Stephen Sommers Now Confirmed to Direct 'Odd Thomas' Movie

November 4, 2010
Source: Screen Daily, ComingSoon

Odd Thomas / Stephen Sommers

Back in September we heard that director Stephen Sommers (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) might be lining up an adaptation of Dean Koontz's supernatural novel Odd Thomas. Now ScreenDaily (via ComingSoon) has confirmed that Sommers is indeed attached to an adaptation of the story that follows the titular Odd Thomas (who narrates the books almost like a film noir) who lacks ambition working as a fry cook in California but has the gift of seeing and conversing with ghosts. He's notlooking to change the world, but he does use his talents to help out the local police chief in solving brutal crimes. Read what Sommers has to say about the project below!

Sommers remarked, ""As soon as I read the book I felt compelled to turn it into a movie. It's a fantastic love affair between these two wonderful characters. The story combines action with heart, laughs and scares. It felt right to be doing this independently and I'm excited to take this to the market." So apparently no studio is involved with the project as Sommers is producing himself with Howard Kaplan (producer of The Good Shepherd) and John Baldecchi (producer of The Mexican).

If you want a full rundown of the story in the first book, check out our previous story on the adaptation. If the first film is successful, you can bet a franchise might be in order adapting the rest of the book series which includes three more books and two graphic novels. Now that it's official, what do you think of Stephen Sommers director Odd Thomas?

