Sly Stallone 'Going for All the Marbles' with Expendables Sequel

October 4, 2010
Source: ComingSoon

Expendables Cast

Back in August we heard Sylvester Stallone, the director/writer/star of The Expendables already had an idea ready for a sequel to the over-the-top action romp. At the time we wondered how Stallone would top cameos from Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it seems like he not only has a solution to that problem, but also wants to bring back "Stone Cold" Steve Austin from the grave. Whilst promoting his turn in the new action comedy RED, the incomparable Willis confirmed rumors that Stallone wants him to take a much bigger role in the sequel. In addition, it sounds like plenty more action stars could join in the fun. Read on!

Willis told ComingSoon, "I talked to Sly and he's going for all the marbles this time, and he's going to get everybody in this time. Even Stone Cold Steve Austin who took two bullets in the last film, he's coming back, too. Hopefully, they'll start shooting it while we're young enough to survive." Willis doesn't elaborate on who "everybody" might be, but Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, and Danny Trejo (who got left behind when the first film went into production) would be nice additions. Also, after making a cameo in the same scene with Willis, there's a chance Arnold Schwarzenegger could get a bigger role since his term as California's governor ends in 2011, and he's unable to run for another term. The Expendables was some mindless fun this past summer, and a bigger sequel should be just as entertaining. Who do you want in The Expendables 2?

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  • Rigo
    How about Jean Reno?
  • monal
    just get a real script...I know ensemble action movies aren't supposed to have deep plots but at least bring in some cool dialogue with humor that complement these actors styles
  • McWilly
    Exited! Jean-Claude Van Damme, take the role this time. Steven Seagal...only exted if his fat ass dies in a bloody way.
  • beavis
    there was a vote ( on the coming soon or movie webb sites - i forget which one) on who would be wanted the most if another one of these movies were made - the #1 vote getter?.......chuck norris with 36% of the total vote - second was van damme with 21%. it really fragmented between the other 6-7 options after that. it seemed clear from that vote that those 2 guys are who people want to see. i'd only be interested in an expendables movie if norris was involved (in a big way).
  • carlos
    Would like to see some non shitty action and dialogue in this one.
  • MiKe M?
    Jean Reno good pick rigo.I would love to see Van Damme And Trejo and even Seagal.Maybe even Ving Rhames or Karl Urban and a actor ment for action movie's Scoot Adkins
  • Jedi
    "Steven Seagal…only exted if his fat ass dies in a bloody way." Executive Decision was the best Steven Seagal movie EVER. Dead in the first 20 minutes. How about adding Vin Diesel? They should do a hidden scene at the end of the credits. Have Samuel Jackson show up and try to talk Stallone and Statham into joining the Avenger Initiative. Haha.
  • Spider
    Awesome! I thought, "The Expendables" rocked! Sure, the script was lacking and the dialogue was a bit clunky, but it was a hell of a good time at the movies. It would be cool is Sly had a better than average plot this time around. Having said that, it would also be cool to see: Jean-Claude Van Damme Steven Seagal Michael Dudikoff Chuck Norris Kurt Russell Ralph Moeller Miles O' Keeffe Mark Dacascos Ken Wahl (get him out of retirement) Ray Park Scott Adkins Mathias Hues Jack Scalia Nick Mancuso Cynthia Rothrock (why not?) .......just off the top of my head. I'm sure a few of these guys could sign on for the price of say, The Rock! I'm looking forward to, "The Expendables 2"! :)
  • Cody w
    Hopefully more action (yes the first one did not have enough for what it was marketed) and at least try to make a good meaningful story. I was honestly let down by the expendables.
  • qweqwu
    don't forget about chuck norris kids!! I just hope they won't have any prostate problems while filming rofl
  • Waste of Time
    Would be awesome to see Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in some hardcore action scenes! Fucking a!
  • l.21
    This was a fun movie, I hope they do it again. Throw in some female action heroes too (some, not all). Mila Jovovich Kate Beckinsale Claudia Black Jennifer Garner Lucy Lawless Angelina Jolie Keira Knightley Lucy Liu Jessica Biel Gina Torres Michelle Yeoh That's a funny thought, do you think throwing in a set of female action heroes would "ruin" the fun? Better? Worse?
  • Christ
    Totally agree with #15, some goodlooking badass girls won't hurt.
  • Ole C
    eeehh... Harrison Ford anyone?
  • Patrick
    Can we fit Richard Dean Anderson and Tom Selleck in there somehow?
