There's a Few More Photos from Green Lantern to Check Out

July 15, 2010
Source: iFanboy

Green Lantern Photos

In the reveal of the Green Lantern cover shot this morning, Entertainment Weekly promised there would be more photos in the latest issue of the magazine, and indeed there are. iFanboy (from SlashFilm) scanned the photos that are inside and they contain three new shots showing a lot more of the cast, including Blake Lively as Hal Jordan's very sexy girlfriend Carol Ferris, Tim Robbins as Senator Hammond, and a look at Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond. We finally got to see what the Green Lantern armor looks like this morning, to quite polarizing opinions, and now we've got these photos to lead us into Comic-Con next week.

Green Lantern Photo

Green Lantern Photo

Green Lantern Photo

Green Lantern Photo

"Fanboys of the world, get ready to go green. As all of Hollywood (and many a costumed nerd) gears up for next week's Comic-Con convention in San Diego, EW provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of next summer's highly anticipated superhero movie Green Lantern." It was also discovered back in April that the costume would be fully CG, which means it's easier for them to shoot in privacy on set as Reynolds wears a motion capture suit, and it allows them to do more with his costume in the movie, as is evident looking at the costume. We'll be bringing you more Green Lantern coverage straight from Comic-Con, so stay tuned!

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  • S
    Being pretty much unfamiliar with the Green Lantern universe I bet I'll enjoy this more than those that are.
  • Spencer
    #1 seconded.
  • Has this wrapped shooting? Just wondering if it's in Post because if it is I'm sure they'll be showing off some crazy stuff off at the con.
  • Xerxex
    sweet. unlike Marvel DC knows how to do it, properly.
  • Strange
    I wish Marvel would have never been sold to Disney.
  • nelson
    #4 Jonah Hex Says HI photos look great
  • Aimee
    So Cool. 😀 RR is hott. Can't wait! AAAAAH
  • graffiti bandit
    @ #6: The core, iconic superheroes are all that matters. No one is thinking about Jonah Hex.
  • NeoSlyfer
    DAmn this looks waaaaaaaay better than the Thor stuff O_o
  • DoomCanoe
    floating cubes! Tim Robbins looking at dead men with mustaches! bitchs! and a super hydron partical accelerator ! this movie has it all
    where is the trailer ???
  • BuffOne
    @#6 Superman movies...
  • Xerxex
    minus Jonah Hex, DC has had more passes then fails.
  • Said
    #5 not being an ass here, just asking, you do know that the green lantern is DC right?
  • Whyme
    @13... And minus Catwoman...
  • matt
    hmmm looks ok theres an image going round the webs (ign i think has it) of him in costume which looks allright, i just hope they dont overplay the love interest but knowing hollywood they probably will.
  • Besides Blake Lively, everyone in these pictures - Reynolds, Robbins and even Bassett - have the exact same (bad) haircut. WTF?
  • Jimmy Love
    I had high hopes but the suit is horrid!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if they cant even get that right, then file this in file 13
  • splinter
    Lets put it this way marvel themselves did not really make the movies, they went through other companies, granted they still have to fill great potential,( WITH EXCEPTIONS) same with DC, but i look forward to what both worlds will bring.
  • Tim_Dahill
    I'm very excited for this....but i don't know if its the picture quality or what but this looks like a 90's tv show version of the Green Lantern
  • Chris Q.
    I want to be excited to see this, but I just don't enjoy watching Reynolds on screen. I think it was very cliche to cast Reynolds for the role and to top it off, they cast Lively, come on they can do better than that. Sarsgaard is just awesome so I know he'll be good in the film, Robbins as well. I think the Green Lantern's CG uniform will work out fine, (at least I'm hoping) but not to thrilled about his mask, it just doesn't look right to me. Who knows, Reynolds might surprise me and be great in the film (highly doubt it), but I'm going to see it no matter what because Green Lantern is awesome.
  • ya dun goof'd
    UGH blake lively get out -___-
  • lego
    lol @ 17, so true
  • I AM…
    #19: Yes, the look is intended as they go for the original feel which is great and original, no pun intended :) #17, you're somewhat true loll! but hey...fathers and sons sometime share the same haircut Basset's character is maybe a friend of the family...hence she may like the haicut!loll Come on, these are early pics, wait for the trailer to say sumthin' lol!
  • dex
    I don't know why Blake Lively?? She delivers her dialogues like she's on tons of prozac .
  • Jimmy Love
    (Insert High Pitched Whistle)............................(explosion) Yeah that pretty much sums it up
  • Weezy1
    Well at least it will be better than the Green Hornet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give it a chance!
  • L
    #4, The first Iron Man and first Blade (even with Dorf) was done right. Spider-Man 2 to some degree was true. I can't say too much for the rest.
  • Luis Garcia
    come on after the Dark Knight we expect to deliver, that shows that they can make an awesome superhero movie im having trouble wrapping my head around this kind of lame pictures.
  • Jack
    I know that we're talking about the pictures here but I just have to say that at least it's not directed by M. Night Shyamalan. That guy knows how to crush a fan's dream... >:p Trailer... Trailer... Trailer...!
  • Fisherr
    The movie looks promising.
  • Da Man
    Dude I was thinking the exact same thing that pale paul was. i think Angela Bassett is resentful of Tim Robbins having her same haircut. I think it infuriates her. And Ryan Reynolds was like, "Whatevs. My hair always looks the same." Cool pics though.




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