Sound Off: James Mangold's Knight & Day - Your Thoughts?

June 25, 2010

Knight & Day

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It was big news when it was first announced that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz would be co-starring in this highly anticipated summer action comedy. Formally titled Wichita, the James Mangold directed Knight and Day actually arrived in theaters on Wednesday earlier this week, but since it's now the opening weekend I thought I'd open the floor for discussion. Was it actually an entertaining action comedy? How were Cruise and Diaz? How were all the action scenes and the cinematography? If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of Knight and Day.

To fuel the fire, while I was entertained by Knight & Day, overall I didn't think it was really that good, just a mediocre mostly forgettable action comedy. I do think Tom Cruise was pretty damn good, but all of the best moments were in the trailer. Speaking of which, I was also very unimpressed with the action scenes in this, which is surprising because I really loved James Mangold's 3:10 to Yuma, which had great action. I still hate Cameron Diaz and it was a pain to watch her, but thankfully Cruise's antics made things enjoyable. I actually think it was a severely watered down version of a much better action movie that Wichita should have been.

What did you think of Knight & Day? A great summer action comedy or totally forgettable?

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  • Moon
    It's nice to see Cruise making a comeback.
  • Byteoart
    I just saw the movie, and to be honest, I loved it. Not because I'm a "Diaz" fan or a "Cruise" fan...I watch movies for the story. Here's the deal: The premise was flawed. After the plane episode, there was no real, believable reason for Cruise to need Diaz around. Not only that, but there wasn't a real reason for the Feds to throw Diaz on the plane, either. That wasn't going to help their situation, and it just puts an innocent in the line of fire. That said, it was fun. It had a sense of humor, it didn't take itself too seriously. Cruise's antics were wonderful, and Diaz did play against them well, from the "panicky" to the suddenly "competent." The timing was nicely done, and it was exciting. I enjoyed every moment of it, despite the weak storyline. It's not a show to watch for the "heavy thinking" or "massive special effects/bloodshed." It doesn't have slapstick humor. It's just a nice blend, and an enjoyable couple of hours. I'd recommend it.
  • JenJune
    Its Totally Forgettable, and the reason is both actors are TOO OLD. Something every movie critic fails to mention. I'm sixteen, and watching Tom Cruise is just not cool and Kinda Creepy, plus Cameron Diaz is as old as my mom so thats also not cool. I wish they would have cast someone younger and cooler like Dicaprio, Robert Pattinson or Ashley Greene. Plus both actors arent sexy anymore, and they both don't have ANY sexual chemistry, its sought like watching your parents.
    • Ellbeejason
      I can't wait until you hit forty honey! Surprise ... everyone gets older and you'll see what it's like.
  • Skye Dent
    Love the film. I was truly surprised because the reviews were so mediocre. Sure, the storyline was flawed. But, everything else about the film was funny, witty, unpredictable. Cruise, Cameron, in fact most of the actors were a joy to watch. Just damn good acting. Not sure why the ads compared the Cruise character to Jerry McGuire because Cruise created an entirely new persona for Knight and Day that was hilarious to watch, so much so that although he was in almost every scene, you still looked forward to seeing him in the next one. I do think that the marketing was flawed. Even if you don't expect teens and adults up to 30 to see your film, you don't tell them that the film isn't for them in the marketing. When I ask my college students what makes they want to go to a film, the guys usually say they want the male to be funny and the chick to be hot. The female college students say they will generally to to whatever the guy wants to go to. Yes, Knight and Day has so much more. But for college students, it has the basics to get them in seats, a funny male lead and a hot chick. Why did marketing blow them off younger audiences instead of letting them make the decision for themselves. Believe me, students will always surprise you when you least expect it.
  • Xerxex
    jenjune what are you talking about old actors cannot do these kinds of films? that is just ludacris! They are actors, watching Pattinson and Greene in this kind of film would have sucked more than this.
  • Xerxex
    Also Alex did Diaz stiff you on an interview or something? I mean wow, you really have something against her...its almost scary. totally kidding, but still.
  • JenJune
    Xerxex Really, Can you imagine Jack Nicholson acting in this kind of film, and he's almost 70! I'd rather watch Dicaprio nowdays anyway, he's just so sexy and not creepy at all. Btw Everyone on my facebook wall, that i know , are totally not going to see Knight and Day. TTL
  • blowtorch1919
    Sorry jenjune that the cast of twilight isnt in every movie. If you would like to see robert pattinson and ashley greene. Go watch twilight with all of your 16 year old friends. I think Dicaprio is an amazing actor but I really dont think he would have been as entertaining as Cruise was in this role. Diaz was meh, but isnt she always. Either way I enjoyed the movie. Wont be the best one this summer but it was entertaining.
  • Xerxex
    I actually can JenJune, i love to see an older actor/actress taking a physical role, just like Helen Mirren has done on R.E.D with Bruce Willis.
  • Karen
    Sorry JenJune, I'd rather watch John Wayne in a new movie than your Twilight kids and he's been dead for 31 years ... Don' t worry though child, you'll grow up one day and be embarrassed over what you said here.
  • Someone