  • ray
    @#8 Whoa whoa hold on there, adding Chuck Norris automatically makes him the star of the movie and gets him another Oscar! and worse off, means that no one survives
  • I just hope there's some slo-mo and some muscle bear action. Mmm getting all manly just thinking about it. Slo-mo guns firing big open mouthed screams a whole lotta sweaty muscle men crying. People keep saying it'll be bad-ass, but really it'll be good-ass. I don't want any women in it at all they just get in the way of the explosions and the men.
  • sumonesumtime
    CARL WEATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chaos1979
    with out a doubt CHUCK NORRIS!
  • geo_c
    Dwayne Johnson of course!
  • huh?
    more females! brigit neilson anyone? Lucy Lawless would be great. Cynthia Rothrock too or kelly labrock. I know she isnt a action star, but why not? Any of the old school female stars would work. That chick from the Breakin movies? What about the brotha from the Last Dragon?? Shoot mix it up!
  • staatz
    You guys are talking female action stars and no one has mentioned Sigourney Weaver? Dwayne Johnson woulden't be bad either, he is doing another action movie...
  • Jaf
    I was thinking...does Nicholas Cage count as a 90's action hero?
  • ryderup
    The second one will Flop.
  • Duane
    Good Lord people.... Wesley freakin Snipes. Sheesh. (Rothrock was an inspired choice. How bout Mark DaCascos?)
  • Solo Calrissian
    Dudikoff is reaching WAAAAAAAAAAY back... but i like-ie! I say Arnold's team be a younger collection of guys like, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Carl Urban, Green Mile Duncan (though he's like 50) & Michelle Rodriguez. Pipe dreams and far fetched? yes, but since we're all sleeping here, we need to see Chuck Norris, Segal & Van Damme. Lister Jr or Hulk Hogan would be nice too. saw someone said Ray Park. I'd love to see jet li vs Snake eyes/ Darth maul....
  • AjiNn
    ''Mad Max'' Mel Gibson and ''American Ninja'' Michael Dudikoff!!! And maybe Mr. T
  • Weird-Coma
    Seagal is to fat and old to be worth a shit, unless they kill him real quick. Must haves I think are Norris, Van Damme, Jackie Chan, Kurt Russel, Westley Snipes, Dwayne Johnson, Rutger Fckin' Hauer, Linda Hamilton, Maybe Michelle Yoh. Some others that would be OK would be Clint Eastwood (Good luck on that one), Christopher Lambert (Could be good as a villian), Lorenzo Lamas (I just wanna see him die), , Hugh Jackman, Chow Yun-Fat, Antonio Banderas, Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Cage, Vin Diesel, Richard Roundtree (I mean, come one man, Shaft?), Jean Reno, Adam Baldwin, Ed Harris, Liam Nesson, Viggo Mortensen Oh, and the "brotha" from The Last Dragon is dead. SHO' NUFF!
  • harv
    Even the addition of one or two of these would be good Jean-Claude Van Damme Steven Seagal Vin Diesel Danny The Rock Danny Glover Kurt Russel Nic Cage Chow Yun Fat Mel Gibson
  • Mejackiechan
    Jackie Chan!!!! Everyone forgetting him. IMHO much bigger attraction than Jet Li.
  • beavis
    #16 - of course nobody would survive............except chuck.
  • Michael Alfaro
    the rock vin diesiel mishelle rodriguez danny trejo steven segal jakkie chan Van Damme norris angelina jolie brad pitt more?? help me wht do u guys say??
  • beavis
    justin bieber Zac Efron Robert Pattinson Jim Sturgess Jared Leto JONAS BROTHERS Jake Gyllenhall Graham Martin TAYLOR LAUTNER DAVID HENRIE KRIS ALLEN Joseph Gordon-Levitt chase crawford Gaspard Ulliel- Tom Welling Emile Hirsch james franco olradno bloom Tom Sturridge Chace Crawford Jude Law Nikki Blonksy Jonah Hill Sarah Jessica Parker Anne Ramsey
  • Whitney
    I want sex in Expendables 2, errotic scenes.
