Must Watch: The Badass Mortal Kombat: Rebirth Viral Video

June 8, 2010

Mortal Kombat Rebirth

No, it's not for a movie. Yes, it's real (as in, not created by fans, as far as we know). A new Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film has been catching fire around the web today, mainly because it's a gritty, badass take on a video game franchise everyone loves. We don't know too much about this yet, but it's most likely not for a movie, despite starring Michael Jai White (aka Black Dynamite) as Jax. And although we've written about a Mortal Kombat movie being in the works, we're 99% sure this is for a new Mortal Kombat video game that is being announced at E3 next week. That said, this is awesome to watch, so check it out! Updates below.

We normally don't cover anything video game related, but I've been emailed about this video so many times today, I decided to throw it up anyway for your viewing pleasure. We don't know who directed this, but boy does it look absolutely gorgeous. Given that video game sites like Kotaku have covered it as well, there's no question that it's for a video game (although it would be pretty cool to see this progress into a movie). Then again, Warner Bros better take note of who directed this and hire them when/if they ever do make another movie, because he's pretty much the perfect director. We will let you know once we hear more. Thoughts?

Big Update: Apparently our friends at Latino Review got the big scoop on this video. It was shot by Fame director Kevin Tancharoen and is supposedly a "test video" that was made to convince Warner Brothers to give them funding for a full blown hard R Mortal Kombat movie. So it's not for a video game, but it's not part of a movie - yet, at least. Kind of like that first Tron Legacy test trailer, this was made to convince them that fans would like this gritty take (and they certainly do). "Yes, this is the direction they plan on going for the Mortal Kombat reboot," says Latino Review. Even I'm amazed by all of that news. Let's hope it's all true!