    This types of movies are what is wrong with today's cinema, these and other people coming here saying that they want to see Robert Pattinson on a movie (yes, this movie is so bad that i dont even blame her for being here asking for these kinds of actors, crap) It's good to also know that the owner of this site (wich i have nothing against but i have to say this) stayed throught this and actualy kinda of liked it, beeing a complete preditable movie, with a basic plot, an "easy" movie, when a few days ago he dismissed toghether along with a LOT of people a movie called Vahalha Rising wich is in my opinion a superb movie, wich embraces visual art and tries to convoy something more than the usual predicable crap, dont get me wrong, im ok if you dont like something, but saying it is crap, just so you didnt like it, well, its wrong, and than defending a movie like this, this really right here is what is wrong with cinema, easy cinema. Sorry for posting here but i had to do this, this movie has little to do with this, it was just an example, i dont hate it or anything..
  • ryderup
    "Btw Everyone on my facebook wall, that i know , are totally not going to see Knight and Day." Haha. This made me laugh... My god... are you for real...
  • dex
    JetJune, there's no such thing as TOO OLD. Have you seen Michael Caine as Harry Brown? Now tell me that movie isn't cool.
  • Cloudy with a chance of beefaroni
    Dicaprio is only 2 years younger than Diaz. Wouldn't that be like watching your Dad?
  • darthwhitey
    It was a really FUN summer movie. Cruise and Diaz could do this kinda movie in their sleep, it's perfect for them. I really enjoyed it. Wouldn't be surprised, if it does well, we see a sequel.
    im thrilled it bombed, Tom Cruise is a total AHole
  • Al
    I really don't get the notion that this is Cruise's "comeback." The only recent movie of his that bombed was Lion For Lambs.
    Teenagers today have no idea of what acting is.The theatres are bombarded with movies that are made for teenagers to make a quick buck,which they often do.The actors in those movies are not great actors.The young teenagers make them stars because they are hot and good looking.You can put a pig off the streets and put make up on and pretend its a great actor,but take off the make up its still a pig.Jen June some day when you are older you will reflect on the actors that you love today and you will say what was I thinking of. We all go thru this.Just remember to have an open mind about movies.If it wasn't for the Tom Cruise's or Cameron Diaz's you won't have the types of young actors that you love.
  • Eviltodd
    uh movie fan ...Teenagers today...are you from the 50's. and folks leave the kid alone i mean i understand a teenager not finding crows feet (on her and him) attractive. these are two stars who are kinda done now. and really when has cruise ever been a great actor? oh i know when he acts like he is hot for his wife, now that is acting
  • Hatroriu Hanzo
    Eviltodd wonders when has cruise ever been a great actor ... You obviously haven't seen Born on the Fourth of July.
  • JFranzen
    People who strictly want to see a younger cast cab go watch Killers. Also, I know tom cruise is a weirdo in real life but your lying to yourself if you say he can't act, give him a little respect
  • Eviltodd
    overrated, watch it again, what you will see is over acting and melodrama, i might give him magnolia and collateral but thats about it, he is a movie star not an actor
  • 600RR
    Who is this person saying Diaz is not hot. She is still fine in my opinion. She still can't act very well. But you will not be seeing any Oscar nominations for twilight actors either but they are all pretty faces that sell. I have not seen the film I will what until it comes out I have a big enough TV to enjoy action movies with out having to worry about annoying teenagers in the theater.
  • max s.
    @jenjuneapparebtly youhaven'tseen liam neeson in taken, a-tea, oranyof theother movies he's been in, i mean man i'm 13 and i have more sense than you than to have those annoying twilight people in my movies.and all the old actors are awesome like ian mckellen, liam neeson, michael caine, robert duvall, jef bridges, bruce willis, Harrison Ford, i mean all these amazing actors that are oldare freakin' awesome. once againa 13 year old has moresense than you do.
  • max s.
    andletme guess you're a twihard girlwho thinks that everybody involved with twilight are the best actorsever. wow, you're a dumbass bitch with no taste whatsoever
  • alena
    i loved seeing the crows-feet on both actors. i'm tired of hollywood putting botoxed, lip plumbed photoshopped actors on the screen. no they don't look like 18 year old but they aren't suppose to. and if you really look at rob pattison's face his forehead has lines. he no longer is as smooth as a baby's bottom. and that's ok. aging is not a bad thing and we have stop thinking it is. as for the movie. total fluff yes, but i still enjoyed it. now i'm off to see winter bones for another type of moving going experience.
  • sickdoghats
    poor tom cruise going up against hanks and sandler what the fuck were you thinking? you dumb bitch.
  • BinYe
    Am i the only person here that admires Tom because he is a little coo-coo? Don't tell that to ICE MAN!!! .
  • TheJae
    Nice movie, loved the action. However the movie is quite predictable and uses some dejavu jokes. But nonetheless, it was a perfect execution.
  • It was pretty silly, but i wasn't expecting much and I was entertained. Don't think either of them are too old.
  • solo calrissian
    It was no True Lies, but it was a good date Movie. I laughed at the funny parts. All in all it served its purpose and set up a Macguffin for a sequel if they wanna go that route.
  • Rosalee
    The opening receipts at least paid his salary.......
  • rach
    sorry about my english. The last weekend my friends and I went to see this filtm and to our sourprise we see the celebration of THE SAN FERMIN in SEVILLA!! San Fermin is so funny and you can find it only in Pamplona. is a green beautiful city. people in san fermin hardly ever wear clothes in different color that white and red. The rest of the film I liked so much.
  • Alishabudden
    I really like this film because i love action films and it is just my kind of film. But it is a bit make bealive because he is jumping from car to car and he does that really weird stunt on the motor bike when the bulls come but yeah i loved it.
  • Ellbeejason
    I have seen this movie a few times, and really love it. The storyline is flawed, but the overall chemistry with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is great. Glad I didn't spend the money at the theatre but this is a keeper to enjoy on those nights nothing is on. I rate this a 7.5 on the watch again factor.




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