Paramount Picks Up Another Michael Bay 'Alien' Sci-Fi Project

July 27, 2010
Source: Deadline

Paranormal Cloverfield

And here we have a big spec script sale not long after wrapping up Comic-Con to prove that sci-fi and aliens are the hot thing right now (e.g. Battle: LA, Skyline, Falling Skies). Deadline says Paramount has picked up a spec script for a "modestly budgeted extraterrestrial project" that Michael Bay will produce (at some point). It's supposedly called the "Confidential Alien Project" (meaning probably to be later surprisingly renamed) and is said to be a "cross between Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity." Ummm wait - isn't what Paranormal Activity's Oren Peli directing as his next film, Area 51, the exact same for Paramount anyway?

Deadline says that WME made the deal with Paramount and both Michael Bay and Steven Schneider (Area 51, Paranormal Activity 2) will produce, while first-time feature filmmaker Bobby Glickert will be writing and directing. Glickert was a PA on the first Transformers and was also the assistant to Justin Lin on Fast & Furious; he's also got a few short films under his belt called Road to Moloch and The Descendent. It's hard to really comment on this without knowing too much about it, but I just hope it's original and different but still awesome in its own way. It'll suck if we have nothing but the same old repeated yet again. Thoughts?

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  • Corey
    Alex, did you get a chance to see Skyline or whatever it's called?
  • ray
    Michael bay involved...gonna be crap...nuff said
  • Eli
    Yeah, you lost me at Bay. Not sayin I doubt all of his potential, but he hacked the transformers films and pearl harbor. I can't get over that.
  • ray
    i'm with 3....
  • dom
    Don't forget Super 8!!
  • Xerxex
    bay? nah.
  • Rashad
    First Transformers was good as was armageddon and the first bad boys eat shit haters
  • Brad Fitt
    Alex, it wasn't a script sale - it was a pitch by Glickert that sold. The script hasn't been written yet.
  • Xerxex
    I'd rather eat shir than watch a micheal bay film, the guy has lost his ability to direct a good movie. Bring on the manure!
  • Eli
    Oh and best part of Cloverfield was when the guy with the camera got his. It was the most satisfaction I ever got seeing the good guy or victim get it.
  • lamar
    How on earth can you hate on Bay. The guy knows how to make good action movies. Hate on Transformers 2 all you want, but if you didn't want to see a movie based on toys from the 80's about giant robots fighting each other...YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE SEEN IT. (I will admit that the film would have been better without the twins.) And if you still doubt his credibility, may I remind you of smash hits like: 1. Armageddon 2. Pearl Harbor 3. Bad Boys II 4. The Island TAKE THAT HATERS!!
  • Neal
    Who even cares about those movies anymore. Smash hits? It's like Bay is not contributing to the movie scene at all. He's just a big teenager with a popped collar and is way too loud for his own good.
  • Hattori Hanzo
    #11 says: And if you still doubt his credibility, may I remind you of smash hits like: 1. Armageddon 2. Pearl Harbor 3. Bad Boys II 4. The Island TAKE THAT HATERS!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Surely God you are being sarcastic aren't you?
  • Hattori Hanzo
    Also #11, if you are saying that Bay is great because he has smash hits, may I remind you that The Last Airbender is also a smash hit ... 'Nuff said.
  • JAYC
    smash hits? or smashed to "bits"? depends on your rate of narcotic cunsumption prior to entering the cinema. my 3 1/4 cents.
  • Mir
    meet shit before it hits the fan
  • Cracky
    This sounds like band wagon bullshit. Fuck you, Bay. Seriously.
  • Craig
    The new influx of sci-fi/alien movies is no doubt the result of Avatar's immense success. I couldn't be happier, I love a good sci-fi movie. And with this many in production, one or two of them will have to turn out good... right?
  • DoomCanoe
    #13 hes got to be joking.... right?
  • Clover
    Nice to see Clover again!
  • I am…
    well, well...there are some great comments in here... alright let's start: #13, Yes to the top 3 movies you cited but not" the Island"...come on! Yohansson was in it and Ewan but that's all really! Michael bay is great as a director but when it comes to him coming up with fresh ideas and trying to do more than just directing...that's when things fall apart! got an example of him doing more than directing AND having a hit (critically and commercially like Nolan does)...I don't think so. #15 : I bow before your creative remark! It raised a big laugh and I agree some go to the cinema already "smashed" #20 : yeah, I feel ya!
  • RICH
    Michael Bay is the man, i wish i can be an extra on one of his films.




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