The Avengers Line-Up Fully Confirmed, Whedon is Directing!

July 24, 2010

The Avengers

Marvel Studios just rocked Comic-Con like never before. In the history of this fine convention, nothing has ever been this incredibly epic and this exciting. At the finale of their otherwise awesome panel highlighting Captain America and Thor, Kevin Feige brought the ENTIRE crew of The Avengers down to San Diego to make an appearance. Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Clark Gregg as Coulson, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. And at the helm is Joss Whedon.

This is the truly the moment we've all been waiting to see for a long, long time. There have been rumors and speculation and buzz about an Avengers movie for years, but it is finally happening, it is coming soon, and here's our line-up. No, Ant-Man is not in the movie despite the rumors earlier this week of Nathan Fillion's involvement. And yes, Edward Norton has been replaced by Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, as he appeared on stage today with the rest of the Avengers cast mentioned above. "I'm very nervous, I need your love and support," Whedon says. But it definitely sounds like he's ready to take this on. And it all arrives on May 4th, 2012!

We'll probably have plenty more coverage and updates and extra buzz about this incredible unveiling today at Comic-Con, so you'll definitely want to stick around over this weekend for more. But until then, we want to hear your thoughts. Are you ready for The Avengers movie led by Joss Whedon, starring that cast and that line-up of superheroes uniting against a common enemy? Is this a dream team? What do you think?

The Avengers Line-Up at Comic-Con

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  • crumb
    good cast; good director. lets hope the screenplay isn't shit!
  • Nitrium
    Joss Whedon can do no wrong! Bring it on!!!
  • Dapoint
    I like everybody but Ruffalo.
  • A bunch of stuff people already knew means Marvel "rocked Comic-Con like never before. In the history of this fine convention, nothing has ever been this incredibly epic and this exciting." Really? Seriously? It's nice seeing them together 'n' all, but... no.
  • ^ Well you weren't here, but if you were, there has never been an unveiling like this for a superhero movie that everyone has dreamt of seeing. It was truly an iconic, unforgettable moment, whether you agree or not, as you were not here.
  • nelson
    i hope ant man atleast has a cameo is'nt he a big part of the avengers they should go after patrick wilson for ant man imo
  • There's nothing wrong with Ruffalo Dapoint. He's an accomplished actor well suited to replace a role that Edward Norton didn't/can't/won't be filling. Look at Ruffalo's list of films. Sure, he's been in some garbage, but he's also been in some incredible films showing his own range and depth. Now, Jeremy Renner? C'mon. That guy has a weird, squished head with a smashed in face. He probably smells too...And has flat feet... 😉
  • Sonic
    Mark Ruffalo as the HULK?????????????????????
  • [A]
    I wish they filmed all this stuff to include on dvds!
  • [A]
    ok, "filmed" -- taped this, whatever 😛 you get the idea
  • I can't fathom how you could possibly NOT see how paramount this was. Whether you like the casting choices or not, this was the largest announcement for one of the most ambitious projects Hollywood has seen recently, from many viewpoints. Just seeing the picture gave me chills!
  • killer driller
    whos this joss whedon. sorry ive never heard of him. anyway the cast looks ok and all i really hope they put a decent story together. the last hulk and iron man 2 dissapointed.
  • Chris H.
    It's moments like these that I wish SDCC was covered similar to E3 with the video coverage. Don't get me wrong I certainly appreciate the live blogging, Alex. However, I think we all would have been able to share in the AWE moment with the Avengers taking the stage with video coverage. I still remember getting chills seeing Sweet Tooth taking the stage at E3, would have been nice to share in this moment as well.
  • Xerxex
    when does the Hawkeye film come about? That is a great cast, naysayers disperse! (I know they haven't showed up yet)
  • Zach Shaw
    This is awesome for three reasons: 1. they confirmed ruffalo, which was probably going to happen since it had been recently rumored. 2. they confirmed renner as hawkeye, which had been rumored for a long time but seemed to had been "confirmed" as not happening. so it's awesome that this actually is happening!!!!!! 3. ALL of them on the same stage together!!!!!!!!!!! kick ass!!!
  • blueorangeny
    sorry I like Ruffalo but I love Norton more. Marvel thanks for falling short.