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  • Dean Koontz is poor mans Stephen King, so how good can a movie based on him be. Imagine a watered down Stephen King movie directed by the dude that did G.I. Joe? No thanks.
    • Shoe8523
      If you haven't read the book then you shouldn't be saying anything, it is one of the best books with so much rich writing that I am excited to see how it unfolds on film, can't wait for chester the cat or Lil Ozzy to "come to life on the big screen.
    • Ann
      I'm guessing you've probably never read a book Stephen King either
    • Djwilson_196
      Dean Koontz and Stephen King are both authors that I love to read. Very similair style and genre. To say one is the poor mans version is so stupid. They are both excellent. Every new book by both men are on my must read list.
    • Hjsoukup
      That is a really shallow thing to say. I happen to like Koontz and King, I don't think you meant it literally - but it undermines your point to bring in gross anual income into your argument.
    • Jshfstr
      Odd Thomas is an amazing book series that would blow most of anything king did out of the water! That being said in this directors hands i picture the movie to be garbage soaked garbage with a garbage filling.
    • JS
      Koontz's books are great beginning to end. King always starts strong and then finishes with a, "Huh!?!?"
    • Hilo
      You are full of crap
    • Deb_ink
      Yeah... Obviously you've never read the book, and i'd rather read a good book by dean than a book by king that drags on and on with no end in sight
    • icey
      they are completely different. if u have read them then u would know. king puts most of his energy into the story line as opposed to koontz who spends more time into the chareters.
    • tommy
      stephen king is the old mans, dean koontz 
    • Mikey
      dean koonts is a just as good as stephen king by far.i have 75 of his books so i can say this
      • Kerfreeh
        Me too. Almost everything by Koontz and Stephen. But...Why did they say Odd lacks ambition as a fry cook?
      • Kerfreeh
        Me too. Almost everything by Koontz and Stephen. But...Why did they say Odd lacks ambition as a fry cook?
    • Mikey
      jsan,you dont know crap, the odd thomas series is some of the best reading ive done ,dean koontz is the man ive read stephen king also hes ok but im a avid koontz fan.john saul is right up there with king and koontz! pfft to jsan who probably didnt even read the odd thomas book and is shooting off his mouth lol
  • Steve
    It's easy to say that JSan never read the "odd Thomas' series or he would have had a better opinion on the subject. I recommend you actually read a novel first before commenting on it. I am a huge fan of Stephen King and he has written some stuff that should have never been made into movies. Dean Koontz is a fine writer and storyteller. I look forward to the movie and I'll make my opinion after I see it, not before.
  • Jill
    Right you are, Steve. It's true that good adaptations of Koontz' books are even more scarce than those of King's books, but the material is excellent in most cases. I'm quite curious to see where this goes.
  • Actually Steve I've read all three of these supposed "great" novels. Nothing more than adult Goosebumps, although I do have to say the ending of the first one is really sweet.
    • Jessi
      There's four... and a graphic novel
    • Kate_the_bratt
      If they were so bad, why did you keep reading them?
    • Jeffreyklima
      That's why dean koontz is the sixth highest grossing author of all time and Stephen king is eigth. Seems to me king is behind koontz, dumbass!!
  • LeojRob
    I love the books, but man oh! man! Sommers? This could be something special but with a another director.
  • Destiny
    Whats wrong with Sommers? I liked G.I. Joe I thought it was good. I cant critique a movie that hasn't even started filming yet (that I know of), but Dean Koontz is my favorite author and I think Odd Thomas could make a great movie franchise. And yes I've read the books. Don't hate something till you've tried it.
  • Dani
    I'm sorry but some people can't see good in a novel or movie unless its filled with gore, nudity, explosions and macho men. So when someone seems to be unenthusiastic about a series such as the Odd Thomas books, its not a shocker. This is because this series has emotional and intellectual qualities that some brain dead robots can't understand. That is their loss, I for one am completely excited to see the movie when it does come out and I am currently reading the series. I enjoyed the first one im onto the second and when the movies come out it will be a real break from all the action thrillers that keep most idiots happy, despite the fact that most action movies have bad acting and more explosions than necessary. Thank you Steve Sommers for being one of the intelligent, feeling people in the world and taking on this series that will open peoples minds to the otherworldly.
  • RGuard
    I’m a fan of Dean Koontz who always tries to imagine his wonderfully original stories as movies, while whirling through the pages of any of the many Dean Koontz novels. I look forward to viewing the story of ODD THOMAS on film. I truly enjoyed all of the books in the ODD THOMAS series. Is there a projected release date for the Odd Thomas movie? I anxiously await the release of the 5th installment of the FRANKENSTEIN series (THE DEAD TOWN) due to be released June of 2011. It’s my understanding the FRANKENSTEIN series was originally intended to be a TV mini-series. I am so disappointed the series never came to fruition. I encourage any fan of suspense/thriller novels to take the time to read any of Koontz’s many books. I am sure they will come to appreciate the remarkably talented Dean Koontz.
  • bob
    love the book.... i officially cant wait!
  • Poiriermartin
    Just do the book justice man. It deserves it!
  • Jkkros
    I love the Odd Thomas series but GI Joe was just awful. I hope Sommers doesn't mess this up.
    • Charles
      I agree with you completely. Odd Thomas is great. I was shocked to see the GI Joe director involved in this. I couldn't watch no more than 20 minutes of that film.
  • Teaton
    How about Shia LeBoef as the title role for this?
    • El_dirko
      no. Shia LaBeouf would be an insult to Odd. I think Anton Yelchin, would make an excellent Odd though. But when I read the series I picture myself as Odd, but as I'm not an actor, I want a good actor to portray him not LaBeouf.
    • TARDIS22
      I think that Michael Cera would be better for the part.
  • I am so excited to hear that Odd Thomas will be a movie. I've read all the books over and again & love the character. I think the best person to play him would be Andrew Lee-Potts (Alice & Primeval). He has the average Joe looks, but can still pull off Odd's cocky moments (especially in #3)
  • Jess