  • HUGO
  • Neil
    Kane,Stacy Keibler, Maria Kirilenko, elena dementieva, Christian Bale ,Mark Wahlberg,Rebecca Romijn I don`t want rock, he is more of comedy and too buff. I like tough guys like Jason Statham, Woody Harrelson, Ray Park. Joseph D. Kucan, Hugo Weaving, Gunnar Hansen, Malcolm McDowell, Andrew Bryniarski,Kevin Peter Hall, Tyler Mane, Daeg Faerch, Javier Bardem , Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, David Prowse, Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, eremy Irons, Temuera Morrison, Tim Roth, Ronny Cox,
  • Akirakorn
    @ half the people here, 1 action movie doesn't make you an action star! @32 you're spelling is atrocious (give the actors their due) but all are good (Jolie's got about a half dozen action movies) but no Brad Pitt, only action movie was Mr & Mrs Smith, everything else was comedy/dramedy/wackness with some action in it. @33 either stop trolling or tone down the sarcasm. Jake Gyllenhall has only Prince of Perisa, JGL did no action in GIJOE, Emile has only Speed Racer... although you did add in one credible choice, very credible actually: Orlando Bloom - LOTR, Pirates, Black Hawk Down (bit role)
  • Roderick
    Seriously Jacki Chan vs. Jet Li!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That has been the age ol question since the beginning of time. (Forbidden Kingdom didn't count!) Sly needs to make this happen for all the fans!
  • Carlos V
    Chuck Norris Will Smith Tomy Lee Jones Jackie Chan Clint Eastwood Jean-Claude van damm Al Pacino Harrison Ford Danny Trejo Michelle Rodriguez Angelina Jolie Wesley Snipes Liam Neeson Mr. T Hulk Hogan Obama(this is a joke but imagine?? Jaja) steven seagal(i wanna see him dead too) and last but not least...Robin Williams..jaja imagine him with a dark role...
  • Antoni05
    Black Dynamite
  • reason
    chuck norris can ride a bike with no handle bars. carl weathers has got a stew going baby.
  • vegasdanny
    I think we need a really badass team of bad guys to match up with The Expendables... New Bad Guys : Neeson (Team Leader) Snipes (Knives and Blades), Trejo (explosives), Donnie Yen (hand to hand expert), Ving Rhames (heavy artillery), jean Reno (sniper) Van Damme (rogue assasin for hire) Now tell me this wouldnt be an awesome action movie! Stallone VS Neeson (old vets battle it out) Statham VS Snipes (knife fight to the death) Li VS Yen (kung fu mash up!) Couture VS Trejo (power house punch up) Crews VS Rhames (who's got the biggest guns?!) Wills VS Reno (who has the skill and the smarts?!) Lungdren VS Van Damme (King of the Kickboxers? )
  • Chris
    Unless this is going to be a horror, or sci-fi movie. Don't bring Austin back. Leaves room to add another actor. Loved the first one and can't wait for the Sequel.
  • Keith
    I would just like to see Mickey Rourke have a bigger part!
  • Craig
    The Expendables kinda sucked. Bruce Willis should have had a much larger role.
  • Astroboy3000
  • Shade
    Oh my! Everybody was mentioned except maybe one of the BIGGEST action stars of the past Micheal Biehn. He was a Navy Seal like 3 times in movies form the past. Think The Abyss Navy Seals The Rock and he was the original Kyle Reese in The Terminator and he was the bad-ass Johnny Ringo in Tombstone + he kicked Alien Butt in Aliens. He should be really one of the top choices. Cannot believe noone remembers this guy. He is an instant classic for me
  • Iam…
    after what the expendables took @ the box office and counting, this is no surprise and all the ones who didn't want to join the 1st ones will be begging Sly to "Let me in" . More power to them all but yeah Snipes,Van damme and some females to bring more a**** on the seats would not do any bad. I am so happy for Sly.
  • Solo Calrissian
    Totally forgot Beihn. He almost landed the Antagonist role in Avatar.
  • jaydizzle
    i totally want to see will smith or gerard butler? and also chuck norris!
  • LOCO
    THE ROCK and LIAM NEESON... and the baddest kick***, CHUCK NORRIS!!!
  • Tanner
    MICHAEL BIEHN and The Rock! Hands down.
  • blowtorch19
    Id like to see Tony Jaa fight Jet Li
  • I can't wait for the conga line scene, gonna be dope yo!
  • jh
    Mr. T ! You crazy fool!
  • bigblue
    Michael Jai White - dude is jacked & can throw down
  • Zach
    @37 In your line criticizing spelling, you misspelled "your." Just saying. Brad Pitt's only action movie was Mr. and Mrs. Smith? What about Troy? He kicked plenty of ass in Fight Club, Snatch, and Inglourious Basterds. I suppose there was too much "wackness" to those films, though. Most of Beavis's post was trolling, yeah, but to defend Hirsch, he also had some fairly impressive roles in Alpha Dog and The Air I Breathe. Gyllenhaal's turn in Jarhead wasn't an action role, per say, but he did embody a conflicted, murderous sniper quite well. I'd pick either of those guys to show up in Expendables 2 before Orlando Bloom. Come on.