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  • karub nice....
  • Denver
  • nate
    Damn. Mutliple nerdgasm...
  • Looks great. Can't wait.
  • Johnny
  • rooney
    Holy crap, now thats a Mortal Kombat movie!!!!!!! GET OVER HERE!!
  • Super Kyle
    I hope Sonya Doesn't go around assimilating people
  • Is Baraka's forehead like a giant ass? Apart from that it looks better than the other one's. Seems slightly less camp than the dimension travelling originals.
  • Xerxex
    In the words of Chris Farley: "That was awesome!" make it a movie, Let Scorpion be the main character and have Sub-Zero be the villan, eventhough Sub-Zero was my favorite in the MK universe. OR They could let the two unite after he learns that Sub-Zero wasn't responsible for what happened. I wanna see more of this!!!
  • Neva Evah
    MK told in the same vein as TDK.... I like it and I hope it gains steam for some realness..
  • Lazyvern
    what a tease.
  • Cody w
    Make this movie now
  • Xerxex
    #11 its a teaser.
  • Chase
    I was blown away by this video, I hope they make it, The whole new take on the characters is true to the originals and mind blowingly different, the fight scene was awesome, the gore was well placed, and the new take on the characters is interesting.
  • tinman
    Think it looks pretty sick!!!! I'm getting ready to go in line tomorrow for tix!
  • skag_boy
    #11: Agreed. HOWEVER, since this is a test video I highly doubt any of the actors here, with the exception of Michael Jai White as Jax and Jeri Ryan as Sonya, will reprise their roles in the actual movie if it eventually gets made. As a huge fan of mortal kombat during its super nintendo years, this footage does look incredible, and the down and dirty, gritty feel totally does it justice. Hope it gets picked up.
    Very cool. Unfortunately it's very cool...for a web video.
  • Wylles
    OMG. WOW. Just, WOW...
  • almartva
    This is Mortal Kombat meets Batman Begins. Instead of supernatural beings they are psychotic serial killers. This is pretty cool but its too much of a departure from the game.
  • Dean
    #20: yeh that was what I was thinking, they ditched the other realms/worlds.
  • curtfrmcali
  • Greenlight NOW!!!
  • sb
    Acting looks terrible....
  • Rashad
    This looked fucking terrible. People supporting this are the reasons almost all video game adaptations are horrendous and unfaithful. Might as well support the new Resident Evil bullshits while you're at it
    did everyone see sub-zero's face at 7:11? pure awesomeness!
  • lego
    nooooooo, johnny cage is dead, tear. not really. but jeri ryan as sonya, interesting...hmmm...
  • ZzFDKzZ
    Looks great!
  • Xerxex
    Hey Rashad ever think that we don't care what you think?
  • Nuika
    me likey likey, alot. looking quite promising, A bit dissapointed with actress for Sonya and I've seen movies where Micheal Jai white is much bigger than he looks in this teaser but I'm even more sold now that I know he is in it. Hope he fights, I live to see that man movies of course. Wonder who else is in it and who plays who
  • Edward Nygma
    looks fuckin awesome. and we know who all the actors are in it,besides Reptile. my guess for him is....Sticky Fingaz? if so,even more awesome-er.
  • Brad Clooney
    Now THAT is how you do a video game movie. MAKE IT!!!!
  • JP
    the acting is terrible? all they're doing is talking and fighting.
  • Brad Clooney
    @ #32 Then obviously you don't get these kind of movies and shouldn't be watching or commenting on them. You're clearly not the target demographic.
  • Kalil
    That was awesome, this needs to get made now
  • Sabes
    That was incredibly sexy.
  • Whoaaaa
    @25, yes, and it made me extremely happy. this looks great and would definitely be an awesome reboot of a childhood favorite
  • Kevin
    Make. This. Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Joe C.
    This is a huge reboot!!!!! I'm in!! MAke it into a movie please!!
  • Hale18
    @33 i think he just meant how can the acting be terrible if theyre just talking and fighting
  • I hate mortal kombat, but this looked very interesting. They should make a movie from this teaser, hell just that little bit looks a lot better then King of fighters movie or Street fighter chun li garbage.
  • Sonya Blade
    wow.. they need a better character for Sonya Blade.. = / I'm kinda disappointed!!
  • Sonya Blade
    @ 17 Yeah I dont really think Jeri Ryan is going to do good as her role.. its weird!!! We need to get Bridgette Wilson back in here! not only was she a hottie she did good as her! for the mnost part anyways! but Jeri.. come on.. really.. = / ugh.. ewww.. No Offense.. but no way.. = /
  • AJ
  • Sonya Blade
    nah... Sub Zero is technically better! more options than just a scorpion out of his hand.. you know
  • Angry Chief
    WHERE THE HELL DID THIS GODLINESS COME FROM?!? Seriously, this is awesome. Love to see this as a full movie.
  • Kenji
    HYPE! quite a lot of good trailers popping out of nowhere recently
  • Duke Of Ontario
    Now if only they were to make this into a movie.
  • Chocolate Supra
    Gritty Liu Kang and Raiden, too, please?
  • ocp
    a better SS of sub zero
  • Raj
    Sorry guys but the story is pretty weak and the action wasn't slick. Also the video clip of the poor baby with Harlequins disease belongs to a big news channel in Pakistan and they might not like this being used w/o permission. Its a real clip from a news channel called Samaa and the clip is on Youtube. Its very disturbing, be warned.
  • KB
    WOW! That was awesome! That should become a movie. As nasty, violent and dark as that. What a MK movie should and would be like.
  • That Guy
    OMG please make it happen!
  • T
    I read this over at, explains pretty much all. It appears Latino Review is saying this is a test shoot that was done "for Warner Brothers to get funding for a full blown hard 'R' MK movie." They confirm it was Kevin Tancharoen who directed it, along with revealing most of the rest of the cast. This is more likely something the director pitched to Warner Bros himself along with some industry backers. If Warner Bros. wanted it made they wouldn't have leaked it especially if it differs much from the massive marketing plan that is about to launch for Mortal Kombat 9 next week. It's very likely it is a rejected pitch that the people behind it wanted to get out to drum up some support for their vision of a Mortal Kombat remake. This was pretty sicks and I hope they make the next movie.
  • n7
    @50. since when did mortal kombat ever have a deep story. for a mortal kombat movie the story needs to be simple and good and that's it cause mk was always about the fighting. If you don't like that then mk is not for you
  • Trey M
    #50.....shut up The only movies I seen with a better fight sequence where the Bourne Trilogy...that says alot about this clip 10 minute clip
  • Grapedrink
    #50.. So they may not like them using the clip for the teaser. but they ok it for show on Youtube... hmmmm.. you are basing your opinions on a Test piece which was made to showcase their ideas. Which means its not the entire story and it was only 1 fight scene to simply get their point across that there will be fighting in the movie with fatalities. like #54 said MK is not for you.
  • twispioust
    fwhoar that was amazing
  • Raj
