Stan Lee Says Edgar Wright's Ant-Man Movie is Coming Soon

February 9, 2010
Source: Twitter

Ant-Man / Edgar Wright

Oh, that sneaky Stan Lee. Or rather "Smilin Stan Lee" as he's known on Twitter. The legendary comic book maestro wrote a few tweets today about upcoming Marvel movies. Lee wrote, after presumably having lunch with Edgar Wright, that: "Marvel is prepping a movie starring -- Ant Man!" Now, we've known this for a long time, what we don't know, however, is how soon Marvel Studios wants to get the Ant-Man movie into production. I wouldn't take this as a sure sign that it's officially happening, as Stan Lee doesn't exactly work for Kevin Feige, and he's the one who makes all the decisions at Marvel Studios. But you never know?

Stan Lee wrote a few more tweets of interest following that original one. Here's what else said on Twitter:

"I had lunch with the cool, young director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) and, as you’d imagine, we had fun discussing the tiny hero."

"Ant Man is just one of the many wild treats Marvel has planned for you, such as Iron Fist, Dr. Strange, Black Panther and more, more, more!"

The first tweet essentially confirms that, even though he's been attached for almost five years, Edgar Wright is still attached to direct Ant-Man, when and if it ever goes into production. I have a feeling that Marvel took a look at his new Scott Pilgrim movie and said "hell yes" let's get this Ant-Man movie going (finally). Plus, with DC Entertainment going "all in" with Christopher Nolan today, DC has upped the ante once again, and Marvel better call or raise if they want to hold on to their chips moving forward. And speaking of moving forward, Stan Lee also name drops some big characters that fans have been dying to see on the big screen.

The only thing is that we've heard about all of these movies before - Iron Fist last March, Dr. Strange back in 2008, and Black Panther last July. And, as I said earlier, who knows if Stan Lee was just looking at some papers in the Marvel offices or if he's actually being told that these movies are coming soon (and not just "in the works" many years down the line). I guess we'll find out soon enough how true all of this is! Thoughts?

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  • Spider94
    ant-man is not that great of a character to get a movie,there is tons of other marvel superheroes that needs a movie of there own other than ant-man that might bring in a way better storyline(black panther,dr strange,silver surfer,power man and iron fist,) its not that i hate ant-man but i cant see him in a movie of his own
  • notes
    So...when are we going to see World's End?
  • I agree with #1 on this one. His character just isn't worthy of an entire film dedicated to him. His personality and even powers just don't translate well into a lead character kind of role.
  • Mega Jet Jaguar
    How about a new Forbush Man movie. Directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. It could happen?
  • You guys don't think they can spice up Ant-Man with some comedy as well? I mean, I don't know that much about him and I get that he's not a huge character, but I still think Edgar Wright could do some great things with him. It could be a good movie, kind of like Iron Man, if they come up with a great script. No?
  • Frightened Inmate #2
    The back story might be a little weak, but with Wright doing the movie I'm all for it. But who knows, this might never happen.
  • toucmyinfection
    @ Alex: Iron Man?! Dude its Ant Man... I love Edgar Wright, but Im pretty sure Ant Man is gonna end up in the super hero reject pile..(Ghost Rider, Electra, Hulk 2005, etc)
  • metatasian
    At the end of the day Ant Man is a crap character, no matter how good the movie turns out nothing will change this. therefore it is destined to be rubbish like wolverine or elektra
  • Antman?!? C'mon
    This is f**king awful. I mean look at the character. Stan Lee is a senile old idiot and he should just retire.
  • excelsior4ever
    @Antman?!? C'mon why are you so disrespectful? could it be that you are an 11 yr old dumbfuck without friends? i sure think so because not one of us here on this site did half as much for the comicbook medium like Stan "the man" Lee and calling him a senile old idiot won`tz make you feel better about beeing the dumbfuck that you are, so be nice to other people or just shut the fuck up you no-brainer
  • SlashBeast
    Ant-Man is a lame character. The most interesting thing he's ever done is beat his wife. That tells you all you need to know.
  • Governor
    Stan Lee is a sell-out. He'll whore out any of his franchises and won't say a bad word about them no matter how shit the movies are as long as they make a profit. Nowadays he's little more than a hype-man, and this proves it.
  • Karl
    how can a movie that isn't even made yet be bad? @Antman Stan is the man, you are a child. these days I am taking a wait to see approach. Movie fans learn some Marvel history! Henry Pym is an essential character in the Marvel universe. many possibilities with Ant Man, Giant Man, Yellow Jacket, Wasp, Avengers, creator of Ultron, replaced by Skrull during "Secret Invasion",.... I had high hopes for Wolverine and they destroyed the character like the first Hulk movie did to Hulk. I am more excited by a fresh idea than a poor attempt to cash in on an obvious idea.
  • 1-7
    Stan Lee is just a studio yes-man. He'll support any garbage based on his franchises, including this.
  • PullmanWa2012
    I think charlie sheen would play a great ant man. Why because Mr.sheen been through it all,court cases,lawsuits etc. I would love to see him play the tiny hero. If Robert Downey jr,can make a great Tony stark/ iron man. Why don't we give Mr.sheen a chance!




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