Stuart Beattie's Tomorrow: When the War Began Teaser Trailer

March 31, 2010

Tomorrow: When the War Began Trailer

Damn, that was quick! It was last June when we first reported that Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie would be making his directorial debut with an adaptation of Tomorrow: When the War Began, a series of young adult novels from down under. I didn't expect them to shoot and finish this so quickly, but here it is. has debuted the very first trailer for Tomorrow: When the War Began, which plays like an Aussie version of Red Dawn about a group of kids who find out that there country has been invaded and must fight back with whatever they can find (including machine guns). This actually looks pretty good!

Watch the teaser trailer for Stuart Beattie's Tomorrow: When the War Began:

When their country is invaded and their families are all taken, eight unlikely high school teenagers band together to fight. The cast includes Rachel Hurd-Wood, Phoebe Tonkin, Caitlin Stasey and Lincoln Lewis.

Tomorrow: When the War Began is both written and directed by Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie, who is making his directorial debut with this film after writing scripts for all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Collateral, 30 Days of Night, and G.I. Joe. It's based on John Marsden's popular series of books of the same name. This was funded by Paramount Vantage and hits theaters in Australia on September 2nd this year, but doesn't have a US release date at all yet, sotay tuned for more updates! How does it look?

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  • eric
    looks good.
  • it looks great. I can't wait for this movie!
  • Simon
    Looks good! Loved the books when I was growing up
  • Looks quite funny, realistically they would obviously lose unless they develop telepathic scanner powers.
  • beaux
    i wish the aboriginies would make a film about how they will one day kick those austrailians out of their country. i'd watch that.
  • overwatch
    5 whole comments before it got offensive, well done beaux you get the unnecessary award. p.s. if you're american, that'd be too fucking priceless. the trailer looks good, but it's definitely condense, an extended trailer would obviously have it make sense. However the very idea that I haven't written it off completely means it's probably not a bad movie. p.s. awesome choice of music with the temper trap.
  • az
    well said, overwatch!
  • Ben
    LOL @5... I hope they make a film about the Indians fighting back and one day kicking Americans out of their country. I'd watch that. I always thought these books would make a good movie. Sucks the cast is made up of Home & Away and Neighbours people. Surely we have more talent in Australia other then the kids on those 2 shows.
  • Brad
    So it's an Australian Red Dawn, hmm. KANGAROOS!!!!
  • prestron
    Overwatch, is it really too soon for a joke about imperialism? I guess it is something that has occurred through all of human history that we should take seriously. Shame on Beaux for attempting to use humor in pointing out these selfish political and military relationships!!!
  • ConnachtFan
    SPOILER: Atthe end credits Crocodile Dundee jumps out of a Bar Bee shouting "Thats not a Knife!!" and the bad guys choke on their Castlemaine xxxx.
  • Cody w
    Videos not available for me.
  • D.
    No longer avaible... Need a new link.
  • Ahhhh Red Dawn 2? :)
  • Richard
    This looks... not good.
  • Caz
    Can't wait... So exited to see this film!!!!!!
  • Brandon
    This looks both entertaining with a high possibility of sucking. Hot Aussie chicks are totally WIN though.
  • S.
    Very poorly put together teaser trailer, with bad music choices.
  • Ray
    yeah! red dawn rules! i cant wait for the real one to come out as well!
  • John Doe
    Where the fuck is the trailer guys?
  • Crystal
    It didn't look TOO bad... but then they had the typical "jumping/flying out of a firey explosion" scene at the end. Killed it for me.
  • McQueen85
    @Ben Totally agree, I'm pretty sure the Aussie's have a deeper list of actors/actresses other than Neighbours or Home & Away... @ConnachtFan Lol!!! 😛
  • Ash
    Yes those home and away and neigbours people acting in movies and prime time TV shows, bloody Russel Crowe, Guy Pearce, Naomi Watts, Melissa George, Alan Dale, Ryan Kwanten, Isla Fisher, Jesse Spencer, Julian McMahon, to name a few. Damn them all!!! lol
  • Serafina
    That music at 1:15 - 1:27 has been used at least once before... I know I recognize it from some trailer that used it as a buildup to a ticking time bomb explosion at the end. Can anyone place it?
  • People's Champ
    I'll wait for it to hit Encore channel.
  • Hey Wowza
    If it comes On Demand, maybe I'll give it a look. Maybe.
  • thateliciachick
    Ahhhh this just made my day!! 😀 I was obsessed with those books when I was younger, definately excited for this movie.
  • DiR3cT
    There's alot of Aussie films that are actually getting some promotion for once that are coming out in the next few months I hope this film gets seen by some Australian's though (and I expect it should).
  • Dave
    Looks like a made-for-tv teen show on MTV. Ugh.
  • Tim Tam
    @22 No, not really. Every single damn TV show, mini-series or movie made here seems to cast the same half dozen faces and voices every single time. No variety, little talent, boring boring boring. You would think that with two of the worlds best acting schools we would have a better range of seen talent? Do we have to put up with the same handful of has-beens we always get now?
  • Stephanie
    Oh my god... Cant wait... I use to read the books as a kid... I cant belive there actually making a movie 😀
  • Stephanie
    Hope its not a total disappointment tho... and wow beaux... You can kiss my arse... I'm half aboriginal and I find it disgusting that people like you can leave comments like that so shamelessly
  • sarah
