New Riddick Sequel, Titled Just Riddick, Officially on the Way

February 11, 2010


I don't know what it is with Universal and shortening titles. Some genius there must think that by removing more words from an upcoming sequel's title, it'll do better. They just renamed Fast and the Furious 5 (as it should be called) to just Fast Five. And now Variety says they've named the next Chronicles of Riddick sequel just Riddick. Come on, you can't sell a movie with more words in its title? Anyway, there's nothing really new in this announcement, they're just saying that the next movie is now officially in the works, so expect it in theaters in 2011 (most likely). And yes, Vin Diesel will be back, but we already knew that, too.

Franchise creator David Twohy will be back to direct the script he wrote, however we're not sure which one it is they're using. My hope is that Universal decided to go with the R-rated one that's darker and edgier, or else this is guaranteed to be worse than Chronicles of Riddick. Variety says that they've heard from insiders that "the third outing will hew closer in tone to the cult hit Pitch Black and will focus on the character of Riddick as opposed to the universe he inhabits." Good to hear, but I'm still weary, since I love the character of Riddick and Pitch Black, but didn't like Chronicles of Riddick. Hoping for a return to form in this one!

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  • atg2040
    I'm Down, Bring It!
  • Janny
    Although i thought pitch black was ok, but i enjoyed chronicles of riddick far more. It was fast paced, fun and had kind of a firefly vibe to it. I don't really see how they do anohter sequel and return to a more pitch black type of movie as the end of chronicles kinda put riddick in quite the powerful position but as i always seem to say, you can never have too much sci fi (unless its emMerich doing Foundation)
  • NSX
    Can't wait. I actually enjoyed both Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick, Chronicles more so. Two different tones between the movie. But, Chronicles was more entertaining and I liked the universe and mythology of the movie. The Furyans, elementals, and the Underverse. It was a guilty pleasure kind of movie.
  • Dark Fist
    YESSSSS! Best news I've heard all day! (Hearing about Bubo is second best)
  • RC
    I don't care what anyone says, I like the Riddick franchise. Pitch Black, Chronicles, and both the Butcher Bay and Dark Athena video games ranged from good to great (Pitch Black and Butcher Bay being great). I'm excited for any more Riddick.
  • Sam
    Alex, Did you see the directors cut of Chronicles of Riddick? It was actually very different storyline wise. And Chronicles of Riddick has a HUGE following even tho its diff from pitch black. I can't wait for more riddick!
  • Xerxex
  • awesome. besides Riddick himself the world was very creative and has a lot of potential to be even more interesting. oh come on make it 3D, lol
  • I'm another that can't wait for Riddick, and I have no problem with the one word title. I also remember Diesel saying that there's no way they were going to agree to make the film unless it would be R-rated, so I'm hoping they stuck to their guns on that. Looking forward to this film, whenever they decide to make/release it.
  • Nuika
    can't wait, love vin diesel and loved pitch black, I also actually liked Chronicles of Riddick just not as much. It is actually out of character for me, but I do hope it's darker and rated-R. This needs to put Vin Diesel higher in the acting rank. He's good, really but poorly executed movies taint his reputation ac actor *Babylon A.D.* Riddick should set him on fire again. I simply can't wait. This bit of news made my day.
  • Vold
    Chronicles of Riddick is one of my all time favorite movies. Pitch Black was ok. Definately looking forward to a third movie.
  • tir na nog
    Cant wait,I love the chronicles of Riddick.
  • subcelsious
    They should make a butcher bay kinda movie , you know takem to his prison days and how he got in the slam and all the bulls%$# he had to deal with.
  • Smakatac
    This is great news loved both films, cant wait for another :) Chronicles of Riddick never deserved the c!*p it took !!
  • Fisherr
    I hope it's a direct sequel to chronicles. I really can't wait to see MR. Diesel back in action as Rich Riddick.
  • Travis