  • Cracky
    I really wish I could have seen this unveiling. It sounds like something that would make you go lightheaded for a few minutes. That photo is incredible. No matter what the outcome, this presentation was outstanding. I hope this film gets all the support it deserves. Come on Whedon. You've got a lot of pressure, buddy. I'm rootin' for you.
  • guy
    Not a fan of chris evans as captain america, although he might be decent. I think the guy that plays don drapper in mad men would have been a better choice. The rest of the cast looks awesome though.
  • Spider94
    forget about the hulk and ant man for a sec...i think they need to add in more girls in the avengers(cause i like em hot :) ),maybe wasp or spider-woman would make a great addition to the cast
  • Josef
    i think.... i think i have an erection...
  • jake the snake
    I'm a superhero and comic nut but I'm so done with Marvel. First, they put out that crap called Iron Man 2 (after doing great with the first movie) and then they drop Norton. Forget about it!
  • Mark
    Two shite movies and you call it quits? Get outta here. Everyone f's up.
  • Jay
    Although, I like the full cast line-up, it would be great if they could add Ant-Man and The Wasp, because they are part of the original Avengers line-up; but it is what it is. I still go see it, no doubt about it.
  • KB
    Very Nice! I actually like MR casting as the Hulk. Very underrated actor. I just hope they don't, once again, change the look of the Hulk but I'm sure they will. I would have preferred they continue with Norton but oh well. I really hope Weldon and company pull this off. Easily this need to 2:30-3 hrs in length. This should be EPIC!
  • Richard
  • Ken
    Robert Downey Jr. - Tony Stark / Iron Man Clark Gregg - Agent Coulson carlett Johansson - Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow Chris Hemsworth - Thor Chris Evans - Steve Rogers / Captain America Samuel L Jackson - Nick Fury Jeremy Renner - Clint Barton / Hawkeye Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner / Hulk Joss Whedon - Director WOW FUCKING WOW Can't wait
  • john
  • Al
    Awesome. Sounds like it was a blast.
  • Deck
    They can assemble whoever they want. It won't be as good as anything Christopher Nolan makes.
  • graffiti bandit
    ^THIS. D.C. > Marvel ... especially in terms of movies.
  • John
    Where's Ed Norton?
  • Wow :) Nice & entertaining news, all are one stage, hope this movie will be entertaining too . Thanks for Share this post. :)
  • artman
    @29 D.C. only has batman to carry them so far. and chris nolan can't make all of D.C.'s movies Marvel has loads of great movies and is doing so much more than D.C.
  • Chris H.
    A single character movie franchise cannot carry a brand. X-Men and Spiderman couldn't solely carry Marvel, Batman isn't going to carry DC. If it's a competition between brands Marvel is DESTROYING DC. Batman may be the best quality product out there, but once again a single movie franchise doesn't mean anything. I sincerely hope that changes. My favorite DC character is Green Lantern, and I am really looking forward to seeing if DC really has their act together to bring more than just Batman to the big screen in a decent movie. If they can pull this off, and pull off everything necessary for a Justice League movie... THEN we got ourselves a movie powerhouse. But they have a looong way to go before something like that is possible. A reboot of Superman, a quality Green Lantern, introductions to the Flash and Wonder Woman... it's a major undertaking. For the sake of comic fans everywhere I hope they get their act together.
  • Tizz
    You know who would've made a sick thor?? Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) from True Blood...Also, without a doubt that should be the worst marvel movie yet (disregarding the buffoonery that was eric bana's hulk) does this advance the Justice League movie at all?? Your move Warner bros...
  • 600RR
    I have been a huge marvel fan since I was little. Personally I think every movie made so far has not done any of the super hero's justice. You just can't do it in under 2 hours. But I have enjoyed the movies never the less. Just fun seeing them brought to life. But none of the movies are really that good just popcorn flicks.
  • Matt
    Since when was Willie Wonka (far left) part of the Avengers?
  • Fisherr
    Better this movie is done right, and hopefully there will be a lot of cameos from the Marvel Universe.
  • TheSaint
    I still think they need to replace Sammy L with a white guy like he is in the original comics and not the shitty Ultimates Universe.
  • Shige
    Most important thing is who will play the villains and what villains are we getting. Too many promising superhero flicks went down the toilet because of either shitty actors or shitty/badly done villains.
  • Jimmy Love
    Iron Man 2 was not shite! it was pretty good in point of fact. I hate the ultimates to, but Samuel L is one Bad Mutha Fucka!
