New Trailer for Christian Alvart's Supernatural Movie 'Case 39'

August 19, 2010
Source: Apple

Case 39 Trailer

Wow, talk about a huge delay. This was filmed back in 2006. And in the meantime, its director - Christian Alvart - has gone on to direct and release another film, Pandorum, and is already working on his next sci-fi project - Captain Future. Apple has just debuted another brand new trailer for Christian Alvart's Case 39, a supernatural thriller starring Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper and, oh yea, Ian frickin' McShane, plus the little girl from Silent Hill, Jodelle Ferland. We ran a trailer for it once before back in early '09, but that got pulled by the studio, so this is the new official trailer that you can watch if you're interested in it.

Watch the brand new trailer for Christian Alvart's Case 39:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the new Case 39 official trailer in High Definition on Apple

This centers on an idealistic social worker (Renée Zellweger) who helps save an abused 10-year-old girl (Jodelle Ferland) from her parents only to discover that the girl is not as actually innocent as she thinks.

Case 39 is directed by German filmmaker Christian Alvart, of Curiosity & the Cat and Antibodies previously, as well as the sci-fi thriller Pandorum. The screenplay was written by Ray Wright of 2006's Pulse previously as well as last year's remake of The Crazies. This was actually shot in Vancouver back in 2006 and has been in post-production ever since. Paramount is finally, after years, bringing Case 39 to theaters October 1st.

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  • Voice of Reason
    Wow, Renee looks like crap in that still.....and thats the most i took away from this post.
  • trey m
    wow I seen this ages ago!
  • Holy baby Christ on the cross, that was a long trailer. Pretty much whole story in trailer type deal, didn't the original trailer make it seem more like the girl herself was evil? I'll watch this on tv in 3 years.
  • Dell F.
    Yeah I agree with Trey, I've seen this movie a loooooong time ago and it's genuinely terrible. I'm not being an internet troll and saying something to get a rise out of everyone. This movie is legitimately bad.
  • PinkSushit
    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA holy crap this flick came out 28 August 2009 in europe .
  • jay
    meh. i will wait for it to come out on netflix.
  • 4k4k
    I remember watching this trailer back in 2009 and always wondered what happened to it. Well here it is, probably won't be checking this out.
  • ryderup
    I already rented this in Sweden... some time ago... (sucked)
  • Yonix
    I've seen this movie a couple of months back in the movietheatre, and I can say that it didn't really impress me. I even found it funny at times, which I guess isn't a good thing.
  • beavis
    i concur with #6. on the surface, this doesn't look like much - but, if there is enough back-story into why this bad shit follows the girl, it'll be an ok rental.............but, i'm honestly not expecting much.
  • Eli
    i agree beavis. Needs more story. I mean how many times can we watch people be horrified on screen and not really not know why. I like the cast though so I'd give it a go. Pandourm had its moments but it was just a tad below average. Chris isn't a horrible director but he could definately use some improvement.
  • Bee
    i rented this in mexico and aside from the first 20 minutes it's a pretty serious piece of shit. bradley cooper has a pretty sweet death scene though. and by "sweet" i mean absurd. and by "absurd" i mean laughable.
  • Bee
    p.s. spoiler alert
  • jah p
    Okay, I get now Paramount wants to release this movie after how successful "The Orphan" was and all the hype that the new "Don't be afraid of the Dark" is getting! It looks good though btw!lol
  • Robbie
  • Freddy
    haha... I got it on Blu-Ray like 2 months ago..
  • p liu
    Another one of those trailers where the whole film is shown -no surprises. What's the point in watching now?
  • haha
    lmao does that little girl ever grow up?
  • ocp
    I heard the studio was trying to fight off those Pirates, its hard to keep them at Bay
  • alabastro
    i saw this movie last year, because i live in mexico and this film was released here but not take the trailer very seriously, maybe you will be dissapointed at the end... and pandorum is so much better
  • dRailer
    Is it me or is Renée Zellweger slowly morphing into Zoe from 24?
  • Xerxex
    nah, I'll see it one tv at like 3:00 a.m. like I did with Mirrors.
  • Uh oh.
  • McWilly
    lol Downloading now : )
  • beavis
    #11 - eli, didn't you think the ending of pandorum was just BEGGING for a sequel? i would love to see the survivors exploring that new world. a prequel would be good too - in order to fill in all the pandorum story gaps. #22 - xerxex, mirrors got me on a netflix rental - i couldn't believe how that movie could look so good in a trailer (and have a cool sounding story) yet end up being so terrible.
  • Eli
    It was definately open to one. The movie seriously creeped me out though. No though. You see, it wasn't about their mission so much as it was about the happenings with the deadly creatures on board and how they dealt with them. Do you know what a sequel would result in? Lost all over again. I didn't see season six so... but yeah. They're in this strange place exploring and finding hatches and stuff. It would go south pretty quickly if you asked me, especially if their were natives already on the land or another alien race. There wasn't much chemestry with her and him either. Pandorum was one of those films that seemed to keep on the low down yet I could watch it again.
  • Steve Bronfman
    This came out in Australia years ago. Its not a bad movie.
  • It's just a rehashed formula: Woman. Girl. Evil. End credits. See?
  • ConnachtFan
    The kid is in fact an evil demon, Renee Squinteger drives the car into the ocean to kill the demon.... and you see the demon's clawed arm ( cheesy effects ) grab her from the rear of the car... but Renee swims to the surface left to contemplate why her carerer has gone down the toilet...roll credits.
  • trey m
    lol @ 29 spoiling the movie the bedroom scene was coo though
  • Xerxex
    @beavis it had potential, then is crumbled.
  • arjones
    I thought Pandorum would suck but I ended up really liking it. I thought this had already came and went to the dvd graveyard. It doesn't seem like it would hold my interest long enough to see the whole thing. But maybe it never knows. Depends on my mood at the time.
  • sammygirl
    yeah I thought they could have done a little more with was pretty good but I think Fragile will def be my fav thriller of the year...totally didn't see the end coming
  • Derek
    Seing smug Bradley die was the best thing about this movie.




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