Sound Off: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - What Did You Think?

August 13, 2010

Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It's here, it's finally here, after so many years of waiting! Edgar Wright's epicly epic adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's beloved comic book series Scott Pilgrim vs the World finally hits in theaters today! Was it everything you were hoping for and/or so much more? How was Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers? Were there any other highlights from the cast? How was director Edgar Wright on his third feature following Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead? If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of Scott Pilgrim!

To fuel the fire, I just got back from seeing Scott Pilgrim vs the World for my second time and it's SO damn good. I think it's Edgar Wright's best movie (although all of them are pretty much on par with each other). Even though I was quickly growing tired of Michael Cera, he does a great job playing an awesome character. The real highlights, however, were Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells and Alison Pill as Kim (I loved her!), plus I thought Brandon Routh and Jason Schwartzman did a great job, too. My only complaint was that it felt a little slow in the downtimes between fights. They were so frickin' awesome to watch that that's all I wanted to see. That said, visually I think Edgar has defined a new style that we'll see imitated for years to come.

What did you think of Scott Pilgrim? Awesome comic book movie or nails on a chalk board?

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  • f
    haha Great cameos. Ohh, maaan! The movie has quick wit, and everything is all fantastic about it.
  • terenced
    I got a chance to see it at Fantasia Festival. The film is brilliant! I think it is one of the best comic book adaptations. I plan on seeing it again...and again...and again!
  • Hattori Hanzo
    Very funny movie! This is more proof that the new generation of comics and writers has arrived and that the days of the boring childish stars such as Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler and David Spade are nearing the end. The attraction to Will Ferrell reminds me of the Bart Simpson's I didn't do it kid; people are tiring of his man boy crap and he'll soon be competing on Dancing with Has Beens er, I mean Stars(?)
  • Ras
    It was certainly different in a good way and the comedy was good. I just think that the (tiny) plot and focus on Scott Pilgirm is unfortunate. The interesting and funny characters, including the couple you mentioned (Kim and Wallace and Romona), don't get any significant time in the movie. Although to be fair, I read the comics beforehand and didn't like the plot or Scott much there, either. Still - an advancement in comedy!
  • Voice of Reason
    Pilgrim...Expendables...Pilgrim....Expendables...who do I give my money to!?!?!?! (head explodes)
  • WittyRemark23
  • jim
    pilgrim, who wants to see a stupid actionmovie?
  • Alex O
    @ jim. Couldn't someone make the argument that Pilgrim is an action movie? However, not stupid . . .
  • McWilly
    Ditto to most comments/reviews, Awesome movie! Very creative, witty, and awesome cameo's. I’m buying this for my blue-ray collection when released! That’s saying a lot, cuz I’m a tight wad.
  • zzz
    SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!! Easily one of my favourite films of all time!
  • Rubix
    Loved the movie, loved this review. But I can't get enough hate going on this review:
  • Blue Silver
    Saw, "The Expendables", at midnight! The movie ROCKED! The audience was laughing at all the bantering and loudly applauding the action.....the AWESOME ACTION!!
  • Logan
    scott pilgrim hasnt released yet where i live. Saw the expendables today tho. other than the last action sequence the whole movie was pretty disappointing. There wasnt really any action at all up until 2nd quarter of the 2nd half. Really waiting for scott pilgrim tho, the comics were epic and from what im hearing the movie is gonna be awesome.
  • Grichmer
    Soooo great. Made me want to start a band and kick some serious arse.
  • Jay-Z
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The Expendables came out and all you have is something about scott pilgrim? REALLY? REALLY? Come on. That being said The Expendables was incredible. So much fun to see those guys all on screen killing together. It was a very hard R which was exactly what needed to happen. So good!
  • Madmazelle
    Scott Pilgrim will only be at the place i live at around November...! damnnnn
  • Seanski
    The movie was just fantastic...! In my top ten for sure.......... Hey! If anyone knows... And I know this is kinda spoilerish if u say it here, but what happened in e original ending. I cannot seem to find it anywhere
  • #15 - The Expendables write-up is coming soon! Haven't even see it yet, have to watch it first.
  • JUST got back from seeing it. LOVED IT. Met and exceeded all my expectations. Got me a little misty eyed too. Fuckin' incredible flick!
  • Alice
    Scott Pilgrim was awesome! It was very spot-on with the graphic novels, which I LOVED. I was actually blown away by how similar the graphic novel and the movie was. Edgar Wright = +32394729 EXP
  • J
    just got back AMAZING... i toke my dad and he loved it to. i tried 2 buy the comic book but it was all sold out every wear hears when amazon kicks in