  • Sam Shadey
    Let's take a cast of big Hollywood egos, throw them in flashy hero costumes then get another big cast of bad ass looking egos, throw them in flashy villain costumes to beat each other up in a big FX movie and expect Joss Wheadon of all people to bring it all together in a huge movie so all the nerds can whack off together in a dark cinema .... Hmmm, never been done before? Ah, excuse me nerd types, but were you even born when they last tried this with the 80's and 90's versions of the Batman movies? Do you honestly fucking think that Wheadon is going to do any better? Too many egos clashing for screen time saying cute lines. EXPECTATIONS ARE WAYYYY TOO HIGH FOR THIS SO IT’S ALREADY DOOMED. They should have gone with a Watchman type cast of relative unknowns. I see the end of the Marvel Superhero movie coming when this bloated group of overpaid egos hit the screen … Too bad.
  • Han Solo
    I have a bad feeling about this ...
  • Hattori Hanzo
    #17 I agree; Jon Hamm of Mad Men would have done for Captain America what Robert Downey Jr did for Iron Man; added some class .. #40 While I'm not as convinced as you are about are about the cast, the fact that you would prefer a Watchmen type cast of unknowns says to me that you are a big superhero fan and that you may end up being right about it. And yes, while I do remember what happened to Batman and see your point; this may fare better. My concern though is not with Joss Wheadon, but with the way that Marvel tossed Norton aside. It's as if they are counting on Ruffalo will be a very hot commodity by the time The Avengers hit the screen and his presence in the movie will be more box office. #41 .. I hate to say it but I do too.
  • Dandooo
    @40, 41, 42, ur all spot on, I want this to be great but I can't help having this sinking feeling that it will be a big mess, god I hope I'm we are wrong and it turns out to be brilliant, only time will tell, I'll be there on opening night to find out.
  • ryderup
    Hopefully it will be split into two movies like the last Harry Potter. And, hopefully Cap America and Thor won't fail at the B.O. Thor might do that.
  • Maxx
    #44 I am more worried about Captain America. Johnston is an okay director but his editing process tends to go south sometimes. Take Wolfman for instance. Could have been a great film...instead it turned into a mediocre film. Now yes he did Hidalgo which is one of my favorites but its editing was not the best. What he excelled at were the fun 90's films for kids like Jumanji and Pagemaster...and I was hoping for a more adult film...well as adult as a comic about a God being punished and sent to Earth can be... Now Whedon is a great ensemble director and have all of the stars in his projects been this big? No...but I believe that he can tame any ego...I really really hope aha...
  • ryderup
    By the way, regaridng the picture. I think it will have more of a WOW-feel when Thor and CapAmerica are realesed and if Norton was up there (even though I prefer Ruffalo as an actor he hasn't been Hulk yet so he's just a random-dude on stage now) Hopefully it won't be a mess and Thor/CapAmerica will be a step up from Iron Man 2.
  • Eldivo23
    @29 Really? Catwoman better than Iron Man?
  • Yorick Brown
    Seeing everyone up there together definitely makes this movie look bloated. All these actors vying for screen time only sounds like it could end in a Michael Bay style explosion fest. Hopefully they have a good script. Concerning Whedon, if you stick a bowler cap on him, he could probably make a cameo in his own movie as DumDum Dugan.
  • max
    i guess we'll never see the ff get together with the avengers since the torch and captain america are the same person?!?!?!
  • Eli
    I agree with 40. Too much hype, too many egos, too many oneliners getting played up. How much can one movie about superheroes take? I can see it now: "this film couldn't save itself from being a disaster". Am I jumping the gun? Maybe, but Whedon still has a lot to do to prove himself. He's mediocore at best so I can see how he's nervous. I'm not trying to be a negative nancy here but it's hard to be optimistic with this whole thing. @ The Saint. Imagine an all white cast. Eventually you'd forget who is who. lol. Not really, but adding a little color to the mix brings in a bigger audience. DC does need to up their game.
  • NeoSlyfer
    When do we get to see the trailer ?
  • NeoSlyfer
    Sorry, I meant the Trailer for Thor ?
  • Danny
    The minute that I heard that Chris Evans was to play Captain America I thought the same thing as #49. It kind of disappoints me and not because I don't think that Chris can do a good job in this role but because if it is done well and the movie continues in a franchise they could never include the fantastic four unless they replace the human torch. It is upsetting because even though those films were not the best I thought the cast was chosen really well and to change any of them would take away from the experience. I hope that this film is done right because it has the potential to be a good addition to the other marvel films.
