Official Trailer for Jesse Eisenberg Drug Drama Holy Rollers

April 9, 2010
Source: YouTube

Holy Rollers Trailer

First Independent Pictures has debuted the official trailer for Kevin Asch's Holy Rollers starring Justin Bartha and Jesse Eisenberg as two Hasidic Jews who helped bring millions of ecstasy pills in from Europe. As good as this trailer may look, this is not a good film, as I saw it at Sundance and it's pretty boring. I was expecting a comedy going in, but it was a straight drama with no direction, and it's all over the place with its story. Sadly, Holy Rollers is one of those Sundance films you don't want to admit you saw because it was so bad. I'm featuring this anyway in case a few of you are interested, but I don't suggest seeing this in theaters.

Watch the official trailer for Kevin Asch's Holy Rollers:

In Brooklyn, a youth from an Orthodox Jewish community is lured into becoming an Ecstasy dealer by his pal who has ties to an Israel drug cartel. This also features Ari Graynor, Jason Fuchs and rapper Q-Tip.

Holy Rollers is directed by aspiring first-time feature filmmaker Kevin Asch of only the comedy short film Characters from 2005 previously. The screenplay was written by Antonio Macia, of only the drama Anne B. Real previously. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and was later bought by the micro-indie company First Independent Pictures for US distribution. They are bringing Holy Rollers to limited theaters starting on May 21st this summer, with an expansion planned, but I doubt it'll pick up.

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  • notes
    Yeah, I loved it at Sundance. Thought it was great.
  • eric
    saw it at's meh... i wouldn't suggest seeing it in theatres either.
  • Ben
    Did I see Donald Sutherland in there?
  • Q-tip from Tribe Called Quest? Damn he must desperate.
  • Xerxex
    Is there really a rapper names Q-Tip? I'd like to see how Bartha and Eisenberg do paired together, I'll rent it for wait Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are closed in my part of the good ole U.S. so I'll stream it.
    what kinda name is Q-Tip??? weak sauce like this movie 😛
  • Finer Things Club
    Q-tip has done a few movies. He was never a favorite rapper of mine. (too postive) The movie doesnt sound too good, I remember watching a documentary on this Amish/Drug thing a few years ago. I'll wait til Encore gets it.
  • beavis
    xerxex, i can't believe you don't use netflix?! and #7.........what's wrong with rap being positive? on topic: this doesn't look terrible. i'll see it on dvd for sure.
  • DiR3cT
    I'll give it a look but it will be next year before Australia gets a DVD release.
  • Aaron
    Why is Jesse Eisenberg always paired up with a girl WAYYYY out of his league??? I mean Kristen Stewart in Adventureland, Emma Stone in Zombieland, and now this girl in this movie. The guy's really weird looking, and when he's paired with a regualtion hottie in a movie it makes the story less-believable. It's perplexing to me.
  • Aaron
    BTW, the trailer actually looks pretty good. Based on what Alex said about the film, I thought it would suck, but the trailer actually got me a little interested in the movie. I still might wait until it comes out on DVD, I'm not sure yet.
  • eric
    @11 well in Zombieland, there are slim pickings in men and women so that could be believable and in this movie, she's a druggy and actually the "girlfriend" of the boss but fools around with him...I think it works im this movie....but I haven't seen Adventureland so I don't know about that.
  • Xerxex
    beavis I know! I just haven't moved up yet!
  • Yeah Finer Things Club, what's wrong with rap being positive?
  • YK
    This limp noodle of an actor ruined Zombieland. I can't imagine seeing another movie with him in a lead role.
  • MFer
    i saw this at the philly film fest last night. very, very disappointing. not worth the price of admission at all.
  • awesome
    Does any one know the name of that techno song playing at the end of the trailer?
  • arjones
    I may accidentally watch it on cable.
  • floppytall
    # 17 The songs called: "dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun err dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dundundundundundundundundundun er er er er er er ER ER ER ER ER ER der der der der derrr" It's very popular.
  • Yaniv
    This trailer looks as boring as you describe the movie to be.
  • The trailer looks good, doesn't look like a bad movie, still you have seen it so.. anyways I'll wait for the dvd.




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