Stephen King Picks His Top 10 of 2010 Already - Let Me In is #1!

November 24, 2010
Source: SlashFilm

Let Me In / Stephen King

It's a yearly tradition (see last year's) for legendary author Stephen King to publish his always strange yet fantastic list of favorite films from the past year, mostly because he chooses some very peculiar films, 2010 being no different. King just published his list in the latest ssue of Entertainment Weekly and SlashFilm got the scoop on what he chose. As expected, it's a very odd list, yet I'm going to have defend him on some of his choices - especially Matt Reeves' Let Me In being #1. I loved that movie and thought it was indeed a perfect counterpart to the Swedish version. Anyway, you can find the rest of King's 2010 list below, so check it out!

10. Green Zone
9. Jackass 3D
8. Monsters
7. Splice
6. Kick-Ass
5. Takers
4. The Social Network
3. Inception
2. The Town
1. Let Me In

List From EW

One movie that really sticks out is obviously Takers - uh did anyone even see that movie? He explains: "This satisfyingly complex cops-'n'-robbers movie features great performances… and the armored-car heist is the best action sequence I've seen this year." Wow - anyone agree with him? Additionally, I'm very happy to see Splice and Monsters, but what about Jackass 3D? Now I know it's supposed to be an awesome use of 3D, but this just seems like random filler. Did he not see other amazing movies this year like The King's Speech or Black Swan? Other comments he makes are about The Social Network: "succeeds where Michael Douglas' Wall Street sequel fails" and The Town: "bad title, fantastic movie… a strangely intimate film." Thoughts?

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  • lego
    lol @ takers. do not agree with him whatsoever. but who am i to nag on his picks. he's Stephen King. also, Splice was kinda cool/interesting until all the sexual tension started. Monsters was kind of a let down too.
  • Realist
    I see nothing wrong with his top 10 list; these were HIS favorite movies of the year. Jeez, everyone can't be the same.
  • Cruzer
    #2 Yeah totally. But I can't say I wasn't surprised to see Jackass 3D on the list lol.
  • Leeloo Dallas Multipass
    I've seen enough of these annual Steven King lists to determine that I completely disagree with his taste in movies. I'm not going to trash his list because it's his list. But still...
  • JimD
    Jackass 3D? What? lol I will say this regarding Let Me In. I loved the original. I recently saw a free screening of Let Me In and I must admit it was a well done remake. Very true to the original. Would I say its better then the original. No. But it can stand on its own leg. It was well done and I must give Kudos to Matt Reeves. In fact, there are time in Let Me In were I got more entwined with the relationship bewteen Own and Abby. Almost tearful. Chloe Moretz is an amazing little actress as is Kodi Smit-McPhee.
  • DinoChow
    I respect Steven King, he's a smart guy, so even if I don't agree with this list, I still find it fascinating. After all, does any other person in America forge such unpredictable lists? Even if you don't agree with him, and I certainly don't (though I loved some of these movies), it's really cool to look at.
  • The good
    The social network
  • The bad
  • The ugly
    Jackass 3D
  • Conrad
    #7,8,9 - haha....well done 😉
  • lolwut
    he has his own taste, i'm not going to comment on that, but rather on how early he's posting it. he wouldn't have time to have seen anything in december, nor, probably anything from the last 2 weeks of november, maybe not even the unstoppable weekend. this doesn't even take into account limited films that haven't expanded and a whole boatload of other films. so, pretty dumb to have a top 10 list already.
    @lolwut: I read an article, where he said that he likes to choose his movies in a November to November time frame. That way his decision isn't swayed by the big name movies that come out in November.
  • CLAW
    King is awesome because who could care less what everyone thinks unlike alot of folks who make top ten lists and put films they now everybody will agree with.
  • Tanner
    I actually don't think this list is that weird.
  • googergieger
    Well what would be more interesting would be how much he was paid by those ten movies.
  • Avalade
    Whats so wrong with Jackass on someones top 10? It's certainly not one of the most proficiently written piece of film this year. In fact, it isn't a movie that would so much have a script than shoot locations and props. But I did have a really good time watching it in a theater surrounded by like-minded laughter. A film more primitive than most others on this list but the reaction it gave me was much richer than a lot of the others I've seen this year. Bottom line, it probably just made him laugh a lot guys.
  • Cody w
    A good personal list, its not bad but yeah Takers. "and the armored-car heist is the best action sequence I've seen this year." Did he even see any of the sequences in Inception? Im sorry but JGL kicking ass in a spinning hotel hallway outdid that in its first 20 seconds. Or Hardy going through a legion of soldiers call of duty style the whole last hour.
  • JP
    @17 Yes, yes, and yes. Inception is such a unique thriller that people forget how great of an action movie it is. The shootouts, chases, and fight scenes are all amazing.
  • Geoff
    The Green Zone? (adds King to list of Useful Idiots)
  • Craig
    Monsters was terrible.
  • L
    I don't care if he is Stephen King or not, it should be a crime against humanity to put Takers up there.
  • Lincoln
    The Social Network and Splice are definitely on my list. Haven't seen Let Me In yet so I can't say, it does look good though! Honestly I'm surprised his list is so.. "mainstream". Some of the people here need to relax, I applaud him for not picking all movies the critics loved, but movies he loved it's an honest list: get over it! People need to learn to make lists based on how much they enjoyed the movie and stop following the masses. Think for yourself once in a while and not what you think would be appropriate on a "Top-List".
  • Hattori Hanzo
    It seems like everyone here is allowed to have an opinion on the movies except Stephen King.
  • abcdefg
    Jackass was great to watch with friends in 3d, as for takers im surprised he put that in there alongside the town which also featured great heist sequences. replace splice and id agree with his list almost 100%
  • Anne
    Can't argue with you on that point Hattori.
  • LifelongKingReader
    You all seem to be forgetting this is Jordy Verrill's top 10 as well as the guy that's a self confessed Wrestling fan and the man that directed Maximum Overdrive.... Meteor shit!
  • Ty Trehern
    Why is Inception NOT #1?!
  • Fisherr
    These are strange choices for our fellow Mr King, we have to respect his POV though.




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