The 'Iron Chef' Chairman Appears in the 'Sultanin Sirri' Trailer

October 19, 2010
Source: Twitch

Sultanin Sirri

"Let the battle begin!" I know not everyone is an "Iron Chef" fan, but for those that are, you will recognize actor/martial artist Mark Dacascos (so that's his name!) in this trailer for a Turkish film called Sultanin Sirri. The trailer comes from Twitch and unfortunately it's not in English, but oddly enough, all of Mark's scenes are spoken in English… and it sounds terrible. It seems like they're playing with the English dialogue just to be funny, but I doubt it. Dacascos was also on "Dancing with the Stars," so he's certainly been putting himself out there more. Not that this will help, but it's still fun to see "The Chairman" actually trying to act.

Watch the first trailer for Hakan Şahin's Sultanin Sirri in Turkish:

Sultanin Sirri, also meaning The Secret of the Sultan, is directed by Hakan Şahin. The film was produced for 4 million Turkish Liras and tells the story of an American professor who learns the secrets of the sultan and pursues his mysterious chest at Topkapı Palace. Dacascos plays an American agent of some sort, but not sure how he ties in. In comparison to The Da Vinci Code, Şahin explains: "It makes us proud to be compared to a big Hollywood production. But that film was a completely imaginary one, created by Dan Brown’s mind. But our story is real." For more details on this film, visit the official website (in Turkish):

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  • Andrew
    Dacascos was a B-movie superstar in the '90s. Look up the movie "Drive" sometime and have an enjoyable afternoon.
  • Flops
    I have been a fan of Mark Dacascos since the 90s when I saw Only the Strong as a kid. My favorite of his though is obviously the French film Brotherhood of the Wolf. Yeah he does make a lot awful movies, but awful action movies can be fun! =D I'm a little disappointed with Mr. Billington for not knowing Mark Dacascos!
  • JJ
    @2 Brotherhood of the Wolf was awesome! Sure it wasn't an award winner, but it had some great action scenes (especially the first big fight to catch the “beast”), and I thoroughly enjoyed Monica Bellucci in the bordello! And the movie had Vincent Cassel! How can you go wrong?
  • Spider
    This flick doesn't look that bad, though! It would be cool to see Mark Dacascos in the next, "Expendables" flick! :)
  • D.
    Flops, in parts i agree with you. Dacascos was a median actor in 90's, and i believe Crying Freeman was great hit ( in Brotherhood of the Wolf he was just a support actor). But i guess there are no need to know everything about him.
  • He was good in Brotherhood of the Wolf, but Drive was a great little action movie with Brittany Murphy
  • GrandDoc
    Let's not forget him in the "wonderful" video game movie DOUBLE DRAGON with Scott Wolf playing his "twin brother..." Definitely "B" action movie actor.
  • LW
    Tonights secret ingredient is... ((looking at you next guy who posts))
  • Jo Momma
    Nerdy fanboy scrotum!
    Let's also not forget him in the movie "Only The Strong" fighting capoera Parana weh, Parana weh .. Parana LOL
  • Superchyle
    No one is even mentioning that he was on the Crow t.v show? Geez especialy with an article about the Crow right above this one .
  • chaz
    Mark Dacascos was also in American Samurai and Sabotage, both great B grade movies! Really he's not that bad of an actor..Iv seen worse.
  • Akirakorn
    I think it's sad he's now "known" for Iron Chef America. Every movie/tv show I've seen him in was rather enjoyable. I won't say good, because Double Dragon was bad... but you can't help liking it. I am the only one who remembers Redline? Then again I can't help but watch any movie with Rutger Hauer that's on tv.
  • Crowe
    Wasn't Dacascos The Crow at one point too... Only The Strong was a classic 90's movie that you wont even find in a bargain bin now.
  • 9mm
    Hes not the chairman. Takeshi Kaga is the only one who will ever be "The Chairman". No matter how many crummy copies of his show they make.
  • Andy
    Surprised no one mentioned CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE. He played the main bad guy that Jet Li has a showdown with at the end.
  • judasbarron
    Whoever wrote this article needs to do their homework on Mr. Mark Dacascos. He's an ok actor who can actually hold his own as far as martial arts are concerned! The Crow tv show, Only the Strong (a martial arts movie he was in) and a couple others. Brotherhood of the Wolf was ok too!
  • mary e brewer
    Mark has done more than a few movies.. check out his website or or imdb websites.. Not all bad movies are the fault of the actors.. bad editing, directing, etc play a part.. Check out more of Mark's movies and judge for yourselves.. Mary
  • mirko73
    Dacascos was quite good in Christophe Gans directed CRYING FREEMAN and THE BROTHERHOOD OF WOLVES...if the following projects he had french director (RAHAN or DIABOLIC) weren't been shelved today his career would be much brighter
  • Akirakorn
    I saw Cradle 2 The Grave and was more surprised at how good Jet Li and DMX were.
  • LW
    @9 *does a backflip and reveals a plate of nerdy fanboy scrotum*
  • arjones
    I'd check it out with subtitles.
  • Duane
    Good Lord Alex.... you make it seem like Mark is a wanna be actor who should stick to reality shows. He had a few memorable roles, the biggest of which was 'Only the Strong'... or the'80's Capoeira movie'. He also was 'The Crow' ... the lead in the TV show based on the movie. He fought Jet Li in 'Cradle 2 the Grave'. He's had a career, so I'm glad he's coming back to the big screen format. In fact, I would lobby for him to be in "Expendables 2".
  • Duane
    Oops.. sorry... it's actually that "90's capoeira movie"....:)
  • Drive is his defining moment, great action flick!




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