Must Watch: New Red Band International Trailer for Kick-Ass

February 2, 2010
Source: MSN

Kick-Ass Trailer

"With no power comes no responsibility." Another new trailer for Kick-Ass, damn, how many is that now, like five? MSN has debuted a brand new red band international trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass that may just so happen to be the best trailer yet! This one starts from the top again, with the opening scene, and goes through all the introductions, so if you don't know much about Kick-Ass (or haven't read the comics) you can start here and get a taste of the bloody violence in this glorious new comic book movie. Thankfully this is arriving in theaters in just two more months - can't wait. "Being a superhero is bad for your health!"

Watch the red band international trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass:

<a href=";from=sp&#038;vid=df8e1600-9d67-47ce-9b2b-6171d203b64d" target="_new" title="Kick-Ass - Trailer">Video: Kick-Ass - Trailer</a>

Dave Lizewski one day decides to be a superhero, even though he has no powers, training or any reason.

Kick-Ass is both written and directed by British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, of Layer Cake and Stardust previously. The screenplay was co-written by Vaughn and his writing partner Jane Goldman, of Stardust as well. The story is an adaptation of Mark Millar's comic of the same name that is currently in the middle of its first series. Kick-Ass was funded entirely by Matthew Vaughn and his own private investors and sold once finished earlier this year. Lionsgate is bringing Kick-Ass to theaters everywhere on April 16th this spring.

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  • Jaf
    That is one big ass bazooka Moon-c*ck signal ftw
  • RONY
    LOOKS CRAZY!!!!!
  • jjboldt
    Okay, I was wondering what made this a red-band trailer until the last comment. This looks great!
  • Cody
    This looks absolutely awesome but sadly I gotta say the only good acting I saw at all was from Strong, Cage and the little girl (forget her name).
  • sean
    thumbs down.
  • notalent
    @3: Also when Red Mist jumps down and says "Oh fuck me that kinda hurt"
  • Xerxex
    little girl saying cock, eerie I'm in.
  • harrison
    hahaha giant mirror in shape of a cock had me laughin for 15 minutes, opening day might have to do it
  • Cole
    This movie is going to suck the comic was awesome and there is no way they could duplicate it. It could also be the the ending to the comic is to crazy for the movie. But it could be good. Except for Nicholas Cage he sucks.
  • Stevo
    I'm sorry but the quality of stream from this MSN video blows. I am getting like 5 secs of vid and then 30 secs of loading. How is it that the only company that can actually put videos up well is youtube? What mythical technology do they hold that no one else is privy to?? I can't even begin to comment on the trailer.
  • SO flipping excited!!!!! Minus Nicholas Cage...hate that guy.
  • Ray
    OMG! This movie looks great! "In the shape of a giant cock!" Thats classic!
  • Torti
    whats the song in the beginning?? is it an actual song??
    i just love the poster at the top of the page,as for the trailer FUCKING EXCELLENT this going (no pun intended kick ass.)can't wait.
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    Looks like more great new fodder for another Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer spoof movie!
  • Mark
    this was great, but I still think the red band for Hit Girl, was better! can't wait to get my ass kicked at the theater in April!
  • beavis
    looking good. nice to see a little more from "red mist".........but hitgirl is still the best.
  • dex
    Hit girl has the cutest swearing lips ever in the history of hollywood, can't wait to see this!!!
  • Rubix
    From what I can see, some elements of the ending are going to be changed. Still looks incredible.
  • kobe
  • Jimmy Love
    Cant wait for this. This will KICK ASS!
  • 1percenter
    great...another movie for the would have been more appropriate had they done it in animation, cartoon that it is...
  • Han
    That was almost funny 1percenter. Btw, does that stand for the size of your dick?
  • Daniel
    Lmao, gonna love the shit out of this.
  • Jaf
    Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm kind of seeing the main actor as the new Peter Parker
  • Razor
    Thumbs up!!!!! Must see!!!
  • Ariel
    Peter Parker is a homo. This movie looks great. I haven't wanted to go to the theatre in a long time. This makes me want to go. Can't wait for it. Look in the news for a giant cock signal by the way.
  • Cineprog
    This movie looks Kickass, A right Laugh. Cannot wait. :)
  • arjones
    I likey.
  • kindbuddy
    @ 3 the blood alone makes it red band
  • Clover
    Casting Cage as Big Daddy is a wanting to cast the inept Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet.....oh bloody sad.
  • th3thirdman
    I hope they edit cage out of this movie because I really want this to be good and I don't want his SHIT on it
  • randall
    What is the deal with you guys that hit on actors you dont personally like. Dont go to the movies they are in if you dont like them. All of you whiners about Nick Cage must have see all of his movies to whine so much. Personally I like Cage-----hes done a lot of movies maybe no one else would have done. You dont have to be so critical to understand all movies are not academy award stuff to begin with. Just dont go see movies people are in that you dont like-----and then you wont have anything to bitch about. Kick Ass looks good from an action standpoint and is a comic book hero type of movie. Go see it or dont----who cares what you like. randall
  • Fisherr
    Wicked, this movie will be awesome.
  • cali
    right on #33! nicholas cage has had some great movies! yes he's had a few flops, but name a great actor who has never had any? this movie looks just as it title says, kick ass. and mclovin will no doubt make for some hilarious scenes. i'm stoked to see it!!




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