Peter Jackson Will Return to Direct Both Parts of The Hobbit!

June 25, 2010

Peter Jackson

After the sad news that director Guillermo Del Toro had dropped out of the project, and a short lived rumor that Neill Blomkamp might take his spot, it looks like Lord of the Rings fans can rejoice as both Heat Vision and Deadline report that Peter Jackson is negotiating his deal to direct both installments of The Hobbit. As we write, Jackson is busy taking himself away from his other projects that were originally the reason that Jackson denied that he would end up directing the double feature. In addition, Jackson and his crew are making a big push to the financially plagued MGM to "loosen the purse strings" and get back to The Shire.

As interesting as it would've been to see a new director take the journey to Middle-Earth, it's very comforting to know that a director who has already proven his skills and passion in adapting J.R.R. Tolkien's literary masterpieces is at the helm. Apparently there have been various hints of Jackson's return to The Hobbit as Jackson, his wife/colloborator Fran Walsh, and Phillipa Boyens scheduled a trip to Los Angeles after the 4th of July to meet with the most impressive actors that the casting directors have put on tape. This move could've been tossed up to close collaboration since all three of them worked on the script with Del Toro before he departed, but now we know otherwise. Let's hope MGM's problems don't delay this production any longer. Excited?

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  • Ryan
    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh sorry, ahem, I'm very happy to hear this news.
  • Simon
    Super Excited. If anyone can do this right its Jackson!
  • Lew
    For Frodo!
  • Lincoln
    Don't care...
  • Jimmy Love
    at least the only good book in that series is finally getting made, The hobbit was so much better than the long winded descriptions of land that the lord of the rings was.
  • Rex
    Psyched! Lincoln if you don't care, don't post.
  • Guy
    Can't go wrong with this one!
  • Eli
    okay, i know i said in other posts that i dont care about the hobbit anymore, but this is without the best news in the industry in like, forever!!! Kudos to Jackson goin out of his way to do this and to his team for having his back. Way to go for everyone. I just hope there isnt too much hoopla behind the scenes like there was with the first three films being made. I dont expect too many people to Jackson a hard time now.
  • Bob
    Just as it should be! :)
  • ryderup
    Not a superfan of LOTR but they were cool in the cinema so looking forward to this -- and this even tops DelToro in my opinion.
  • BigZero
    "Why do you want Peter Jackson to direct the hobbit movies?" Because It's my birthday...and WE WANTS IT.
  • I bet Jackson will never work with MGM again after the bullshit they just pulled on him. Offering his project to Brett Ratner? Come on, it was all just a dirty scheme to get him to direct from the very beginning regardless of what other projects he was committed to. ...I'm happy he's back, but I'm sure he's just doing it so it doesn't get ruined by anyone else. I hope he doesn't rush through it to get back to his passion projects.
  • And this will happily carry me into the weekend:) Thanks Ethan!
  • JKnaak
    Fantastic news! Very excited and hope they can start pushing forward pretty quickly here. I'd like to see the movie made before I am old and gray
  • VOLD
    Perfect news to brighten my crappy day.
  • Robbie
  • Jay
  • Mike
    best. news. ever.
  • dac_fan
    Im shreeking like a 5 year old girl right now :)
  • Mark Drennan
    Talk about your highs and lows. This news, I hope it sticks, is the best possible news about this project. I am so excited for the extended versions already!
  • max s.
    OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!! if anyboy can pull this off it's jackson
  • Risk
    Thank God!!!!
  • Tomi
  • Xerxex
    about damn time. bring us the film we deserve.
  • Eli
    uh, does anyone know if movieweb is undergoing maintainence? it keeps freezing then kicking me out and i have to say im getting really annoyed by it. just puttin that out there.
  • Dan
    I hope Jackson puts his whole heart into these films, he was expressing how he didn't really want to make these films, because he'd be competing with his own success on his last Tolkien stint!
  • Andante
    he's the only one for this job. 😀
  • Me
    It was ment to be Jackson from the beginning, wasn't it?
  • Jeeze
    At least it won't be Rob "Chicago" Marshall helming.
  • tir na nog
    Best news in cinema for a good while.
  • Glass
    It's official, he's the next George Lucas.
  • Jeep Fu
  • Lol, the next Lucas 😉 Awesome that Peter is doing it... Thats more or less the only way. But does he really wants it? Or is it because he 'has' to..
  • Pandora
    this is better to make the whole trilogy him self! just leave Neill Blomkamp alone to make D-10! Neill, just say no to h0bbit!
  • Xerxex
    Glass how do you mean? The Hobbit was inevitable, and Jackson is the only one who can do it properly.
  • filmfan111
    awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 8=D
    MY PERCIOUSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jedibilly
    Great! That's Wonderful! Now can we please start filming this movie already!? We're not getting any younger!
  • Mark
    Of course Peter Jackson is the perfect person to direct The Hobbit, but I can't help but feel sorry for the guy. He's already spent a long time in Middle-Earth and he didn't want to return. So for the fans this is awesome, but it sure sucks to be Peter Jackson.
  • RT
    Make it happennnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 8=D
    fffffffffooooooorrrrrrrrrr ffffffffffffffrrrrrrrrooooooooooooodddddddddddddddoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dude…
    Jackson will do a good job but lets not forget the hobbit is a different book to the rest. It's a children's book and i can't help but wonder if that will be lost in transision.
  • Olive
    Who gives a rat's ass? The world economies are collapsing, America is stuck in a never-ending war in Afghanistan, the Gulf of Mexico is destroyed by corporate pigs, Americans are sitting back and watching with apathy as they scour the job listings, and Peter Jackson is directing The Hobbit. Awesome news! I give a rat's ass. Fuck the real world. We all need an escape from reality and Jackson knows how to bring us to Tolkien's world; just as chaotic but at least there is hope and some living beings with some courage.
  • The Real Doc Brown
    As of Monday this is still not official........he is in negotiations with MGM. Hey Olive, please remember whose fault it is for the World to be so fucked up, and who had lifted the regulations for BP and others.
  • solo calrissian
    It's about time! ...Although, it's like finding James Earl Jones is back on board to voice Darth Vader instead of Morgan Freeman. Don't delay the inevitable! Christopher Lee isnt getting any younger.
  • Nick
    More unconfirmed BS...I swear, sometimes I don't know why I read this site.
  • Peter
    I still thing 'The Hobbit' doesn't need to be split up in two parts. They just wanna make money on this.
  • 1-7
    If Jackson takes this up then he's undoubtedly the next George Lucas. A man who'll continue to milk the success of a major franchise he created but does nothing interesting outside of it (all of his non-LOTR films have been piss).
  • Governor
    Jackson's last two indulgent messes knocked his reputation down and he's desperate for a hit. He'll return to this at his own peril.
  • yamaking
    sorry i can't believe all the comments on here..."he's the only one who can do it properly"???? pardon ?!?! he messed up lord of the rings, now he'll do the same. in fact he has already started, just heard news that Cate Blanchett will again star as Galadriel for "the hobbit"....but Galadriel ISN'T in "the hobbit" at all !!!!! all you Peter Jackson fans, form a group, go to visit JRR Tolkien's grave and piss on it collectively, ok ?




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