Oscars Disqualify Clint Mansell's Score for 'Black Swan' & Others

December 21, 2010
Source: Award Central

Oscar Scores Disqualified

While it does seem like quite an injustice, the ruling isn't all that surprising. Award Central is reporting that several motion picture scores have been disqualified from being considered for the Oscar for Best Original Score. In all cases, it's not a lack of quality, but rather an abundance of unoriginal music. The four films that will not be getting an Oscar love include Clint Mansell's haunting yet beautiful score for Black Swan, Carter Burwell's compositions for True Grit and the less prominent scores for both The Fighter and The Kids Are All Right. For details on why these scores have been disqualified from awards contention, keep reading below.

In the case of Black Swan and True Grit, they have both been excluded because they exist as "scores diluted by the use of tracked themes or other pre-existing music." Black Swan is adapted from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, and no matter how much creativity and beauty his score brought to the film, it's simply not "original" enough. The same can be said for True Grit which apparently bases most of its music on 19th century hymns and is therefore not sufficiently "original" as well. On the other end of the spectrum, apparently The King's Speech, which raised concerns because of prominent unoriginal classical-music excerpts, has been deemed eligible for the awards.

Meanwhile, both The Kids Are All Right (also composed by Burwell) and The Fighter (composed by Michael Brook) have been disqualified as scores that are "diminished in impact by the predominant use of songs." Since both of the film use various songs that make up more of a soundtrack than the motion picture score, these films apparently don't have enough music composed specifically for the film to be considered for an Oscar.  With several Best Picture contenders' scores out of the running, it's open season for any other composers to get the award this year. Maybe Alexandre Desplat will get two nominations for both The King's Speech and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. Anyone disappointed by this news?

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  • Knawx
    Sounds fair to me. Rules are rules.
  • Harry
    It all sounds reasonable. I would rather know who will be nominated. I surtain Inception will be one of the nominees and maybe TRON Legacy too.
  • lane
  • leinergroove
    Agree. And if you ask me, the Inception soundtrack with all its dramatic aspects, is the one I remember the most during 2010...
  • nethaneld
    I think Black Swan was amazing, but Inception had a memorable horn section that everyone knows and has made fun of. Tron is probably the biggest endeavor and I would love to see it win, first because I love electronic music and the combination of electronic and orchestration was superior to Inception's and second, I love Daft Punk.
  • nelson
    trent reznor will win
  • Cruzer
    #6 I agree. His score was amazing, it should come down to TSN and Inception!
  • Eldivo23
    #7 has it right. Just a two horse race. Zimmer vs. Reznor
  • Madex
    Make way for Daft Punk. Most original by far.
  • Garrett
    It's between Inception and Tron Legacy for me.
  • Day
    The Inception soundtrack has some very brief bars from Édith Piaf song "Non, je ne regrette rien". It's not just in the film it's actually in the soundtrack. I know it's very brief in the soundtrack but that song is a very big part of the film.
  • Al
    The music branch has always struck me as odd. Yes, rules are rules but you know what, this is too much. Is a lot of the music based off of Hymns in the case of True Grit? sure, but the original stuff thats there (I hear more than half the music) is original, and in the end shouldn't that be the only concern of the branch?
  • Oh chimy mime
    I say the same Inception and Tron Legacy
  • Moon
    Aim fine with the original score category but I really wish original song was no longer a category.
  • Cody w
    Zimmer gave us the song "Time" this year. Inception all the way.
  • Curt
    As much as I'd love to see Trent Reznor win an oscar for the amazing score him and Atticus Ross produced, if True Grit is disqualified for a few hymns, then Social network could just as easily be disqualified for its use of Hall of the Mountain King
  • rowdy
    i think its lame how people go right for the best pictures when they look for who to nominate for best score. the inception and the social network scores were great but the book of eli and shutter island scores were just as good
  • I liked the soundtrack for Cyrus, actually the tune Jonah Hill plays in it is legendary. Fuck yer Tron. Inception kept me thinking that my hearing aid was broken, with all the eeennnnnggghhh, eeeeeennggggggh eeeeeeeeenggggghing all the way through.
  • BOB
    DAFT PUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jasonmd2020
    Damn. I gotta choose between Daft Punk and Reznor. This is hard...
  • oscar_winner
    Consecutive Oscars for AR. Rahman anyone? 127 Hours wouldn't have worked without the haunting soundtrack!
  • Tim
    It's between Zimmer for Inception or Reznor for Social Network. I'll be pissed as hell if anyone else aside from either of those two win.
  • dawko
    Does not matter.....OSCAR goes to DAFT PUNK
  • Josh
    Daft Punk.
  • Richard
    Daft Punk by far!!!!!!




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