Rumor: Karl Urban is the Law in the New Judge Dredd Movie?

July 21, 2010
Source: Bleeding Cool

Judge Dredd / Karl Urban

Last year we learned Sunshine writer Alex Garland was taking a crack at a new adaptation of the futuristic comic book Judge Dredd. Then a couple months ago it was announced that Pete Travis (of Vantage Point) would be sitting in the director's chair, plus that we'd see the comic book coming to life in 3D no less. Now Bleeding Cool has apparently found out who may be stepping into the shoes once filled by Sylvester Stallone in the universe where law enforcement officers are given the power to act as judge, jury and executioner to dish out justice. Karl Urban (Star Trek, Lord of the Rings) may just be the man who will become the law.

Honestly, I like the idea of Karl Urban stepping into a lead role like this (I've always actually been interested in him playing some sort of superhero, maybe even Superman) so this sounds perfect. It's just sad that one of the clauses on the deal for the film dictates that Judge Dredd never remove his helmet, so we'll never see his face. Urban is on the verge of a major breakthrough as a leading man after a phenomenal supporting role as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, not to mention other great performances as Eomer in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and an assassin in The Bourne Supremacy. Let's hope that he'll accept the offer rather than stating, "For God's sake, I'm a doctor not a law man!" So do you like the idea of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd?

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  • Gill
    Yes, please. As long as it's gritty and actually shows the dark side of the futuristic dystopia.
  • monal
    the clause doesnt allow him to remove his helmet?? Is that a joke??
  • Nitrium
    I would love to see karl in this type of role. I would of preferred to see his helmet off at times to give us an aspect into his life and personal struggles, but meh, I'll take what I can get.
  • sonnychiba1
    Judge Dredd has never taken his helmet off for the readers to see his face. The movie should reflect that.
  • harv
    2000AD and Judge Dredd the Megazine were easily the best British Comics when I was growing up. The first film attempt got the whole tone of Judge Dredd wrong.
  • ryderup
    The movie sucked. But I still think Stallone looks the part. Then and now.
  • Cmurder
    Bring it on as long as it's gritty ans has a serious tone....and has Rob Schneider in it! jk! haha!
  • Xerxex
    let it be true, Urban would make a kickass Dredd.
  • Dave Lister, J.M.C.
    This film needs to be a complete 180, from the Stallone film. Rob Schneider's character was a big mistake. Urban as Superman is an interesting idea. I wonder if people would be so against Routh returning if Singer hadn't so badly mangled the last Supes film. Since we have no way to tell how Routh would change his approach, it's probably the safer move, to recast the role.
  • Craig
    I like Karl Urban a lot. But I have zero interest in seeing another Judge Dredd movie. The first one was bad enough.
  • nelson
    If V For Vendetta can do it so can JD
  • Icefilm
    Karl Urban as Judge Dredd!? Very exciting to hear! As long as there's no Rob Schneider, this could work out very well, indeed!
  • PaulT
    put Judge Death and the Dark Judges, Fire , Fear and Mortis is in this film please and have Otto Stump init and how about some more 2000AD movies like Rogue Trooper Robo Hunter ABC warriors
  • Justin
    Spot on #4!
  • The Lawn
  • Al
    Karl Urban as Superman, now thats an interesting idea!! @#11 - thinking of V for Vendetta, Hugo Weaving actually has the perfect mouth and lower half of face to be Judge Dredd (as that is all you see in the comics and all we should also see in the movie)
  • Fisherr
    Sweet, i am a big fan of Karl.He'll do a great job.
  • tir na nog
    His a good actor but I dont see him as Dredd,a 6;3 Hugo Weaving yes.Either way can't wait for this.I hope they get Mega city right,give it a Bladerunner look.
  • lamar
    Karl Urban as Dredd...YEAH MAN! He seems like a guy fit for the job.
  • This is perfect casting...He deserves a lead role for sure. The chemistry produced by his interpretation of Bones with Kirk was the only relationship that came close to matching that of Spock and Kirk in the new star trek and I can't wait to see what he can do in the sequel. Watching him play Dredd will definitely hold me over in the meantime.
  • Jimmy Love
    I'm on board for Urban as Dredd I even liked his other films
  • Evo
    To echo the chorus....let's keep the helmet on this time....shall we? Too late now but I like the Hugo Weaving idea floating around. Also, I'm not a Zach Snyder fanboy by any stretch but I think he could do this film justice. The source material holds such cinematic potential if they can just avoid deviating too much.
  • now someone is talking.. now this has the promise of at least being true to the characters soul...whoever has put the clause that "the helmet never to be removed" in is one main dude in my book from now on 😀 great decision. hope they follow it thru the end. hell i might even forgive the 3D decision if they keep the helmet on... its been done before: Darth Vader from Ep 4 and 5, V for Vendetta it should have been done in: The Phantom, Judge Dredd and the choice for Karl he has a powrfull physical presence in front of the camera and has more than adequate acting skills for the role. i say bring it on man.. i will watch this even if the movie sucks just to watch the helmet stay on all along 😀 cheers
  • Jules
    Great idea! With the exception of his role as Bones McCoy, most of the roles Karl Urban has had up until now didn't give him the full opportunity to display what he has got to offer. He is leading man material and this could give him the chance to prove it. I interviewed him last year for Star Trek and he's a great down to earth and charismatic guy in real life, so good on him if he gets the part!




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