  • Audio from Thor trailer (with transcription): Marvel Studios' Panel coverage (with pictures and a video):
  • Quad
    Now I've read through quite a few of these comments and I don't want to add to the pile, but I still can't grasp the intensity that this 'assembly' would have gathered. Sure, it's nice to have a cast together in a film that I assume now, some people are looking forward to. But what I fail to understand is WHY "everyone" is looking forward to it. Iron Man 2 came off soft, rendering Robert Downey Jr less impressive than how he started. The Black Widow, SHIELD, and Nick Fury haven't done anything. (and Samuel Jackson?? Come on...) Finally Thor and Cap haven't even proven themselves with well developed movies yet and Hawkeye and Hulk won't, so I don't get it. They're just actors... give me some stories that I don't have to enjoy in a picture book and then you can get me excited. Until then, all I see are people on a stage. PS: Joss Whedon wrote Toy Story and Titan A.E. - for that I thank him, but he hardly wrote either himself. He hasn't done anything worthwhile. So if people are just looking for a way to get themselves pumped, getting that heart going, here you go... 'The Avengers', or go run in traffic on the highway, you may get more from that anyway.
  • John
    Well.. Ed Norton is a douche, thats why he's not in this movie.. he DID NOT want the role.. probably cuz he wanted more money...and yeah i am worried about the fact that Joe Johnston is directing.. i thought Wolfman was gonna be good, but no it SUCKED... and yea i do agree that they shouldve gone with more unknowns, cuz Watchmen was awesome
  • iceman
    i just came...
  • David
    I think both Ruffalo and Renner will be great additions to the movie
  • At last...Renner ...great ator ..i think is gonna be great like the i-dont-need-any-shitty-meta-human-to-do-the-job HAwk Eye, has the attitude..totally..about ruffalo´s character..Dunno..has to see it..i think he is gonna be just low profile, you know what I mean..just to complete the picture..hope I am wrong and he shine in this EPic.... TOTALLY EPIC MOVIE....!!! ONE OF OUR FRCKKYN MINND¨S DREAMS..(As the expendables flick)..
  • Xerxex
    @ #58 John, dude google why he's not in it. @Sam Shadey bloated ego's? that cast? Wrongo, everyone on that stage (maybe minus Whedon) seems pretty humble.
  • ayindi
    Props to Marvel for atleast gettin it in motion.....DC/Warner gets your heads out yours asses and get with it!
  • L
    Still makes me sad that Norton isnt on this team.
  • McWilly
    Can't wait! Thanks for the pic, Wish i was there....
  • hawk166
    Norton won't make or break the movie, but I do ask where the Wasp and Giant man are. They have been founding member in almost every incarnation.
  • RT
    I'm basically only excited because of Renner as Hawkeye. I'm a major Renner fan after seeing him in Hurt Locker. The unveiling itself, while it might've been amazing, I've always kinda thought of the Avengers as "meh". I do hope the movie is great/exciting/etc., and I hope the fact that I'm not looking forward to it will make it a nice surprise. I'll basically just see it coz Renner is in it tho.
  • Jim
    Wow here is the ultimate fanboy movie and people can't get exicted except nit pick you people have sad lives really come on where the happeness, THIS SHOULD BE THE HAPPY PAGE Give Ruffalo a chance
  • Alex T.
    DC wins the movie race hands down. Why? Because Marvel makes the mistake alot of studios do. They rush art. They set release dates for movies before they even go into pre-production. They are more concerned with getting a PRODUCT finished and on the shelf instead of taking their time and making movies worth watching. Ed Norton might have sold it for me but as always marvel tends to get rid of things that it has going for its movies. This movie is going to be meaningless in about no more than 4 years after it comes out because they will reboot the franchises of many of the characters involved.
  • none134
    Ant-Man (Apache Chief) and The Wasp(Tinker bell) serious??? no need.....
  • none134
    whats so great about Samuel L Jackson? I mean he is the same character in every movie...the difference in Marvel universe is that he has a patch other than that...same old Jules Winnfield. Hate me but you know I'm right
  • tivdatsun
    This is 'the moment' nerd-dom. Nerds never agree, and get in nerd fights about it, with one arm over their face and the other arm through it trying to 'fight' for the higher ground. Before this moment, their were no others. After this moment, their will be no others. This is the moment, when all nerds can come together, without their girlfriends, since they have none, and say, "WOW." WOW. I'm a nerd, but I got no girlfriend wife would kill meh.
