Pirates 4 and Marvel's Thor Play Release Date Musical Chairs

January 6, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides / Thor

With Sony officially confirming the Spider-Man 4 delay, other studios have jumped at the opportunity to take the coveted early May 2011 release spot that they left vacant. Variety has confirmed that Paramount has moved Marvel's Thor movie up two weeks to May 6th, 2011, which was Spider-Man 4's original opening weekend. And then Disney moved Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides back into the May 20th, 2011 slot (which they've used before) that Thor was in. So a bit of a shift, but enough of a change to leave Sony with their tail between their legs over how all the Spidey infighting has cost them their spot.

Both of these studios jumped and took those spots even though Sony "said it wasn't abandoning the date." So there is a possibility, although unlikely, that Sony could figure things out with the script and still start shooting on time. And if that happens, Variety suspects that Thor will move back out of that slot. But for the time being, Marvel is putting its foot down and holding onto that early May date. In only five more months, they'll be releasing Iron Man 2 in the first weekend of May as well. They may become the next "owners" of that spot if Sony can't figure things out quickly. But then again, Spider-Man is a Marvel franchise anyway.

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  • M-Cat
    Thor will be the shit! Forget about Spiderman and Captain America. Thor will own the summer of 2011.
  • M-Cat, i respectfully disagree!, i believe that Pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides will beat both of those movies in the box office, during the summer of 2011 !. Thats just common sense!.
  • Nasty Nate
    Pirates will make more money, but Thor will be way better. (count on it)
  • Xerxex
  • DRM
    I'm super excited for THOR, but all this SM4 nonsense is making me sick. Not because of the delay or the in-fighting, but because I don't side with EITHER sides that are fighting. Raimi's way off with wanting the Vulture, and the Studio is way off for nixing the Lizard. Neither of them have any grasp of what audiences' want. I say the studio should drop Raimi, push SM4 back, and get James Cameron back on board. Cameron wanted to do Spider-man originally a billion years ago, and now he's the biggest name in the world because of Avatar. The studio gets Cameron, Cameron demands to do something actually GOOD with the franchise, and the studio can't say no to HIM. ---
  • tobi,leader of the akatsuki
    THOR will fuck up any film that gets in his way,SPIDER-MAN 4(dead,all the while sony & raimi are together. )CAPTAIN AMERICA(will put up a fight.)PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ON STRANGER TIDES(sounds intresting,but could turn out like number 3.)isn't the GREEN LANTERN due out 2011,now this will be a box office clash THOR VS THE GREEN LANTERN,that could be intresting.
  • Pirates 4 is going to kill all the other movies during the summer of 2011 in the box office, because it'll be amoung the first movies released that summer!. And not only that but, Pirates of thecaribbean movies are usually the movies that "take over" the box office when their released to theaters during what ever summer their released in!.
  • me
    Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom, The Hangover 2, Cars 2. A crowded 2011 summer. But the big ones will be Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 (never forget about Harry Potter, the biggest franchise in the world), Pirates 4 (the past speaks for itself) and Transformers 3 (even if it will suck like "Revenge" people will still go to see it).
  • EJP
    It's amazing to me that Disney is announcing a release date for POTC4 when not one frame of film has been shot, and by all accounts the shooting script isn't finished. This looks like they're setting themselves up for the same problem they had with POTC3 where they had to pay extra for the special effects to be finished to meet the scheduled release date.
  • No movie during the month of may in 2011 will be able to stand a chance of beating pirates 4 in the box office!. Everybody should know that by now!, I mean look at how much money the previous three pirates of the caribbean movies made!, that should be able to show anyone that pirates 4 just wont fail, and to be honest, thats actually a good thing!, for all of us out there who that are pirates of the caribbean disney movie fans!!!.
  • EJP, they are almost done with the script and the filming for the movie start in June 2010, to be released on May 20th, 2011 Friday. Thats how its all set for now, even though none of it is set in stone!.
  • EJP, that is because they are planning on definately starting to film pirates 4 in june 2010 to november 2010, and then release it on may 20th, 2011 friday.
  • Mcat
    Sean I never said anything about owning the box office. Pirates is dumb and I would never waste my time seeing that garbage.
  • Mcat, What could possibly be so bad about the pirates of the caribbean movies, they're so good!. Are you basically telling that you think the pirates movie are bad, because if you are, then no offense but you obviously must have some kind of a grudge against the pirates of the caribbean movies or something, because i've never read or heard about anyone or from anyone who thought that the pirates of the caribbean are not good!, i mean seriously!. And besides, if they they were not good, then that whole idea of the pirates of the caribbean from the ride, would of never been able to have a movie based off a made up story from it in the first place, but it does, so what does that tell you???.
  • Mcat
    Sean the first pirates movie was good but after that they were just for making money. The second and third movies were not very good at all. No offense to you and I don't have anything against the movies, they're just for kids really.
  • Thats just simply because the second and third pirates of the caribbean were not the first movie, and they were not as original as the first one!, thats all!. And besides, the fourth one will be alot like the first one, because jerry bruckheimer even said so!. They filmed the second and third movies back to back, and so thats another reason they were not as good as the first one, but when it comes to involving the fourth movie now, it will be filmed individually like the first movie so, there is nothing to worrie about, the fourth movie will great!, i can assure you that!.




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