Must Watch: Fantastic New 'Rango' Featurette with Johnny Depp

December 23, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Rango Featurette

If anyone was on the edge with Rango, this will definitely push you all the way over. Paramount debuted a new behind-the-scenes featurette on Yahoo for Gore Verbinski's upcoming animated movie Rango, which we just featured a theatrical trailer for last week. The video shows how actors Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Ned Beatty, Ray Winstone and Harry Dean Stanton recorded voices. This is such a fun and unique way to make an animated flick, using a small soundstage and actual interaction (Fantastic Mr. Fox did something similar), which is one of the many reasons why I think Rango looks so damn good. Enjoy!

Watch a behind-the-scenes featurette for Gore Verbinski's Rango:

You can also watch the new Rango featurette in High Def on Yahoo

Rango is being directed by filmmaker Gore Verbinski, of The Mexican, The Ring, The Weather Man, and all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The script was written by John Logan (Gladiator, The Last Samurai, The Aviator, Sweeney Todd) based on a story by Verbinski and James Ward Byrkit. ILM is animating using "cutting edge techniques" that "allow [them] to capture and translate every aspect of Johnny's performance, using it to drive the computer-generated character in a way that has yet to be seen." Paramount is bringing Rango to theaters on March 4th, 2011 next spring. Visit the official website as well: RangoMovie.com.

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  • John.E
    Well that's definitely unique. Still looking forward to it.
  • jimbo
    looks very bad. Not just a little bad, but very very bad. Please change from "must watch" to must delete. This looks terrible. Straight garbage. It doesn't look good at all, in fact it looks really really bad. To say that this movie looked good would be a lie, because it doesn't look good at all. To say that this movie looks like hot garbage at the bottom of a wal-mart $4.99 bin would be the correct thing to say about this movie. Im pretty sure that this movie looks terrible. not just saying that either. It really DOES look bad.
  • chris
    This is definitely a unique concept and Jonny Depp is one of my favorite actors. Looking forward to seeing how this comes out.
  • Xerxex
    Thank you jimbo, I think we got it, you have no soul and the movie looks bad, we got it. ok? we got it. we got it. WE GOT IT....got it we do. We do got it. Got it do we. bye bye now. This looks fantastic! The fact that the entire cast is actually on stage performing the scene in reality then going over and animating it just makes me epically excited.
  • John
    Walt Disney used to shoot live action reference, that's what they are doing here. :) That's why Cinderella has the look of camera work in a live action film.
  • #2 Wait - WHAT?! I feel like that's just an unfounded rant, not your actual, believable, honest opinion. I really don't know how there is ANY way you can not be interested in this. Even if you just like Depp or Fisher or the animation and that's it, I don't know anyone who dislikes this movie as much as you do. Just doesn't make sense, I think it looks incredibly creative and original, but also highly entertaining, I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
    NEAT-0 😀
  • dawko
    It is garbage....Verbinski + Depp...that was and always be Pirates and Sparrow......and this looks the same.....
  • Bash
    I wanna watch this even more now.
  • Chris
    One of the worst things about voice work for animation is how often you get a sense that the parts were recorded separately, without the actors ever meeting each other for the entire project, never mind actually reading their lines together.
  • me
    I think this film deserves some love. Plus, it's Johnny Depp we're talking about... I'm in. By the way, Xerxex, lol! We got it. we got it... lol. I nearly choke in a fit of laughter. Sorry about my english...
  • A5J4DX
    100% agree with #1 it is very unique
  • jimbo
    If a bunch of people meet up and stand around a pile of horse squeeze and interact with each other and have a great time there will still be one clear fact... ...they are all doing things around a big pile of poop. And thats exactly what this movie will be. Steaming in fact. You all know it, you just want to like it because you feel like something special is happening when its really not. This movie looks bad, and it will smell bad. Its hot garbage, its not good, you wont think its good when it comes out, no one will. It will be flushed down the toilet and forgotten. Its bad people, wake up and smell the horse dung.
  • Jeff Spicoli
    it was not bad at all i must say, U trolln' Jimbo
  • McWilly
    Jimbo, Stop trolling.... a hot garbage attempt of spewing YOUR horse dung comments for a rise in your pile of poop life, but with that said you are getting some reactions so a trolling congrats and hopefully it brings a a spark of happiness you. I am a Depp fan for the most part, so I will keep an eye on it.
  • Xerxex
    jimbo come on man! where's your sense of fun? did ya lose it or something? what are you? a girl or something? @me you're welcome.
  • kitano0
    These people are just havin' TOO MUCH FUN!!! Great cast, too. I mean Depp, Ned Beatty and Bill Nighy and Harry Dean Stanton? Sheesh! However, when you can't see Isla Fisher, it's kinda of a waste....!
  • Cracky
    Groovy. I'll see it-- I've wanted to since the first trailer. Also: Everyone always gushes about how good movies will be (need I remind anyone of the Iron Man 2 trailer with War Machine and Tron: Legacy) who says a guy can't equally bash a movie as well? And for all we know... ol' jimbo might be right. Thus is the way it goes on Firstshowing.
  • beavis
    thanks, alex - great find. i'm really looking forward to this. #18 - correct as far people being wrong about movies due to a good trailer - however, it isn't jimbos not liking the trailer or the movie - it's his annoying way of taking up so much space to wax on about it - he could just say it looks awful in a sentence or 2 and be done with it.
  • pipo
    Nr. 2 is the typical "thumbs-down marker" on all awesome videos in you-tube...he is a professional! The film looks awesome!
  • EJP
    This looks so cute. I hope when they release the DVD they will include a second DVD of the movie shot with the actors. I would love to see the live action stuff in its entirety. And Jimbo, where is all the hate coming from? Were you bitten by a lizard when you were a child? Or abandoned in the desert?
  • fem!anon
    It's a REALLY creative approach, and I love it. I'M EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE! I hope they put the entire 'emotion capture' thing of the film on BR because I love that sort of behind-the-scenes stuff of animated movies.
  • Squiggly_P
    @2 Jimbo: So... what are you trying to say, exactly? Myself, I think it looks decent for a typical animated film. What I really want to see is an animated film that isn't a comedy.
  • Xerxex
    Squiggly_P I agree, non-comedy animated movies are rare indeed...only one I can think of is Waltz with Bashir...or Beowulf but that movie sucked.
  • Squiggly_P
    There's a bunch of them that come out every year, but all of them are from Europe or Japan. Every once in a while the US will pinch out a Secret of Nimh or American Pop, but Japan especially makes several really awesome animated dramas or action flicks or hard sci-fi films. Europe is gaining a lot of ground, tho, with The Illusionist, Secret of Kells, Metropia, etc.
  • Xerxex
    I hope more get released in the States, I can't wait to see The Illusionist...I'm buying Akira Sunday so I'll have that to brag about!
  • Risk
    That is way cool.




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