  • Craig
    I've liked Mark Ruffalo for a long time, but it was Shutter Island that proved to me that he can act. I can live with this recast. @69 Nolan is the ONLY possible reason anyone could consider DC movies better than Marvel. And I personally don't consider BB or TDK to be any better than Spider-Man 2, so it's a draw at the very least.
  • Craig
    @71 The reason is obvious. No one cares if you can only play one character if that one character is a consistent badass. He's Samuel motherf***ing Jackson!
  • gshauger
    No Norton = No Interest
  • ryderup
    Ruffalo = Intrest
  • NeoSlyfer
    Does anyone have the bootleg vid of Thor's trailer, MARVEL has been hounding youtube and removing them all!
  • harm
    Its funny the distinction between Comic Movie Fans and Comic fans. Seriously. Iron Man 2 was great simply because it DIDN'T fall into the bigger/faster/louder like most sequals. In fact it slowed down to express more story and people didn't like it. Go play with your video games ya tossers! Iron Man 2 is probably the closest we'll get to a Demon In a Bottle storyline and it was solid. Regarding a black Nick Fury - who gives a rip! The Ultimate Universe is smarter, more entertaining and more accessible to new readers so its gaining followers. I've stopped following regular Marvel for the Ultimate U. And it allowed them to cast Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. Its a no brainer! Quit yer bitchin!
  • KING
    wow, all i gotta say... im not the biggest fan of comic books but i like the movies and i read a lot about storylines and stuff. but this is pretty big. i will definetly see all the movies leading up to avengers.
  • Solo Calrissian
    I'll wait for more info on the completed..... given that it's a full 2 yrs away. Outside of ironman's character i know NOTHING about who's in this or who the bad guys are and with Cap & Thor around the corner, I would not be giving this movie a fair shake if I started rattling off what i think should or shouldnt happen. (Is hulk a sustainable role??) Hopefully in the long run, this can get us another firefly movie. 😉
  • jjboldt
    Big fan of Whedon here (Serenity is so underrated) and I think Ruffalo is a solid replacement. Help me out here though: I'm not a huge comic geek, but I'm aware enough of that universe to know some about characters and the world they live in..................but who is Hawkeye? Jeremy Renner is a sweet actor so that's good, I just am not familiar with Hawkeye? What his story?
  • Uriah
    Will someone please tell Downey to take off the Frankenstein "lift" shoes. The heels are enormous!
  • Josh
    Meh, Nolan's final Batman is what I'm looking foward too. I expect a lot of cliché and one liners from this Avengers movie that's why Edward norton was not brought back to play Bruce Banner. He's a higher caliber dramatic actor than the rest of this cast and would have stolen the spotlight. Get ready for a whole lot of cheese.
  • Alex T.
    ^ I agree 100%.
  • It sucks Edward Norton got dropped as I dislike actor changes but Ruffalo can and will bring it. I hope this script doesn't suck and is more like Ultimate Avengers 1 which rocked HARD.
  • RX
    @12 What the hell are you doing on this page if you dont know who the fuck joss whedon is?
  • this movie is going to kiss so much ass. like, epic asskicking. 1st of all, god himself is directing. and the cast speaks for itself (to anyone whos opinion of actors is worth anything. period) 2nd, to the ultra-dumbasses who a. didnt know who whedon is, and b. dont know why WASP and ANTMAN are in an avengers movie i can only say stay the hell out of my theater and i wont kick yer ass. IGNORANCE IS THE ONLY CRIME
  • Johnson
    will there be some motha fuckin snakes in this motha fuckin movie... SHIELD put it this way.. you wont like ruffalo when he is angry.. YOU WILL LOVE HIM WHEN HE IS ANGRY.
  • Anonymous
    wait....If Spiderman isn't going to be on the lineup, then what's the point of rebooting the series? I thought the whole point of rebooting it was that they wanted to make an Avengers series
  • Warhammer3
    Isn't the avngers to do with government this, like iron man is the person that use too make wepons and like captian american and hulk are like exsperiments done by the government if so why isn't wolverine in it as he has something to do with the government. I cant really say anything about black widow cause i dont know the story behind her.




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