  • jah p
    Obviously, that sequel will probably be about Bruce Willis team that will try to kill Stallone's guys, and I'm with #42 above, that's the perfect team for Bruce.
  • nacho
    stallone vs mr t vs roddy piper vs hogan! 80's mash up! or how about sean connery vs roger moore vs timothy dalton vs pierce brosnan vs daniel craig ! or they can be the villians!
  • WTF
    Wesley Snipes JCVD Steven Seagel Arnold
  • WTF
    JCVD vs Jason Statham!
  • Dan the Man
    Surprised no one said it as yet - Jet Li vs Bolo Yeung! done, case closed Michael Biehn yes, but what about Bill Paxton - He and Biehn are Cameron's two of his favorite actors! Jackie Chan would be "too soft" for the role - although he is good - he just eludes comedy into any role he takes on. At least IMHO. Whilst we going for WWF - Undertaker and Big Show as Bad Guys - why not? Black Buff Actors - Definitely Jai White and Clarke Duncan - those fuckers are huge!!! DTM
  • Roderick
    #63, your an idiot. Jackie Chan does his own stunts, and has broken every bone in his body, all those other pampered actors, don't do jack. They break a finger nail and cry like a baby. Jackie cracked his skull, got electrocuted, etc, and went back to filming the next week. Although Stalones movie has a darker tone to it, Jackie can still be in the film if only to choreograph the most epic fight scenes ever.
  • Matt Thompson
    Bruce Willis Arnold Schwarzenegger Jean-Claude Van Damme Steven Seagal Wesley Snipes Dolph Lundgren Jet Li Mickey Rourke Chuck Norris
  • TWolve
    I bet this time JCVD and Seagal sign on, but Norris said he was too old and I think that probably still stands even though the movie was a hit. # 42 had a good idea with the opposing team except Willis is not on Stallone's team so he could not go against Reno. Great Idea #26 with Arnold having a team composed of younger guys like Vin Diesel and The Rock. Anyone know what Willis is talking about when he said Austin took a couple of bullets? I thought he caught on fire and then Couture kicked him down? These are the guys we need for the second one.... Van Damme Vin Diesel The Rock Ray Park against Jet Li would be awesome, Jeff Speakman Michael Jai White, Wesley Snipes( whom he wanted for the Terry Crews role in the first one but Snipes tax trouble kept him from filming outside the U.S. They are friends from their roles in Demolition Man.) Michael Biehn(awesome suggestion #47) Mark Dacascos Donnie Yen Jackie Chan Bolo Yueng
  • drevpile
    Norris. Campbell.
  • O6
    jai white would be an excellent villian heads up against crews both big and jacked but white has a ton more skills. james woods would be a great villian as well, how about Thomas Ian Griffith always liked him as a bad guy. michael biehn is probably the best chioce though someone suggested always liked his work and really surprised he didnt make a bigger splash as a star.
  • Joseph
    Let's take a step back on the comments for a sec guys, and think about it. Clunky dialogue, old-school action stars, plot that was done to death and then some, simple and shallow screenplay, mindless violence...I dunno about part 2, but let's appreciate The Expendables part 1 for what it is...a giant cliche! XD And all the cheezy goodness it brings with it! LOL
  • JOE
  • cdrk
    wait, don't forget David Morse. the ultimate '90 asshole/villain :) Ohh and Sean Bean, Christian Slater, the Young Guns main actors too. And indeed Richard Dean Anderson!
  • Fisherr
    JCVD Lorenzo Lamas Chuck Norris Wesley Snipes Steven Seagal The Rock Danny Trejo Carl Weathers Bill Duke (if he is not dead which i think he is, OMG i dont even remember where is he?!) Mark Decascos Antonio Benderas Lance Henreksen Bruce Campbell Mr. T Kurt Russell Keith Davids Vin Diesel Karl Urban John Cena Scott Adkins Ray Park Michael Jai White These are the new people that i would love to see plus the whole old crew.
  • Mr Ontorius
    CARL WEATHERS would be a nice addition.
  • Michael Biehn who is a great actor and starred in heroic lead roles in classics such as The Terminator and ALIENS. Michael Dudikoff who is a favourite and maybe throw in some Asian actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Chow Yun Fat and Donnie Yen - And one great actor who is no stranger to action is Danny Glover!! Bring him in he aint too old for this shit!!
  • Icemilk69
    Fucking Michael Biehn all day!!




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