    First off, whoever said that dean koonts is a poor mans stephen king, your very closeminded. That's like saying "chinese people all look the same". You can't say doritoes is a poor mans lays just because they are both chips. Second, I'm going to be super irritated if he does a horrible job on these movies, I've been waiting a long time :)
  • The Odd One…
    I agree that the books will make great movies but they have to be done will be hard to capture Odd's humor on screen as it is done on the books. Hopefully it will turn out okay.
  • Oddme
    Odd Thomas is one of the most likable antiheroes i've ever had a chance to read about, and latelly, Stephen King is just a shadow of what once he was, which is very sad, because the Dark Tower series of books was very gripping and spoke at times.
  • Woody
    Odd Thomas is one of my favorite books/characters of all time. I was extremely excited about the prospects of a movie but I'm also weary. What makes Odd so great is his witty dialogue and unique perspective on things. The script will have to be excellent and the acting must be top notch and this could potentially be one of my favorite franchises.
  • Woody
    Oh and saying that Dean Koontz is poor man's Stephen King is complete ignorance. Koontz' writing is far wittier, more in-depth, with far more intellectual storylines than anything I've read by King. King is a great author, yes, but Dean Koontz most certainly does NOT exist in the shadow of Stephen King.
    • Lyss
      I agree!
  • Nato
    I completely agree with Woody on this one, and I doubt Jsan would know a great storytelling if it fell in his lap. Not to take away from Stephen King as he is a very well accomplished and gripping writer, but to say that Koontz is a poor man's Stephen King only belies ones credibility as a literary critic. Now in regards to this movie, I loved Odd Thomas and was completely enthralled with the story and characters. Yet I somehow find it hard to believe that a director as unaccomplished as Stephen Sommers will be able to pull this movie off with out at least partially tarnishing the story. Although when it comes out I will tentatively give it a shot.
  • Charles
    JSan - Nobody wants your negativity and cynicism here. Dean Koontz is a great writer. If you're going to make statements like that, please put "In my opinion" in front of it...otherwise, you really show your poor character.
  • Mrsgoody
    I have read all of the Odd Thomas Series and I can't wait to see the movie.
  • Newyorkdawn
    I would love to see this series do well in a movie. Unfortunately that usually doesnt happen. Remember how Watchers was turned into a dreadful movie? Great book, really bad movie.
  • Rayormy
    I don't know if I'd really compare Dean Koontz to Stephen King, but I hope if the stories of Odd Thomas are going to be made as movies that they are done well.... I was very angry when Eragon came out and was fubbed to hell. Please do it right or not at all!!
  • Slygirl13us
    I think Matthew Gray Gubler would make a great Odd
    • Philjoann
      Brilliant suggestion!!!!!
      • Pownval
        I think Jay Baruchel would make a great Odd. I kept picturing him as I listened to the Odd Thomas audio book.
    • georgiigirl
      Brilliant that
  • Jpwclifton
    I've read a lot of Dean Koontz. Any decent novel can be made into a good movie with the right director, screenwriter, and actors. Now, getting that combination is rare. Dean Koontz is definitely a good enough novelist to spawn a good movie.
  • Chelle
    If Koontz is allowed to do the screen play it may actually work...when other people start changing the story line is when the movies get away from the books. I will in all fairness see the movie before forming an opinion. I love the Odd series
  • Irish_girl1966
    I love Dean Koontz books but when ever they make them into movies they suck. I may see this when it comes on tv. If you haven't read Koontz you must. The Odd Thomas series is great.
    • Mandy82
      I find when ever they make any book into a movie that it's just not as good. They have to cut so much out of the book that they lose structure. I absolutely love every single Dean Koontz book I have ever read he is by far my favorite author.
  • Koontz has put his approval on all of the screen-writing so far. Watchers was disappointing, but Intensity creeped me out as much as the book did. I have read every book Dean Koontz has written, except for the Frankenstein series. He can make your skin crawl, your eyes tear up, you hold your breath, all without sex and profanity. If enjoying that kind of writing makes me a "poor man", then so be it.
    • mandy82
      You should definitely read the Frankenstein series. It was really good. He has another book coming out in the series too.
      • Horsesnharleys4girls
        I love nearly everything Dean Koontz does and always anxiously await the next book. The Odd Thomas series is by far in my list of favorites that I have re-read several times. As for Mr. King, not a fan, as someone else stated he drags everything out too long. I hope that the Odd Thomas movie does justice and doesn't turn out like some others (i.e. Watchers and Funhouse). The Frankenstein series was interesting at first but, as it has continued it is losing it's appeal and beginning to be a never ending saga. It isn't a series I will be re-visiting any time soon.
  • Annachristina
    I definetely prefer Koontz to King. King tends to end his stories in a bad way, and we all love a (sort of) hanppy ending. Koontz books are more intelligent, deeper and full of humor - just the idea of Odd being accompanied by Elvis' ghost is great. I wonder who will play that part?
  • yo mamma
    Koontz RULES!
  • yo mamma
    I think they should make the frankenstein books into a movie
  • Handclones
    Odd is probably the coolest character you'll ever read. The Odd series (Specifically the first book) are my favorite books of all time. I know a lot of people who don't like to read and when I read a great story like Odd Thomas, I want to share it, but can't do it justice with my own words. Most people will sit down and watch a two hour movie...I admit, I was a little frightened/excited at the idea of a film adaptation, but when I read Koontz gave his blessing on the screenplay, I became super excited! If Koontz gives his blessing, I'm definitely willing to give the movie a chance.
  • tbird93
    Odd Thomas is one of my alltime fave characters.  I agree that the frankenstein books would be a great movie too.  I loved Stephen King til I found Dean Koontz.  Kings books are too drawn out with insignificant filler.
  • Anonymous
    Does anyone know where they are filming the movie? It must be in Michigan.  I was driving through Oakland County, north of Detroit and I saw a car hauler with several new Chrysler cars on it. Among them were two Dodge Chargers painted as police cars.  When I got close I saw the logo on the door that said Pico Mundo Police Department.  I am sure they must be for the movie, because there is no real town called Pico Mundo.




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