Norton & DeNiro in Theatrical Trailer for John Curran's Stone

July 21, 2010
Source: Apple

Stone Trailer

Overture Films has released the first official trailer for the dramatic thriller Stone starring Edward Norton, Robert DeNiro and Milla Jovovich. In this trailer it's clear that Norton is continuing on his pattern of wholly unique and defined characters completely different than previous roles. It's a bit reminiscent of Sean Penn's turn in Dead Man Walking, but here, Norton has to contend with DeNiro who is still a mighty presence on screen. Jovovich spices it up a bit for a thriller that looks tense and even quite erotic. Director John Curran has shown a knack for isolated dramas like We Don't Live Here Anymore, so this should be very interesting.

Watch the official trailer for John Curran's Stone:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the official trailer for Stone in High Definition on Apple

A convicted arsonist (Norton) tries to manipulate his way out of the prison by having his wife (Jovovich) seduce his parole officer (De Niro) before eventually playing a dangerous psychological game with him.

Stone is directed by American filmmaker John Curran, who started out in TV commercials and previously directed the films Praise, We Don't Live Here Anymore and The Painted Veil. The original screenplay was written by Angus MacLachlan, of the indie sensation Junebug previously. This was shot last year mostly in Michigan and is being released by Overture Films in the US. Stone arrives in theaters starting October 8th.

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  • wrongturn687
    Looks pretty good and how can you not want to see Edward Norton with braids. :)
  • Kevin
    My guess, Milla did it and Norton's character is protecting her. DeNiro gets Norton freed and Milla imprisoned. Norton kills DeNiro.
  • jvj590
    He gave up HULK for this?????
  • jvj590
    Not really, looks good. I will see anything he is in.
  • Xerxex
    Jovovich has really come up in the acting game, Norton and DeNiro are always good.
  • Eli
    Definately. She's finally proven herself. I mean she looks as good as she's gonna get here. Norton and Deniro were awesome. It definately played with your mind. Let's hope the final product lives up to the potential.
  • Bash
    Thirded - fair play to Mila for getting what looks like a good role with some real acting talent.
  • McWilly
    There is something about Jovovich that captures my attention, no matter how shitty or awesome the movie. It's not just cause she is f'n hot (she is f'n hot!). I'm not sure what it is.? There is tons of hotty actresses and beter actresses at that, but only a few intrigue me like her. hmmmm, yeah it's prob cause she's f'n hot! Ok ok enough stalkin. Ill def. Net Flix it at the least.
  • Dyi
    Milla Jovovich captured my full attention in The Fifth Element. Norton and DeNiro are always good on screen. I just hope these three can equal each other out, acting wise that is.
  • Mat
    #3, he didn't give up Hulk, he got kick off of it by Marvel Studios saying he's not a good actor to work(a dick apparently) with and even worse with a group such as the upcoming Avengers.
  • Stan
    Ummm... you blokes can try, but director John Curren is an Aussie! Catch up with an early movie of his Priase for the LSD scene particularly!
  • beavis
    DeNiro and Norton........enough said - i'm there opening night.
  • Tranceghost
    I saw this in a screening, and grant it it was still being edited it felt really slow, at sometimes i just wanted it to be over. some people walked out but i stuck through it. even the musical score was a bit off. sometimes i was thinking what the hell is going on. great actors but bad movie.
  • Ben
    De Niro returning to the game and Norton up to his usual tricks... I am fucking sold. Looks outstanding.
  • @14 I'm sold as well. I love it when Norton plays a tough guy.
  • Craig
    #3 Even if he had given up his role as Hulk as The Avengers instead of being fired from it, there's still no conflict. The Avengers hasn't even started filming yet, and Stone has is already finished.
  • Traveler
    Okay, Norton and De Niro - yeah yeah yeah they're always good, but there is definitely something about Jovovich in this trailer. It looks like she did a damn good job in this role! I'm really only intrigued because of her presence.
  • ryderup
    "contend with DeNiro who is still a mighty presence on screen" He is a joke of himself (generally) Will see this trailer when my connection gets up to speed again. Intrigued by the combo of actors I must say.
  • Dota Dee
  • Deathtoll 2010
    Ethan, do your homework, man. DeNiro and Norton were in a movie called The Score, and I think Norton did a great job playing opposite DeNiro, even stealing most of the scenes they shared. Norton has always delivered, DeNiro has been iffy as of late, and Milla is always a wild card. It will be interesting to see how the three play off of each other.
  • Me
    This trailer is old i remember seeing it earlier this year.
  • beavis
    you're right, deathtoll........"the score" was excellent. that's one of the reasons i was excited to see these guys work together again.
  • Dreamer
    DeNiro and Norton teaming up again? I like it. I think the film The Score was underrated with those two in it.
  • jvj590
    #16, i know that. i was just making a comment!
  • 00998
    hate when they give away the wholeeee movie with the trailer
  • Fisherr
    The synopsis as a concept is great, hope it plays out well.
  • jont
    finally milla FINALLY! she looks bad ass in this
  • The Man With No Name
    yes yes
  • cheezy c
    i'm in! it looks pretty good!
  • Cody w
    Nortons in it im in.
  • Jimmy Love
    I'll see this for De Niro & Jovovich But screw norton
  • Evo
    @ #20 My thoughts exactly.
  • james
    i saw the first pic then thought american history x, but its not like that at all could be good but need to see if they can raise the emotional stakes in the film because at the moment, fine actors though they are (norton and de niro are amazing) i need to see if the story pulls me in
  • chilin
    correct me if i'm wrong. norton never won an oscar?
  • jvj590
    #34, your right. He was only nominated for American History X.
  • ihateyouropinions
    The cast is great. Robert De Niro and Edward Norton are always phenomenal. Hopefully for Edward this will make up for Leaves of Grass. I'm a huge fan a Milla Jovovich but i agree she is a wild card. Shes is good when it comes to playing someone who is a manipulator for example in .45 shes was great although the movie isnt all that good. I agree though that the film seems like it will be boring and the trailer reveals a lot and seems predictable. Hopefully Curran can pull it off.
  • blah blah
    wow, that was not what i was expencting before i clicked play. this looks really interesting.
  • Enarukun
    Hi fellas! I've just signed up and wanna say hi to all the guys/gals of this board!




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