant film and still one of my top suggestions to see. Just make sure you don't go in expecting something like D9. Check out the trailer!

Watch the official new trailer for Gareth Edwards' Monsters:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Monsters official trailer in High Definition on Apple

Monsters is written, produced and directed by Gareth Edwards, a big up-and-coming filmmaker who shot this on a shoestring budget in Mexico and did all of the visual effects on his own computer. The movie stars Scoot McNairy, who I've actually seen in commercials recently, and Whitney Able. Here's the basic concept: "Six years after Earth has suffered an alien invasion, a cynical journalist agrees to escort a shaken American tourist through an infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border." It's a totally amazing film that I loved and will be pushing as much as I can through October. Visit the official website:

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  • Looks good.
  • ojo trailer but I have some hope in this film, be waiting for the next...
  • dRailer
    Looks like a fun one... I won't be waiting on Netflix for this.
  • Xerxex
    sold. keep the monster shrouded in mystery, I perfer it that way.
  • Left hook and he's down!
    I'm sold! the unknown massive monster kinda reminds me of Cloverfield, and I loved that movie.
  • McWilly
    Yep, I'll be there. Kinda thinkin I won't watch anymore trailers, to keep the mystery aspect alive. Has a uniqueness like clover and district nine, and of course the sci-fi, action, & mystery that most peoples inner childhood urn for.
  • Eli
    The acting seemed to be pretty good. Really intense trailer and yes, it did remind me of cloverfield. I...I did like cloverfield.
  • beavis
    doesn't remind me of cloverfield - which is good because that movie was a disappointment for me. (too much hype, not enough substance) as i said about the previous trailer - i LOVE the blasted landscapes. for a limited budget they seem to be capturing a very tense atmosphere.........can't wait to see it.
  • michaelscottmurphy
    has traces of District 9. But I'm still hopeful. I loved District and would gladly watch another movie like it.
  • Duck
    This is pretty awesome looking, I love the look of the jungle scenes
  • Black Dynamite
    Lovin the mystery element of the trailer. I'm intrigued enough to be there.
  • beavis
    agreed on the mystery element #11.
  • JimD
    This looks frickin brilliant. An intellectual, character driven sci fi movie. Cant wait to see it.
  • pulp fiction212
    i want to like this movie but it looks like D9 and war of the words soo lets see how it does
  • Pistolpete
    I cant believe everyone keep saying it reminds them of Cloverfield, though I do see the resemblance. However I think it reminds more of The Mist. With that said, I loved both and will probably love this aswell :)
  • Cody w
    Im not sold cause it looks like anything, Im sold cause it looks friggin sweet.
  • FiendishMonkey
    District 9 + Cloverfield + The Mist = I'm up for that!
  • Cineprog
    Cloverfield all over again.
  • Robbie
    I'm with #17!
  • arjones
    I've always liked monster movies since I was a kid and watched them on the weekend on Creature Feature. That's one of the things I miss now even though there's cable with a billion channels. It's just not same ya know? I love stuff like this so i'll see it.
  • trey m
    looks promising...cant wait
  • chilin
    in!! i'm effin in!! "that's what HE said..."
  • Tester
    +1 on Mr # 17
  • jaxxx
    Unique? If I figured it out correctly...The story is SIMILAR to the movie "Evolution" from 2001. with David Duchovny, not exactly the same and not a comedy, but similar... But a huge LIKE anyway, I'm so totally in :)
    sushi monsters yum :P, looks good ill watch it 😀
  • Monster Mash
    If those are the only two shots of the aliens (tentacles grabbing the fighter jet, alien grabbing the truck) then me = a disappoint. I hope they're saving the best for the movie.
  • Sean
    It looks awesome. But I can't help but notice the similarities between D9 and Cloverfield in the trailer...
  • beavis
    #26, i don't think this movie is about showing a lot of's more about the two lead characters and their journey/experiences through the infected zone.
  • dom
    The most impressive thing about this is what amazing quality shots he got from one camera setup and natural light! Phenomenal! You can see where the budget is lower though - that air plane engine looks a bit ropey with a flat texture substituting actual modelled detail - but it still flies cos the average film goer won't notice these things!
  • Clover
    Good work Dom! Agree 100%!!!!




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