    Look guys I love MK. It's just that they can do better than that. Its just that I was expecting some super natural stuff in the fight, the way it's in the games. As for the You tube clip. Putting something on Youtube maybe ok as its not for commercial use but its use in this trailer might trigger a use of Intellectual Property case. If this movie gets green lit and gets a multi-million dollar budget, do you think you would let anyone use your stuff for free and without permission? Chill out guys. My opinion will not change anything. Respect to all the keyboard warriors here. Nothing personal. But you know Hollywood hasn't done justice to most of these video game movies.
  • Ripper
    Pat, That was awesome. I hope they let them make a Full Length Hard R movie. That us the ONLY way to go.
  • Trey M
    #58....You missed the whole point of the idea...that's why you're in the EXTREME minority....MK has made like 2-3 movies based off the game...and ALL have been utter crap that felt like an insult to not only the game but we as patrons paying to view that crap. Whomever made this decided to take what we know of the charactres.....give it a fresh spin and put them in a somewhat realistic environment. Ex. why would the "god of lightening" be fighting a mortal man??? lol Anyway you expected to be "wowed" as if this was the early 90's and you were a kid in the arcade again....guess what...we that first used to play the game back in them days .....HAVE GROWN UP!!!!!!!....thats why when we saw this...the fresh take on it....the decent fight scene was refreshing you buddy are a simpleton
  • Hedgehog
    Hope this gets made. I've been hankerin' for a MK movie. The fact that Scorpion is the main character blows me away with awesome, Sub-Zero has always been the semi heroic feeling one. And his new "Scorpion" is cool, it's not so fake as it's been portrayed in the past, they made it into a functional weapon now, which i'm so happy about. Bring on the MK! We need a hard R MK movie.
  • David Valdez
    Holy Shit! This needs to be made! Fucking amazing!
  • Jimmy Love
    I would love to go see a full on movie if done like this, that was pretty freakin cool
  • Dreckent
    That was fucking awesome... and perfect. Dont change anything. Dont change the actors, dont change the style, dont try to make it better... its perfect. Just make the movie already!
  • Neva Evah
    Very Dark Knight-ish, but cool. FAR better than any video game adaptation to date....
  • Rusty
  • Jessguy12
    Pretty cool looking. I'm hoping the main factor in this being made is whether or not it can build up hype - clearly it can garnering almost a million views on youtube in two days. I'd love to see this made.
  • DoomCanoe
    this is all i've ever wanted but Lui kang better be in it
    MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!
  • spyder
    this is one HARDCORE movie, i cant wait to see this movie!!!!!!!
  • Sonya Blade
    Apparently Liu Kang won't be in it.. = / cause this is before his time.. which makes no sense.. but the guy thay plays as liu kang will be another character.. but one thing that doesn't make sense.. if this was before Liu Kangs time.. what about Sonya and Jax?? = / idk.. mad weird.. most of it is in there! Note on this movie being rated R.. OMFG!! Damn that would be fucking amazing! all the way!!! It would be similar to the game how the limbs break, etc. That'd be amazing!! I've been waiting for another movie since the end of the second one! but if they do a remake of both! (Great Idea) its like scrapping the other 2 movies and starting over.. cause in the second one johnny was dead at the beginning.. so... this movie is kinda interesting and a refreshing new twist! its a great Idea!!!
  • DoomCanoe
  • Sonya Blade
    @72 yeah def!! there are a lot of characters that weren't really awknowledges in the movies if not at all.. not as much as they should have been.. I'm pretty sure Quan Chi wasn't in any of them = /
  • blowtorch1919
    Would love to see this get made. It would have been awesome to see them make the first movies like this. It would have been all taboo kinda how the games were at first. I remember tricking my mom into buying the game then a week later taking it away after she walked in the room and me and a group of 10 year old boys were cheering while scorpion took his mask off and burned johnny cage to death then blood dripping letters showed up saying fatality. Based on memories like that I would most definately go see this movie.
  • blowtorch1919
    Would love to see this get made. It would have been awesome to see them make the first movies like this. It would have been all taboo kinda how the games were at first. I remember tricking my mom into buying the game then a week later taking it away after she walked in the room and me and a group of 10 year old boys were cheering while scorpion took his mask off and burned johnny cage to death then blood dripping letters showed up saying fatality. Based on memories like that I would most definately go see this movie.
  • Nick S.
    OH. MY. GAWD.
  • Brandon
    huge buzz could = actual movie!! for the record.. this concept looked kick ass
  • Now that's what I call a mortal kombat movie. I'm sold. I want to watch it NOW! Warner, please greenlit it and you wont be disappointed.
  • MK
    That was amazing quality, I'd definitely watch it if it was made in to a film.
  • Sean
  • Donza
    Fuck Yeahhhh!!!!!! That is awesome love the acting love the fight scenes love the violence. Just the way MK was suppose 2 b. God dam i hope it really happens.
  • MiKe M?
    Cant fuck with Baraka
  • Dino V.1
  • Nyarl
    I kinda enjoyed the first two MK movies, let us not forget, scorpion pulls his hood back to reveal ghost rider. Quan chi would be dope, along with goro.
  • Sonya Blade
    it would be awesome!!! but the movie is based on life events.. not realms based.. so they wont have all the awesome creatures and characters like the game which kinda sux.. but that's just what I've read.. but who knows what'll really happen!
  • brandon
    this looks sic!! i hope they do go through with this
  • Peace Love & GaGa
    @24 You're a moron. This was simply amazing.
  • Sonya Blade
    Yeah he/she is a moron but they're the ones missing out on something absolutely incredible.. their opinion is of no relevance really in comparison to everyone else that enjoys the idea of this actually becoming a movie!
  • DINK
    This is what I'm talking about.. This look Sic. I hope they come out wit the movie. looks better than the old one.
  • Ron
    This totally rocks. If the movie, if they make a movie, looks exactly like this with the same tone and mood, it will kick ass. I didnt see the last airbender but heard it was horrible so a good movie adaption would rock with this, some what of a real setting and not too gamey like the last two. Its nice to see the original guy who played Jakks was in this. I think he is the original Jakks...and it was nice to see the lady who played 7 as Sonya in it as well...
  • Sonya Blade
    Hunny thats not the original Sonya! GAH it makes me angry that she isnt in it = / it sux!!! She was awesome! Well... Perfect for the role! hoehnstly.. and the new Sonya in the second one.. not so good... and idk.. im not too thrilled about the new Sonya... Gah.. = / idk if its actually the first Jax.. but his role is a bit different.. a detective??... interesting...




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