Neveldine/Taylor Directing Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance?

June 15, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Ghost Rider

It's time for Ghost Rider: High Voltage! Heat Vision reports that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the crazy filmmakers behind Crank, Gamer, and Crank: High Voltage, are now in "early negotiations" to direct the Ghost Rider sequel titled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance at Sony. We've been hearing a bit about this sequel, written by David S. Goyer, being in development (and that Cage wants to reboot it), but this is the first I've ever heard of Neveldine/Taylor's involvement. If this all comes together, I honestly think this is the first step in the right direction for potentially re-igniting the Ghost Rider franchise in a very badass way.

Unfortunately, details on this are vague, such as if this might mean that we'll get an R-rated Ghost Rider? Cage already is, obviously, "in early negotiations" to reprise his role as Johnny Blaze. But sadly, "plot details are under wraps" and they don't know "if any other character from the previous movie will return." Oh and "the duo may do a rewrite, although that has not been determined at this stage." So we know pretty much nothing new about this. But Sony does want this to be shooting by "late fall." I'd like to see that happen as well, but I'm sure a lot has to come together for that to all work out. But maybe they'll be able to pull it off?

I like the idea of Neveldine/Taylor doing Ghost Rider because they have such gritty, crazy, intense ideas that actually mesh with the Ghost Rider mythology in a good way that could revive this character. The last movie, directed by Mark Steven Johnson, was too comic book sleek and seriously lame, so we need guys like this to really amp it up and take on the devilish character with some ferocity. Who knows if it'll work out, because I'm sure Sony will get a bit edgy once they start pitching some of their wild 'n crazy ideas, but I'm still hoping they finalize a deal for this soon! So what do you guys think? Are Neveldine & Taylor the right choice?

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  • movie mike
    Honestly, they are the best fit for this property. Hell to the yes, indeed!
  • Spider94
    yesssss finally someone who has an idea to make this better!!!!!! i would also kinda would like them to do an adaption of ghost rider:road to damnation that was friggin awesome!!!
  • meatcarnage
    See that sounds promising.. You'll see me at the theater if the trailer looks "Cranky" or "Crank-esque". Oh, that and keep nicholas cage far... far.. away from this project
  • Rops
    Neveldine/Taylor? HELL YES! And as long as Cage keeps up his decent acting and not his cheesy blah Wicker Man acting, then I won't mind him in it either.
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    I enjoyed the first one and it looks like they are going in the right direction for the next one.
  • Jimmy Love
    as long as Sony's involved it will still be crap
  • Get rid of Cage and I'll buy my ticket TONIGHT.
  • If they get this gig than it will definitely be hard R. I seriously don't think that Nevaldine and Taylor know how to make a film any other way...and that's a complement. This just made it to my radar which is crazy because the first one was horrendous.
  • DRM
    Okay, the first Ghost Rider movie wasn't THAT bad. It's a movie about a biker who's head is a burning skull. That's like 90% of the appeal right there. The first movie had that, so props where props are due. Now, if they could put a "biker who's head is a burning skull" into a decent PLOT along with it, then that's even more awesome. ---
  • Hale18
    I dont get the excitment..Gamer was one of the worse movies ive ever seen and crank and crank 2 was ok for what they were but nothing special. Add Cage and its going to blow all over again
  • mandarin
    I thought Rebooting also includes changing actors? Get rid of Cage
  • sir rockalot
    jensen ackles for johnny blaze!!!he would rock ultimate!!! think about it
  • Cracky
    God damn this is a righteous step in the right direction. Lose Cage. The guy is a total dick.
  • sb
    stone cold steve austin for the role of ghostrider! haha jk.. yeah Neveldine & Taylor are the right choice for this. PLEASE get rid of Eva mendes though.
  • vold
    Drop Cage and this will be a great movie. Good directors to choose. Seriously.
  • Jimmy Love
    Marvel needs this not sony




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