Must Watch: Wonderful Trailer for Sofia Coppola's Somewhere

June 14, 2010
Source: Apple

Sofia Coppola's Somewhere Trailer

Focus Features has debuted the first official trailer for Sofia Coppola's new film Somewhere in high def on Apple. Somewhere stars Stephen Dorff as a "bad-boy actor" stumbling through life who lives in excess at the famous Chateau Marmont hotel, but an unexpected visit from his 11-year-old daughter, played by Elle Fanning, forces him to reexamine his life. I think this looks truly wonderful, potentially a strong awards contender as well, and definitely a superb return to form for Sofia Coppola. The music in this was perfect as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing it, expect to totally love it in the end. Watch the new trailer below!

Watch the official trailer for Sofia Coppola's Somewhere:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the trailer for Somewhere in High Definition on Apple

Somewhere was both written and direct by Oscar winning American filmmaker Sofia Coppola, daughter of the legendary Francis Ford Coppola. She previously directed The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, and Marie Antoinette, and won the Oscar in 2004 for writing Lost in Translation. This was shot last year in the actual Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood and features a few cameo appearances as well. We expect the film to premiere at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals in the fall. Focus Features is bringing Somewhere to theaters on December 22nd later this year, the perfect time to unleash a stellar awards film. Thoughts?