  • Alex Morrison
    The best movie of the year by far, it's creative, it's imaginative and downright epic, it combines the N64 with 1970's Jackie Chan fight sequences, what it does is it turns the amp of epicness up to 11 and completely blows you away 11/10, it is truly and epic of epic epicness
  • john
    #17- are talking about the last fight or the very end. the very was pretty much like the book, except there was already closure between knives and scott before the end. They used the same last line.
  • Willy Wonka Balls
    I haven't read the comic strip, but from the trailers I take it this movie is about a bisexual Game Stop employee trying to get signed to his girlfriend's record label or something...looks interesting...
  • zeldaprimed
    My Favorite Movie of all-time!!!!!! Fast-Paced, Witty and the Perfect Blend of Romance and Action... What more do we want?
  • Seanski
    #22- Yeah i know the ending was the same as the book, but there was an alternate ending, that was replaced to go with the book...
  • dee
    Saw the expendables and wasn't disappointed but I am looking forward to seeing this tomorrow.
  • dee
    Sad that is bombed this weekend, hopefully a cult following will ensue.
  • Steve
    i thought that this movie was great. i cannot say that it was like 1 specific movie. it is more a compilation of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter (the video games), The Matrix, and any Michael Cera film.
  • Xerxex
    @Dee the weekend just started.
  • zach
    ALEX! Seriously you saw scott pilgrim before the EXPENDABLES? actually any male who didnt see the expendables and saw pilgrim first doesnt deserve to be a man and @15 my theater did the same everyone laughed and clapped at ALL the scenes that movie was epic
  • notalent
    #30 - According to Deadline Hollywood, this only made $4.7 million on Friday for an estimated weekend of about $11m.
  • dee
    I know it has just started but 4.7 on a friday is pretty bad:(
  • So epic but not perfect ::
  • Aaron
    @31/Zach You fail at life if you need to see The Expendables to feel like a man. Anyway saw this last night and freaking loved it! Reminded me why I love Michael Cera so much and all the video game references were AWESOME! I need to buy the comic. Oh and whoever said that this movie is officially beginning the new generation of comedy actors... I'd say I'd have to agree with that.
  • Tranceghost
    original movie , funny as hell. will buy when it comes out on blu-ray.
  • ryderup
    So it's a flop? Hopefully that won't scare swedish distributiors.
  • JeepFu
    I don't really like Michael Cera (it's either he can't act or he acts the same way in every movie) but I fricken loved this movie! Course I'm an 80's 8-Bit gamer geek so this movie was pretty much directed at me.
  • JT-Money
    I can't take Michael Cera any more. There is no way I will see this movie.
  • Xerxex
    Missing out JT-Money. This movie was made fo the 8-bit gamer kids, therefore it was awesome.
  • Xerxex
    I gotta say kieran culkin was probably my favorite in the film he was just hilarious! had some of the best lines and delivered on his role. @dee and notalent, fuck the box office, money does not mean a movie is gonna be good, "Meet the Spartans" was #1 for a week, box office doesn't mean anything to me.
  • max s.
    this was a great movie in my mind perfect blend of action, cmedy, and romance. #31 if you need a movie to prove you're a real man then dude you got some problems
  • Rolkus
    Loved it. My partner however, didn't. She just didn't get it and thought it was stupid. Time to find a new girlfriend.
  • Xerxex
    good luck Rolkus I'm sure she's out there! just hope she dosen't have "12 evil exes."
  • JJ King
    Finally after years of envying New York stories there is a Toronto Story! Fast, witty, action packed and mildly self absorbed, just like Toronto. I loved it
  • Jaf
    Scott Pilgrim was the bob-omb! What what
  • Alex T.
    Wow haha. Not only did the Expendables do better than this movie Friday (rightfully so I might add) but Eat Pray Love, and the Other Guys beat it out as well. It wasn't even opening weekend for the Other Guys and on top of that every review I've read said it was Will Ferrell's worst movie. I think the public has spoken, most movie goers (myself included) are sick of Michael Cera. Sorry hipsters.
  • zach
    @ 35 Aaron No its just reminded my im a guy, You went and saw pretty light sabers and people with pink hair, whereas i saw people getting their throats cut out and bullets in their dome AND YOU QUESTION MY MANHOOD? puhhh leasee you probably saw twilight that night too! Nonetheless since this movie tanked and eat pray love is ahead of it i suggest you all go see the Expendables this week that is, ONLY if you want to see a good movie
  • Gadder4311
    Sad to see that a quality, amazing, awesome, well-acted, well-made film that every aspect of it is perfect is getting bumbed out by three bad to decent films that are kind of forgettable. Sad day, sad day, sad day.
  • Gadder4311
    *bumped* Excuse me.
  • Aaron
    This was a nostalgic nerdgasm straight from 1993. I had just played through the first 10 minutes or so from A Link to the Past a few days ago and they sampled so many noises from the game. It was great. There were only like 5 groups of people in the theater though which was sad. In the plus side, I think everyone got the jokes and references which made it that more enjoyable. All in all it was exactly as good as they hype and more original than I was expecting not knowing anything about the comic.
