Must Watch: John Wells' The Company Men Theatrical Trailer

July 21, 2010
Source: Yahoo

The Company Men Trailer

The Weinstein Company has unveiled the theatrical trailer for The Company Men, the incredibly bleak corporate-downsizing drama written/directed by John Wells. The film stars a bevy of great actors, lead by Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Maria Bello and Rosemarie DeWitt. I saw this at Sundance and really enjoyed it, despite being quite bleak and depressing. Brandon reviewed it and gave it 9 out of 10. This trailer definitely stays away from the bleaker side of things, but it's a fantastic trailer, I love the music and build up. I really hope this gets a few of you to see it. And ohhh Rosemarie DeWitt, love her!

Watch the first official trailer for John Wells' The Company Men:

You can also watch the trailer for The Company Men in High Definition on Yahoo

It centers on a year in the life of three men (Affleck, Jones, Cooper) trying to survive a round of corporate downsizing at a major company - and how that affects them, their families, and their local communities.

The Company Men is both written & directed by Emmy-award winning filmmaker John Wells, who's making his feature directorial debut after working on numerous TV shows like "ER" and "The West Wing". This is an original story crafted by Wells. It first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is being distributed by The Weinstein Company. The Company Men arrives in limited theaters this October 22nd.

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  • Eli
    Very interesting. It didn't seem like it'd be too depressing. The cast is great. Got to remember the name John Wells. I think this can touch everyone because we're all experiencing this on one level or another. Struggling with our personal lives and it seems impossible to make sense of things when you're... unemployed.
  • Bash
    God this looks good. Affleck does Mr. Corporate really well and Kevin Costner in a role he looks suited to. I love these types of movies particularly more on DVD than at the theatre as it is more intimate. Looking forward to it.
  • Xerxex
    Looks good, Affleck is only getting better Tommy Lee Jones is always good and Cooper is great in everything. I'm just happy my father isn't around for this failing job market situation, but if he was around he would feel thoroughly connected to this story.
  • I want to see a movie about the guy who talked about the AK47, where he carries out his threat. Folk are binning it a lot at the moment, just because they don't get on the golf course or have to sell their 3rd car. It's such a shame. So yeah, a positive action shoot-em up murder/suicide film. But seriously who plays golf?
  • Dreckent
    Looks waaaay more cheesy than i expected ... but still i think this film is going to mean a lot for a lot of people on the U.S.
  • Tidjay
    Jesus! I love Kevin Costner!!
  • 12916studios
    For anyone who wants to know (most likely you, Alex) the second song featured in the trailer, the one with all the build up, is "Slow Parade" by Broken Records. So happy the song was featured in the trailer, because it's really good.
  • harrison
    looks good, hell even costner looks good in this for the brief time in the trailer, maybe years of practice are finally paying off
  • beavis
    this looks very good............. i like the story and it appears to have top-notch acting. #4 - uh, no............the movie they're making is much more interesting. #5 - WTF are you talking about? the trailer seems to convey the movie is doing a great job showing the emotional/financial damage our faltering economy (and greed of big business) is having on people. the acting isn't over-done and the characters seem right out of the real world..........this IS NOT cheesy at all.
  • First song? Anyone? On trailer: amazing. AMAZING!
  • John Doe
    Damn! I'm impressed. Definitely gonna be looking out for this one.
  • goudos
    When you are a 37-year with a college degree and been out of work...yeah, the trailer kind of git you
  • sedna
    nothing like milking mo' money at an opportunity
  • Ben
    wow 3 really good trailers in one day.
  • Steven Ormsbee
    I think Obama commissioned this movie to be made. They should have titled it "America: We will rise above the recession!!!" Clearly Ben Affleck will give us all the hope we need to get out of the economic crisis. I'm being jokingly cynical, but seriously, this actually does look good. You just have to laugh, cause this movie doesn't have the same feel if it came out 10 years ago.
  • Fisherr
    Not bad.
  • lamar
    I think I cried a little bit.
  • Yep Beavis, I know man, but the motivation behind a full on mental breakdown of a seemingly sane person who takes it upon themselves to end the lives of close friends and family is a very interesting story and still incredibly relevant, with some serious financial struggles people crack very easily. I won't because as I type I'm on a satellite connection on my yacht off the coast of Jamaica. - I was discussing this trailer with a friend today and how the message that it gives is one of the greatest things about America. That no matter how many times you fail, you cn get back up and try to succeed again and again. I live in a country where you can fail once and be tarred with that failure forever. - On the subject of the meltdown and destruction of the family unit through financial depression check out this cover of Dylan(the original has been removed): It's a savage tale of the depression era, sadly it isn't unique to that timeline wither and happens every other day.
  • blake
    #17 I'm right there with you.. This is going to be the oscar contender. BUT I ALREADY want Inception to win best picture.
  • chilin
    @3 xerxex great comment about the cast. i feel the same way. sorry for the loss.
  • Duane
    I pretty much knew if i rode with action star Ben Affleck long enough... i'd get to tell the haters that Damon isn't the only Boston pretty boy who has acting chops. Between this, The Town and directing Gone Baby Gone.... Ben is having a hell of a resurgence. Wicked Ah-sum...
  • too cheesy for me. though i never liked Ben Affleck either
  • Yes....i like this movie...the cast is a great one...even with Affleck..
  • I actually got teary eyed..




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