    "Come on, you can't sell a movie with more words in its title?" Well, I'm sure you could, but would more words be an improvement? It would seem that one-word titles didn't affect any of these films. Avatar Titanic Gladiator Braveheart Rocky Patton Alien Aliens Jaws Vertigo Psycho Pinocchio Aladdin Up Wall-E Scream Ghost Dodgeball Cliffhanger Rambo Commando Predator Glory Hitch Goodfellas Arachnophobia Twister Speed Halloween Casablanca Footloose Unforgiven Shrek Taken Tombstone Platoon Spartacus Milk Ray Capote
  • Cody
    Awesome, Ive always loved Riddick as a character, lets get some serious shiv action in this one and Ill be satisfied.
  • Jimmy Love
    I hope they do the one where they go to the underverse. so that they can do the one where Riddick brings back the girl the priest his family and his entire race.
  • Jyt
  • Cineprog
    What Wrong with the title Riddick? That what it is called Riddick. I like these films with Vin Deasel shall look forward to hearing more on the Riddick film.
  • yumyumfish
    i thought that the chronicles of riddick was even better than pitch black. Riddick was at his best and it was less cheap and had less language and it was much more epic, less depressing and genuinly more enjoyable. I am very dissapointed that they're going back to the basics. BRING ON THE ADVENTURE! WHO'S WITH ME?
  • jake the snake
    I'm with yumyumfish I prefered The Chronicles of Riddick over Pitch Black because of the epic scale of the movie and was hoping for more of that.
    i can't fucking wait for this,pitch black is a sci-fi classic great stuff,the chronicles of riddick was very good in it's own right,looking forward to the next riddick movie should be good let's get the ball rolling.
  • florian
    this is gonna be riddickulous
  • Richard
    Chronicles was awesome fool.
  • Hilander
    This makes me very happy ... very happy, indeed!
  • Xerxex
    nice florian, :)
  • Frank N. Stein
    I must concur with the masses on this one... Pitch Black was a great film...dark and original in it's flavor... Chronicles of Riddick was an excellent sequel...taking the main character and adding a previously-unknown backstory that enhanced both his attitude and appearance, and also explained his abilities... You keep what you kill.
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    Well...It could have been a worse one-word title. They could have called it Rid, or Dick.
  • Beta Ray Bill
    Pitch Black was better than Chronicles. Glad to see another Riddick adventure though,
  • yh
    Chronicles was... cheesy. Riddick is a character that could really have a long run if they can manage to avoid the cheese. So far, they're doing quite well, with one good movie (Pitch Black) and one good game (Escape From Butcher Bay). Their hit rate with sequels however hasn't been so good, so we'll see how this one turns out.
  • Bekki
    Go Riddick! Hope Toombs is brought back too!
  • petie
    Chronicles of Riddick was Great, Pitch Black good. They should continue the sequence which is in chronilogical order already! What happens with Riddick as the ruler of the underverse!?!
  • Felixmary1
    this was the greatest news ever. but i knew they were going to make the next one, just not when. cant wait.
  • Huge Chronicles Fan
    Personally I didn't find the movie Pitch Black enjoyable at all and watch the Chronicles of Riddick because it was there to be watched. Only to be BLOWN away by the universe that was created for it. The ending of Chronicles had me hoping for a series of films. 7 yesrs later it looks like the studio may have caught on but if they return to the depthless world created for pitch black it will be a waste of time. Here is hoping for more details on the edgy universe created for the Chronicles!
  • Riddick Fan
     I'm with Huge Chronicles Fan, Janny, NSX, and Yumyumfish.  I have been waiting for Riddick's return ever since '04.  It is TIME! 
  • Anonymous
    Everyone of these Riddick related stories I read have the author knocking the Chronicles movie as being bad.  It is one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies and reading the comments on this site and others I find almost everyone agrees it was at least good.  If these writers are basing their movie opinions on box office reciepts alone their opinion really isn't worth a whole lot
  • Kidoyano
    The Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black were both good in their own right to me.
  • Jacquido2
    I am glad that another sequel is in the making. I loved both Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick...I am a Riddick fanatic. I also am hoping that it is dark, x-rated and a spin off of Chronicles.




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