Must Watch: Sngmoo Lee's The Warrior's Way Official Trailer

September 30, 2010
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The Warrior's Way Trailer

Hell yes! Relativity has finally debuted an official trailer for Sngmoo Lee's The Warrior's Way, another one of those awesome hyper-stylized kung fu westerns that we actually featured an early promo trailer for last year. The Warrior's Way stars Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston, Geoffrey Rush and Dong-Kun Jang as Yang. It mixes westerns, martial arts, and fantasy in a hyper-stylistic way, and looks pretty badass. It gets pretty wacky when Bosworth and Rush show up, but I still think it looks good. Some friends got to see this already and said it was a "solid movie" but not perfect. It seems cheesy, but I bet it has some great fights.

Watch the official trailer for Sngmoo Lee's The Warrior's Way:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch The Warrior's Way official trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Warrior's Way, originally called Laundry Warrior, was both written and directed by first-time Korean filmmaker Sngmoo Lee, who is making his directing debut after teaching for five years at the New York Film School. The film is produced by Oscar winning Lord of the Rings producer Barrie M. Osborne with a budget of around $47 million. This was shot in late 2007 in New Zealand and has been in post-production for a few years, with Weta Digital working on some of the visual effects. Relativity Media acquired distributions rights earlier this year and will finally be bringing The Warrior's Way to theaters everywhere on December 3rd.

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  • nelson
    i can actually see the green screen lol
  • McQueen
    No thanks...
  • Eric B
  • D.
    Amazing!!! I'm definitely in.
  • lego
    Ninjas....damnn. I've been waiting for this forever now. still no release date. sigh. but ya, i can smell the cheese, tho the fights look to be potentially mind blowing.
  • budbud
    Geoffrey Rush! Haha. Shine baby shine.
  • I'd totally watch this. Cowboy western ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.
  • Sabes
    I thought the music and voice over weren't so good, but I still want to see it!
  • Kalt
    Ninjas hate pirates.
  • Solo Calrissian
    Shoulda just given him an Afro.... but yes, i'll probably see it. kinda 300-ish with all the clouds and whatnot.
  • movie mike
    looks like it has some ok visuals, but damn does every scene have to be in slow mo. It seems like someone really wants to top Zach Snyder.
  • Spider94
    i dont care about da cheese this is gonna rock :) ninjas!cowboys!western!fantasy! what more could u ask for! :)
  • Gmorra
    awful. so fake looking...if obvious greenscreen is considered "stylized" than count me out.
  • tivdatsun
    This looks like a fun popcorn movie.
  • Cracky
    Slow motion suuuuucks. But it still looks fun. But seriously-- whatever happened to old fashioned martial arts? Jet Li's early stuff. Iron Monkey, and such. Man, those movies were legit. "Hyper-stylized"? Just stylized, really.
  • florian
    Cowboys vs Ninjas: The Movie
  • moif
  • McWilly
    Say what you want ...Ninja Western, sold!
  • Guy
    Its on the line of cheesy and legit, how well the story is brought out is really what will be the deciding factor. I think I will take the chance to find out.
  • Josef
    #13 like you my expectations have been raised wAy too high these past 4 years in film. This is an ACTION movie. If i were 13... i wouldn't give a damn about how cheesy it looks. Their friggin ninjas and cowboys dukin' it out. Obviously its a B movie. You think they're trying to get a Oscar for this film? You're going to see it anyway just sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Mayhem
    I think Geoffery Rush will steal the show in this...he always does. But, yeah..Ninjas VS Cowboys? Hells Yeah!
  • tir na nog
    looks fun
  • CookieMonster
    It might grow on me
  • r!der123
    Now this looks awsome, ninja and cowboys...unusual but like it. japanese ppl makes great fighting movies which looks epic. the visual effects are good, kinda half 'n'half with real life and anime style. Leads me to say that the manga anime's (i.e. Naruto, Bleach etc) gotta be made by japanese directors and not hollywood shit coz they really do piss me off. (DragonBallZ....BS)!
  • I could watch a movie like this one every single day.
  • Gary the Bruce
    Fantastic, awesome, I'm there
  • Heh heh I can alway waste some time with Ninjas versus Cowboys. Just wish there was more gunfighting mixed into the mix. Guns > Swords
  • JL
    that just doesn't even look good. at all.
  • Cowboys Vs. Ninjas!!
  • 9mm
    looks like Sukiyaki Western Django to me.
  • Obla-dee Obla DAAAAAAAAA
    AFRO Samurai!
  • notalent
    As long as it is better than Ninja Assassin, I'm in.
  • Matthew
    uummmm.... no thanks, as soon as you put "From the producers of (insert successful movie here)" in your trailer it looses all hope. Your movie should be able to stand on it's own. oh and the green screening looks a little unbearable
  • Ah, what the hell, I'm in :-) Could be cheesy, and I agree with Matthew and his "from the producers of..." comment, but the story and style are enough to keep me interested.
  • I am…
    Geoffrey Rush made some smart casting decisions recently. More power to him! That looks amazing. He should reboot Dragon Ball
  • kitano0
    Helllll yeah!!!!! This looks like too much fun...and Kate Bosworth is smokin'. Should've gone red a long time ago, darlin'. Looks a lot better that Sukiyaki Western Django, which was just terribly stupid.
  • arjones
    I liked 300 and Ninja Assassin. They rocked and were fun. This looks like it will too. I like it.
    looks ok :)
  • Suk Kyu
  • Corey
    Has anyone seen this yet? Would like to hear some feedback as to whether or not I should check it out.
  • Steve
    I saw this movie and I liked it a lot. I know a lot of negative reviews are out there, mostly because there is not a lot of sword fighting in this movie....and for a good reason! The premise of the movie is the hero is so good, nobody lives to take a 2nd shot at him. So basically ever time he fights, he kills with the first blow...and thus the enemy is dead. This movie is like a companion piece to Sin City. You are here to see a graphic comic book brought to life, no more and no less. And that is why I loved the movie. If you are looking for incredible dialog or an original story, this is not it. But it is still worth seeing if you love a visually stunning movie with cowboys and ninjas.




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