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  • movie mike
    What's so great about this. Its just yet anither kid bonding movie. NEXT!
  • Moviegimp
    Stephen Dorff in a non B movie WHAT!?! It looks good, I've liked her other films. Unlike those other kid bonding films #1 this doesn't look like a stupid, lowest common denominator, flick.
  • Lord of Cinema
    Wow!!! Stephen Dorf…congratulations! Welcome back from DTV hell! You haven't showed any real acting since The Power of One! You might want to pay attention Val Kilmer & Cuba Gooding Jr.!
  • Really Movie Mike? I guess we really have some opposite tastes in film because this looks like the best trailer I've seen in a long time; no dialogue, but you know the general premise and the extreme close ups really showed me how the actors got lost in the emotional words on the paper. The trailer alone brought a tear to my eye, but maybe that's just because my daughter was born 10 weeks ago and I can relate to the drastic alteration in life choices (even if I'm not a A list playboy like Dorff). Anyone know what that song was? I loved every minute of it...
  • Enna
    For me its looks great. the story may be the usual but the way that you tell it is what matters.
  • movie mike
    Im not saying the movie looks bad. It just looks generic. But we'l see
  • JP
    Um guys, Stephen Dorff was in Public Enemies.
  • I liked Dorff in felon, that was a pretty under rated film I reckon. The trailer looks well shot and arty enough, but the content is blaaaaah. It has a 'it's hard being incredibly famous and troubled living hotels, it's so tough.' I'll watch it though, I'm sure it'll look and sound like a great film.
  • the kids are od'ing are the movies worth seeing just dad and his daughter living midst the slaughter drinkin perrier water another girl/dad bonding film its a heartfelt thrill the chateau maremont were people are wont to pig out and then od gee isn't hollywood fun and this is prodigy fare? fookin no where
  • leinergroove
    "nothing happens, but you're still comfortable watching it." That's the kind of atmosphere that Sofia Coppola tends to create, and it works pretty darn good (the music is important too, that is another component of the formula).
  • John Doe
  • bob harris
    meh. i liked this movie better when it was called "lost in translation." ... for relaxing times, make it suntory time.
  • le frogs
    I'd be willing to bet SC got a great deal on the featured music by Phoenix.
  • Quanah
    The content of Lost in Translation looked "blah" Crapola, and that film was a masterpiece.
  • Jaf
    I feel like it'll stand out on its own apart from Lost in Translation. But that's just me.
  • Xerxex
    This was me while the trailer :),My heart needs warming, I'm in. Glad to see Stephen Dorff again, and Elle Fanning. Eventhough there are sooooo many Father/Daugher repairing plotlines they never get old, it all comes down to how you tell it.
  • Hi guys! Can you help about title of the second track that was played on the trailer?
  • Nick
    The song in the trailer is called "You Only Live Once". It is a demo by the band The Strokes.
  • Nick
    Whoops! I misspoke it is called "I'll Try Anything Once".
  • Got it, Thanks much Nick!
  • @ Quanah. I quite liked Lost in translation, I watched it after visiting Japan and had a few incidents similar to those in the film which made them all the more amusing. I wouldn't call the film a masterpiece though, it was like a film set, well crafted and visually sound from the outside but on closer inspection internally hollow.
  • Shelby
    thats a slower version of the song. But still nice movie looks pretty interesting cant wait to see it!
  • coswell
    This looks just great! Ive loved everything Sofia Coppola has done this far, so i cannot wait for this one. The trailer is just perfection.
  • beavis
    how is that "must watch"?? the music/song is horrible and the movie doens't look much better. the story has been done before (and seemingly better). right now, based on this trailer - i have ZERO interest in this movie.
  • butliere
    Lost in Translation II
  • Lincoln
    Elle Fanning is an awesome actress <3 She's a good enough reason to check out any movie.
  • chilin
    looks good. it'll be a good home movie when i take a day off work just to veg...
  • twispious
    forget the film,this trailer alone will be in the running for best short film. BUT elle fanning looks completely lackluster and expressionless,I know she's a child,and I guess a prelude to scarlett's role in LIT,but scarlett was alive and full of words in a way that required no speech,elle fanning just seems abysmal. AH well I'll end up watching this a dozen times anyway,a sofia coppola film is a treat for the inner eye.
  • J.J.
    The song is "Love Like a Sunset (part 2)" by Phoenix from their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. The band also did the score for the movie, and the lead singer is actually Sofia Coppola's husband.
  • antioch
    looks pretty good, but I disagree about the music.. it was horrendous
  • Turd Sandwich
    That made me want to take a nap
  • KP
    BILL MURRAY= famous dude stuck in a hotel depressed meets a young female and regains some sort of feeling in his life STEPHEN DORFF= famous dude stuck in a hotel depressed meets a young female and regains some sort of feeling in his life wait...... oh yeah! Bill Murray was Japan with an unrelated married woman, this time it's Stephen Dorff in the US with his DAUGHTER, phew I thought it was the same movie or something
  • imdb
    yaaawn. What'd I miss?
  • Eli
    I'm not comparing this to anything else. I really don't see why it was hyped up like this man. unless of course you're a fan of Stephen dorff or Elle Fanning. It just seemed like, whatever. If it is a contender for anything, it'll probably be for the acting. And that's not to say that copla isn't talented either.
  • Kevin
    Good for Stephen Dorff... I've always liked him as an actor but he never gets any decent roles. This looks like it will be very sweet.
  • Kevin
    And #29 is wrong... definitely the Strokes.
  • ben chacko
    i love this. i can't wait to see it.
  • KingOfTapWater
    Check out the guy in the background when they are playing guitar hero. That is none other than Chris Pontius (sp?) from jackass!
  • Concourse D
    I'm in.
  • Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large
    Did the studio give you a hat and shirt for this boffo review or did they send you a gift basket?
  • Randol
    Am I the only person that didn't like Lost in Translation? Boring and creepy are the words that come to mind with the film. I feel like Coppola's films, this one included just from the trailer, are overindulgent and give a sense of being pompous and better than the viewer. I get sick of this crud from Hollywood.
  • Coppola always have a good sense to put together sadness and hope.. good trailer...
  • Ells
    Finally... a trailer that doesn't tell you EVERYTHING.
  • Jimbone
    but we've seen this. a million times.
  • Mickeys Malt Liquor
    I thought this might be good until Steven Dorff was described as an actor.
  • Corey Haim
    Sam Worthington has got the Dorff thing down to a T. Just uncanny.
  • Oktomat
    There's two songs in the Trailer starts out with Phoenix as comment #29 stated than it switches to The strokes as the wise man in comment #18 and #19 pointed out. Cmon guys! It's obvious! Best Regards, Oktomat P.S. Watched the movie, found it pretty "boring" but still very enjoyable. Donno sometimes a good boring movie does it for me!
  • s
    re: 43 - that is because there is NOTHING to tell.




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