    yeah beaux you're an idiot, you must be an american. AND this is not a red dawn, red dawn is shit all about how awesome america is, funny how they had to use australian actors in that also... and people bagging it out: lay off, how can you criticise something you haven't even seen yet its mind boggling wait til you watch it before you start whinging, they chose the actors because they auditioned and did well, you can't base your judgement on them just because they were on soaps, actors have to make money somehow dont' write someone off just because of their previous work god this world is so bloody judgemental
  • Maz
    America awesome? Hahahaha!!!! I think not. Broke-ass country fighting and losing wars on borrowed money. Long live the Canadian Empire.
  • Coralie
    32 - Which half of you is Aboriginal? I hope you at least resemble one and you are not one of those who look whiter than I do and claim to have "heritage" because you saw some in the park or on the train. There are some "celebs" and political identities in Australia who claim exactly this but look, sound or behave nothing like one. Sadly, there is nothing really cool or proud in association to sway me to claim "heritage" which is a pity really, as there is a dollar in it, as Australia falls over itself pandering to their land rights claims and "discrimination" concerns and the PC softly softly approach used in the media towards them. And that's all that really matters isn't it? The free dollar.
  • Ruby-Rose
    Sorry, what was offensive about Beaux's remark? It's fair enough stupidoes. I think the movie is far too hollywoodish for my liking. Typical since the director of the laughable 'Australia' is directing it. Caitlin is very wrong for Ellie who is supposed to be a farmer girl - fair haired with a stocky build not malibu barbie with a cowboy hat. This Ellie is better, great in fact: : Same goes for corrie, who by the way still talks with an English accent in the trailer. damn. Peter Pan's Rachel Hurd Wood was a terrible pick for Corrie. She is specifcally described as chubby and pudgy and freckly in the book. Fi is supposed to stand out as the glamrous swimsuit model. Now all the girls look the same. I know Marsden leaves it up to interpretation but come on - they don't look like realistic characters, just generic, skinny, perfect skin, shiny haired actors. The rest of the casting is okish. Homer and Robyn are good imo. Homer could even be fantastic. Haven't seen Robyn act yet - except for the inhaler scene which didn't hit the funny mark at all - just a cliche putting Robyn into a stereotype she doesn't fit into. Lee looks far too old compared to the rest but we are yet to see his acting. The film's Kevin isn't true to the book's description but Lincoln seems to capture the personality very well so that is great!! :) Fi looks good too (perhaps a little too made-up/unrealistic/hollywoodish at times) but she hasn't got any dialogue yet. I don't really have problems with some of these eg Ellie, Lee and Corrie- actors - they are all good in their own ways, just wrong for the movie and characters. I don't see why they couldn't get lesser known amatuer actors like they have for Homer etc that better suited the characters. I love these books so much. I always dreamt of creating the movies. I hate it when directors havent read the books! Come on! it doesn't take long. Still excited to see it :)
  • Steph
    Jeez #35, why not tell us what you really think? Still, claiming to be what you don't even look, act or sound like is certainly a nice little earner and if people are dumb enough to keep on paying and making exceptions to the rule then good for them. "Australia" (the film) is an embarrassment but it is not all Baz Luhrmann's fault, to be fair. He had a much different vision for the film but the foreign studio and financiers had other ideas and what should have been a no-nonense, serious affair was reduced to melodramatic farce, rivalling he old Tom Selleck film "Quigley Down Under" The "Tomorrow" film was not directed by Lurhman by the way, and as there are to be several more in the series, it's possible that numerous different directors will try their hand. I am really looking forward to seeing this but I am looking forward even more to the "Red Dawn" remake, which will be somewhat similar, I imagine, but with a higher budget. Can anyone shed light on the budget of these films? It is refreshing to see a bunch of fresh, little known Aussie actors in "Tomorrow" I feel the main problem with Aussie TV and film is that people are sick and tired of seeing what seems to be the same half dozen actors in each and every new project. I mean, do Ben Mendelsohn, Vince Colosimo, Gary Sweet, Peter Phelps, ect, ect, ad nauseum, have to be in every film made here? Is there nobody else? Have NIDA, WAAPA, VCA, FTI, ect, stopped producing new talent? Does John Howard, Lisa McCune, BIll Hunter, Daniel bloody McPherson, ect,ec ty, ad nauseum have to be on every TV show? I do not doubt some of these have talent and I recognise that these people need to make a living, but I really don't want to see them every time I switch on the box and every time I change channel. Thats how it is here in Australia, no variety in talent and the same tight knit cartel appearing in everything. Just boring. I'll give "Tomorrow a chance and go see it, as it's an Aussie film with a fresh cast and it deserves a chance, if for nothing else. Sadly, I bet the follow up films will be back to square one, with the same half dozen or so faces and voices that are long past their use by date and the new films will be no longer special.
  • Glee Sucks Ass
    Ah yes, Australia, Land of the squeaky voiced people. Is the atmosphere pure helium down there? Just kidding, looks like a good movie, and I hope to see it, and the rest soon. Took some doing to find the novels here in Roanoke, though. Really good read.
  • Bob
    You meant Roanoak VA right?
  • ana
    this movie needs to be released in the US it is too good to be kept in Australia only :(
  • suck-me
    i think the movie is awesome and im gonna go watch it ! you guys suck for fighting over comments.. how old are yous hahah
  • Bbeniriri
    Great movie, just finished seeing it




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