  • L
    #50 - You need Expendables to remind you that you're a guy? Probably need to sort that out on your own. I going to see it this weekend, but maybe you should look at Rotten Tomatoes, before you stick your foot in your mouth.
  • Eldivo23
    #50 true man! And did you see the trailer for Vampires Suck? It's gonna be off tha hook! MORON. Everyone says expendebles is mindless action so you most have come out with a headache. This movie may be to difficult for you to comprehend. Sorry to use that long word let me see... Watch. And just in case everybody here hates f@cking twilight.
  • sickdoghats
    this looks like a movie from 2007.
  • Aaron
    Zach... Really? I feel so sorry for you. :/ you need to see a movie to remind yourself your a man? And then you have the balls or lack there of to say because I'm a gamer and loved Scott Pilgrim that I love the Twilight movies too? Sorry but I like good movies. And I've seen New Moon and it was sub par. But I'm sure you were too ignorant to watch any of them toake your own opinion on them. Too busy trying to find your dick. Anyway I will be seeing the Expendables but probably The Other Guys first.
  • Aaron S.
    Scott Pilgrim rocked. for those that don't like Michael Cera... give it a chance. this is the most different and best he has been. if you don't like him here, you won't like him anywhere. my g/f hates him and she really liked him in it. plus there is Knives Chau. 😉
  • Xerxex
    What the fuck are you guys fighting over The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim? serously, The Expendables has its own article. go there.
  • ryan_34
    Xerxes, why are people arguing over movies, PERIOD. God, the internet. It blows my mind.
  • decaffeinated redbull
    I liked the movie but I could have done without all the stupid people in my theater laughing at every line for the first half.
  • Lorod
    Ok, this is what movies are about! It showed not only great visuals and effects, but a great story told with style!! Highly recommended.
  • MiKe M?
    I hate cera love Wright.Good movie
  • Hated it
    Hated it! Walked out of the cinema before the 3rd evil ex turned up.
  • soul_reaver265
    I didn't know anything about Scott Pilgrim until this movie came to my attention. I've since resolved to track down the original book series and check them out. While I can understand why people dont like Michael Cera, I thought he did very well in the role and I was glad to see him playing against type, since movies like Youth In Revolt have shown that Cera is more than capable of playing characters other than the stereotypical nerdy, awkward guy. I find it sad that figures such as Roger "Videogames are not art because I've never bothered to play one in my entire life" Ebert are dismissing this movie as "hipster trash". But then again, I guess it goes to show that looks can be deceiving. This movie is targeted towards a very specific audience (old-school gamers and fans of the book series) and it DOES revolve around a guy who is a slacker (Scott). However, videogame references are not ALL the film has going for it. The real story of the film has said slacker finally growing into a quasi-functional person and maturing by facing up to the past of the girl he so loves, which itself is given a LITERAL twist in the form of the League of Evil Exes. Videogame references aside (which was a minor beef of mine in the sense that they seemed to reference Zelda a LOT. Nothing against the Zelda games, but there are OTHER universally-loved old-school game series' out there. I'm chalking it up to Edgar Wright and/or Bryan Lee O' Malley being Zelda fans), I thought the story had a unique charm to it and is easily one of the best movies I've seen all year. I'll definitely be buying the DVD when it comes out.
  • Mike
    Its sad that people judge Scott Pilgrim without watching it. I'd go on about how they 'don't get it' or how they're just shallow, vain people, but... oops I just did. Anyways, I think its wrong that people give a movie, or anything, bad publicity without actually seeing it. If it doesn't look like your thing, just don't see it, and be on your way. Don't proclaim loudly how much better The Expendables 'probably' is. Don't denounce it as hipster geek trash to all your friends. And especially don't tell everyone within earshot not to see it. You're not allowed an opinion until you've seen it, read it, or eaten it for all I care. Even if you do watch it and hate it, I feel sorry for you if it was just because you were writing it off as hipster trash as the movie was still going on. If you think you'll hate something before you see it, more likely than not you'll just create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Look it up, macho men. If you legitimately watched it and didn't like it, then I'm sorry that you felt that way because I respectfully disagree. See? We can still be civil about it. Sidenote: The Expendables wasn't even good. When I paid money to see all the great action stars on screen (minus Jean Claude Van Damme, who thought the script was too simple...), I was expecting some action. Their careers have a combined body count of +2000. It was just a watered down version of Rambo. I guess I still have to fall back on Crank and Shoot Em Up if I want some actual good testosterone films.




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